How to make an hood under a stretch ceiling

How to install an exhaust fan in the bathroom

Installing a ceiling fan with your own hands is as simple as a chandelier. Before starting work, electricity in the apartment is disconnected.

  • A hole in which the hook is installed is broken in a concrete base.
  • The fan is suspended.
  • Connect the device to wiring. There are 3 wires in total: painted with green or yellow. Grounding, the rest. Zero and phase, which are connected to the corresponding cable wires.

If the device includes a bracket, then it is attached to the ceiling using metal dowels, and then the fan itself is fixed with screws to it. The connection passes according to the same scheme.

Even in the presence of more modern systems for maintaining optimal climatic conditions in the room, ceiling fans do not lose popularity: their reliability has been tested for years, and a diverse design allows you to choose a device that fits perfectly into the interior.

Features of the stretch ceiling

Manufacturers indicate various physical, performance characteristics of stretch ceilings. On the issue of ventilation of the inter.First space, the throughput of the material from which they are made are made to the forefront.

Film canvases (polyvinyl chloride) are distinguished by absolute water resistance, air permeability. In certain situations (for example, flooding by neighbors from above), this will save the apartment from an unplanned repair. In general, the complete tightness of the space between the ceilings will turn into problems in the future (accumulation of condensate, mold, sagging, etc.D.). The exception here may be oral film canvases that can pass air.

Textile stretch ceilings are made of synthetic fibers. They are able to pass air and partially water. The textile canvas is less susceptible to the effects of pressure drops in the separated planes, it is not so noticeably swaying when opening doors, windows due to its bandwidth.

Natural ventilation

Natural ventilation in a private house bathroom looks approximately as follows.

The influx of fresh air is provided by a special slit 2-3 cm wide. The clearance is between the door and the threshold. The size of the gap is set when installing the door leaf, calculated on the basis of the project.

Modern doors do not require the implementation of this rule due to the presence of special holes or nets.

A vertical ventilation shaft leading to the street, to which a ventilation of the toilet and bathroom is connected, is a vertical ventilation shaft in a private house in a private house. Typically, the design implies the connection of the highway to the riser through the wall or the hole in the ceiling of the room.

An additional element that increases reliability is the check valve, which plays a large role in the operation of the system in winter. The main function of the device is to prevent the reverse traction effect and cold air.

Compliance with all installation rules, the qualitative implementation of all calculations ensures the effective natural air exchange of the room, guaranteeing protection against the development of mold and fungus.

What makes it difficult to natural ventilation

The system of natural, or running, ventilation is very simple. However, her work is very unstable. Modern houses have more and more obstacles to the normal operation of communications.

There are several factors that make it difficult to function, all of them are listed below.

Installation of sealed windows, doors

With air permeability of windows and doors, the so.Called natural rod is not created. In other words, for ventilation, you need a large volume of moving masses of air.

make, hood, stretch, ceiling

And when sealing the premises, they have nowhere to get, in view of which ventilation fails.

Channel narrowing due to contamination

The reliability of the system is reduced due to the possible contamination of the mine due to the accumulation of dust, web, the streaming of the walls with mud and t. D. When they lead to a significant reduction in the cross section of the channel, there is a difficulty in outflow.

This is fraught with a decrease in performance or a complete cessation of ventilation operation.

Incorrect project hood

The main complications may occur with incorrectly compiled design documentation or the error of workers establishing the system.

There is one subtlety here. Physically the air moves according to the same principle as the liquid. Therefore, ventilation must be mounted taking into account the least resistance of the air flow.

In simple words, communications should be built with a minimum number of bends, steps, various obstacles. It is necessary to avoid the bends of the pipe, knees and so on.

Windy weather

When a strong wind blows outside, the appearance of the reverse traction effect is possible.

Just speaking, under strong pressure, air masses can change the direction of movement, and instead of hoods you get a supercharger.

Poor insulation of the mine

With improper insulation of the ventilation shaft at low temperature, a quick cooling of air is possible. As a result, he does not have time to rise high enough, the flow of the flow is violated.

From the foregoing, we can conclude that this type of structure very often gives failure. Therefore, there is a tendency to replace natural ventilation with forced ventilation.

Features of the bathroom

The bathroom is a room with a separate microenvironment. The humidity indicator is constantly increased here, mostly warmer sedentary air. Together, this contributes to the occurrence of mold, fungus, the appearance of other microorganisms in hidden places.

The listed factors determine the requirements for furniture, finishing materials, electrical equipment that are installed or will be used in the bathroom:

  • High humidity resistance;
  • Protection against direct and possibly long exposure to water;
  • Water resistance or, conversely, hygroscopicity;
  • Resistance to mold;
  • Antiseptic properties.

What forced ventilation is needed for

Increased humidity distinguishes the bathroom from other rooms in the house and at the same time creates favorable conditions for the functioning and propagation of pathogens and microorganisms. Therefore, despite the abundance of cleaners, only a well.Chosen exhaust device is capable of eliminating the main cause of rot and mold. It will also help to achieve optimal temperature and humidity in the room and get rid of the constant presence of an unpleasant odor, which is especially characteristic of a combined bathroom with a toilet. The hood for the bathroom performs the following tasks:

Natural hood

This type of ventilation works by withdrawing stale air through the mine. Typically, this system is designed during the construction of an apartment building. But its effective functioning requires a constant flow of air through special holes in the door of the bathroom.

Forced hood

A fan in a stretch ceiling in the bathroom How to make ventilation in a stretch ceiling fan for a stretch ceiling Ventilation in a stretch ceiling: hood.

It is established in cases where the natural air exchange mechanism is faulty or not effective enough. It is created through the use of special devices. Built.In fans.

The forced extract is recommended for installation in the following cases:

Ventilation is not only capable of significantly reducing the level of humidity, but also favorably affect the life of household appliances, the condition of ceilings and walls after repair.

General rules for organizing air exchange in the bathroom

RECHIC CENT. A popular design used for a bathroom. It has such undeniable advantages as the simplicity of independent installation, ease of operation, resistance to corrosion, a simple design, an understandable installation scheme. The re.Structure is easy to disassemble when the need for installation work arose.

Rheal ceiling with forced ventilation

Options for organizing ventilation of the rack ceiling in the bathroom:

  • By embedding ventilation grilles, diffusers. Rack panels with ready.Made mounting holes are made.
  • Ventilation in the rheal ceiling with the help of ready.Made ozed racks.

The installation scheme of the ventilation system in the river ceiling is simple, is carried out simultaneously with the installation of the design itself:

  • The ceiling places in the bathroom are determined, where ventilation grilles will be installed.
  • On the rack panels, the holes of the required diameter are cut out. Here it is necessary to ensure that the holes do not fall on the supporting traverses.
  • Ventilation grilles, the diffuser are installed, and then attached to the rack panels with liquid nails, fasteners.

If the oeinated panels are used, the installation is greatly simplified. Such rails are installed on different (opposite) sides of the ceiling, thereby ensuring the natural circulation of air above and under the ceiling in the bathroom.

If the river structure is installed below the ventilation duct, it is recommended to use an exhaust fan. The action scheme is as follows:

  • The front panel of the exhaust fan is removed.
  • A hole for the mechanism, fasteners are cut out inside the panels.
  • From the ventilation canal above the suspended ceiling, an air duct (plastic or corrugated) is laid to the installation site).
  • The fan mechanism is installed inside the ceiling.
  • The duct joins the fan.
  • The front panel is attached.

Ventilation in stretch ceilings

Having decided that ventilation in the stretch ceiling is still necessary, it is worth thinking about the question: is it worth doing it yourself, or is it better to use the help of specialists? Before the answer to this question, you should learn about the types of ventilation.

make, hood, stretch, ceiling

There are two options for ventilation systems: natural and artificial.


The natural ventilation system is moving air flows in the direction from a higher pressure in the area of ​​the reduced. Also, the temperature difference contributes to the movement of air.

In order to create natural air exchange, it is required to provide air conductive ducts and ventilation shafts under the stretch ceiling. But natural ventilation can be non.Channel.


For artificial ventilation, in addition to air ducts, it is necessary to have an electric motor that creates a more powerful ventilation traction than in a natural system. Because of this advantage, the artificial ventilation version is more reliable.

Exhaust ceiling ventilation is usually installed in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The difference between the installation of artificial ventilation of stretch ceilings and the natural. The obligatory presence of ducts, firmly attached to the supporting structures of the building, as well as their absolute tightness.

Is it possible to make stretch ceilings in a wooden house

In houses made of wood, it is allowed to install stretch structures, but when performing work, it is important to observe the subtleties of the technological process. Installation is no different from installation in a city apartment

Complexity lies in the features of the operation of a building made of wood.

You should not install a stretch ceiling in a wooden house, recently built. Over time, as a result of shrinkage, the geometric dimensions of the wall and ceiling floors change and waves form on the panel.

Materials made of polyvinyl chloride film are subject to cracking under the influence of negative temperatures, so the canvases from PVC cannot be installed in unheated buildings.

The harmful effects of dampness on tissue ceilings leads to the destruction of their color and the loss of aesthetic appearance. In addition, the absorbing moisture material is quickly covered with mold, so such a finish is not recommended in unfinished log cabins and unheated wooden buildings. When equipping stretch ceilings, you should understand their pluses and minuses. Consider the main advantages and disadvantages.

My best stretch ceiling

How to hide an hood under a stretch ceiling. How to hide the pipe from exhaust equipment

How to hide the pipe from the hood if it violates the design of the room? If the kitchen is furnished in high-tech style, you are lucky. In this design there are a large number of metal parts, against which the corrugation does not stand out. But what if the style of the room does not imply the presence of such an element of design. Owners of kitchens made in this way will hide the duct with complex and costly methods. Consider in detail the ways to remove the pipe from the hood in the kitchen from the field of visibility.

Built.In furniture

Using a hinged cabinet (high, to the very ceiling), in which the hood is mounted, you can completely hide the air duct. But for this you will need to break through the hole under the pipe directly above the stove, and this does not always allow the layout of the house and the connection place to the central ventilation.

The built.In wardrobe will help hide the corrugation

A cabinet hiding an hood with an air duct is bought in a finished form, but you can make furniture to order. So you will select dimensions and appearance. Plus this method. You will have a couple of extra shelves directly above the stove for essential items when cooking: salt, spices, matches, etc.P.

Gypsum.Plane box

Such a box can be done yourself. The principle of installation is the same as that of other drywall structures:

  • Accurate breakdown and measurements on the walls are made.
  • The grille is mounted. To do this, you need a metal profile and rifled bolts.
  • Drywall sheets are cut to the size of the lattice and fastened with self.Tapping screws.
  • Box finishing. The last stage of the installation. Here you are free to do anything. Putty with further painting, painting with patterns, decoration with decorative stone, or skirting trim. Some people glue the box with the same wallpaper as the room is pasted over. Any of the options is suitable for this kind of work.

The positive side of this method. The box is performed in a style that is suitable for the design or tastes of the owner: straight, curved, form of a serpentine, fracture, etc.P. Prepared individually. Free the designer inside yourself and do everything you want. The main thing is that the result is pleased with you.

Some people kill two birds with one stone at once, making a suspended ceiling. He can close the irregularities of the ceiling and hide the corrugated pipe at the same time. Having spent once, you can make a good repair, and the duct hidden behind drywall will no longer require additional costs.

The disadvantage of this method is a breakdown breakdown. In case of malfunctions in the operation of the hood, a complete check of the elements of the hood will be required, and for such an analysis you will have to dismantle part of the ceiling.

The duct closed by the plastic box is an excellent solution if the hood is located close to the vent of the channel, and the pipe does not have a large number of fractures. The use of this method in other cases worsens the outflow of air.

A high level of sound insulation of plastic boxes makes this method more functional than other ways to mask corrugation.

The plastic box allows you to significantly reduce the noise level from the hood

make, hood, stretch, ceiling

Stretch ceiling

Manufacturers produce products of different colors and sizes, which simplifies the choice. You can choose a ready.Made box for the kitchen of any color and design. The airbreaker disguised in this way looks stylish, so it will satisfy the most picky designer.

Installation is so simple that it is carried out without connecting specialists. Connect the installation elements as a constructor and the case is done. Another positive moment. The plastic is easily washed with clean water. If the duct is polluted strongly, calmly use household chemicals, because the plastic pipe is not afraid of chemicals. The plastic is easy to paint, which makes it profitable for possible redevelopment or repair in the kitchen. The new style and color of the kitchen will not become a problem.

Design method

There are people who have found a brilliant solution how to hide the corrugation from the hood in the kitchen. There is no better way to hide something than to leave it in the most prominent place. Design idea to use corrugation as an element of decor allows you not to hide the pipe at all. Just the opposite. Everything possible is done so that the maximum attention is paid to the duct. For this, the pipe is painted with bright colors and becomes a catch. Sometimes corrugation is decorated with objects (decoupage is used).

Furniture visor. Original and easy to execute the decision. A hinged visor is used when the kitchen cabinets do not reach the ceiling. The upper part of the kitchen furniture is made protruding, and the corrugated pipe is laid close to the wall.

Thus, the duct becomes invisible from below. If you can see the pipe transition to the ventilation duct, this place is painted with the color of the wall or sheathed with a gypsum cardboard box. The disadvantage of this design. The corrugation will often have to be washed, because the dust accumulates on this element of ventilation and fat and burning settles. No one sees this, but the accumulation of so much soot in one place leads to the propagation of bacteria.

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