How to make an outdoor oven with their own hands

How to Build a Cob Oven


Before you begin construction, you must decide what exactly needs to be built: if the house has a full kitchen, and in it a normal oven, then your mistresses bake pies and buns will be more convenient there. In this case there is no need for a Russian stove. If you do not intend to smoke fish or poultry, there is no need for a smoker.

At first we want it all, but come to the choice of project realistically: it is likely that once you try, you will never use any Russian stove or smoker again. By the way, next to the cauldron firebox you can make a small oven to cook something in a pot or bake. It will take much less space, and the functions will perform the same.

It is worth to see on the Internet or in interior magazines as many photos of finished garden stoves, estimate their size and decide whether you can afford a large complex or is it worth limiting yourself to a small one that combines a barbecue (grill), a stove with two or one burner (one of them under the cauldron) and a working table with a sink. Read the description of the chosen project stove in the garden, folded with his own hands.

The next step is to choose a place to build. Usually people try to put the stove close to the house; in this case you must take into account where the smoke from it will go. Also, there should be no trees, wooden buildings, garages, and premises with flammable materials nearby.

After that on the Internet or with the help of an experienced baker you need to make a line-up. These are the drawings showing in detail how bricks should be laid in each row.

Choosing a place to erect the structure

When the question of what kind of construction, such as a Finnish outdoor oven or a Russian, made of brick or metal, is solved, you can proceed to the selection of the place of work. If you already have a ready-made cottage, the installation of a stove or barbecue for the cottage requires compliance with a number of rules and fire safety requirements:

  • Bookmark the design near a recreation area, such as near a veranda or terrace. If neither of these things on the site, you need to think about building a shelter and installation of benches. A versatile outdoor stove will benefit from this.
  • The size of the construction is determined by the owner of the house, depending on financial opportunities and requests. However, if it is just a charcoal grill made of brick, you should not make it too big.
  • To avoid the penetration of smoke into the living space outdoor Russian stove or other variations of it should be built in the lee side of the site, and avoid places near bushes and branchy trees, which are negatively affected by high temperatures.
  • Outdoor stoves for villas with their own hands should not be put close to the buildings of flammable materials.
  • The area around the stove for cooking at a distance of several meters is lined with tile or poured concrete.
  • For convenience, it is recommended to make a pathway to the residential buildings and install street lighting, which will allow fans of evening and night recreation with the comfort of getting from the gazebo, where a simple outdoor oven for cooking or smoking is located, to the house.

Assemble the oven for the mini Russian hut museum

When all the parts are cut out, you can start assembling the stove.

The base of the oven for the Mini Folk Dolls & Folk Life Museum Russian hut.

Take parts 1 and 2 from white cardboard and parts 5 and 6 from thick cardboard. Glue details 5 and 6 on the underside of the parts 1 and 2 on the previously marked places.

Cut out the rectangle for the bottom oven on detail 6.

Glue together detail 1 and detail 2 of our stove.

make, outdoor, oven, their, hands

Detail 7, painted with white paint and glued on the face of detail 1.

Glue on the reinforcing detail 11. Paint the interior side of the stove with black paint as shown in the picture. Paint details 9 and 10 the same way. Piece 9 on one side and piece 10 on both sides.

Glue parts 9 and 10, overlaying them like shelves on parts 5 and 6.

Glue the reinforcing part 12 between the first and the second part.

Detail 4 of thin cardboard fold in a staircase and glue on the flaps of details 1 and 2, forming a pipe.

Glue the reinforcing parts 13 and 14 to parts 1 and 3.

We glue the pipe from part 3 to part 12. Shaping the shape of the stove’s crib.

Let’s glue the log. part 15. on the flaps of parts 1 and 3.

If you want, you can decorate the furnace mouth with three-dimensional bricks. To do this, cut bricks from cardboard, previously painted white, and glue them on at the mouth of the stove.

The oven for the mini-museum Russian hut is practically ready. We can stop at this point.

But you can also make an oven bench.


The furnace-barbecue, and all the more the furnace complex, demands the drawing up of a competent line-up. The chimney and the need to regulate the draught are to blame. In this design, it is almost indistinguishable from a fireplace or a Russian stove, and to calculate the installation from scratch is not so easy. But it is not necessary to do it yourself. there are a lot of stove projects of any size and functionality in the Internet:

  • A small stove:
  • Barbecue with a log:
  • BBQ oven with a cauldron:
make, outdoor, oven, their, hands

Peculiarities of masonry

The main elements of any brick stove for dacha are:

Foundation to be built separately


The ash pan is placed below the combustion chamber and always has a metal door for cleaning. Between the ash pan and the combustion chamber there is a grate. Standard ash pan is made of 3 bricks.

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Step by step instructions for building a brick outdoor oven

The beginning of the work is the drawing up of a project, where the consumption of materials, their total cost and the choice of location is calculated. To the stages of construction include:

  • Pouring of the foundation.
  • Masonry base, ash drawer, flue ducts.
  • Installing the grate, firebox.
  • Fixing the cooking surface.
  • Installation of the chimney and fittings.

How to Build an Earthen Oven

Of materials and tools you need to prepare:

  • refractory, facing brick;
  • cement;
  • clay;
  • sand;
  • gravel;
  • doors of the furnace, the ash drawer;
  • Angle grinder with disk attachments;
  • steel pipe;
  • metal rods;
  • asbestos-cement board;
  • shovel;
  • level;
  • hammer;
  • The ground is tamped and the asbestos-cement slab is placed on top;
  • a cord for marking.

Consider a detailed description of each of the stages of construction.

Construction of the foundation

Under the furnace is better to pour a monolithic foundation, pre-marking the site with a kapron cord. In this case, the width of the area should be 10-15 cm more than the width of masonry.

Digging a hole up to 50 cm deep. The ground is tamped. Steel rods are installed horizontally. Filled with a layer of crushed stone. The pit is filled with a mortar of cement and sand at a ratio of 1 to 3.

To avoid cracks in the foundation, it should be periodically watered with water until it dries out completely.

Laying 2 layers of cinder block. Asbestos-cement board is set on top. This will raise the height of the stove.

Another option. the monolith is covered with roofing felt to create a waterproofing base.

Furnace masonry

  • Arrangement in the first row begins with a whole brick, each subsequent. three quarters, halves. Check the evenness of the masonry by level.
  • The second row is equipped with an asbestos cord around the ash-pan door. Beforehand in the masonry laid iron wire 3 mm for fixing the door.
  • The gap between the brick and the door should not be more than 10 mm. Overlapping the ash-pan, mount the grates.
  • Carry out the masonry work up to the height of the second door. The size of the brick is adjusted with an angle grinder.
  • The top of the stove is covered with a stone slab. If you want to install the hob, it is better to install a cast iron one.

Furnace masonry is visually represented on the photo.

If you want, you make the arch with bricks or stones.


For its installation, you need to consider a few important recommendations:

  • Fixing the chimney begins in the direction of the stove.
  • The most convenient to install the modular system, which is surrounded by brick on the outside.
  • At the joints, the modules are treated with heat-resistant sealant for joint integrity.
  • Each element of the system is connected to the depth of half of the cross section of the pipe.
  • Joints of the chimney parts should not pass in the overlap of the structure. They are provided with free access in order to remove clogging if necessary.
  • Recommended distance between the brackets when mounting the modules is not less than 2 m.

The flue outlet is also made of a steel pipe. Fix it behind the furnace and cement it.

How to protect the stove from climatic factors

At the end of the masonry work the brick joints are carefully checked for integrity, grouted. Identified gaps are filled with mortar.

For aesthetic appearance and to prolong the service life of the device is lined with fireproof tiles, porcelain stoneware or natural stone. You can build a canopy, which will prevent precipitation from falling on the structure.

The material of manufacture

Despite the many materials on the market, there are not many that can be used to build outdoor stoves with their own hands for cooking:

  • Aerated concrete and fireproof bricks are the very materials that can withstand high temperatures.
  • Can be purchased ready-made outdoor oven, made of metal or cast iron. This construction will not cost cheap, but it can be quickly installed on your dacha.

Here it is worth approaching the question from the practical side. Of course, aerated concrete blocks are much cheaper than high-quality fire bricks.

But bricks are much better looking and don’t need to be finished. The blocks require additional cladding. But besides you, of course, no one will make a choice here.

There are many people who choose prefabricated products. There are advantages: quick purchase, and even a schoolboy can assemble them, using glue, according to the instructions included with the set of products.

With the furnace, the question is a little more complicated, the body must also be made for metal stoves. over, to find on sale exactly what you need is not such a simple task. Of course, more suitable is an outdoor stove with their own hands, which can be made as the owner wants, pick up the lining and make the structure itself in any design solution.

How to Build an Earthen Oven for Free

Outdoor oven with their own hands: homemade projects for dacha

The reuse of old things. one of our favorite topics. Why throw away things that can be given a second life?? Today we’re going to talk about just such a case. We want to offer you two projects of original homemade wood stoves, which are perfect for dacha. To make an outdoor oven with their own hands, you skills of different levels of complexity. For a simple stove made of concrete blocks no special skills are needed, but for a gas cylinder stove you will need the skills of a welder. However, these stoves are great for everyone: they can help you get a handle on more complex projects.

Materials for the construction of the outdoor oven

Despite the variety of building materials on the shelves of modern stores, there are only a few options applicable for the erection of an outdoor oven with their own hands:

  • Heat-resistant brick or aerated concrete are probably the only materials that can withstand high temperatures;
  • Ready-made stove construction made of iron or cast iron, which greatly reduces the time of its installation.

Naturally, blocks of aerated concrete are much cheaper than brick, but the latter has a more attractive appearance, thanks to which the finished outdoor furnace for dacha does not need tiling. Blocks, in turn, require additional finishing with cladding materials.

Today many owners of country houses or summer cottages prefer prefabricated products, designs, which can be seen in the photo. Such furnaces for dachas, placed outside, have one significant advantage. quick installation with their own hands, which can be done even by a schoolboy.

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