How to make cool air with a fan

How to make air conditioning with your own hands from a fan: 5 ways

In hot weather, we most like to reduce the temperature of the air at home so that you can comfortably engage in household chores and rest without shedding later. And when the street thermometer reaches 30 degrees, we especially want to buy air conditioning, but its price bites. What to do? You can try to make an air conditioner from a regular fan. This is simple and will not take you much time. But you will enjoy a pleasant coolness!

Cool air fan using peltier | How to make

There are several options on how to make air conditioning with your own hands right at home to escape from the heat. We talk about them in more detail.

Cross the light

The easiest and logical way to cool the room is to block light access. Not only direct sunlight, but light in general. It should be done even in cloudy weather. The fact is that thermal (infrared) radiation enters the room not only directly from the sun, but also in a scattered form through the clouds.

To do this, it is best to install white blinds, iron or fabric. Ordinary curtains are less effective. The lighter the barrier, the better it reflects thermal radiation. You can also paste the glass with food foil. But there is a minus. It reflects IK radiation inside the room, worsens the cooler of the room at night.

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Proper ventilation

Without fresh air in the summer. Only now there is no half.Hot heat of fresh air, therefore it does not make sense to ventilate at this time. The windows must be opened when the temperature on the street is minimal, t.E. From late evening to early morning. Let the apartment ventilate all night, and do not forget about anti.Mosquito nets.

This advice works perfectly with a pair with alarming. It turns out that at night you let in fresh air, and in the morning we close the windows with curtains or blinds so as not to miss the heat and preserve the cooked cool. Windows can be kept in ventilation mode, setting the handle in a diagonal position.

make, cool

Advice. Always compare the home temperature with the temperature outside the window. Weather sites will tell the night temperature. If the street is hotter, then do without open windows. Leave them only on micro.Power.

Approximate temperature dynamics in the summer months during the day

The width of the blades matters

If you choose a lobed fan, be sure to assess the size of its rotating parts. This principle unmistakably works in this matter: the longer and more powerful than the blades, the more efficient they blow the space. Accordingly, people in the room will be more comfortable even in the most severe heat.

A fan with wide and long blades will not only spin and wind electricity. Due to the high intensity of its work, such a device will be able to really cool the air to a comfortable temperature. True, as soon as it is turned off, everything will fall into place. Whatever one may say, but wait for the fan to perform the functions of the air conditioner is not worth.

Electronic devices

It is not recommended to use electrical devices during the day, which significantly heat the apartment. These are vacuum cleaners, irons, personal computers, printers and TVs. Pay special attention to the last element. If you do not watch TV, turn it off, as, in addition to temperature growth, electricity accounts will also grow. If you have an electric heated towel rail, cover it with foil or use it only in extreme cases. Such a technique always heats the air in any room.

There is another interesting advice on how to cool the room in the heat without air conditioning. It consists in the use of several bowls (basin) with water and sheets. How to cool the room in the heat with these elements? Everything is very simple. The basin should be put near the door, and hang the sheet so that its ends are in contact with water.

The fabric gradually absorbs water, thereby cooling the entire room. It is important that the area of ​​the lying sheet is as large as possible. Remember, the wider and longer it is, the faster the evaporation and heat exchange occurs.

We cope with heat without air conditioning

In thirty-degree heat, it is quite difficult to cool the room, since the temperature rises not only due to direct sunlight, but also due to the fact that the walls of the house warm up outside.

This is especially true for one.Room apartments, the windows of which are only on the sunny side. In this case, even the slightest draft is excluded in the room. However, it is necessary to escape from the heat. Consider a few effective ways.

Dense curtains

In summer, dense curtains on the windows will help not only sleep, but also prevent the penetration of sunlight into the room for some time. We advise you to close the windows since the evening, so that the effect is longer.

However, the disadvantage of this method is that the fabric will heat up for several hours and will give heat, creating a greenhouse effect.

Reflective film

In any hardware store, you can now find a mirror film that is glued to the windows from the inside and reflects the light. The window will turn out slightly darkened.

If such a film could not be found, then use the usual food foil. Drink the window with a damp cloth and glue the foil of the reflecting side to the outside. You will immediately notice that the room does not heat up.

However, this method has a significant minus. You deprive the apartment of natural light. Therefore, in a car store, see a special metallized overlapes on suction cups. By the dark, it is easy to remove from the windows.

Sheet on the windows

In those apartments where it is possible to arrange a draft, you can reduce the temperature due to wet sheets on the windows.

Hang a sheet on the sunny side, fixing on the cornices along with curtains. After that, moisten the fabric from the spray gun. Air flows passing through wet material will cool and cool the apartment.

Air moisture

Another proven way to escape from the heat without air conditioner is air moisturizing. A spray gun is also suitable for this. To achieve pleasant freshness, it is enough to spray water from it every hour.

You can moisturize not only the air, but also the floor. Periodically wipe it with cool water. At the same time, we advise the carpets to remove.

make, cool

However, do not overdo it with moisture, otherwise you will turn your apartment into a “steam room”.

Disabered equipment

Any electrical device during functioning produces heat and heats the air. Therefore, try to reduce the use of electronics at least for the hottest time.The same advice also applies to cooking. Working oven and fire on the stove can significantly increase the temperature in the kitchen. Better use a microwave oven or have a snack with vegetables. So you satisfy hunger and keep cool.

Pay attention to light sources. Incandescent lamps are heated more than LED or fluorescent. If possible, replace them.

Isolation of a heated towel rail

The heated towel rail continues to work even after heating is turned off in houses. He not only dries things well, but also heats the bathroom.

It can be turned off at the place of accession to a common riser. Turning both valves, you will turn off the heating device. If you can’t get it to the valve, then wrap it with food foil. The whole heat will remain inside and will not spread around the room. If the heated towel rail is electric, just remove the fork from the outlet.

Cold bedding

Fold your bedding and place it in the freezer. Before going to bed, spread your cold bed back. Although it will heat up during the night, it will be much easier and more pleasant to fall asleep. For such hot days, we also advise us to stock up on pillows and blankets of light materials. Cotton absorbs sweat well and refreshes the skin

Using the fan

If there is no way to install air conditioning, then buy a fan. It is easier to install and it is cheaper. The device will not cool the air, but a light breeze will still help to survive hot days easier.

The fan can be installed not only on the floor, but also on the ceiling. Such a device is inexpensive and cools the room well. It is important to put it on the summer mode when installing. So hot air will go upstairs, leaving the room in cool.

Another good option is an air humidifier. Its work is easy to adjust, so you can not be afraid of a greenhouse effect.

DIY DIY thermal core repair. Diagram, causes of malfunction, thermal protection.

With the advent of the first cold weather, the main wand-up in the warming of our dwellings and offices, not bulky oil batteries or convectors, but small and compact heat talents are not becoming.

It is they who allow for a very short period of time, raise the temperature in the room at once several degrees.

However, as a result of operation, which is called fully, sooner or later comes the moment when the douche stops working. What to do in this case? Run to the store for the new model Scarlet (Scarlett), Saturn (Saturn) or Comfort (comfort) and hope that they will be much more reliable?

Because they are not very expensive. However, it is not at all necessary to buy another heat cautifier, if you can repair the available with your own hands.

In order to find the cause of the breakdown, it takes only 2 things. Screwdriver and multimeter.

The most important thing is to determine whether there is contact in a particular circuit, or it is not. Let’s take a closer look at how thermal cores are arranged, how to disassemble them, what most often fails and trace the consistent chain of checking one element after another.

The first thing to do is to call and check the integrity of the power cord and all visible contacts. You may not have to climb far into the inside of the device at all, and the trouble will be on the “surface”.

To do this, unscrew and remove the lower or side cover, depending on your model.

Keep in mind that the central screws should not initially be unscrewed, since the motor is attached to them.

Remove them and all the insides will be collapsed. It will be better that the engine itself sits fixed for one of the covers.

Next, find contacts where the power wires 220V come. If “lucky”, sometimes without any devices you can immediately see the burned out wiring.

Sit it in place and all repair ends. If the problem is more serious, then just probe and twitch all the terminal clamps.

Since the fan vibrates in the process, it is quite possible that some of them elementarily moved away from his place. You can detect poor contact on the terminal and according to characteristic traces of burning.

Often such defects become the reason that the heat.Cumber is spontaneously turned on and off. Especially when you move it and move.

If you identify this, clean it and then wipe the site with a wool moistened in alcohol.

Further by the pliers, slightly press the terminal and put it back.

Only after all these manipulations, you can proceed to checking with measuring devices.

Switch the tester to the dialing mode, and the probes alternately check the integrity of the power wires. To do this, touch introductory contacts inside the fan and metal pins on a fork.

If everything is regular, the tester will make a sound or show zero resistance.

If you work something, for example, the fan is spinning when you are on the network, but the air is cold at the same time, then the cord is of course nothing to do with it. Its check in this case can be omitted.

In the same way, a microswitch is nicknamed, which is sometimes built into the case.

Switch its key and check that there is a chain.

These things at large currents very often fail. Repair in this case is quite simple. Two wiring suitable to it are bent and interconnected directly.

The connection place is isolated by a protective cap of PPE or simple isolation.

The only negative. From now on the heat cementoer will work immediately after you stuck the fork in the outlet.

When the switch has nothing to do, check the following chain elements. By the way, do not forget about the mechanical part.

Homemade air conditioning for home. 5 options. 220V/12V/without electricity.

On hot summer days, many of us go to the country or in a country house. At the same time, not everyone has a full.Fledged split system there.

You can of course get out of the situation by installing a mobile option. But here there are problems with the connection and removal of warm air.

What to do? Be tormented? There are no at all, there are at least five ways how to assemble homemade devices that can partially replace a professional air conditioner.

You can make them at home, without special knowledge of thermophysics and special skills of artisan. Let’s look at all these methods in more detail, from ineffective and ending with those that will significantly reduce the temperature by several degrees and comfortably spend the weekend in the country.

Let’s start with an option where no electricity, ice and all kinds of fans are required. Some even try to bring under this method of cooling, the law of preserving perfect gas.

make, cool

For this homemade miracle you will need a lot of plastic bottles. It is best to take two.Liter with large diameter.

Cut the upper part from them along with the neck by about 1/3.

Do not throw off the covers from them, they will also be needed. They only need to be finalized a little. To do this, cut the upper part with a clerical knife.

Next, you will need to get a pantry from the bins or buy a plywood sheet according to the window size. The whole structure is going on it just and gathers.

As a basis, you can use cardboard, such as they do in India or Bangladesh.

It was from there that this method of cooling came.

However, as they say. The rain went, the cardboard left. Therefore, plywood is more stable and reliable material.

On this sheet every 15cm, drill holes along the diameter of the neck of the bottle.

Drill is best to use feathers. But you can use a tree crown.

After the harvesting of all holes, insert bottles into them and fasten it from the back side with cut lids.

The plywood itself is mounted in the bedroom window or the room where the cold is required. If you approach the neck of the bottles and bring your palm to them, you can really feel a cold breath of a cool breeze.

How does it all work? After all, there is no fan or ice that would give such a cool cool? Where does cooling come from?

Inventors explain very simply. A wide part of the bottle that looks at the street works like an air intake. Under the force of the breeze, the air compresses and enters the room with a fan effect.

However, the fulfillment of one condition is required here. The street should be cooler than in the room.

A similar design can work well at night. And there will be no noise from the fan blades.

How to Make a Fan into an air conditioner Homemade Air Cooler

However, if you think carefully and recall the laws of physics, then not everything is so simple here. Doesn’t the open window look like a narrowed neck of a bottle?

In theory, a large volume of warm air from the street, passing through a narrow window, eventually should give the same cool draft. However, this does not happen.

The same can be said about this “air conditioner”.

You simply exclude the penetration of direct rays of the sun with this design. Therefore, the floor and walls are less heat. Hence all the effectiveness.

Where the coolness comes from, because if you bring your hand to the bottles, it really feels?

In fact, you feel this cold not because the air has cooled, but because at a greater speed, the stream takes away from the surface of your body, a larger number of moisture or sweat molecules or sweat.

Hence all the sensations. To really cool the air, it would not require plastic bottles, but a brass of brass, three meters long! The law of energy conservation has not yet been canceled.

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