How to make curls with a hair dryer attachment

Is it possible to make beautiful curls with a hair dryer??

Do not worry if Mother Nature bestowed you with straight hair. Creating a hairstyle with chic bouncy curls on your head is not difficult at all. You can make curls with a hair dryer. For this, you need to have patience, as well as a set of products to ensure a good fixation of the hair.

    Before proceeding to the creation of curls, you need to wash your hair. For more flexible styling and not frizzy hair, you should wash your hair with warm, not hot water. In addition, you need to rinse them thoroughly to wash out all the foam.

The use of a round brush requires a bit of skill, but with the curlers absolutely any madam can cope.

  • This is the moment to create curls. Distribute your hair in small sections, and then curl each strand on the curler. The thicker the hair, the bigger the curlers should be. It is necessary to curl with good tension, so the finished curls have good elasticity. If at this stage the curls are treated with mousse or other styling products, the curls will hold much longer.
  • When all the hair is curled need to turn on the hair dryer. Set the temperature to medium and low speed. After all, now the curls need to give a shape. It is done with the help of high temperature.
  • Do not immediately untwist the curler. It needs time to cool down. If you’re pressed for time, cool your hair with a cold blast of air before you remove the curlers.

You only need to fix the ready curls. You can curl it with your fingers or use a comb to fluff it up. To be sure, you can apply a small amount of hairspray to fix the result.

Hair dryer-brush Philips HP8657/00

This device is worthy of the second place in the rating of the best hair dryers for curling hair. The first thing you should pay attention to when you look at it is the variety of extensions included. In the set there are five of them, and each of them performs its work very gently. This is due to the keratin-tourmaline treatment. Not only can the accessories be used to create curls of different diameters, but they can also be used to blow-dry and straighten hair.

This model also did not do without the evaluation of users. The girls who used it did not like that the hair dryer is very heavy and has only two temperature modes. Also, according to them, the device is very noisy in operation. Some have noticed that the nozzles of this hair dryer are too sparsely planted with lint, which leads to the presence of very large pores. But despite a number of disadvantages, the advantages of the curler are much more. They include:

  • The innovative coating of the nozzles;
  • The presence of convenient holes for hanging;
  • wide directionality;
  • the presence of a protective brush;
  • warranty for operation (2 years);
  • convenient cleaning due to the retraction of the teeth;
  • sufficient power of the device.

How to use the diffuser: 6 steps and video

How to use the diffuser? Not always obvious, although this type of hair dryer nozzle is quite popular. Drying with a diffuser nozzle helps to prevent hair frizz. Thus, naturally curly strands, drying, become clear and flawless curls.

This is aided by the flat round shape of the diffuser, where curls can be placed when drying. The diffuser allows you to control the heat distribution. That way the strands are dried more evenly. It means that in addition to beautiful styling, it also reduces the risk of damage.

The question of how to use the diffuser is usually of interest to owners of natural curls. The diffuser is most often used for curly hair. However, even straight strands can benefit from knowing how to use the nozzle. If your hair is straight, a diffuser style will help give it shape and long-lasting volume.

Want to finally learn how to use a diffuser? You can study the video at the top of the page, then skip to the detailed step-by-step instructions below. By the way, even more video tutorials with beautiful hairstyles can be found on the YouTube channel ATH.

Rating of the best hairdryers with a diffuser for curly hair

Almost all popular brands of household appliance produce hair dryers with diffusers. But based on the reviews, there are several particularly popular models for curly hair.

Bosch PHD 5962

Powerful 2200W appliance with 6 airflow and temperature modes. It has the perfect setting for your hair, whether it’s healthy or weak, thick or fine. Hair dryer is equipped with an ionizer that prevents the curls from electrifying, and makes them obedient and smooth. The model has an overheat protection, a removable filter that can be cleaned from time to time.

This Bosch model comes with two attachments:

  • Concentrator, which forms a stream of directed air for the strands that require fixation;
  • The curling and volume diffuser can be used even on fine curls.

The hair dryer also has a cold air mode. And after you’ve finished drying your hair, you can use this feature to hold it in place.

Among the disadvantages of the device, users note the significant weight of about 900 g and the average length of the cord. 180 cm.

A Bosch PHD 5962 hair dryer with a diffuser nozzle is available for about 2300

Philips HP 8233

One of the best hair dryers with a diffuser for curls, delivers 2200 Watts. Has two blowing speed and three temperature programs, so it is easy to adjust for any hair type. The model is equipped with an ionization system, the curls after treatment becomes shiny and glossy, no electricity and not stick together with each other. The appliance supports cold blowing, which is recommended after each drying to fix the style.

This Philips hair dryer comes with two attachments:

  • Diffuser, with its help you can lift curls at the roots or perform a slight curl;
  • concentrator. a narrow nozzle allows you to focus treatment of a particular strand and fix it in the hair.

Ceramic heating pad radiates heat in the infrared range. It ensures gentle drying without overheating or breaking of the hair. The grill is removable, which allows for quick cleaning of the air intake, and a safety device to protect the hair dryer from overheating. The device has a 1.8 m cord and weighs only 600 g.

You can buy a hair dryer with a diffuser Philips HP 8233 for 3000

Remington AC 8605

Functional hair dryer with a power of 2300 W is equipped with UV filters in the area of the heating element and a smart sensor. The device monitors the air temperature and changes it in case of overheating. Also, the device includes a ring soaked in oils, during drying it helps protect colored hair from damage and color change.

The model has 3 temperature modes and 2 speeds of air flow, as well as a cold blowing, necessary for a permanent fix. Built-in ionization makes drying safer and prevents sticking.

make, curls, hair, dryer, attachment

The hair dryer Remington is equipped with a diffuser that allows to create soft curls, and 2 concentrators for 11 and 7 mm. Model has a removable grill that allows you to clean the filter from dust. Among the advantages is the very long cord of 3 m, when using the device is not necessary to resort to extensions.



Drying with Freddy Krueger’s diffuser arm

A year ago I bought a DevaCurl replica hand diffuser. After watching the videos of Lorraine Massey followers, I decided that I couldn’t live without this diffuser.

I tried drying my hair with it, but it got uncomfortable to do it almost immediately.

Why? The thing is that such a “paw” has no edges, limiting the hair when drying. Compared to a regular diffuser, when drying with this one, hair falls out easily and you have to press it hard against your scalp or hold it with your hands.

I think it has something to do with my hair type. If my hair is very stiff and curled to 3b, then no matter what you do with the diffuser, the hair will curl. And mine requires gentle treatment until it dries. Otherwise it will disappear

The only thing this diffuser has really come in handy for me is drying out my root zone. That’s where it’s the best. The fingers and palm of the “paw” have a concave shape, it is convenient to put it on your head

This is how hair looks after drying with the paw diffuser.

I have some fluffy curl formation. The curl at the tips is not uniform

Pros: Easily forms curl volume at the root zone Suitable for tight curls of 3b or more

It is difficult to accurately place the entire strand on the “paw” Because of the constant movement of the “paw” on the hair a lot of fluff falls out of the “paw” and drying is delayed Since the diffuser shape is flat and does not create air vortexes inside, like in classic bowls, the warm air instantly overheats the hair

How to straighten hair with a diffuser?

Straightening hair with a diffuser will bring slightly different results than using a special iron. So if the result of the iron is smooth shiny hair, with the help of a hair dryer and a diffuser will be a voluminous mop of straight hair.

The styling method in this case also changes a little:

  • Treat wet hair with a product to straighten it.
  • Divide your hair into zones, as mentioned in the examples above. If your hair is thick, you can divide the zone into several strands.
  • Comb the hair strand and gently pull it down past the tips of your hair. Use your other hand to blow-dry your hair as if combing it with the diffuser “spikes. The movement should be directed from top to bottom. You need to dry all the zones in this way, one after the other.
  • When all the strands are ready, you can treat the ends of hair with a special wax. This way your style will look more shaped and neat. To do this, rub a little wax on your fingers and apply it to the ends of a small strand, slightly twisting them inward.

ground rules

To style your hair at home with a hair dryer quickly and beautifully, you need to adhere to several rules:

  • Immediately after washing your hair, you need to dry your hair a little bit naturally. To do this, wrap curls in a terry towel for 5-10 minutes, and then blotting movements to go over their entire length. If you have extra time, allow the hair to dry undone for an additional 20-30 minutes. This will evaporate most of the moisture from the surface of the strands, and the time of the thermal effect on them will be halved.
  • Before the procedure it is recommended to use a heat protectant that coats each hair in a thin film and reduces the damage from hot air. Also by nourishing the curls reduces electrification after styling.
  • Do the styling yourself in stages. You’ll need to split the entire bob into 2 or 3 tiers. To do this, make a horizontal parting over the ears through the back of the head, and gather the upper part with a clip or rubber band. The bottom tier is styled by separating a small strand, equal to half the width of the comb.
  • During styling, the hair dryer is held with the left hand, while the working hand controls the comb. The air jet should be directed from top to bottom, which is beneficial to curls, closing the scales on the surface of the hair shaft.
  • A round comb is needed for styling.

It is important to choose natural bristles so as not to damage the locks by rubbing them during drying.

Hair dryer-brush Scarlett SC-HAS73I09

Fourth place was taken by the Scarlett SC-HAS73I09 hair dryer-brush. This model is little inferior to its competitors. Even though it has less power, it is just as easy and simple to do a variety of styling. The hair dryer comes with four nozzles. They can be used to dry your hair, straighten it, create stylish curls, or give your hair a beautiful volume. The device is equipped with an ionization system. This option helps to saturate the hair with the necessary negative ions. This prevents hair from becoming electrified and preserves its natural shine. The airflow in this hair dryer is controlled by two modes. According to reviews about it, we can safely say that the advantages of the device include:

  • A variety of versatile nozzles;
  • ionization option;
  • The swivel wire attachment;
  • The possibility of a cooled air flow;
  • average weight.
make, curls, hair, dryer, attachment

As for the disadvantages, and they were revealed in the process of using the device. They include a short cord and an insufficient number of operating modes.

Hair dryer for curls: you need it like air!

If you want to get trendy slightly mussed curls, you need a hair dryer for curls. Perhaps too crisp and neat curls can look unnatural and aging. That’s why professional stylists wield not only curlers, but also know how to make curls with a hair dryer.

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