How to make hot coffee in a coffee machine

Preparation of coffee in an open coffee maker. The principle of operation of the device and how to use it correctly

Before you purchase a technique for making coffee drinks, it is important to get acquainted with the advantages of different types of machines and decide which type corresponds to your expectations.

In modern stores, a wide range of goods is presented, and an unprepared buyer is easy to get confused in this diversity.

If a cup of fresh coffee for you is not just a way to cheer up in the morning, but a real ritual, an excellent choice will be a coffee farm of an old.Eye type.

make, coffee, machine

Its device allows you to prepare a variety of types of drinks, preserving the bright taste and aroma of coffee beans. Below we will figure out how to cook a drink correctly.

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The basis of most types of coffee drinks is espresso. Therefore, it is important to learn how to cook it correctly, observing a special technology. Espresso is strong dense coffee, but, despite this, it is considered the most useful among other drinks.

It will not be difficult to cook espresso at home if you apply a clear sequence of steps:

make, coffee, machine
  • 1 teaspoon of coffee is placed in a coffee machine holder.
  • It should be tightly tamped before the formation of a compressed tablet. This is necessary to obtain a rich taste.
  • To obtain the correct consistency through coffee, 25 ml of hot water with a pressure of 9 atmospheres for 30 seconds is passed through coffee.
  • The finished drink should be black and thick with a characteristic slightly sour afreshold.

Classic espresso can be prepared without a coffee machine, but it will be difficult to observe the correct technology

To create other types of drink, it is enough to adjust the degree of water supply: we increase a portion of fluids. We get Americano, reduce the amount of water. And now the ristretto is ready.

  • Machiato. With the addition of small milk foam;
  • Double espresso. With an increased concentration of caffeine;
  • Romance. Combined with lemon juice;
  • Corretto. With the addition of liquor or cognac.

Cooking process

How to cook coffee in a coffee machine correctly

One of the most common Italian recipes. The preparation of a ristretto. Is suitable for fans of dense and strong coffee. Since this drink is characterized by strong tonic properties, it is better to drink it in the morning.

For cooking, we make grains in large grinding, pour one teaspoon with a slide into a special compartment of the machine and trim well. Click the button for the preparation of the drink, and about 20 seconds before its end, click on the “stop”. It is better to drink a drink made in this way from a pre.Warmed cup. Some coffee machines even have the function of heating a cup with steam, but if it is absent, you can heat the cup, substituting it under a stream of hot water, and then dry it or wipe it dry.

Types of coffee and cooking methods in a coffee machine

Types of grains used for the preparation of coffee, there are many. However, only three of them are most often used. This is Arabica, Robust and Liberik.

  • Arabica is the main type of grains used to make coffee. A drink welded from these grains has a pleasant, delicate taste. The most popular varieties of Arabica are Bourbon and Mokko.
  • Robusta. Grains that have a sharper than arabica with taste. The most popular varieties of such coffee are Java, Ineak and Convent.
  • Libric. Coffee used only in mixtures. This is a variety. “for an amateur”, which has a sharp, strongly pronounced taste. Drinking it in its pure form is not too pleasant even to those who love particularly strong varieties of the drink with bitterness.

Coffee mixtures are ideal for the preparation of coffee in a coffee machine. Combining several types of grains, you can get interesting combinations and bright tastes. I especially like a mixture of those who prefer espresso and drink it without adding milk or cream to it.

How to brew coffee in capsules in a coffee machine

Capsule coffee brewed in a coffee machine is characterized by amazing taste. Capsules can be very different. Different saturations, flavored, with or without caffeine. Preparing such coffee is easy. To do this, just install the capsule in the coffee machine and press the button. After some time, a completely ready to use drink is pouring from the apparatus to the cup.

In such a machine, it is not only very easy to cook coffee. It is also easy to clean after the preparation of the drink. To clean the device, it is enough to remove their residues from the container for spent capsules and thoroughly wash the tank for shedding drops. It is also necessary not to forget to periodically add clean water into the water container.

Cooking coffee and milk aperitifs

Manufacturers equip a coffee coffee maker with a cappuccino. A pipe with a pararanello nozzle. There are models with pitchens. Jugs for milk and cream, in which it is convenient to make thick milk foam.

  • Take medium fatty milk. 2.5%;
  • If there is no pitcher, use a larger capacity. The foam increases in volume;
  • When whipping, keep the container under the slope, slightly immersing the tip of the cappuccinator into milk.

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Upon completion of all actions, do not forget to do cleaning. Rinse the horn and cappucchucker manually or using the automatic cleaning function.

Chocolate preparation tips, recipes

You can cook a drink for any holiday. It is ideal for both a noisy company, and for a quiet everyday evening spent in a family circle or next to a loved one. This stunningly delicious drink will have to go to the place for any occasion, especially if you follow the advice of professionals when preparing it.

In the preparation process, adhere to the proportions of mixed products in accordance with the recipe you have chosen.

Hot chocolate in Italian

Mix 80 milliliters of milk with 25 grams of chocolate powder. If desired, add sugar to the mixture. No more than 1 teaspoon and ground cinnamon. Prepare a thick drink. It can be decorated with whipped cream or ice cream.

Hot chocolate in French

In France, they prefer a more liquid form of chocolate. For its preparation, mix 150 milliliters of milk and 25 grams of chocolate. As soon as the mixture begins to thicken, and a white foam will disappear from its surface, the drink can be considered ready for use.

Hot chocolate with cinnamon

The shape of this drink can be any. To your taste. Take half of the interpreted cinnamon stick or 0.5 teaspoon of its powder and pour into warm milk before adding chocolate to it. If you use an interpreted stick, do not forget to strain the milk after adding it. Fall asleep chocolate and prepare the drink according to any of the main recipes.

Serve chocolate immediately after its preparation. The drink should only be consumed hot.

A finished drink can and should be decorated. Whipped cream, ice cream, coconut chips, fruit slices, lemon or orange zest can be used as decorations. You can also add fruit syrup to chocolate. It will give its taste a special highlight.

Do not let the cooking process on its own. Look after a coffee machine while it cooks. After the process is completed, wipe the pipe for the steam and the cappuccinator, without waiting for the chocolate that remains on them dries. After drying such contaminants drying, it will be much more difficult to clean the unit.

Cooking a filter coffee: Step first

Using a coffee maker is easier. Pour the required amount of water into the coffee maker tank. It is better to brew regular on bottled or filtered water. It’s not scary if you pour more water than you want to get a drink. You can stop the coffee maker in the process of cooking, just make sure that the water in the tank is fresh.

Step.By.Step instructions for using devices of this type

To brew your beloved “Americao” follow the following instructions:

  • Connect the coffee maker to the power supply network.
  • Pour water into the tank, focusing on a special mark.
  • Fill the coffee filter. By proportion, focus on one teaspoon per 100 milliliters of water.
  • Close the filter. Place the container for the finished drink.
  • Click on the starting button for the device.
  • Wait until all the water flows in the form of coffee in the tank.
  • Turn off the coffee maker.
  • Pour the finished drink into a cup.

Attention! If you use a disposable coffee filter, you can just throw it out. Otherwise, clean it from the grounds, rinse thoroughly and let it dry in open space.

Coffee machine grinding

An important part of the settings is the basis of its intensity and saturation of the drink. The degree of processing is usually put on the characteristics of coffee grain. The smallest will make you reveal all the inherent nuances of the taste, an additionally a higher foam of the cream is formed.

How to establish a degree of grinding in a coffee machine:

  • Espresso. Volume up to 40 ml. Small grinding will pull more sourness out of the grain, the middle one will make the drink more balanced and neutral. This is true and in relation to ristretto.
  • Double espresso, Lungo. From 40 ml. Large grinding will give more sourness, small. Bitterness.

General recommendations come down to the fact that a larger grinding is placed for a larger amount of coffee and grain of dark frying. Small will make the drink go bitter. Coarsely ground grain of light fry will not reveal the taste in any way. It is better for beginners to start with average grinding. After preparing the drink, you can adjust the parameters in one direction or another.

Studying to properly prepare coffee in a coffee machine, consider such nuances:

  • The volume of the drink. When more water spils through a portion of coffee, the taste acquires a distinct bitterness and the level of caffeine increases. A smaller volume gives saturation and obvious sourness. Form the final taste notes depending on the variety and volume of the drink.
  • Adjustment of the fortress. The parameter reflects the amount of ground powder per portion. The more grain the car bold, there it will be more saturated, brighter, stronger will be the taste.

In coffee machines there is a function of prefabrication. She pauses at the first stage of the water strait through the coffee tablet. This makes the powder uniform, dense. When adjusting the prefabrication from 1 to 3 seconds, a more aromatic drink will fall into the cup.

Coffee recipes in a coffee machine

How to make cappuccino with delicate foam

Kapuchino occupies its honorable place among the most popular coffee in the world. And I must say not in vain: the simplicity of cooking cappuccino in a coffee machine, delicate foam on top and strong coffee inside, will like both lovers of strong coffee, and those who only occasionally allows themselves this drink.

Making cappuccino in special automatic coffee machines is the simplest. The second option is semiautomatic devices in which the whipping and heating of milk is carried out using a cappuccinator. The third option is to beat milk manually with a whiper of milk or a Frenchpress.

Pay attention: when whipping manually, milk must first be heated.

You will need to make a cappuccino:

  • Prepare a mug for cappuccino. It should be warm.
  • Prepare an espresso machine and pour it into a mug.
  • Beat milk in a convenient way.
  • Carefully pour in the milk foam to the espresso.

Decorate cappuccino cinnamon, grated chocolate or chips of cookies. Experienced barists have learned to create real paintings on milk foam. But you can purchase stencils for coffee: you just need to keep them above the cup, and pour cinnamon on top of. After you remove the stencil, a clear drawing will remain on the foam.

How to cook long coffee at home

In fact, this is the same Americano, only much stronger. But the technology for making long coffee is different.

Thanks to such cooking technology, coffee is strong, saturated and invigorating, and also has a thick dense foam.

How to make coffee late

Some people think that this is the same drink as the cappuccino, it is simply served differently. However, their main difference in the amount of milk. Cooking Latte in a coffee machine is not difficult.

  • Prepare an espresso in a coffee machine.
  • Add sugar to coffee and mix well. You can mix coffee with syrup, then the taste will be more tender.
  • Heat the milk in the microwave, but not much.
  • Beat milk with a cappucchicer or blender.
  • Whipped milk into a high transparent glass.
  • To make Latte in a glass of multi.Layer, slowly, thin stream pour espresso into milk.

Decorate Latte with milk chocolate shavings to make the taste even more tender. Serve it with vanilla or cream desserts.

Delicate cream coffee at home

Coffee cream got its name for a delicate cream texture and milk taste. In different countries, they prepare it differently: somewhere it looks more like a drink, and somewhere to a full dessert.

  • Prepare the espresso and pour it into a high cup.
  • Pour milk into a small pan and put on a slow fire.
  • We fall asleep into the milk and stir constantly so that it completely dissolves.
  • Remove milk from heat and add cold cream to it.
  • Beat the milk mixture until thick foam is formed.
  • Gently pour in the milk foam into coffee.

Do not forget to give a high spoon to the drink so that you can eat the cream.

Coffee with salt

I’ll say right away: to make delicious coffee with salt, using soluble coffee. You will get a disgusting salty slurry that it will be impossible to drink.

make, coffee, machine

The classic recipe is simple. Cook coffee with a pinch of salt as usual. But not many will like the resulting drink. Therefore, I offer a more tasty and familiar recipe.

  • Plane salt in an espresso cup.
  • We cook espresso as usual.
  • Mix the drink with a spoon so that the salt accurately dissolves.
  • Pour cream into a small saucepan and put them on a slow fire.
  • When the cream begins to boil, remove them from the stove and pour them into coffee.
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