How to make the fan blow cold

How to make the fan cool?

Using a floor fan, you can effectively cool the rooms in the evening or at night. To do this, you need to deploy the fan in the window. Thus, hot air will come out of the rooms. In other rooms, it will be necessary to open all the windows completely.

To turn the usual fan into air conditioning, just attach the heat exchanger to the fan grill, through which cold water will circulate, and the fan, in turn, will transmit cold from the heat exchanger to the room with a flow of air.

How to create a cool room in a room without air conditioning?

Put the fans not against the wind, but in the wind. In those days when the wind is very strong, you may not need to turn on the fan. In a one.story house, install the fans so that the air is blowing on one side of the house, and leaves on the other side with open doors for a greater throughput capacity of air.

way to save your PC cold

Your PC contains many parts, almost all of them heat up during operation. Some parts, for example, like a CPU and a video card, heat up very much.

In a properly configured computer, most of this heat moves from the computer housing by several fans. If your computer does not remove hot air quickly enough, the temperature can become so hot that you risk serious damage to your PC. Of course, the preservation of your PC cold should be the highest priority. Below are eleven solutions for cooling PC. Many are free or very inexpensive.

one.Let the air flow

make, blow, cold

The lightest thing you can do to save your PC cold, give it more space for ventilation, removing any obstacles to the air flow.

Make sure there is nothing directly against any side of the computer, especially behind. Most of the hot air leaves the back of the computer body. There should be at least 5. 10 centimeters of free space on both sides, and behind absolutely open and free.

If your computer is standing on the table, do not close the door. Cold air enters from the front and sometimes from the side of the body. If the door is closed, hot air tends to be processed in the table, becoming hotter and overheating.

2.Start your PC with a closed case

“City legend” about cooling PC. The fact that the work of your computer with an open case promotes better cooling. It really seems logical. If the case is open, more air enters.

The main problem here is. dirt. When the case is open, dust and dirt are clogged with fans much faster than a closed. What clogs fans and worsens their work.

An open computer first gives a small advantage, but an increase in the exposure of garbage on the fans has a much greater effect on the temperature.

3.Clean your computer

Fans in your computer should save it cold. You know that the fan slows down and then ultimately makes it stop? Dirt. in the form of dust, hair, and t.D. All this finds the way to your computer, and most of it gets stuck in fans.

One of the most effective ways to cool your PC is to clean the internal fans. There is a fan on the CPU, inside the power supply, and usually one or more on the front side and/or back of the case.

Disconnect your computer, open the case and using the vacuum cleaner remove dirt from each fan. If your PC is really dirty, clean it outside.

four.Put your computer in another place

Your computer works in too hot or too dirty place. A colder and more clean area of ​​the same room may be the best place for your computer.

Important: vulnerable parts inside the case may suffer from the movement of your computer. Make sure you have turned off everything, do not tolerate everything at once. Be carefully transferring the PC case containing all important parts: hard disk, system board, CPU, etc.D.

5.Replace the CPU fan

Your CPU. probably the most vulnerable and expensive part of the computer. In addition, the most prone to overheating.

If you have not replaced the CPU fan, it probably is currently working at maximum speed.

Many companies sell powerful CPU fans that maintain the CPU temperature lower than the factory fan. Find an acceptable CPU fan option compatible with your CPU socket.

6.Install an additional fan for the case (or two)

Fan for the case. a small fan joining the front or back of the computer’s body, in the inside. The fans of the case help to move the air through the computer.

Installing two fans to the housing, one to move cold air to PC and the other to move the warm air from the PC, a good way to save the computer cold.

There are a lot of fans for the case, it is easier to install than the CPU fan, do not be afraid to open your computer and take care of this business.

7.Stop acceleration of your PC

Acceleration of a computer capabilities to its limits has a direct effect on the temperature in which your CPU and any other overheated components work.

If you accelerate the hardware of your PC, but have not borrowed to save them cold, it is recommended to recover your hardware for the factory settings settings.

eight.Replace the power supply unit

A powerful fan is built into the power supply unit of your PC. The air you feel, holding your hand behind your computer from this fan.

If you do not have a fan for the case, the power supply fan. The only way to remove hot air created in your computer. If this fan does not work, the computer can heat up very quickly.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to simply replace the power supply fan. If the fan does not work, you have to replace the entire power supply unit.

How to Make ‘Cheap Air Conditioner’ with a Fan and Ice

9.Fans for certain components

Of course CPU. The largest heat manufacturer in your computer, but almost any component also gives heat. The high.quality memory of the highest quality and video cards of high.class can also add heat to your CPU.

If you see that your memory is a video card, or any other component overheating, you can cool them with a special fan. In other words, if your memory is warming up, buy and install a memory fan. If your video card overheat during the game, install a more powerful video card fan.

Increasing the speed of hardware leads to an increase in the heating of its parts. Fan manufacturers know this and created specialized solutions for almost all components of your computer.

ten.Install water cooling

How to Make ‘Cheap Air Conditioner’ with a Fan and Ice

In very high.quality computers, an increase in heat can become such a problem that even the fastest and most effective fans cannot cool it. Water cooling is installed in the buildings of such computers. Water heat transfer can decisively reduce CPU temperature.

Take only floor

No need to be conducted for advertising promises and marketing tricks. take only a floor fan. Believe me, never a desktop, ceiling or mounted in a wall, the fan will not be able to cool the space as the floor.

In addition, in the case of the fan, its mobility is important. You will not remove the device attached to the ceiling to transfer it to the next room? And take the floor with you.

When choosing a fan for the office, you need to remember the comfort of your colleagues. If other people constantly pass by your workplace, it is better to choose a desktop option. The floor will take up too much space and interfere with everyone.

Assess your room area

No need to repeat the error of millions of customers of fans. do not look at the indicator of its power without evaluating the living space.

You need to choose a fan based on the dimensions of the room in which you are going to operate it. Agree, it makes no sense to buy a supermant device for a small room? It will rather cause you discomfort. One can judge the uselessness of a weak device in a large room. in this case, it is better to fork out on a more powerful device. Do not forget that cheap fans are usually flimsy. during work they emit many extraneous noises.

If you are sitting now and think something like: “And how can a powerful fan in a small room hurt me?”, remember that a powerful device always makes a lot of noise. Ready for buzzing right above the ear? Hardly. At a large distance it will not be so noticeable.

How to cool the room in the heat without air conditioning?

If you do not have a standard split system or mobile air conditioner in your house or apartment, it is not at all necessary to exhaust all day from summer heat.

And here we are not talking about homemade air conditioners from improvised means.

For effective cooling of the room, it is enough to correctly apply the laws of physics, literally “gnawing” at the heat each degree of possible, plus the right installation site of the floor fan.

Yes, you still can’t do without it. But these will not be common tips for the type of frozen bottles of water or leaky buckets with ice.

With this, you will only increase humidity in the room without a special effect of coolness.

If during the day the temperature on the street holds within 30-35C, then at night it usually drops by at least 10-15 degrees.

This is what we need to use. You can “saturate” all the rooms with cool night air, and in the future, isolating them from the sun, maintain a comfortable temperature inside all day.

Select one of the rooms where the temperature should be minimal. Open the window at night.

Then install the fan, but not in this room, but in the opposite, on the other end of the house.

In the apartment of a high.rise building is usually: bedroom. kitchen.

All doors in the remaining rooms should be opened, and the windows are closed in them.

One single fan is installed towards the street (by blowing!) opposite the open window in the final room.

What does it give as a result? Warm, hot air will be blown out, creating a low pressure system at home.

Meanwhile, cool air will begin to be absorbed through the first room, filling the entire space of the house or apartment during the night.

over, the distance at which you place the fan from the window (close. 0.5m. 1m. 1.5m) is very important.

Here one comrade was seriously confused by this issue and conducted a number of experiments with measurements of air flow rate with an anemometer.

It turned out that the best place is 1.5m from the window. It is in this case that the speed of blowing and the exchange of air inside the house were the most possible.

Put the fan close either on the windowsill, and the effect will be not at all the same.

If the material of the walls of the house allows them to be moistened with painlessly, then some recommend spraying them in the evening with cold water from the hose.

This will give you a winning temperature inside the house a few more degrees.

The accumulation of heat with outer walls greatly affects the temperature in the rooms. It is not for nothing that in some hot countries they build houses, with the so.called sunsers.

These are those protruding from the common wall of the rib. During the day, they give a shadow on the left, then to the right of the time that as a result does not allow to overheat concrete or brick.

In Uzbekistan, Solzersi were an ordinary attribute of residential buildings of the late Soviet period.

This method is a comprehensive continuation of the previous one and involves blocking the heat outside and isolation obtained during the night of coolness inside.

The direct sun not only warms the air, but also all the objects on which its rays fall. the surface of the floors, furniture, etc.D.

During the day they will accumulate heat, and give back in the evening. Therefore, even without the sun, in the evenings you will have stuffy in your room.

To fix this, we need to not only close all the doors and windows, but also plug the glass using roller or bamboo blinds.

They must be combined, with a bright wrong side.

How to make air conditioning? How to make air conditioner out of a conventional fan?

How to make air conditioning at home? There are several main ways in which you can make a real air conditioner from the fan at home. They are quite simple and do not require special efforts and large costs from you.

How to make air conditioning

High.quality and good air conditioning is very expensive, in addition, it consumes a lot of electricity. However, in modern times, it is very difficult to do without this climate device, especially during unbearable summer heat, air conditioning is the only salvation. If you still do not have the opportunity to install air conditioning in your apartment, then you can be saved from insane heat with the help of various folk remedies.

For example, you can periodically cool with the help of a cold shower, or from time to time spray the body and face with cool water from a spray gun. In addition, the windows in the room can be covered with a special film or curtain them with dense curtains or blinds. However, the leader among all existing folk remedies to combat heat is a home.made air conditioner. To make an air conditioner independently, there are several ways, but the most common of them is. air conditioning made from the fan.

The first way to make air conditioning from a conventional fan is to use bottles filled with cold water. Such a homemade air conditioner is suitable for cooling rooms that are not large in area. To make such a climatic device you need a home fan and several plastic bottles (you can also use glass bottles, or tin can beer jars).

Fill the bottles with very cold water (it is better to even fill them with ice), and put them in one line, while the distance between the bottles should be about two centimeters. These gaps are needed to pass air flows.

You can also make a home.made air conditioner from a hose and a copper tube. This model of the climatic device is more suitable for medium.sized premises. To make such an air conditioner, you need a fan and a copper, rather long tube (if it is not possible to purchase a copper tube, you can use the usual rubber hose, also quite long).

Wind the copper tube (rubber hose) to the protective grill installed on the fan. In this case, between the turns of the tube, you need to leave gaps for air flows (make sure that there are no strong excesses). As a result, you should get something like a radiator.

Attach one end of the copper tube or hose to the mixer, and lower the second into the sink or bath.

The easiest way to make a fan air conditioner

This method is suitable for a small room and desktop fan. Put several bottles of water in advance (you can take any: glass, tin, plastic) in the freezer, wait for the water to turn into ice. Then put the bottles of ice in front of the fan, making small gaps between them. Turn on the fan and. veil!. We made a home air conditioner from the fan.

Instead of bottles, you can try glasses with frozen water, but the bottles, according to our experience, are more preferable. This method can also be tested on the floor fan. most importantly, take the bottles of more. 1.5 or 2 liters.

How to make an Air Conditioner at home using Ice Packs. DIY

Homemade fan air conditioner and plastic bottles

This method is as simple as the previous. You need to take several plastic bottles with ice and hang them on a floor fan, which is much larger than the desktop in size. Fastening can be made from steel wire. Wrap the neck of the bottle with wire and tighten several times to make a loop, and then place it on the fan and fix it with free ends.

For its manufacture, you will need a plastic bottle with a volume of 5 liters, a small fan and a power source to it, knife, marker and ice. The best to freeze a lot of ice in advance.

Put a bottle, and on top of it a fan, circle it with a marker. Then cut the hole along the marked lines using a knife. Where the cover is located, make a hole for air output. Insert the fan into the prepared hole and fix it, pour the ice into the bottle and turn on the fan.

Air conditioning and copper tube

To make this device will be a little more difficult and more costly than in the previous three ways, but such an air conditioner can reduce the air temperature even in a large room.

Turn the copper tube in the shape of a spiral so that the final workpiece is in size of the protective grate of the fan. Fix the turns with cable screeds. Vinyl tubes need to be attached to the ends of the copper tube. for this, use clamps for hoses. Check that they are securely fixed: the water will circulate through the tubes and should not led anywhere.

Then attach the tubes to the pump, type water into the cooler and connect the pump. After he works for several minutes, turn on the fan and enjoy cool air.

Homemade air conditioner from a plastic bottle and fan

Another way to make air conditioning at home. Take a 5-liter bottle, cut the neck and make somewhere around 20 small holes in the middle. Place the ice inside the bottle and insert the fan on top. Such air conditioning will drive cold air until the ice melts.

Replacement (or cooling) bedding

For a comfortable night sleep, you need to select the appropriate bedding. For the summer period, you should abandon sets of fabrics that quickly heat up and prevent the body from breathing.

Preference should be given to light fabrics from natural fibers. They perfectly pass the air, absorb moisture secreted by the body and do not cause irritation.

An ideal option for the summer season is bedding from:

make, blow, cold
  • cotton;
  • flax;
  • natural silk;
  • bamboo;
  • whip;
  • Poplin;
  • satin;
  • Tensel (eucalyptus wood).

Note: To cool the bed, it can be covered with linen, which should first be held in the refrigerator.

Sleep without clothes (or in cotton/silk pajamas, in extreme cases)

To get enough sleep with sultry summer, not only the use of suitable bedding, but also the absence of any clothing on the body. The method is suitable in cases where it does not contradict moral principles.

Another option is to put on a cotton pajamas. It will absorb sweat, which stands out throughout the night, and will give the body the opportunity to relax 100%. Silk sets will also be comfortable, which perfectly absorb moisture and quickly dry out.

Bath to help the fan

Open windows are not able to independently solve the problem of hot rooms. Therefore, the bathtub filled with cold water will be an additional step. Naturally, the door should remain open.

To improve heat transfer by circulating air in the bathroom, you can also install a floor fan and adjust the intensity of the blown air flow.

Gaining cold water into the bath, an important moment is the lowering of the part that remained in the pipes. After some time, the “warm water” drains and the really cold will go, which must be assembled.

Basin, fan and plastic bottle

There is another interesting way to help reduce the temperature in the apartment. We need a basin with cold water, a floor fan, a plastic bottle with frozen water and gauze flap.

We take gauze and carefully moisten in cold water. After that, it is necessary to throw the fabric on the fan. To do this, one of the 4 ends of Marley should be lowered into a basin with cold water, which will stand next to the fan. After that, turn on the fan, and the cool indoor air will begin to fill the room. To achieve the maximum effect, put a plastic bottle of ice or very cold water in a basin in a basin. Depending on the diameter of the fan and the height of the installation, it will be necessary to select the size of the gauze.

Homemade air conditioning for home. 5 options. 220V/12V/without electricity.

On hot summer days, many of us go to the country or in a country house. At the same time, not everyone has a full.fledged split system there.

You can of course get out of the situation by installing a mobile option. But here there are problems with the connection and removal of warm air.

What to do? Be tormented? There are no at all, there are at least five ways how to assemble homemade devices that can partially replace a professional air conditioner.

You can make them at home, without special knowledge of thermophysics and special skills of artisan. Let’s look at all these methods in more detail, from ineffective and ending with those that will significantly reduce the temperature by several degrees and comfortably spend the weekend in the country.

Let’s start with an option where no electricity, ice and all kinds of fans are required. Some even try to bring under this method of cooling, the law of preserving perfect gas.

For this homemade miracle you will need a lot of plastic bottles. It is best to take two.liter with large diameter.

Cut the upper part from them along with the neck by about 1/3.

Do not throw off the covers from them, they will also be needed. They only need to be finalized a little. To do this, cut the upper part with a clerical knife.

make, blow, cold

Next, you will need to get a pantry from the bins or buy a plywood sheet according to the window size. The whole structure is going on it just and gathers.

As a basis, you can use cardboard, such as they do in India or Bangladesh.

It was from there that this method of cooling came.

However, as they say. the rain went, the cardboard left. Therefore, plywood is more stable and reliable material.

On this sheet every 15cm, drill holes along the diameter of the neck of the bottle.

Drill is best to use feathers. But you can use a tree crown.

After the harvesting of all holes, insert bottles into them and fasten it from the back side with cut lids.

The plywood itself is mounted in the bedroom window or the room where the cold is required. If you approach the neck of the bottles and bring your palm to them, you can really feel a cold breath of a cool breeze.

How does it all work? After all, there is no fan or ice that would give such a cool cool? Where does cooling come from?

Inventors explain very simply. A wide part of the bottle that looks at the street works like an air intake. Under the force of the breeze, the air compresses and enters the room with a fan effect.

how to make cool air with table fan

However, the fulfillment of one condition is required here. the street should be cooler than in the room.

A similar design can work well at night. And there will be no noise from the fan blades.

However, if you think carefully and recall the laws of physics, then not everything is so simple here. Doesn’t the open window look like a narrowed neck of a bottle?

In theory, a large volume of warm air from the street, passing through a narrow window, eventually should give the same cool draft. However, this does not happen.

The same can be said about this “air conditioner”.

You simply exclude the penetration of direct rays of the sun with this design. Therefore, the floor and walls are less heat. Hence all the effectiveness.

Where the coolness comes from, because if you bring your hand to the bottles, it really feels?

In fact, you feel this cold not because the air has cooled, but because at a greater speed, the stream takes away from the surface of your body, a larger number of moisture or sweat molecules or sweat.

Hence all the sensations. To really cool the air, it would not require plastic bottles, but a brass of brass, three meters long! The law of energy conservation has not yet been canceled.

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