How to open a wine cabinet without a key

How I opened other people’s cabinets in the locker room ⁠ ⁠

Yesterday there was an epic fale with me. He came to the hall, took the keys to the box, changed his mind, remembered the box. 11 well, or 12. The keys lay on my phone, on the nightstand. They are often left there so as not to interfere. I picked up, I go to the nightstand. 31 rooms on keys. I got fucked up. Maybe someone took my factory, but forgot his. I went just in case to the locker room (well, maybe I’m a fool), opened 31 closet. Empty. Fucked a second time.

With the thoughts that someone will leave in my clothes-went to the administrator rack. Asked to look for 11 key. There is not. OK Google, went to the people. No one has 11 rooms, but there was a guy from 12. Let’s go with him, he opened the closet. There his clothes. The circle closed. There are no cameras in the locker room (I really hope), observation only in the hall.

I was going to go to the administrator, ask to watch the video, maybe you can see who grabbed the key. But I decided to try fate and open the wardrobe, the key entered, hardly struck. The cabinet is open. In the closet my clothes. Disading dude saw how I opened one box first, then without Palevo opened another. Pretends that nothing special happened. I am in solidarity with him, I do this a hundred times a day, routine.

As you guessed, they initially gave me the keys to the cabinet 1, and for some reason my brain decided that this is number 13.

11 and 12 boxes do not definitely open to them I checked =)

I decided to try fate and open the cabinet, the key entered, a little hardly turned out, the originally issued the keys to the cabinet 1, and for some reason my brain decided that this is number 13

So I say that anabolics make people stronger. But stupid.

Sabrazh: how to open sparkling in a hussar ⁠ ⁠

What does the mysterious word “sabers” mean and how to “saber”? No, this is not a spell of a half.Crazy shaman, but a way to arrange a sparkling show, having only a bottle of sparkling and a suitable blade.

Sabrage (Sabrage, from the French sabr. “saber”) is the custom of a famously open a bottle of champagne (or sparkling) with a saber blow, quickly and effectively.

Sabrazh will come in handy when the same special case has come. A friend marries, the party of the year is in full swing, or the old dachshund in the family circle gave birth to a dozen puppies. In general, you need to roll up on the joy of the show and impress the audience. And yes, the option “everything has taken it, we go into a gap”. Is also considered the reason for the sabers, do not hesitate.

Napoleon’s hussars knew how not only to twist their mustache and lure young ladies to hay. Chop the neck of the bottle. It is their life hack. No need to get off the horse and look for mugs, doused the regiment with champagne, swallowed himself and go forward. To fight further. Vive La France!

According to another version, the French officers were impressive so the mistress of the vineyards Madame Kliko, who was widowed before lost attractiveness. The riders prank near her estates and for the bubbling of chic opened Saber champagne (its own production). Russian cavalrymen quickly reception of adoption to surprise their ladies.

They took the sparkling, we begin to make an impression.

Big kitchen knife. Well, or a special saber (heavy, with a short blade and a wide back). Risky guys use a glass instead of all this. Or even slippers.

A sparkling bottle. If you are a coceticalist, then, of course, champagne. But we remember: in this matter, practice is needed, it will be a pity to smash an expensive bottle to smithereens, for starters it is better to practice Lambrusco.

In a few hours (or better in a day) we put the bottle in the refrigerator-let it cool down to 5-7 degrees. The bucket of ice can not cope here.

Remove the foil and wire (mouse) from the neck of the bottle.

We put the song Queen “We Are the Changions”, exhale.

We take a bottle in one hand, find a seam on it, unfold it so that the seam looks at us. Keep at an angle of 30-40 degrees, with a thumb we rest against the recess on the bottom.

We take the saber in the other hand, we touch the bottle with a blade of the bottle slightly, and several times we run down and up the seam to the seam to the neck, we are trying on.

Without lugging and holding the saber is just as flat, we beat it with the back of it (not a tip!) under the “ring” on the neck, to the place where it merges with the seam.

The extreme part of the neck will immediately fly away along with the cork: here the glass is the most fragile. A neat smooth cut will remain on the neck. It is better not to touch it. The edges can be very sharp.

The speed of the neck with a cork can be up to 10 meters, so it is better to do all this on the street. So that then one of the guests of the tangerine in the hospital has to be worn later.

We don’t even try to chop the neck across, it is better to enter the image of Alexander of Macedon with Gordian knot when cutting firewood for a fireplace.

After the reprisal against the bottle, we hide the saber, suddenly the audience after the 5th glass will want to repeat it all themselves.

Give parts of the wine to pour (usually 1/7 bottles) to wash away possible fragments.

open, wine, cabinet

We tear off the applause and imperceptibly wipe the sweat from the forehead, then gracefully pour the playful to the guests stunned by the spectacle.

open, wine, cabinet

We exercise on a 200th brush and preferably at a distance from people and shy animals. The rest of the fantasy can not be limited. A frantic sabrazh with an old slipper is confirmed, we turn on the video for inspiration:

Safety, first of all

As experience shows, only cheap or incorrectly installed locks can be easily opened with a paper clip, a master line, a pin, using a hairpin, and other improvised means.

It’s no secret, today even a template thief is able to open the code lock on the door of the entrance, and it costs nothing to get inside and it costs nothing at all. You can always find a door equipped with a simple type of castle, not of the highest quality that to open is a pleasure for people of such a “profession”.

By the way, if you are engaged in network, then study https: // orif.SU/BLOG/Otzyvy-Avekrosta.HTML Platform Review.

Thought and want to check how easy it is to hack your front door lock? Easily!

The following actions must be performed:

  • Using the Mr.-shaped plate inserted into the keyhole, press and scroll the mechanism to open the lock;
  • Bend the hook out of the usual paper clip, insert in the inside, feel the skeleton with the pins peering out of the grooves, and sink to the stop until the cylinder is turned;
  • Repeat the same procedure with the rest of the pins, until the castle surrenders under the pressure of your master line, and it will not be possible to open the door.

Everything succeeded? Unfortunately, such a castle does not fully fulfill the function of protecting your home. An alternative solution is to establish a more reliable mechanism.

Opening locks of safes

Trying to understand how to open an electronic or any other safe, if I forgot the code, it is quite accurately to know the following information about the device installed in the room.

In addition, having all these data, it will be possible to make life easier for a narrow specialist if the owner of the safe decides to call him instead of independent attempts to open it.

How to open Aiko safe

Many are often interested in how to open the Aiko safe if you forget the code, since the cabinets of this particular model have recently been considered the most popular.

Such devices are equipped with one of the most powerful protection against hacking, however, if it is incorrectly used, there may be problems with the opening.

Instructions on how to open the Aiko safe suggests the following actions:

  • Verification of the presence of batteries in a compartment specially designated for them;
  • The introduction of the standard code type “7-7-7-7” or “1-2-3-4” specified in the instructions, then pressing “#” and waiting for the message “good”, after which it will be necessary to enter a new code;
  • The introduction of a new password involves a set of “M” symbol and eight digital signs;
  • Checking a new password only with a safe door open to avoid the problem with its slap.

It is important to remember that the opening of the Aiko safe, if the new code is incorrectly introduced, is postponed three times for an indefinite time. It is necessary to give the system to reboot, so that you do not have to call specialists at all to provide assistance to an emergency nature.

To understand how to open the AIKO safe with a mechanical lock, it is necessary to use a method that involves removing a plug from a plastic type panel. After that, it is enough to turn the key to the stop so that the signal about the opening of the door works.

Over, information on how to open the Aiko safe should be present in the instructions.

In extreme cases, before calling specialists, it is necessary to clarify the step.By.Step instructions on how to open the Aiko safe, without mechanical intervention on the network, or among store consultants involved in their sale. The full catalog of the Aiko brand is presented here.

How to open an electronic safe

To begin with, it is worth studying the set of wardrobes for storage, and also find out if there is an instruction for their opening in the kit.

Step.By.Step instructions on how to open a safe with an electronic lock, involves the implementation of actions such as:

  • The use of a special type key that is included with the device;
  • Inserting the key is supposed to be a special department, which is usually located under a special emblem.

Another way explaining how to open an electronic safe is the introduction of a zero combination of six signs. However, such a procedure does not always work, and therefore it is worth acquiring the numbers of specialists involved in the opening of devices of this type.

How to open a safe with a limb lock (twist)

How to open a safe with a limb lock, it is not quite easy to figure it out. Typically, such devices are equipped with open.Type locks.

  • To rotate the lim’s handle only counterclockwise when typing the first digit;
  • When typing a second digit, rotation is clockwise;
  • The set of the third digit is made by rotating the handle counterclockwise.
open, wine, cabinet

In the event that the code was entered correctly, the rotation disk will turn and the castle will open. However, if all operations were performed incorrectly, most likely you will have to call a hacking master.

How to open a code safe

In the presence of a mechanical type closing device, it is enough to enter the code that was programmed in the system at the time of its installation on the just made safe.

Each device has its own, which means that you can find it out only upon presentation of a personality certificate in the store where it was purchased.

Electronic locks are opened using a special purpose key that is included with a safe.

The opening for inserting the unit is usually located under a special emblem fastened into screws, which are easily unscrewed with a conventional screwdriver.

You can also try to introduce a six.Digit code combination of zeros, but if it does not work, it is worth calling a specialist. The same applies to the moments when you need to find out how to open an old safe without a key.

How to open a Soviet safe

The question of how to open the Soviet safe is not so common.

However, there are people who use devices invented during the USSR.

It is possible to carry out a key restoration procedure when you need to understand how to open an old safe.

However, sometimes it is urgent to get funds or documents that are stored in it, and then you will definitely have to resort to emergency hack.

For this reason, a little information is enough how to open the Soviet safe. In any case, it is better to contact a narrow profile specialists.

The main advantages of such appeals are:

  • Timeliness of arrival;
  • High professionalism of each specialist;
  • Quick solution to the problem;
  • Using special.Purpose tools, etc.

Appeal to a narrow specialist guarantees a step.By.Step performance of actions that suggest how to open the old safe. The main thing is that these experts will be able to do everything without damage to the device for storing securities and significant financial resources, jewelry.

Tips for owners of code safe:

Hello ! Please help, I can’t open the safe. The key is stuck, closed without code. Just a key and now I can’t open. Lock Models R6730.6735.R6738-1SW.R6720.R6725 Sargent Greenleaf, ING

Hello, laszat. Try to neatly extract the key, without making significant efforts. If it doesn’t work out, try contacting the service by phone, which should be indicated in the warranty coupon. If the warranty card is lost, you can call the third.Party service for emergency opening and repairing safe. For example, here: 7 (495) 589-77-11, 7 (903) 743-22-13.

Hello forgot the password code How to open BS T340

Hello! We are now in Turkey in the city of Side. We paid for the safe introduced combination 010518. We even opened it a couple of times with this code now we enter the code and the safe gives an error. We have documents, money, and phones. Help us.

Andrey, good afternoon. Check if the pre-installed factory master code is dropped: type 123456, 000000 or 111111. If it works, open and change the user code according to the instructions that should be in the room or in the reception. If it does not work, contact the hotel administrator-the hotel safe is almost always equipped with a master key with the help of which you can open a safe, drop the code and set a new one.

Hello! Help please, I can’t open the safe at the hotel since without paying attention to it closed the other code, he changed, but I can’t remember it from below the numbers 0 written oper

Hello. If the safe could be opened remotely, walking the code combination or a hacking method, there would be little use from them. Do not be tormented, contact the hotel administrator-he will open a safe with a master key or master code without any problems, after which you can install a new user password. This is a regular situation, this often happens in hotels and the solution is provided for by the design of the lock itself.

Hello Help please closed the safe I forgot Topaz number on the key1851

Hello, help with the Safeguard SD 101 safe, we forgot the code from the safe and cannot open it!

Yerkezhan, hello. What would be the meaning in the safe if they could be opened remotely or on advice. You should contact the service or company for emergency opening and repairing safe.

Good afternoon. Tell me the pancreatic without a master key pistol safe. Aiko 17l (I can confuse, docks in the safe) changed the password, but something went wrong. Now the red diode flashes periodically, the rest does not react to the buttons. What can be done to open a safe?

Hello. Call the manufacturer’s service service: 7 (495) 739-05-39, 7 (985) 170-05-00.

Ivan thanks.You just helped me open the safe.Everything was inside.I was already desperate to throw out.But about a miracle here you.Thank you.

Alexey, please. I am glad that the information was useful.

Hello at work, they gave a safe lay in the pantry for a long time I can’t pick up a standard PIN, that is, the model of diGILAR of the factory

Eugene, hello. Unfortunately, I can’t tell. Contact the specialized emergency opening and repair service, in St. Petersburg there should be plenty of such. You will be oriented at the cost, make a decision on the economic feasibility of this event for yourself.

Hello. I have a safe 350e. Forgot my password.What to do?

Alexandra, hello. Try contacting the service, the phone of which is indicated in the warranty coupon.

Ivan Good afternoon. The accountant quit and did not say the code from the safe, there are documents. Topaz BS-D370 on key number 6 370. Tell me how to open? Thanks in advance.

Denis, good afternoon. Previously, the Topaz was imported by the “Promet” safe, but it was a very long time ago. Try to contact them: 8 (800) 200-00-11. If you refuse, contact a specialized organization for emergency opening and repairing safe. Their provisional amount.

Hello! I bought a car and in it there is a yale zeeph. If you can help me open Zamif. Thank you for your attention

Cabinet safe Practitioner, the new just brought the door slammed shut, batteries and instructions remained inside. I did not even have time to look, and the buttons do not react without food

Akim, metal wardrobes are equipped with PLS-1 locks, they have a battery compartment on the outside. But actually they should be supplied with batteries. If not, install and dial the factory code: 1-2-3-4-5-6. Here’s the Instruction: http: // www.Safe.Ru/upload/file/instrukci/aiko/pls-1_new.PDF

Help. )) When changing the password, I made some kind of mistake, it seemed to have changed the password, without closing the doors of the safe, I closed it, I try to open it, but it does not open, I check the old password, it also does not react. The safe door is open now the lock is blocked and does not react at allNo sounds

Yana, if the castle does not react in any way and the batteries are not sitting, then it is unlikely that you can figure it out on your own. Try contacting the seller’s service or the safety manufacturer of your brand. If, without the result, for the repair of the safe, you can contact the private service “Castle 911”: (495) 589-77-11, (903) 743-22-13.

Good afternoon! The FRS-30 safe with a mechanical lock is installed at work, which was sealed with tape, today the new worker has opened and twisted the castle, and we don’t know, there is only the key. How can you open a safe.

Elvira, hello. On the issue of autopsy and repair, call the service “Promet”: 8-800-200-00-11, 7 (495) 739-05-39.

Hello!It is not possible to open a safe, I enter the code, he begins to squeak and flashes the Proceed icon, which this means?Help me please

This is how it happens when an unskilled character tries to open a safe with a code lock.

Two factors can prevent the opening of a safe with an electronic lock: dead batteries and incorrect code. With several attempts to enter the wrong code, the lock is blocked for several minutes and ignores all attempts to press the buttons. The software of such locks is varied, so arrange instructions, fresh power elements, wait for the lock to exit from the lock mode and dare.

If you want to open an electronic safe, not knowing its code, then, with the rare exception of completely idiotic products opened by a magnet in the castle and all sorts of Chinese rattles with “master key”, it is not possible to do without the help of a professional service, trained and certified by the manufacturer. Otherwise, get a sieve as in the photo below:

Here you are dealing not just with a massive electronic lock, which are usually placed on countless safes of various manufacturers, but with a single lockable system developed by a specific Seypho Builder. Instead of fighting such an electronic lock, it is easier to move in the other way, there will be less destruction.

How to open a safe if batteries sat down

Put new ones, enter the code and open the door. Safe manufacturers do everything to facilitate the owner of the safe process of changing nutrition elements. In cases where the sowing batteries are located inside the door, be sure that the way to connect external nutrition is provided. Read the instructions, it is written there. But in this wonderful rule there are exceptions. Some manufacturers differ in somewhat perverted logic.

For example, the German Secu on one family of his castles guessed to install two battery compartments. Until now, the vast majority of owners stubbornly change batteries in only one. And three times it helps. Then the elements in the second compartment finally become unusable, stirring, corrode everything around and ask for mercy to the service.

In the next generation of castles, the same manufacturer decided, instead of traditional four batteries, use three. I put this third so that you need to know for sure that it is there. In the unread instructions, everything happens exactly as with the previous generation. Pure water wrecking.

Especially among the evil perverts, clearly deliberately mocking their customers, the French from FICHET should be noted. It was not enough for them in one of the castles to push the batteries in two layers in such a way that absolutely all adherents of the brand have always changed only half.

These amazing people (one of the province of champagne, while others from the vicinity of Versailles) managed to create such a castle that it was impossible to open a safe if it was impossible. The elements inside the elements sat down, the castle ignored the food supplied outside until the internal batteries die completely. You have to plant near this “Frenchman” who went to Nirvana, a guard constantly poked in the buttons. For six months in 24/7 mode, the internal element finally breaks down and the wonderful electronic safe will be opened with an external battery.

3 ways to open Drawer lock-Very easy|lock tip’s

How to open a wine cabinet without a key


The most common type of home and office castles. This is a pin cylinder castle, which can be relatively easily open with the help of amushes (hook and tensioner), which can be made from improvised means. Although this process is both simple and it is easier to become experience, the opening of the castle requires great patience. To open the lock, you need to insert a thick metal rod or needle into the keyhole and rotate it until you hear a click or turn of the mechanism. In this article we will tell you how to do it.

Find out how your castle works. The lock with a pin cylinder mechanism consists of a cylinder that rotates in its case (see. Illustration below). When the lock is closed, the cylinder is fixed in place using several pins, divided into two parts. The upper part of the pin in each pair passes through the cylinder and through the case, preventing the rotation of the cylinder. When the correct key is inserted, the pins are put forward to the exact position, in which the upper part of the pins no longer prevents the cylinder rotation and the lock can be opened. Pay attention to five pins consisting of two parts. Yellow pins pass through the cylinder and the silver case around it. The springs hold the pins in place. When the correct key is inserted, the grooves and teeth on the key push the pins in the correct position, in which the yellow pins completely go beyond the cylinder, allowing it to turn it and thereby open the castle.

open, wine, cabinet

Buy a set of brills (hook and tensioner). Each master of master. The tensioner is used to create pressure on the cylinder when turning. Lessers and tensioners of a professional class can be purchased in a set (see. Illustration), but many people for whom opening locks. This is a hobby, make high.Quality master keys on their own. Turn below the section “What will you need” for information on how to make master keys and tensioners yourself.

Determine in which direction the cylinder should rotate in order to open. If you often use the lock, you should know in which direction it rotates. If you do not know, first try to pull the master line clockwise, and then counterclockwise. At first, the cylinder will turn literally a few millimeters to the stop. Try to feel how steadily the cylinder has stopped. If the cylinder is turned in the wrong direction, it will sharply and hard, if the cylinder is turned in the right direction, then you will feel free space for fluctuations. Some castles, especially hanging locks, open regardless of the direction of turning the cylinder.

5 Ways to Open a Wine Bottle NEW

Tighten the tensioner slightly in the right direction and hold. The voltage of torque may change in different locks, or when working with different pins, several attempts may be required. Start with a small pressure.

Insert the brush in the upper part of the keyhole and feel the pins. By inserting the master key into the well, you must be able to feel and press on separate pin with the end of the hook. You must be able to push the pins up and feel the pressure of the springs when you lower the master line down. Try to raise each pin until it stops up. Determine which of the pins is the hardest possible to raise. If they are all easy to pressure, then strengthen the tension of the lower master line (tensioner). If one of the pins does not move at all, then weaken the tension until the pin begins to move.

Click on a stubborn pin until he falls into place. Click on stubborn pin with sufficient pressure to surpass the pressure of the spring. Remember that the pin consists of two parts. The master key presses on the lower part of the pin, which in turn presses on the upper part. Your task is to completely push the upper half of the pin from the cylinder. After you stop putting pressure on the pin, the lower part should return down to its original position, and the upper part due to the tension of the second master line, and a small smell between the holes in the case and the cylinder, should fall into place and stay in the case. You must hear a slight click when the upper pin when falling will hit the surface of the cylinder. You can also check the lower pin. He must freely rise up due to the lack of spring resistance. In this case, you most likely managed to put the upper pin in the correct position.”

Continuing to hold the tensioner, repeat the last two steps with the rest. The holding of the tensioner is very important, otherwise the upper pins “set in place” will fall into the cylinder and you will have to start all over again. You will need to adjust the tension for each specific pin (strengthen/loosen the pressure).

Turn the cylinder using the tensioner to the end and open the lock. As soon as all the upper pins “fall into place”, you can turn the cylinder and open the lock. This is given that all this time you pulled the cylinder in the right direction. If it turns out that you worked in the wrong direction, you will have to return all the pins to the starting position and start over again.

The queue on public services ⁠

The familiar feeling that its own life is not happy with your performance characteristics at all, everything is not as I would like, and at the same time a filthy feeling that you can’t influence anything? It happened? And there was a desire to dump from this reality to hell. In the book for example, or in the serial. Or in the game? That’s the last one. Fantasy, films and books are closer to me than games, but this topic. To escape from your own life is very relevant. And in another such “escape”, thought came to my mind (not new, but it came). Here the Pesonage fell in my book, I plunged, yelled. And he packed up a magic staff. And his strength increased, and the status has increased, and other buns from the new stuff. The only difference between the game is that I just read, the hero himself was fucking, and the gamers have to dig in instead of a character. Well, in short. But in life it also works, not? You pass a quest, collect a junk trip, raising your stats. Light quest, small buns. For something significant, you need to sweat longer. If the boss is very steep, you need several approaches. But in the end, the principle of simple. You do it, get a profit. Just usually in life I walked with a slightly different ideology. There is such a word you need. There is such a word should. And then the list, long.Lasting, what is needed there and who owes. And about the buns there is not a word. You look at this, and you think this: “Yes, go with the forest, I’d better see the serial!”. And in the course of this, life turns into a dull shit, you are angry that you live differently what you would like, and at the same time you are tormented by a feeling of guilt, because it is quite obvious whose lazy ass is to blame for this. And the best cure for this shit. Run so far as to cross with reality to a minimum.

Somewhere at this point my magician had a staff. And I decided to do the same. She went and repaired the headphones, who have been waiting for this for two years now. It hurts the sound is good for them. Passed the quest, received Nishtyak, which gives me the ability to enjoy the beautiful sound of music. I spent an hour of time, and I rejoice for the second week. And some kind of sports interest appeared in this. When you do something not because you need. In the ass in general, all these are needed. No and should not, well, nafig! And because I want. I want that thing over there, for this you need to go through a quest. I want beautiful shoes, quest “repair shoes”. I want to record songs. Quest “Earn dough for a microphone”. The main thing is to choose quests in strength and free time. Sometimes I want to relax and not take on something global, but I want to be happy, then a quest like “Hang a hanger” or “sew a hole in your ” will become a wonderful and not stressful source of joy. The main thing is not to forget to observe the acquired result.

In short, the idea is not new. But I’m not getting enough. Leisurely my life becomes a rather cozy place. Here. I recommend =)

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