How to paint a jacket in a washing machine

Preparing to paint

To paint evenly, you must carefully prepare the item in advance, first of all, clean. Lay the garment out on a flat surface and carefully inspect it for stains, stains, and traces of grease.

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They are scrubbed with a sponge soaked in a solution of these components:

Rub the stained areas with the foam solution until the stain is gone. Difficult to remove stains scrape with a soft brush, then moisten a clean sponge with plain water, rinse the foam, give things a little dry. If necessary, all manipulations repeat. If the stain remains on the down jacket, after dyeing it will stand out even more.

After getting rid of stains wash the entire thing. The easiest way to do it in the washing machine on the mode “Delicate washing” or similar modes. Ideally, use a special detergent for washing down jackets, or other SMS in liquid or gel form.

Manually wash the down jacket is more difficult, but still possible. To do this, the product is soaked with soapy water in a suitable container, a few hours later washed, rinsed and gently wrung out.

Dyeing a polyester jacket at home is not difficult. This material is synthetic, so it is easy to change color. To make the process quick, the dye, the necessary tools and container must be prepared in advance. During the work observe the rules of caution.

Determine the type and composition of the fabric

First you need to identify the fabric of the outer garment. This information is written on the jacket‘s label. If polyester is 100%, dyeing will go easily. But if other fabrics are present, it is not always possible to obtain the desired result. The minimum jacket fabric must contain 60% polyester.

The label of the product is located in the collar area or on the left side in the side seam.

Secondary materials are also worth paying attention to. No problem with dyeing if the product contains linen, cotton, viscose or silk. If the garment has been treated at the factory with a stain-repellent coating, it may not allow the paint to soak in, or it may not do so evenly. The jacket will be ruined as a result.

Color detection

When it is decided to dye a synthetic bologna jacket at home, the second step in preparation is to determine the color of the product. The final result depends on the original shade. You can dye white, beige, cream, pink and blue products without fear. If the garment is mottled and has several shades, it is better to buy a dark dye. This way, it is more likely that the original shade will overlap.

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Buying Dye

There are dyes that are suitable for one type of fabric, and there are universal ones. In case the color of a polyester garment changes, you can use any chemical dye. It is important to study the composition beforehand. The manufacturer always indicates this information on the back of the package.

If no information is available, it is better to look for another version of the dye. Often the necessary information can be found on the official website of the company. Paint firm “Rit” is used when necessary to dye a polyester, leather jacket at home. Dyes are available in the form of water-soluble powder or aerosol.

Work area organization

The process of dyeing outerwear is messy and time-consuming. Therefore it is necessary to carefully prepare the workplace before the beginning of the dyeing process. If there is a carpet on the floor, it is better to remove it, and on the laminate or linoleum lay newspapers, cardboard, film. Wet and dry cloths, a towel, detergent should be within reach. It is best to work in overalls that cover your face and bare parts of your body. If you do not have it, you need to wear old clothes that are not sorry to throw away.

Removing fittings

Before you paint a jacket at home, with the product must be removed all fittings. It includes: buttons, rivets, chains, pins, chains and anything else that can be easily detached. Be sure to check the s.

Remove the fittings very carefully so as not to break the product and not to tear the jacket.

It is possible that there are important notes or money that have been forgotten. If the thing has serious damage, or some parts are firmly attached, it may be better to re-stitch or repair the jacket in the atelier.

How to paint the material in bright colors

As a rule, the brightest colors can be obtained by using berries as dyes. Blackberries will give a red color, blueberries. purple, cherries and cranberries. pink. A beautiful blue color, you can get an ordinary red cabbage. The coloring process is a real creativity, on the final result in addition to the amount and composition of the dyeing substances affect: the volume and temperature of the dyeing composition, the hardness of the water used, the soaking time. The main thing is not to be afraid to experiment, and everything will surely work out.

Won’t the paint damage the washing machine?

Some housewives, having learned that you can dye clothes in the washing machine, ask a reasonable question, and whether the machine will not spoil the machine? So, when using an ordinary fabric paint nothing will happen to the machine, because the dyes do not contain various aggressive substances that can lead to wear and tear of some parts. It is much more harmful to fill a washing machine with table vinegar or other acids, which destroy the rubber parts.

But when dyeing things in this way has its own subtleties. So, after using the paint, the appliances must be well washed, otherwise the loaded next time things will turn out in colored speckles. To do this, spin something unnecessary, such as a rag, at least once in the machine after dyeing.

Dyeing fabric in the washing machine has a significant advantage over the manual method of dyeing. You do not need to constantly stand over a large pot of boiling water and stir the things regularly, so that they are evenly colored. In this case, the washing machine does everything for the man.

How to put an ornament on jeans

The design can be applied with acrylic paints or common markers! Choose any color and pattern you want. Acrylic should be applied with a sponge, not too thick. And the marker. just carefully, trying not to go beyond the boundaries of the pattern.

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Let the product to dry 24 hours, then wash it in the machine with the powder. Now you know how to paint jeans in a washing machine and, hopefully, you will be pleased with the result!

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The procedure for dyeing clothes in a washing machine

Before dyeing clothes in the washing machine, they need to be well washed. Only after that do the steps in sequence:

  • Take the fabric dye and dilute it according to the instructions. If the dye is liquid, pour the correct amount into the measuring jug.
  • Pour the dye into the powder tray.
  • Place wet clothes (jeans, coats or T-shirts) you want to dye in the drum. Wet clothes dye better.
  • Depending on the model of washing machine, select the washing mode, which heats the water in the drum to a temperature of 90-950C. Wash for at least 30 minutes. You can read more about the possible functions in the article Features and modes in the washing machine

Pay attention! A longer wash will provide better dyeing of the fabric, its color will be richer.

  • An extra rinse can be set so that extra dye is rinsed out of the garment well.
  • Start the wash and wait.
  • Now we choose the washing mode in cold water and wash the dyed clothes with powder. Cold water will fix the paint in the fabric. You can rinse the thing by hand, but necessarily in cold water.
  • The washing machine should be cleaned of paint when the procedure is complete. To do this, start the washing process with the addition of one cup of bleach. Old and unwanted items can be placed. If there are none, you need to run the machine in idle mode. This procedure is done so that the remaining particles of dye are washed out of the machine and do not spoil things at the next wash.

So, the thing is dyed, the only thing left is to dry it, and you can wear it again.

Can paint harm the washing machine??

Hearing that you can dye clothes in the washing machine, some may wonder what will happen to the machine after such a procedure. The question is quite reasonable, let’s try to answer it. After the normal procedure of dyeing clothes with fabric dye, nothing will happen to the machine, because the dyes do not contain aggressive chemicals. It’s much more dangerous to pour vinegar or other acids into the machine, which can destroy rubber parts.

But it’s not that simple. Dye residue can remain in the machine after this procedure, which requires additional cleaning and rinsing. If this is neglected, then after the next wash, you can get stained things out of the machine. That’s why it’s worth washing something unwanted in it at least once.

Dyeing jeans and fabrics in the machine has a big advantage. You don’t have to constantly stir and turn the product by hand, working with paint and boiling water. The machine does all the work, so it ensures even dyeing. However, the final decision is up to you, how to dye jeans in the washing machine or in the basin.

How to dye cotton and linen clothes with straight dyes?

Pour the powder into a container and add warm water in droplets to form a homogeneous paste. Add water to the paste at a ratio of 500 ml per 1 liter of water. Stir the mixture and strain it through a cloth.

After that, dilute the prepared solution with 40-50 degree water, so that the diluted dye is 10-20 times more in volume than the volume of the garment. Dip your clothes in the prepared solution and leave it to boil. After 20 minutes of gentle boiling, remove the items and pour 2 liters of ready made salt solution (2 liters of salt per 2 liters of water).

If the finished color should be light, reduce the amount of salt by half.

Lower the cloth and simmer for another 35 minutes. Remove the container from the fire and leave it to infuse for another 35 minutes. During the entire procedure, turn the clothes to dye evenly.

Choice of dye

If it is necessary to dye the clothes, it is better to buy the dye in advance. Saving money is superfluous in this case, since a cheap dye can yield quite unexpected results. Therefore, it is better to make a choice in favor of a well-known manufacturer. Dyes that are high quality and effective can be found in the art shop. For dyeing fabrics, it is better to choose acrylic. It is better to pay attention to a wide range of colors. If the desired color is not found, you can mix several shades to get the desired result.

Before buying, you can consult with the seller, who will tell you about the dye, its properties and effectiveness. In addition to the manufacturer of the dye, the original color of the down coat also matters. Often you can find a table with the final result on the dye packs. But this rule applies only to white clothes. If you need to repaint a colored jacket, the paint should be bought a tone darker.

How to dye things in the washing machine

This type of dyeing is simple and clean in the literal sense of the word.

  • First choose the right tone of textile dye.
  • First the fabric must be weighed in order to calculate the amount of dye needed. Information can usually be found on the back of the package or in an instruction sheet.
  • Put your laundry in the washing machine and wash it at 40° without detergent. Before doing so, open the dye pack and pour the contents into the detergent dispenser.
  • Put the laundry on rinse and spin cycle. Wait until the program is finished, and then wash the freshly dyed clothes again, but with a little detergent.
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