How to place a fireplace in a room correctly

Ways to arrange a fireplace zone

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It’s a shame when the wall around the fireplace is one of the most boring places in the house or apartment. Sometimes the maximum that the owners do is hang over the hearth a TV or mirror. But the fireplace zone is almost always. The compositional center of the room that can set the atmosphere and decor style for the whole interior. For example, the living room can be turned into a knightly castle or a wardroom due to only a different frame of the fireplace.

One. The fireplane-derivatives when you need to divide the space into two parts, you can mount the fireplace into the elevated wall or partition. This is both convenient and functional: to look at the fire and bask, sitting in different parts of the room. You can design such a wall with ceramic tiles, ceramic border or marble. They are stylistically neutral and look good in any interior.

The fireplace-stichi is beaten the size of the furnace, giving it the appearance of the vents of the volcano, where you can see the very element of fire in the middle of stones. For greater naturalness, the fireplace zone is decorated with thin stoves of the stone (or its ceramic imitation), the colors and textures of the nature itself are used. And sometimes (as in this photo) and details taken from the surrounding landscape: local stone and pebbles.

In a hunting styles, a forged chain, a stuffed moose on a wall, an old carpet. The design complements the fireplace with an original stone hearth, in shape repeating the cone.Shaped silhouette of a flame. Frames his wooden panels, which decorated the fireplace wall.

This slightly brutal hunting surroundings is easy to reproduce in simpler materials: modern tiles imitate both natural stone and wooden panels, while it is not so whimsical in care and operation.

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In the eastern stylization, ordinary tiles will help to create an atmosphere of the distant and close east. Precisely, not quite ordinary, but terracotta with colored patterns or ornate ornaments. To hint at the eastern flavor will help the curly circuit at the top of the fireplace portal.

In the style of steam-pancid, to make an art object in the spirit of a steam-pan from the fireplace, you can stick a wall around the portal with copper tinted plates (or porcelain tile for ancient copper), and make the wall behind it from aged brick. As a result, the fireplace turned out to be like a large old mechanism from Jules Verne’s stories and will definitely become the main character of the interior.

.Another 306 examples are interesting fireplaces in the photo in interior projects from around the world

In the style of King Arthratataki, a fireplace can be created in almost any interior. Classic and modern furniture will be combined with it. To do this, you need to fulfill two main conditions. The wall and the portal should be stone, as in ancient castles composed of large elements (modern materials that simulate masonry will allow you to arrange a fireplace hall under the Middle Ages). Forged lamps-factories or candelabra will complete such an interior.

The fireplace-free-lubricant open area for relaxation (the benefit of the place is more than in the house) you can create a fireplace similar to a megalithic building. The portal of such a fireplace must be folded from large stone blocks, the base of which lies another stone larger. All this composition in appearance is very reminiscent of an ancient dolmen, from whom the priests gathered. And the chimney can be made similar to one of the megalites laid in the foundation of the Jupiter temple in Baalbek.

Eight. A fireplace fireplace is necessary that the fireplace is an immune function and does not attract attention, you just need to hide it. For example, disguise between two cabinets (as in this photo).

This option solves two problems at once: around the fireplace there is a rather roomy zone for storage, and you almost do not pay attention to the furnace. It seems that the wall has a single furniture composition. It is very easy to achieve this. You just need to choose white cabinets, and paint the upper part of the wall above the fireplace in the same color. Thus, it will visually connect both cabinets, and the fireplace will be lost between them.

Nine. The fireplace of the living room of a modern style is best suited to a strict geometric shape. And it is worth designing a zone around it without decorative excesses and additional colors.

Varieties of fireplace location in interior design

Depending on the placement method, there are several of the most common types of fireplaces. You can order turnkey apartment renovation by selecting one of the options:

    Wall.Mounted, installed near one of the walls. It is necessary to take into account the property of the wall to absorb a certain volume of heat;

On the

On the

On the

On the

Correct wall walls

When the fireplace is located opposite the outer wall, condensate in the chimney is possible. To prevent its formation, it will be necessary to thermal insulation of the chimney, which will increase the costs of the entire structure. When it is located at the outer wall, it is necessary to create good air ventilation in the house. Warm streams will move to the outer wall along the floor, creating a favorable temperature and aura in the room.

Often the structure is located on the internal capital wall. When installing equipment in the central part of the room, the process of its regular service will be simplified. Over, such an installation will relieve additional costs for the installation of thermal insulation.

However, there are negative moments.

Streams are created from open fireplaces, and cold air will move from window openings. This will create constant drafts laying on the floor.

This is able to provoke the occurrence of colds and violate the expected comfort from staying in the room near the fireplace.

If you place the structure at the inner wall, you get a minimum decrease in the temperature of the gases, which pass through the chimney. In such chimneys, traction is better. However, due to difficulties with the installation of the channels inside the walls, the influx of clean air will be difficult.

If the plans to create a fireplace, then experts give advice to apply the principle of “golden mean”. The optimal location of the structure in the center of the residential structure. The stove part goes into the kitchen or a veranda area, and the fireplace side. On the premises for living.

The firebox matters

Fireplaces differ by type of furnace. There are open and closed models.

  • Open. The flame in them is not fenced off, therefore, the efficiency is lower (usually does not exceed 15%). The main energy consumption goes into the pipe. Therefore, such fireplaces are considered an element of decor rather than a heating device.
  • Closed. The firebox is closed with special heat.Resistant glass doors through which you can admire the fire. Efficiency about 75%. In many models, the fireplace doors open, transforming it into an open look.

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Gradation at the location

Washed fireplaces.

This traditional method of installation. However, it requires large space, since it is located directly in the room against the wall.

This installation method is most often used for wood and gas fireplaces. The design styles of such fireplaces are not limited to anything, and various materials are used for their decoration: brick, stone, ceramics and even wood.

Built.In fireplaces.

A convenient solution for rooms with limited space, since such fireplaces do not protrude from the wall, respectively do not occupy useful area.

If we are talking about wood or gas fireplaces, then it is worth considering their installation at the stage of planning a house, otherwise when installing a fireplace in a finished room, problems may arise with a cutting place for the hearth and chimney.

With an electric or biofigamin, everything is easier, they are more easy to install, the main thing is not to forget about the thickness of the walls and air circulation.

place, fireplace, room

Corner fireplaces.

This installation method is more convenient than the outlet, because in the corner the fireplace interferes less and visually occupies less space. Work on its installation is also less time.Consuming, and there are always two options for the location of the chimney: in any of the walls with which it is in contact. This increases freedom of action when drawing up a project.

As in the case of added fireplaces, the design of the facing of this type of foci has no restrictions in the variants of the materials used.

Island (separately standing) fireplaces.

Such a hearth is a wonderful beautiful alternative to fireplace classics. As a rule, they are installed on a refractory platform in the center of the room or suspended.

The island fireplaces look more compact compared to traditional options, and have a wide choice of design solutions: from old simplicity to modern modern.

How to design an interior with an electric fireplace

In comparison with classic ones, electrical devices have several advantages.

Crackling Fireplace w/ Thunder, Rain & Howling Wind Sounds. 10 Hours 4K


  • You do not need to receive any permits for the equipment of such a hearth, you do not need to do expensive repairs. Plus, you can install in any room: from the kitchen to the bedroom.
  • You can choose a small device if you have a small apartment. It will not “eat” a useful area.
  • Thanks to a wide assortment, it is easy to choose for any design: Scandil, Minimalism, Hi-Teke, Country. And for any budget.
  • It is much simpler in operation: there is no ash, no soot around, no smells, and all heat will definitely stand out inward, and not go into the chimney.


  • Like it or not, this is an imitation. At the stage of building your own home, it is worth thinking once again about the arrangement of a classic fireplace. The same applies to the classical interior, where there is no place for modern technologies. In the photo, the electric fireplace in such a living room will be striking. Therefore, in such design they choose a classic stove.
  • In addition, this is not the most profitable installation in terms of costs. Electric consumption when operating at full capacity reaches 2 kW per hour. On the one hand, this corresponds to the heater, but on the other hand, the electric fireplace will take more time to heat the room, so that their effectiveness is not equal. However, if it does not work for heating, but only to simulate flame, consumption will be reduced to 100 watts per hour. No more than that of the light bulb.

There are five types of electric fireplaces that differ in the installation type.

  • Built.In. A realistic option, but it has the most difficult installation: the firebox is built into the niche of the walls at the repair stage, and the portal is decorated at the request of the owner. Often performed in a minimalist style.
  • Standing separately. These are compact designs that can be transferred around the house. For this, manufacturers equip them with wheels. The design depends on the specific model: you can choose in the high-tech style and vintage.
  • Angular. From the name it is clear: such structures are built into the corner. There are different sizes, so you can even choose in a small room.
  • Clean. Most like a classic one: it has a portal lined with stone, wood or brick. Set directly to the selected wall.
  • Wall. Looks like built.In, but much easier to install. This is a narrow model that is located at a distance of up to one and a half meters from the floor. Typically, it is precisely these electric fireplace are found in the photo in the modern interior.

Kamin in the apartment: choosing the optimal design for urban housing

In theory, any apartment owner can achieve a permit for the construction of a fireplace. However, this process requires a significant amount of effort and cash. For this reason, in the photo of fireplaces in the interior of the apartment, you can rarely find wood foci.

Fireplaces with a living flame look very realistic

Most often, lightweight and safer models are used:

Electric fireplaces do not require the installation of a chimney

place, fireplace, room

Before buying an electric or decorative fireplace, several points should immediately indicate. Firstly, it is necessary to determine what role the design will play: heating or decorating the room? This will opt for a certain type of hearth.

Electric fireplaces can have a glass heating function

After analyzing the layout and having drawn up a preliminary repair plan, you need to determine the room and the zone where the design will be installed. This information will choose the most suitable modification. Some rooms do not impose restrictions on the choice of a model, for others it is advisable to buy a corner fireplace, as the only option for maintaining a useful space.

When designing the interior of the living room, it is important to properly place a fireplace in order for the design to be in the spotlight

The choice of a suitable electric fireplace for the house: the main criteria

To buy a quality design, it is not enough to find a beautiful photo of an electric fireplace, the choice of the product should be based on its characteristics and other important parameters.

place, fireplace, room

Modern electric fireplaces have several flame modes

  • The external design of the fireplace. Decorative characteristics, as well as the quality of execution should be at the proper level (lack of defects and damage);
  • Power level. If the functional filling of the device has optimal characteristics, then the point will only remain to decorate the structure. To do this, it will be enough to buy a portal for a fireplace with a suitable design or decorate it yourself;

The fireplace model must be selected based on the size of the room

  • The size of the room. Many technical characteristics of the fireplace depend on the dimensions of the room, as well as its configuration and type of installation;
  • The direction of the room with a fireplace. The design is selected taking into account the style in which the room is completed;
  • The price of an electric fireplace. When choosing a hearth, you should focus on budget capabilities. If the expensive device is not affordable, it is worth stopping on the middle segment. Buying an inexpensive electric fireplace will result in disappointment, since most of these structures are not reliable.

Modern models of fireplaces are small in size, which allows you to maintain the useful space of the room

Interesting fact! An electric fireplace in the apartment is able to effectively warm up to 30 m² of room.

The dimensions of electric fireplaces:

View of the fireplace Dimensions, m (width)
Standard 0.62
Wide 0.7-1
Over wide 1-2.5

The following trademarks are recognized as the best manufacturers in the market:

Portable fireplaces are very convenient, since it can be a decoration of several rooms in the apartment

Electrolux electrical fireplaces rating:

Model Size, see Place in the ranking Type of design Price,
EFP/M-5012 25x34x17 one Floor 3500
EFP/W-1200RCL 12.2×57.8×87.6 2 suspended 13600
EFP/S-2118SDS 28×100.4×102.5 3 Halled 23500
EFP/C.-1000RC 29×59.3×63.6 4 Floor 11700
EFP/S-2018SBS 28x102x102 5 Halled 20,000
EFP/W-1100URCL 9x66x52 6 suspended 12500
EFP/F-200RC 34.2×51.5×59 7 Halled 6750
EFP/F-100 28.5×42.6×54 eight Floor 7000
EFP/F-110 28×41.5×54 nine Halled 7000
EFP/F. 300W 24×36.5×41.5 ten Halled 47000

Fireplace in the interior of the apartment

The presence of a fireplace in the interior of the apartment makes it possible to realize various design solutions, such as Christmas wreaths and socks for gifts for Christmas. Some fireplaces, in addition to designer, perform the function of heating the room, so fireplaces are so popular in country houses.

In a large city multi-storey building, it is possible to install a wood fireplace only on the top floor due to the need to install a chimney. The choice of such a fireplace should be agreed with firefighters and architects to ensure security to the building. Otherwise, it is better to give preference to alternative fireplace options:

About electric fireplaces and decorative fireplaces will be discussed below. Biocamines successfully include the presence of fire and lack of smoke. They work autonomously thanks to the fuel concluded inside. This is denatured ethanol, decomposing into carbon dioxide and water vapor releasing heat. Such a fireplace shines and warms, fits perfectly into the design of the interior of the apartment due to the variety of forms. When ignition of such a fireplace, it is recommended to ventilate the room or turn on the hood.

You can also choose biomons with helium fuel, but such fireplaces should be cleaned from time to time. By the methods of ignition, there are mechanical and automatic bio.Fireplaces. At the same time, its arrangement does not require permits, does not need a chimney or wiring, they are safe to work. However, all the advantages of the fireplace, including the low cost, overshadow high for fuel and its fairly high consumption.

Gas fireplaces require the mandatory presence of a chimney and a well.Ventilated room. They may be:

  • Classic ones. With refractory firebox and connection to the chimney;
  • Floor-with a firebox-camera on a fireproof base;
  • Wall.Mounted. Fixed with the help of brackets.

Gas fireplaces have different combustion modes, can heat the room, fit perfectly into the interior of any apartment. Their installation should be agreed with gallmakers. You should think about the masking of the gas cylinder in advance, it is impossible to put it next to the fireplace.

As for wood fireplaces, their installation in the apartment is very difficult, but if there is a lot of design capabilities for the apartment. The design of wood fireplaces includes:

  • Smoke collection. A camera for uniformly output of gas into the pipe.
  • Gas threshold. For the fences of housing from smoke, soot.
  • Portal. For the external decoration of the fireplace.
  • Smoke cornice.
  • Kamin table.
  • Grate for logs.
  • Ash collection.
  • Sparking that ensures fire safety in the house.
  • Deflector. Protects pipes from strong winds.

The choice of fireplace should be based on several points:

Quality characteristics: power level, electricity costs. The larger the area of ​​the room, the more powerful power for its heating is required.

The size of the room in which it is planned to install a fireplace. The larger the room, the more you need a fireplace. A small fireplace has a risk of just getting lost in a large room.

Room design. Usually a fireplace is a kind of semantic center of the room.

Estimated price. The cheapest fireplace should not be bought. Its quality will be low and it will not work for a long time. The high cost depends only on the chicness of the fireplace.

Any chosen fireplace should harmonize well with the room, not look bulky or inappropriate. It should also be noted that the artificially created flame in electric fireplaces and false stone will only remotely resemble a real fire.


So that the floor can withstand the hard weight of the fireplace (even a prefabricated factory fireplace weighs 1-1.5 tons on average), it should be at least reinforced concrete concrete. And this does not give complete guarantees! It is necessary to ask, the concrete gender in a particular building is able to keep a specific fireplace. If a. No, then the intensification of the interference floor will be required.

In houses with wooden floors, a fireplace can only be installed if the apartment is on the ground floor.

In any case, before arbitrarily erect a fireplace, it is necessary to enlist the resolution of a special city commission.

place, fireplace, room

If you are not destined to have a fireplace; But I really want to, then there is a way out. Build a decorative fireplace that is useless in practical terms, but looks very impressive and serves as a significant addition to the interior.

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