How to process a hair cutting machine

DIY hair cutting car repair

A hair cutting machine is an indispensable tool for both professional craftsmen and “home hairdressers”. These haircut devices differ in household and professional. But both of them, sooner or later, fail. Typically, this apparatus is repaired by masters for repairing power tools, for example, in the house of everyday life. But some malfunctions of cars can be fixed with your own hands. Before starting a search for breakdowns, if your tool works poorly, you must have an idea of ​​the internal device of a given haircut device.

There are 2 types of units for hair cutting, which differ among themselves on the principle of action.

Haircut. Beard Trim. Hatteker RFC-690 Hair Clipper and Beard Trimmer


This type of haircut for haircuts is the most expensive in the market of hairdressing power tools and is presented in two versions: devices operating from the network and a battery tool. Rotary machines are distinguished by their reliability, great power and durability. The main driving element of this apparatus is an electric motor, on the rotor of which an eccentric is put on. When rotating, an eccentric connected to a movable knife, moves it in different directions. Also in the device there is a knife block consisting of a fixed part and a mobile.

In the autonomous version, the tool battery (battery) and control board are located in the tool housing.


This is a more budget version of the power tool for hairdressers than the above. In this device, instead of the electric motor, a coil is installed. A pendulum containing a permanent magnet is located in front of the coil. When the current passes through the reel, the polarity of the magnetic field with a frequency of 50 Hz changes on its core. Therefore, the permanent magnet in the pendulum all the time changes its position, and since the latter is connected with a movable knife, it sets in motion. You can also observe the power button in the device.

When the knives must be sharpened

However, sooner or later home hairdressers are faced with a serious problem, when the knives of the hair cutting machines are so blunt that it becomes simply impossible to make a normal hairstyle. There are two ways to solve this problem. Buy a new machine or try to sharpen the blades yourself. The second option looks preferable, since there are at least four effective methods that allow you to independently sharpen any cutting surfaces.

Modern trimmers for grass are equipped with steel or ceramic knives, the cutting part of which is often covered with a protective layer of diamond, titanium or carbon spraying. However, even such durable blades with frequent use lose their severity, which leads to the following problems:

  • It becomes very difficult to align to align;
  • During the haircut, the cutting part of the device begins to pull and crush the hair, causing unpleasant pain;
  • At the end of the procedure, the skin on the head is strongly, up to small cuts, irritated.

There are several ways to eliminate this problem, but they all start with disassembling the machine:

  • Disconnect the knife block from the body;
  • Unscrew the screws;
  • We disconnect the blades;
  • We cleanse the cutting and working parts of the dirt and residues of the hair with a special brush or a clean rag soaked in water.

Attention. The process of disassembling a trimmer for grass should be removed on a mobile phone camera so that there are no “extra” details when assembling this household unit.

After disassembling the cutting unit and cleaning blades. This process must be performed after each haircut. You can proceed to one of the four effective types of sharpening.

Types of sterilization

Sterilization methods are divided into thermal (temperature processing) and chemical. The effectiveness of sterilization of tools depends on the temperature, duration of exposure, concentration of a sterilizing agent, the initial number of microbes on the tool.


This device resembles an ordinary oven: the container where the tool is located is heated to a temperature of 180 degrees, and at the end of processing (60 minutes) a timer is triggered. Dry Sterilization greatly damages the cutting surfaces: it is better to use other methods for scissors and knives.

Steam method

Alternative thermal method. Steam sterilization. In 15-40 minutes, the device operating on the principle of double boiler kills all microorganisms.


Chemical sterilization, like disinfection, involves soaking tools for a certain time in various chemicals.

How to sharpen the blades yourself

Step by step, we explain how to make knives more acute at home.

Step 1. Disconnect the device from the network. Remove the nozzle from the machine, find and unscrew the screws for the knives with which they are fastened to the head. Gently pull out a movable and motionless blades. So as not to cut, it is better to do this with a tweezer or pliers. Be sure to remember or draw the location of all parts, so that later it is easier for you to assemble the tool back. Also, the disassembly process can be removed on a mobile phone. The resulting video will also help to properly assemble the device.

Step 2. Carefully clean the surface of the knives to eliminate the remains of the hair stuck in them after previous haircuts. It is convenient to do this with a toothbrush or a special hard brush, which is usually included in the kit to the device. If rust is visible on the knives. It should be removed using a special tool. After cleaning, dry all the details and wipe them with a soft cloth to remove moisture and lubrication residues.

Step 3. Carefully inspect the details. If there are no Zazubrin, excreted sections or other damage on the knives-perhaps your machine just needed thorough cleaning, and the quality of the haircuts worsened due to the clogged mechanism. In this case, already at this stage you can collect the tool and try its work. If the haircut knives look stupid or damaged. Proceed to the next step.

Step 4. Take fine.Grained waterproof sandpaper, place it on a flat hard surface or fix it on a bar. Moisten the surface of the paper with a small amount of water to form an abrasive suspension. Slightly press the cutting side of the knife to the paper at an angle from 30 to 45 ° and write down with smooth movements on the surface “eight” until the blades become smooth and even.

When working with a grinding stone, this stage looks almost similar. Fix the knife on a magnetic holder, fix it at an angle of 30-45 ° and several times (from 5 to 10), draw it from one to the other end of the stone (in this case, you do not need to add water). Process the second part in the same way.

process, hair, cutting, machine

Step 5. Next, repeat the process with sandpaper or a stone of smaller granularity to finally polish the surface. Between the processing stages, thoroughly rinse or wipe the part to remove all large particles of the metal from it that remained after pulling. When the surface becomes brilliant, the process is over.

Step 6. After processing on all parts, you need to apply a special lubricant or oil and wipe them with a rag to remove excess means. Such a process will prevent overheating of the teeth during operation, protect them from abrasion and extend their service life. Important. Use only special lubrication for technology! Ordinary vegetable oil can irrevocably ruin the device.

Step 7. Gather the tool back, include it on the network and let it work within a few minutes. This will complete the sharpening process and will help the clock more evenly distribute between the details.

Congratulations! You sharply sharpened knives.

Important rules of home haircuts

For the machine to serve for a long time, and the user was satisfied with his haircut, several rules must be followed.

  • Marking of the possible position of the nozzle is not equal to the length of the hair, which will turn out when haircut. In the instructions, you need to find a table of conformity of this marking and hair length. It is necessary to focus on the information that is given for a specific machine. Different models can have different numbering. Often, marking “0” is an option without nozzle, or in its lower position, when the hair is cleaned under the root, and the number “7” or “8” is maximum, in different models corresponds to 2.1-2.5 cm. The step on average is 1-3 mm, in different machines differently. In order not to accidentally cut off the excess, before using the device, you must read the user guide.
  • Hair can only be cut in its pure form. It is necessary to wash your hair to remove the fat plaque that can score the vehicle blades. In addition, clean hair is thinner, better combed and lie down correctly, along the lines of their growth. The curls should be unraveling. For this purpose, you can use any lotion that facilitates combing. If the instructions say that the hair can only be cut dry, then you should not ignore this recommendation. If the machine knows how to cut and wet hair, and dry, you can choose your option based on personal convenience and experience.
  • Even experienced neat masters cannot cut so that the hair does not fly away in different directions. It will not work to avoid dirt. Therefore, it is better to cut a haircut where it is not a problem, or it is easy to solve. The best options: in the garden, if it is a private house, or on the balcony. It is convenient to cut in the bathroom and in the kitchen, where the floor usually has “anti.Vandal” coatings and is easy to clean. The child can be planted on a children’s stool right in the bath itself. Shoulders and neck of the one to whom the hairstyle should be covered. With cellophane or silky pelerin, the cut hair will easily slip down, without stuck on clothes.
  • Professional hairdressers know how and where to cut. It is better for a beginner at home to act in the following order. First you need to cut all the hair to the maximum length. For example, if a haircut is conceived with a hair length on top of 2 cm, on the sides of 1 cm, it is convenient to first chase the entire head at a length of 2 cm, and then take up shorter sections. The sequence of work with different areas is a creative moment. It depends on the habit, the convenience of the master. But there is a little secret for beginners: you need to act according to some specific algorithm, without jumping to different areas. So there will be no accidental pass.
  • The machine during the haircut must be moved against hair growth, cutting the edge forward. Thus, the nozzle will raise the hairs. In the opposite case, there will be stroking movement, and defects of the haircut are possible. In the temporal region, as well as on the back of the head, hair grows down from the crown. The top of the hair is directed forward. Accordingly, whiskey must be cut up up, and the crown of the machine is back.
  • To make smooth contours and give a natural appearance to the hairstyle, without the effect of briefing, cut these areas with picking up movements. To bring the nozzle to the surface of the skin in parallel, and then make movement as if on a take.Off, from the head, but with a small amplitude.

For a structured hairstyle with the transition of length, it is important to work out these complex areas. If the length of the hair length is greater than one step between the nozzles, you can use intermediate nozzles.

When to lubricate the device

It is advisable to clean and lubricate the hair cutting device after each use. A maximum of two. If the machine was not used for a very long time, then it should be greased before the haircut starts. In advanced situations, there is too much buzzing of the motor. A signal about the need to lubricate lubrication. Timely care is positively reflected not only at the life of the motor, the condition of the knives, but also on the quality of work. Cutting hair passes softerly. Without bite and jerking.

How often to lubricate the machine

The machine must be cleaned from hair after each use. The gloomy machine is clogged and:

  • The power of the motor sags, the device cannot cope with the hair, it can burn over time;
  • The blades of the machine begin to “light” the hair;
  • Extraneous noise appears;
  • A protective shutdown may work (burn the fuse).
process, hair, cutting, machine

Lubricate the device also after each haircut, in extreme cases, after two. If the parting lies for a long time without operation, it must also be lubricated before use.

Make sure the machine for the machine is correctly leveled

This step is especially important if you intend to cut other people’s hair at home or use your machine in a hairdresser. The blades should be either parallel to the blade of the knife, or slightly allotted back. There should be no protruding teeth, and the blade should be absolutely straight. Crooked blade can easily cut you or client.

Knives oil is paramount in care. A lubricated knife will work for many years. The main reason that a machine or knife breaks is a shortage of oil.

Moser Knives 140 ml

The rule is simple: every time you use a machine, you must apply a little butter to the knife. Make this a rule, because it is like brushing without toothpaste. You just can’t do it. Apply a drop of oil to each corner of the moving blade and a few drops in the middle. In the teeth of the blade. Turn on the machine and let it work for a few seconds so that the oil is evenly distributed. Be careful not to apply too much oil, as dust and dirt easily gets onto the blade.

But you really need to lubricate the machine?

Lubrication for a hair cutting machine protects working parts from corrosion, prevents breakdowns, the appearance of extraneous noise, and also:

Electric Hair Clippers. In Slow Motion

Reduces friction between working units during work;

Reduces the degree of heating. The knives remain safe, the metal does not suffer from the temperature difference;

Cleans the surface of pollution that the working parts “gathered” during a haircut. This is necessary so that the protrusions do not clog, the power of the motor does not fall, and it does not burn along with the fuse;

Reduce wear, knife tanks and increase the working resource of the device;

Increase the comfort of the haircut. The greased parts will slide through the hair without jerks, gently and accurately.

Do not neglect this stage when caring for your machine, and it will last you for a long time.

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