How to process a slow cooker before the first use

How to use a slow cooker correctly. Detailed instructions

Having bought a convenient and compact cooking device, you need to study the instructions and figure out in detail how to use the slow cooker correctly. This will help to avoid unforeseen situations and operate its functionality at full power.

It is not recommended to start cooking immediately after buying a slow cooker. Inside the new device, a persistent factory smell is preserved, from which you need to get rid of.

Rules for preparing for the operation of a household appliance:

How to Use a Slow Cooker: Our Best Slow Cooker Hacks and Tips

  • Get a bowl and output valve a steam of multicooker, wash with warm water using a detergent.
  • Wipe the details dry out and inside, return to place.
  • Pour 250 ml of water into a container. Add a spoon of vinegar or squeeze out 1 lemon juice. Close the lid tightly.
  • Check the integrity of the cord, turn on the device. Choose the mode “Heating” or “Warfrower”. The liquid should boil (at least 15 minutes).
  • Run the program.

If the unpleasant odor has not “left” the first time, manipulations with boiling must be repeated. After the specified time, drain the liquid and proceed to cooking.

What to take into account when using a multicooker

It is not as difficult to use a slow cooker as it might seem immediately after purchasing a device. A miniature imitation of the stove will prepare traditional and unusual dishes without the need for constant stirring, reduce and increase temperature. The technique independently controls the time and builds the conditions for heat treatment of products. Automatic programs do everything for a person.

Multicar control panel

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You can manage the device using the Start, Timer, Program, Menu buttons. Sensors are located under such buttons that start the selected mode and the method of preparing the dish. There is also a screen on the device that allows you to control the given process.

By means of the “menu” key, you can switch modes and programs. As a rule, the device is focused on the execution of 6 options. At the same time, the programs themselves are divided into 2 categories:

The second option implies extinguishing, steaming and baking. The conditions setting the temperature of cooking cannot be adjusted.

Advice. The user can always build the duration of cooking, extinguishing or baking in his own way.

The first category will allow you to prepare milk porridge, buckwheat, crumbly rice or pilaf. You can get any dish in only one key press. The main thing is to take into account the recommendations for the preparation of dishes and use a glass and spoon, usually included.

You can get delicious and healthy dishes in a slow cooker with just a click of a button

How to turn on a slow cooker after buying, what to do if it does not turn on.

How to turn on a slow cooker after buying, what to do if it does not turn on.

Other useful information about homemade multicooks:

You have acquired a miracle of modern technology. A slow cooker and do not know where to start cooking, how to turn it on, what skills and knowledge for this is needed? Do not worry, you made an acquitted purchase, the device has several advantages.

The main thing is that with its help you will cook only healthy food. Not unimportant. Ease of operation.

Buying and preparing a multicooker for first use

In the multicooker device, everything is accessible and understandable, but be sure to read before starting working with simple recommendations given below.

How to turn on a slow cooker for the first time?

Before turning on the slow cooker for the first time, you need to do the following:

Carefully get it out of the box, delete all advertising stickers and materials used for packaging. The exception is only a sticker with a serial number, the absence of which will deprive you of the right to warranty service;

Wipe the body of the device with a damp cloth.

Rinse the bowl in soap warm water and dry well.

If during the first use there is an extraneous smell (which is permissible, and is not a malfunction), it is necessary to produce “wet cleaning” of the entire device-wipe the inner cover and bowl of the multicooker with a 9-percent vinegar solution, then boil it with a half of the lemon for about ten minutes in any mode, intended for cooking.

What to do if the multicooker does not turn on?

First of all, you need to check the external factors: whether the outlet and the working extension cord are working (if any). If you managed to connect other household appliances through this outlet, then everything is in order. Remember if a multicooker turned on in a store where it was checked when selling. If you bought a slow cooker through an online store, you will have to try it at home.

Secondly, break off the instructions if you did everything right. If you connect a slow cooker to work for the first time strictly according to the instructions, but it does not show any signs of life. So you have to carry her to the store and just change her to another. Marriage is quite possible.

As for the already used cartoons, they can have completely different problems with the inclusion. Starting from overheating to elementary violations of the rules of use. If the cartoon is under warranty, you can call the Center service. And by the way, to fumble on forums, a forerunner than taking a multicooker for repair, maybe you will find a solution. You can also ask questions about a non.Working multicooker in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on this page or on our forum.

Safe operation from the beginning of the purchase

Slow Cooker Pork Ribs | One Pot Chef

Before starting safe operation, from the very beginning of the purchase of a slow cooker, it is recommended:

Install the slow cooker on a flat surface, so that the ventilation of the device is not difficult during operation. And hot steam leaving the steam valve should not fall into objects that may deteriorate from elevated temperature and humidity;

Check if there are extraneous objects between the heating element and the bowl;

Before cooking, you need to make sure that the external and internal parts of the miracle technology have no defects. With any malfunctions, the use of the device is prohibited.

Rules for the safe operation of multicooker

You can use a slow cooker only for its intended purpose.

Before included in the outlet, you need to check the voltage of the multicooker with a voltage of the mains. This information can be found in the device passport.

When using the extension cord, you need to make sure that it will cope with the power consumption, otherwise a cable fire or a short circuit may occur.

For safety reasons, the connection of multi can only be made to a grounded outlet.

In the process, the device can heat up, so you can not touch the hands of the case, bowls and metal parts.

You can not bend over the cartoons when opening the cover, as well as in the process of work.

Do not cover the device while working with a towel to avoid deformation and failure due to overheating.

After the preparation is completed, as well as during movement or cleaning, always turn off the outlet equipment.

Multica care recommendations

Before cleaning, make sure your cartoon is disconnected from the mains and cooled down.

Cleaning multi (internal aluminum cover, bowl, removable steam valve and container for condensate) must be done immediately after the completion of the cooking process.

For cleaning, it is recommended to use soft fabric and non.Abrasive dishwashing products. Do not use hard sponges and aggressive solvents.

At the end of the cleaning, grind the external and inner surface of the bowl dry.

Adhere to these recommendations and your kitchen fairy. A multicooker. Will last you a very long and safe!

How to turn on a slow cooker when switching to another mode. How to use modes (programs)

How to enable and use a slow cooker? In the process of cooking in a slow cooker, there is often a need to switch one mode to another. For example, you fried onions with carrots and meat and want to switch to the “Extinguishing” mode or the “Soup” mode. In this case, you must first turn off the frying program with the “Otkl” button. Next, the “menu” button set the following necessary program and press the start/start. How to enable the stewing mode read here. Thus, the transition to any regime during cooking should be carried out through the “OKL” button.

There was also such a question. When moving from one mode to another, whether it is necessary to cool the slow cooker? Answer: If you continue to cook further, then you do not need to cool the slow cooker. Multicar. How to enable the baking function (baking) read here. Question. Why when turning on the multicooker when pressing the menu, buckwheat immediately lights up and does not switch to other programs? Answer. Click again on the menu, to another program.

How to choose a place for installation?

How to choose the right place for multicooker? Under the installation of the device in the kitchen, you need to find a separate place. The case should be at the desktop level (it is more convenient to cook). For safety, put it on a stable base (countertop, a separate strong shelf), located in the distance from the walls.

Important: regardless of what mode the dish is prepared in the slow cooker, the valve releases a certain amount of steam. Hot humid air can spoil the furniture, so we do not recommend installing the device under the hinged cabinets.

Recipes for multicooker Polaris 0512Ad, its functions and modes

This convenient device provides as many as 12 automatic programs, which are perfectly combined with the advanced technology of three.Dimensional heating. That is, any dish in the bowl is baked evenly and will not burn.

This will make it possible to bring into life delightful in their taste and nutritious qualities recipes for the multicooker Polaris 0512ad, which all family members will like. The device is also equipped with a timer for 24 hours and the function of maintaining temperature.

The bowl has a two.Layer coating, which is not only resistant to scratches, but also completely safe for humans. With such a universal assistant as a multicooker Polaris 0512, recipes can be prepared a variety of, including air desserts, soups, meat and milk porridge.


How to cook rice or buckwheat using a new multicooker:

  • Pour the cereal into a separate container;
  • Rinse it well under a stream of water and pour it into the bowl;
  • Pour the right amount of water (usually a ratio of 1: 2);
  • Add salt and butter;
  • Close the lid and turn on the “pilaf/buckwheat” mode.

It is not necessary to exhibit time in this program. The device will independently determine when the cereal prepares. You just have to wait for the sound signal.

If desired, you can use the start of the start, which will make it possible to take into account the time of cooking. After the sound signal, the device maintains a temperature of 1 to 3 hours, depending on the model.

  • Rinse half a measuring glass of dry peas and pour it into a bowl;
  • Clean and cut two large potatoes;
  • Add them to peas;
  • Fry onions and carrots;
  • Pour them into a saucepan;
  • Add spices and greens to taste;
  • Pour water to the maximum mark;
  • Close the lid and turn on the program “Soup/steamer” for 60 minutes.

In an hour you can feed your family with soup. Let it not bother you that the products are prepared at once and all together (not at all like on a stove). The taste of the dish will not deteriorate from this. The fact is that the program is configured at the optimum temperature, which allows you to carefully process all the ingredients, maintaining their taste.

During cooking, the case and the cover can be heavily heated, so be careful!

Steam program

This function will be appreciated by adherents of healthy eating in the preparation of fish, meat, vegetables. You can manually set the working time up to 2 hours with a step of 5 minutes. The program starts from the moment the water boils in the slow cooker. Spread the products evenly in a special container. In this mode, factory time settings. 15 minutes.

For various categories of products, there are their own preparation recommendations:

process, slow, cooker, first
  • Vegetables are cooked for a couple in 15 minutes
  • Meat. Time is set depending on the type of product. For birds-20-30 minutes, beef, pork-40-50 minutes.
  • Fish. Expose time for 15-20 minutes.

The main dish can be cooked with a side dish. Vegetables or cereals.

How a multiper works

This function involves the installation of user preparation parameters. But the multi.Pour does not allow you to do it quite free. Different multicondes have a restriction on the range of temperatures and time. In addition, in some models the temperature and time change in steps of 5-10 units, and it will not work to install them more precisely.

Most often, the temperature can be adjusted in the range of 35-180 degrees, and the time is assigned from 1 minute to 10 hours. There are models of devices where you can manage only one parameter, and the second is selected from the proposed options.

Multicaps with the possibility of user programming modes have several advantages even over those devices where there are many pre.Installed programs. Technically multi.Dimensional in many models is identical. Review of devices with a multipoire is presented below.

  • In the Panasonic SR-MHS181WTQ model, the temperature can be selected in the range of 40-130 degrees, and the time is set to up to a minute in the range of 1 min-8 hours. At the end of the program “Multipovar”, the device does not go to auto heating.
  • Redmond RMS-M70 (RMS-M90) allows you to set the temperature in the range of 35-160 degrees, while it changes step 5 units. Time is programmed with changing steps (the larger the value, the greater the step) from 1 minute to 12 hours.
  • Polaris 0517 has a multiper similar to the previous model.

The Redmond brand specializes in the release of multicoars and is the leader in the introduction of innovations in this area. It was they who were the first to introduce a multi.Poll into their devices. Use it like this:

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