How to put a bearing on the Samsung washing machine

How to change the bearing on the Samsung washing machine with your own hands?

For many years, Samsung washing machines have been sales leaders in the consumer market. Probably, many owners have such an assistant who is able to make their daily life as easier as possible. Despite their quality characteristics, the washing machines of even this leading manufacturer, like any equipment, may fail due to different breakdowns. One of the reasons for the poor.quality functioning of the unit or its breakdown is the bearing node.

You can eliminate the breakdown with the involvement of companies operating in the field of repair of various types of household appliances, but this will require additional financial costs. If this is not possible, you can do this work yourself. About how to change the bearing on the Samsung washing machine will be described in this article. To carry out repair work, you must carefully read the instructions submitted.

The dependence of the working capacity of the washing equipment on the bearing

The working capacity of the washing machine will depend on the qualitative functioning of the bearings, since it is these parts that the function of uniform rotation of its drum. Two bearings are installed in the units, and their location is the inner plane of the tank. They have unequal dimensions and, as a result, carry a different load. In the case of failure of the bearing, the quality of the execution of the “washing” and “squeezing” options will immediately change. In this case, the question arises of how to change the bearing on the Samsung washing machine, because further use of the device can lead to more serious breakdowns.

Preparation for repair

To replace faulty bearings, the owner of the Samsung washing machine will need to purchase new ones, as well as seals and special lubricants. Typically, the manufacturer’s service centers and specialized stores offer reprimatoes in which there is everything you need. You can also order them via the Internet. To choose the right details correctly, you should call the seller a brand and model of a washing machine.

In addition to spare parts, to replace the bearings, you need to prepare a different tool. To carry out the repair, you will need:

After everything you need is assembled, new bearings are purchased, it is necessary to turn off the washing machine from the network, remove the water supply hose and disconnect the equipment from the sewage. Next, you need to move the Samsung washing machine to a spacious place and prepare one or two tables to place the removed nodes and panels.

Samsung washing

Before analyzing the Samsung washing machine, you need to prepare a phone or camera and take pictures of the equipment before removing each part, especially before turning off the wiring. This is necessary in order to avoid errors when assembling the device and prevent new malfunctions in case of incorrect actions.

Noisy Top Load Washer Bearing Replacement.mp4

Dismantling of the washing machine takes place in the following order:

  • Unscrew two screws located on the back in the corners, move the top cover back, raise and remove to the side.
  • Put the compartment for detergents, press the latch down, raise the cuvette a little and pull it out of the seat.
  • Disconnect and remove the hose to supply water to the powder compartment and a pipe leading from a duck to the tank to the side. To do this, it is necessary to unclench the holding clamps with pliers.
  • Unscrew the holding bolts and remove the upper counterweight.
  • Open the Samsung Washing Machine Luke. To remove the cuff, you should remove the clamp. To do this, you need to put a spring with a screwdriver holding its edges, remove and remove it with a clamp. After this, the edges of the cuff can be tucked inside.
  • Close the hatch, unscrew the fasteners holding the front panel. Self.tapping screws are on top and bottom. Gently move to the panel to access and disconnect the lamp lock wire. Put the panel to the side.
  • Turn the Samsung washing machine to the side, unscrew the screws, disconnect and remove the bottom. Take a picture and turn off the wires going to the engine and the drain pomp.
  • Disconnect the pipe going from pump to tank.
  • Unscrew the fasteners, pull out and remove the motor aside.
  • Remove the tank fastening racks, having previously unscrewed the holding self.tapping screws on the tank and at the bottom of the case.
  • Unscrew and pull out the lower counterweight.
  • Without changing the position of the Samsung washing machine, return to the upper part, disconnect the pipes and wires going to the valve of the water bay. Unscrew the fasteners, pull out the valve.
  • Disconnect the four springs-fingers holding a tank with a hanging drum.
  • Unscrew the fasteners, carefully unclench the latches, turn off the wires and remove the control panel.

Now you can remove the tank from the Samsung washing machine case.

  • Lay the tank in such a way as to have access to the pulley.
  • Remove the belt.
  • Block the pulley and unscrew the bolt holding it. If it does not give in, grease it WD-40 and wait a bit.
  • Remove the pulley.
  • Find a bolt similar to holding the pulley, screw it up and knock out the shaft with light blows of the hammer. Blows should be delivered at right angles so as not to bend the knot.

Now it is necessary to disassemble the tank to pull the drum and replace the seals and bearings.

Half are connected by special clamps that are easily disconnected and removed. After they are removed, it is required to open the tank into two parts and pull out the drum.

Before replacing the bearing, you can inspect and perform maintenance of other parts, for example, inspect and clean the heating element from the scale. It is also important to inspect the shaft and cross: if they are damaged, they should be replaced, otherwise simply cleaned of dirt and lubrication. For the shaft, you can use fine sandpaper, for a cross. a rag or sponge.

How to choose bearings?

To replace a faulty part, you first need to buy a new. Bearings are not subject to repair, because they are changed. Also replaced by seals and the restoration of lubricants are replaced. All this is bought in the kit that is selected in accordance with the model of the washing machine.

You can find out the exact name of the model by stickers, which are located near the hatch and on the back wall of the washer. The removal is selected by this marking. For these purposes, it is convenient to use special tables. If there is no information on the right model, then you can find information on the official website of the manufacturer. If there is doubt, you can take old bearings as a clear example. According to this model, the seller can easily pick up a reptition, which will definitely fit.

Replacement of the bearing in the washing machine with vertical loading

As we have already said, it is better to purchase a detail in advance, which is planned to be replaced, but it is possible only when you know how it looks like. If you are faced with a similar task for the first time, then you will first need to remove the part to use it as an example, and then poison yourself with a store in order to search for a similar.

Bearing circuit in washing machine

The process of replacing the bearing requires compliance with the algorithm. We will consider such actions using the example of the Washing Machine “Zanussi”.

Step-by-step instruction

We will begin analysis from the side panel (right), because it is in this place that the pulley is located.

Using a screwdriver, you need to unscrew the screws

After dismantling all the mounts, it is necessary to open the side panel.

The belt should be released

Now you need to remove the support to free the pulley. If the fasteners rusted, then it can be difficult to remove them, so you will need the help of a partner.

Here it is immediately clear because of what a breakdown occurred, because in the indicated place there is a backlash

Now it is necessary to remove the remaining traces of corrosion. This is necessary in order to see in which direction the bearing is dismantled.

Using a rag, it is necessary to clean the mounts of rust

Now you need to take two screwdrivers and put them on the sides of the mechanism.

By making efforts, the knot should be dismantled

Now you need to get the oil seal. It is impossible to disconnect the bearing from the support, so it is completely replaced.

The oil seal itself and the places with which it is in contact must be treated with a special lubricant that is included

Next, a new node is to be installed.

It should have signs to know which way to twist

Now it is necessary to tighten the mounts with the same two screwdrivers. Only now it is necessary to move the other way. By the same principle, the bearing should be replaced on the other side of the washing machine.

We tighten the mounts

The replacement procedure

The bearings extracted from the tank are carefully examined for mechanical damage. In the case of serious defects, it is necessary to change the element for a new. In the place of knocked out with a bit and hammer bearings, good parts are mounted and the reliability of their fixation is checked.


During disassembling the Samsung washing machine case, it is recommended to fix or schematically sketch each stage. This will help restore the sequence of work when assembling the device. To collect the washer, you need to perform actions in the reverse order, alternately fastening all the internal components.

Having installed new bearings in the washing machine, you need to diagnose in order to check the performance. The best way to check the bearings is test washing.

You can start any wash mode without loading clothes into the drum and observe the condition of the washing room to make sure that there are no characteristic signs of a malfunction.

Necessary tools and details

For this task, we need to practically completely disassemble the washing machine. And naturally, we need tools. What exactly do we need?

  • Pliers.
  • Screwdrivers (slotted and cross).
  • Special screwdriver with various nozzles.
  • Round.liners.
  • Key set of various sizes.
  • Waterproof sealant.
  • Chisel (stupid).
  • Rubber hammer.
  • A large ordinary hammer.

We also need an oil seal and bearings. They can be purchased in various services and special stores. If you do not know a single such organization, then just type in Yandex, Google or another search engine: “Buy bearings for the washing machine” to this request to add the name of your city. For example, “Buy bearings”. In the search results, you can find companies selling details. Tell them the brand of your machine. After which they inform you about the cost of spare parts. In extreme cases, you can first remove the old details, and only then choose exactly the same new.

We disassemble the washing machine

First we need to remove the upper part of the case (cover). It is attached with two screws from the back side. After you unscrewed them, you need to move the lid towards the back of the body. And take it off. Then we completely remove the machine dispenser. In some models, to extract the dispenser, we need to press on the latch. Then we need to remove the control panel. To do this, unscrew the fixing screws. The panel can be carefully put on the side of the case.

Next, open the hatch and remove the external clamp cuffs. The clamps are different. Some are removed by round.liners. Others can be removed using a slotted screwdriver. When the clamp is removed, we need to separate the cuff from the front of the case and tuck it inside the machine. So she won’t bother us.

After unscrewing the lock. It is attached to two screws. We twist them and sticking the hand inside the cuff and wall, separate the locking device from the wall of the machine from the inside. Remove all the remaining elements of the mount and remove the front of the case. We will also remove the back of the case in advance, so that later we will not bother once again.

Samsung Washing Machine Bearing Repair DIY Video

Then we disconnect the dispenser bunker with a pipe from a machine tank. To do this, we need to remove everything that interferes and weaken the clamp. We remove everything where it will not interfere. Then we need to remove the counterweight (if it is in front). If he is behind, then we will also reach him and we will definitely remove. Typically, the counterweight is fixed on the bolts. We will unscrew these bolts with a screwdriver.

Next, we pick up the heating element (Ten). Most models have it from behind. Some in front. Before shooting it, we will take a photo of the wires, then to connect everything in the right order. Then we remove the heating fasteners. often it is attached to one nut. We loosen it and press the screw. Then, a flat item (for example, screwdriver) pry and take out the heater.

After that, remove the pipe that is attached to the tank. We have already learned to disconnect the clamps, so we do it without problems. Then we remove the wires that can be attached to the tank.

We pick up the machine in the back and remove the drive belt. Next, disconnect the wire connector leading to the engine of the machine. Then we twist the screws that fix the engine. Then we take out the engine, pulling it in our direction.

Then we twist the screws that fix the shock absorbers. And separate their lower parts from the wall of the machine. It remains only to remove the springs. And the tank can be taken out. All this should be done carefully so as not to drop the tank.

bearing, samsung, washing, machine

We pull out the tank

We found tools, components purchased, you can prepare a place for convenient work, and then start disassembling the Samsung washing machine with your own hands. At the second stage, our task is to remove all the “superfluous” from the washing machine, so as not to interfere with dismantle the tank. You need to do this in such a way that nothing breaks and does not get lost, so put all the removed details in separate heaps. So, we start disassembly.

First, remove the upper wall (cover) from the machine). To do this, unscrew two fasteners that hold this lid. They are located in the upper posterior wall in the corners. Then you need to put both palms on the upper wall and pull it over, then raise it up.

Next, we take out the cuvette for the powder. This is necessary so that water does not spill out of it and does not fill the electronics at the moment when we tilt and turn the machine. It is easy to extract the dick:

  • It is necessary to open it to the stop;
  • Press the finger of one hand on the “tongue” of the central section;
  • At the same time, the second hand slightly raise the dough and pull on yourself;
  • If everything is fine, the dull should jump out and stay in your hands.

How to Replace Bearings LG Front Load Washer

Having removed the cuvette for the powder, unscrew the hoses supplying water in its section, as well as a hose through which water with powder enters the tank. Remove the hoses carefully so as not to damage the clamps. Eliminate the clamps with pliers, and then tighten the hoses.

Further, our task is to remove the great upper counterweight preventing us from. To do this, we take the head of a suitable size and unscrew two fasteners, then gently holding the counterweight, take it out and remove it to the side.

Important! Unscrewing the last bolt with your hand, be sure to hold a counterweight with the second hand, because it is very heavy and can slip to the side, damaging the important details of the Samsung machine.

Now go to the front wall of the Samsung washing machine. We need to remove it with our own hands, but for this we will have to correctly dismantle the rubber cuff, without damaging the element of the hatch blocking system. What needs to be done?

  • We unscrew the two fasteners of the hatch lock device.
  • Then we disconnect its sensor so as not to tear off the wire when extracting the cuff.
  • We screw the bolts back so as not to lose.
  • We take a screwdriver, we find the cuff of the steel cable of the clamp at the base and pry it.
  • We draw a screwdriver under the clamp, pulling it off the groove. Our task is to find the mounting element of the clamp to weaken and remove it.
  • Weaken the bolt and remove the clamp from the cuff.
  • We put your fingers under the handle of the hatch and carefully pull it over to ourselves.

You can not end the cuff and not pull out, the main thing is that it does not interfere with the front wall to remove. For a while we leave the front wall at rest. Now we need to put the Samsung washing machine on its side to remove its bottom. To do this, we unscrew the four fasteners that hold the bottom cover and remove it.

Now let’s do an electrician. It is necessary to unhook all the wiring from the electric motor of the Samsung washing machine, as well as from the drain pump. It would be nice to remove the process of working with an electrician on the video, since it is easy to get confused in the wiring. If this is not possible, then you can just make marks with a marker.

note! Contacts connecting the wire with the sensors of the units are quite flimsy, so try to act carefully. If a burnt out wiring is found or contact should be replaced immediately.

We proceed to the dismantling of the racks on which the bathing machine. To do this, it is necessary to twist four fasteners that attach one end of the rack to the tank, and the other to the lower part of the case. In the lower part, we will not unscrew anything except the engine, the drain pump will not hurt us, we just need to disconnect the nozzles from it.

Leaving the machine on the side, we move to its upper part. Now we need to dismantle the filling valve with sensors and nozzles. Disconnect the wire going to the valve sensors, and then unscrew the bolts holding it. After that we take out the valve and remove it to the side. Disconnect the counterweights, which are four springs on which the tank is suspended.

The road to exit the tank through the upper part of the case is practically “cleared”, it remains to remove the front panel and wall. Unscrew the five screws holding the front panel and remove it. At the same time, try not to damage the control unit by tearing the wires. Next, unscrew the front wall, unscrewing a total of 10 fasteners, and remove it to the side. In front under the tank, we will see another small counterweight, it also needs to be unscrewed so that it does not interfere.

All that could prevent the extraction of the tank, we unscrewed, now we need to very carefully pull the tank from the Samsung washing machine with the engine. Extracting a tank, drum and engine, this very crucial moment can be offended by any contact and then the work will increase. We turn the tank, remove the belt from the pulley, and then with the help of a hexagonal key we unscrew and the pulley itself.

Typical errors “Samodelkin

Trying to independently replace the bearings of the drum of the Samsung washing machine, “self.made” often make mistakes that, as a result, complicate the repair and require additional costs for it. What are these errors?

  • Tearing off the wire that goes to the sensor blocking hatch.
  • Luke’s cuff rupture of a washing machine.
  • Damage to the pulley, in the process of removing it from the axis.
  • Fucking fasteners.
  • Tearing off the wires going to a thermal attester and heating element.
  • Tearing off the pipes due to the fact that they did not weaken enough or forgot to weaken the clamps.
  • Pulling the bearings from the drum, break the sleeve, and it all ends with the replacement of the drum.

You need to know about these typical errors and never repeat them, because replacing the drum is serious costs, and maybe even worse.

Note, change the bearings that provide the rotation of the drum of the Samsung automatic washing machine with your own hands is not easy, but possible. The main thing is to find out which bearings are on your model typewriter, buy original components, choose the necessary tools, and then, “putting up the sleeves”, perform work in accordance with the instructions of the specialists set forth in this article. Successful repair work!

Preparation for replacement

So, you were convinced that your washing machine needs to replace the bearing, and you are sure that you can do this work yourself without involving a master. Where to begin?

Before proceeding with the repair, it is necessary to purchase a new set of bearings, including the oil seal. It is best to choose the original spare parts of the manufacturer corresponding to your model, even if they are more expensive than analogues.

The new kit of bearings should include a rubber oil seal

  • flat and cross screwdrivers;
  • chisel or shock screwdriver;
  • a hammer;
  • Passatigi;
  • Kusachki;
  • end keys;
  • WD-40 remedy;
  • glue;
  • sealant.

Samsung Washing Machine Bearing Repair DIY Video

Before disassembling the body of the washing machine, you need to free enough space for both work and for storage of parts. Disconnect the washing machine from the power supply, disconnect the hoses, push the equipment from the wall so that access to it is from all sides. If possible, transfer it to the utility room (pantry, garage) in case the repair is delayed.

Submarine stones of independent repair

Disassembleing and collecting the device independently, you can allow a number of overslections, which will further lead to a malfunction of the technique.

The craftsmen worked on a list of the most common mistakes that are made by those who first decided to do the repair of the car.

  • The wires are separated by the sensor, which is responsible for locking the hatch when the front is removed.
  • Perform a rupture of a rubber seal, trying to pull it out with the application of force, forgetting to remove the clamps.
  • Damage the tank pulley when it is removed from the axis.
  • Tightly tighten tight fasteners, forgetting about the need for preliminary lubrication to facilitate the twisting of bolts.
  • The wires are separated by the water heating sensor.
  • They can tear the pipe of the water bay in conjunction with the hose.
  • Knocking out the components from the drum, damage the last. Repair ends completely by changing the drum.

Before starting repair work, it is necessary to really evaluate your own forces. If there is no self.confidence, then it is worth trusting the master. He will perform all the necessary actions without prejudice to other components of the technique. True, in this case you will have to pay a certain amount. It depends on the model of the device, the cost of components and the complexity of the work performed.

Repair of washing machines with a collapsible tank will cost cheaper, with a non.vegetable element more expensive. You can save if you independently purchase all the necessary details.

We purchase a lubricant

On sale you can see several special lubricants for washing parts. Each remedy has different properties. The composition used to process bearings and seals should be:

  • moisture resistant. The purpose of the seal. to provide protection of the bearing from water. That is why the lubricant for the rubber oil seal should be resistant to water and not washed off over time;
  • resistant to temperature drops. During the operation of the machine, water is heated up to 95 degrees on certain programs. Also the shaft, with rotation, becomes very hot. Only the heat.resistant composition will not lose its properties and provide protection from water entering the knot;
  • suitable for rubber parts. Lubricated oil seals can become very solid, or, conversely, soften. This will lead to a violation of the tightness of the seal;
  • thick. Then the composition will not flow out during operation of the washing room.

Car lubricants are completely ineffective when lubricating the bearings of washing machines, it is better not to use them when repairing.

Usually, masters of service centers use such lubricants:

  • Amplifon. waterproof composition from the Italian manufacturer;
  • Anderoll. a tool recommended specifically for Indesit machines. Has two forms of issue. in a jar weighing 100 g., or in syringes;
  • Staburags NBU 12. waterproof and resistant to temperature differences, composition that has proven itself in the market;
  • Liqui Moly “Silicon-Fett”-expensive German lubricant. Very high.quality tool, meets all the requirements. Produced in fifty.gram tubes.

When choosing a composition for processing bearings and seals, carefully read its characteristics, parameters. Study user and masters reviews.

Dismantling the panels of the case

To lubricate the details of the washing machine, you need to get to them. Smel access to bearings is a difficult task, since they are located inside the tank of the machine, and you will have to almost completely disassemble the washer. First of all, the case is disassembled. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

  • Remove the top cover by unscrewing its bolts;
  • unscrew the screws holding the rear panel of the unit, remove the wall to the side;
  • remove the container for detergents;
  • unscrew the bolts located behind the dull, as well as on the opposite side of the control panel;
  • Eliminate the latches fixing the control panel. When deciding, disconnect the wiring, it is necessary to photograph the connection scheme so as not to be mistaken when assembling. However, you can not turn off the wires, but carefully remove the panel up the machine;
  • open the hatch door, remove the external clamp holding the cuff;
  • Seal the sealing gum inside the drum;
  • unscrew the bolts fixing the door of the door, unfasten the supply wiring from it;
  • unscrew other bolts holding the front wall.

So, working with the body will be completed. Next, you will have to extract the “insides” of the washing of Samsung. Only after disconnecting from the tank of all wires, pipes and parts it will be possible to pull it out of the machine gun.

LESSON. Replacing bearings in the tank of the Samsung washing machine

In this lesson, we are in detail. Passing the process of replacing the tank bearings in the Samsung / Samsung washing machines. Perhaps, perhaps with the consequences of which the failed baches can lead to the system. Когда подшипники закоррозили они начинают разрушатся так как смазки в них практически не остается и они работают на сухую. There is a gradual destruction of the destruction which is the drive to constant jamming of the tank. What will entail the wear of the shaft (seating of the bearing) and can even tear the belt, and also if the bearings are falling apart later, the drum that spins inside the tank (external plastic vana) begins to wipe the plastic van and further replacement of the bearings will no longer be appropriate!

How to determine that bearings have failed?

First of all, bearings begin to make great noise when spinning. Thus, you hear the noise, look like an airplane or sanding. Also, the bearing can play with those moms can grab onto the metal rib of the tank and a bit to shook it up and down and you will immediately understand that it is hanging out. Another right way to twist the drum with your hand and listen to how it is shimit when you spin it.

1) Light noise when pressing a clear sign of bearing breakdowns.

2) the tank hangs and knocks can also be the cause of the bearing breakdown

3) the tank is spinning with difficulty. It is also necessary to pay attention to bearings

4) after washing, fat spots appear. more similar to fuel oil or machine oil and are not washed. This is a 100% sign of bearing breakdowns

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