How to put a belt on the washing machine ariston

Changing the drive belt of a washing machine

To transfer the rotation of the drum from the motor of the washing machine, a drive belt is used. After six to seven years of use, it may be necessary to replace. The installation of a new belt will prevent the belt from slipping on the pulley, which causes loud noises during operation, and will significantly improve washing efficiency.

This operation is relatively simple. It is not necessary to use a handyman to perform it.Replacing the belt of the washing machine with your own hands is quite real. To do this, you will need:

Pay special attention to choosing a new belt. In the machines of different brands belts may differ in length, type of wedge profile and their number, marking. Note the markings on the old belt.

It is best to buy a similarly marked belt from a recognised retailer.

After preparing everything you need, move on to the replacement process. The operation should be carried out in this sequence:

De-energize the motor by disconnecting the machine from the mains.

Unfold the machine to gain access to the rear wall.

Inspect the belt installation location, paying attention to how the belt is installed, what grooves have been used.

Remove the old belt. To do this, pick up the belt with a screwdriver and pull it out of the grooves of the pulley, then rotate the drum until the belt is completely removed.

Put the new belt on the motor pulley, placing it in the same place where the old one was.

Tension the belt by hand and install it on the pulley. When performing this operation, rotate the drum counterclockwise and check that the belt fits into the slot provided for it. If you have experience installing a bike chain, there will be no problem with this operation.

Turn the pulley several times by hand to check that it is installed correctly.

Reinstall the rear wall and secure it. The belt replacement process is now complete.

You can save time and money by installing the new belt yourself.

How to change the drive belt on a washing machine Hotpoint

Ideally, this repair should be done with a helper. Place the machine on its side, but the water dispenser must be at the bottom, otherwise the water remains will flood the board. One person holds the belt to the engine pulley (not to the pinion), and the second person pulls the belt over the top. Then the machine can be lifted and, maintaining the tension, put on the pulley of the drum.

Washing machine belt replacement Ariston

The drive belt in the washing machine is not the most key part, but if its structural properties are lost or torn, the operation of the machine becomes impossible. Some signs of problems with it can be misleading. so they are identical to other faults. Therefore to be sure that the solution to the problem lies only in replacing the belt Ariston, it is better to invite an experienced master for the diagnosis of the washing machine.

Such services are provided by our service center, and we serve our clients on departure. All procedure of diagnostics takes no more than 20 minutes, and replacement of washing machine belt for Ariston is about an hour.

How to clean Hotpoint Aquarius Washing Machine Pump Filter and Dispensing Drawer

Disassembly of the tank

To get to the drum and replace the bearings, you will need to disassemble the tank. The sequence of operations is as follows:

  • Turn the water tank upside down, block the pulley from turning with a screwdriver or metal rod, unscrew the fixing bolt. If it does not turn. lubricate with WD-40, wait a little, then repeat the action.
  • Disconnect the pulley, under it is the shaft. To knock it out, you need to find a bolt similar to the fastener, screw it into the shaft and with careful blows of the hammer at right angles knock out the shaft.

Now you need to disassemble the tank. In different models of Ariston washing machines, it can be demountable (two halves bolted together) or non-dismountable (two parts are soldered at the seam). In the first case you just need to unscrew the bolts, in the second. use a hacksaw and saw the tank along the seam. Beforehand prepare the bolts with which the tank will be twisted after replacing the bearing and drill along the seam the appropriate holes. These actions can also be performed after the tank is sawed, but a little heavier.

After the tank is disassembled and separated into two halves, you need to pull out the drum.

Replacing the belt in an Indesit washing machine

Breakages before the end of the operational period are not peculiar for Indesit washing machines, and still in the process of long-term operation those or other failures will appear. One of them is belt wear and tear, which leads to total or partial inoperability of the equipment. To fix the problem you need to contact a specialist.

Residents of Kiev and the suburbs its services for replacement of the belt washing machine Indesit offers a service center “Repair at home”. we guarantee quick and quality service equipment. After placing an order the master is ready to begin work the same day at a convenient time for you.

Installing the belt on the washing machine “Samsung

Before the repair, you should buy a new pass. Samsung lineup (Samsung S1021, S803J, S821, etc.) is equipped with a yellow Italian strap Megadyne 1270j3. What can you replace the part if you don’t have a similar one?? Suitable black pass 1270j4. it is less stretching, which will complicate the installation process a little, but the system will last longer, thanks to the additional “brook”.

Before the procedure, disconnect the SM from the power grid, communications, move away from the wall. To work you will need a screwdriver, a sturdy cord. Having a helper will save time and effort.

How To Replace The Belt On A Hotpoint Washing Machine

Put the belt in place should be as follows: gently pull the element on the shaft of the electric motor, then. on the pulley of the drum. When performing these manipulations, it is necessary to tension the belt with one hand and slightly rotate the pulley with the other. Note, the drive belt must be directly in the special groove.

The belt on the washing machine constantly comes off due to improper fastening. This is due to a faulty pulley of the drum. The accessory is a wheel that secures the belt and ensures proper functioning of the drum. The problem can be solved by complete replacement of the belt and pulleys.

When a drum pulley bursts

“Trouble does not come alone”: there are cases when the belt comes off because of a cracked pulley, which is made of brittle materials. And a damaged part of the belt will not rotate. The pulley will simply have to be replaced, and the belt as well.

Other reasons for the purchase of a new belt are bearing wear plus systematic overloading of the washing machine, imbalance of the laundry in the drum. Worn bearings are the main cause of increased vibration of the spin assembly and drives, sometimes to critical values. If this happens, the belt will stretch, come off or tear.

If you use the washing machine too infrequently, its belt will eventually shrivel up and may break due to excessive brittleness.

Otherwise, if you use it too actively and for too long, the plastic tank may become deformed. This applies to vertical washing machines. The longer the machine is in service, the more its tank is exposed, which can lead to violations of its geometry and, as a consequence, the relative positioning of other parts of the washing machine. The drum pulley with the belt moves in relation to the same vertical plane with the motor pulley. In such a case, the belt turns out and comes off under the action of the force of tension.

You can temporarily fix the problem by adjusting the motor offset, but it’s easier to invest in a new washer.

Automatic washing machines can be divided into two groups by the method of torque transmission. with standard motors, i.e. asynchronous or collector motors, and with inverter motors. The latter use direct transmission. the drive is directly connected to the drum. There is no belt transmission in the automatic machines with direct drive. But the owners of conventional washing machines will be useful to know how to put the belt on the washing machine.

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Signs of breakage

The drive belt for a washing machine with an asynchronous/collector motor is an indispensable part. If it leaves its place, the washing machine stops. Washing will not proceed. But how do you know what’s wrong?? The user cannot see what is going on in the cabinet of the machine. Modern washing machines are equipped with a self-diagnostics system that alerts the user to the presence of a problem. A numerical error code appears on the display. all we need to do is decipher it, i.e. read the meaning from the manual. Not a problem, if the instruction is lost, information with error codes for a specific model can always be found online.

It also happens that the machine is faulty, but there is no error code. The problem can be detected by indirect signs:

  • When starting the program, the motor runs, but the drum stands still;
  • The electric motor emits a steady hum and then, at regular intervals, becomes quiet;
  • After starting the program, the motor starts running and the electronics “hangs”;
  • The drum can be easily rotated by hand, and this rotation does not cause noise.

Why the belt on the washing machine comes off

Normally, if everything is in order, the belt is running properly and does not need tampering. But if it flew at you for the first time, then you should not worry too much, because so far this is an isolated case and can be caused by imbalances caused during the washing or spinning a lot of laundry. You will just need to put the belt back in place and continue to use the washing machine.

In order to put the belt on, you will need to remove the back of the washing machine. Below you can read how to change the belt in the washing machine, you will need to do the same work, only with the old belt.

If the belt comes off constantly and it is systematic, then it is necessary to deal with the causes, which may be the following:

  • The belt is worn out. the first and most obvious reason for constant losing the belt is its wear and tear. The belt is most likely stretched and simply slips off the pulley when running. If the belt is stretched, it may also slip during operation emitting a characteristic “whistling”. It may happen that the belt is torn or damaged at all. In either case, you will need to remove the back of the machine and inspect the belt itself.
  • The pulley is loose. you have a situation where the pulley could come loose and the belt comes off. Check that it is securely fastened and retighten if necessary.
  • The motor is loose. the motor fastening is loose and the belt is not tight enough so it comes off. Check that the motor is secure.
  • Deformed pulley or shaft. maybe the problem is caused by the pulley being bent or misshapen, or by the shaft itself. It could be the first time the belt has come off and bent the pulley. If the washing machine is new, it may be a factory defect, in which case it is better to give the machine under warranty. If the pulley or the shaft is deformed or damaged, it must be replaced.
  • Damaged or loose cross-shaft. the shaft to the tank is attached by a cross-shaft, which could break or loosen, causing imbalance. In this case it needs to be replaced or the fixing bolts need to be tightened.
  • Pulley or belt improperly installed. if you have repaired these parts recently, you most likely made a mistake in the assembly and installed them incorrectly. You should call a wizard to repair your washing machine, who will solve this problem.
  • The “wrong” belt or pulley is installed. if you have recently changed the pulley or belt, you may have bought them not from your washing machine, and they do not fit.
  • Bearing wear. if your washing machine has worn bearings, then the rotation of the drum is obtained with misalignment, and the belt can come off. Also, this malfunction is accompanied by a clatter of the washing machine during spinning.
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