How to put a floor fan correctly

The principles of installation of the fan for the case

Cooling fan: which side to put, in which direction it is blowing, spinning or rotating. Basic rules for the correct installation.

It is very important to install the fan correctly. It will be necessary to determine which side to properly put a fan for effective ventilation of the components of your computer. If you put the fan, you can completely lose ventilation.

Inside the closed system unit, the air moves in front from the bottom in the direction upwards. Any fan inside the computer must strengthen this movement. At the same time, cool air is more intensively entering the block, and hot is blown out faster.

To minimize the errors that occur during the installation of the fan, some manufacturers indicate which side to put the fan. This is usually indicated by arrows showing the direction of movement of the created air flow.

Errors when choosing a floor fan and apartment.

When the time comes the heat, not everyone has enough funds and the opportunity to install air conditioning in the apartment or in the house.

Over, even if you mounted it, as a rule, it cools only one room. What to do with the rest? Buy and put two, three pieces?

Therefore, most of us begin to look towards a cheaper and familiar solution. Floor fans. Such devices should be in every apartment, even for those who already have a full.Fledged split system.

Although it is worth recalling for those who are not in the know-the fans actually do not cool the air, but simply drive him around the room back and forth.

So due to what is the cold? Everything is quite simple. Your body reacts to the heat of plentiful sweating. Drops of moisture appear on the surface of the skin.

With their evaporation, excess heat is taken. And an extraneous breath, just the same helps to accelerate this process.

Especially if the air is dry and is not moisturized by any special devices.

By the way, do not be surprised, but sometimes it happens that the fan does not cool at all, but even performs the reverse function.

For example, if you place two ice creams on a stick, one of which will melt in a natural way, and direct the fan to the other, then, oddly enough, the second will melt faster.

This is explained by the fact that a layer of cold is formed around the sweet treat, which in some way slows down its melting. And when you direct the fan here, this layer is completely blown away. And the ice cream melts more intense.

Which of this can be drawn a practical conclusion? Since fans are not cold sources, it is difficult to get cold from them than from traditional split systems.

What floor fans to choose for an apartment and at home, and how to avoid the most common mistakes when buying, so that the device worked for you for a long time and safely?

Let’s start with the most important thing. Fire and electrical safety. Do not forget that any fan is an electric device.

One careless movement or accidental circuit, and instead of cooling the apartment, you can burn it. And not all of you have special spark.Shaped devices that easily prevent such accidents at the initial stage.

In case of closing the wiring on the case from the inside, it may well hit you with the current. Therefore, do not transfer the windfall from place to place in the on state.

Pay attention to the case material. On the one hand, whole metal is a great fire safety, but in terms of electrical safety, plastic looks more advantageous.

True, it is desirable that he be non.Combustible. Check this in the product passport.

Also, in the documentation, be sure to look for an indication that the engine has protection against overheating. It can be a miniature thermallane that breaks the chain when the temperature of the windings is over 145 degrees.

At this moment, the impeller stops and the engine will not start again until the temperature falls. Without such protection, it is really a fire hazardous unit.

If you think that by buying the most expensive model you will get the best cooling, then you are deeply mistaken. To do this, it is not at all necessary to choose a fan with the highest price tag.

Often, even inexpensive models do very well with their tasks. Let’s clearly compare the effectiveness of the three winds in different price categories:

Sidewalk Repair. Uniqueware 3 Speed Floor Fan Repair

Cheap models are usually the most flimsy and unstable. Their noise level at maximum speed reaches 70db.

The average version knows how to do the same, but the only thing that is added in it. This is a timer and distance management.

True, his design is more stable, and the material of manufacture is moreatical. This affects the weight of the device.

Installation method

Household fans can be divided by type of installation. There are not many options: fans can be installed on the floor or on the table, as well as be mounted on the wall or on the ceiling.

For residential premises, table, floor and ceiling fans are most often used. The choice of one or another method, as a rule, is dictated by the characteristics of the room (there is no place for a floor fan everywhere), a design solution, as well as security issues (in an apartment in which there are small children, the fan is best placed in an inaccessible place).

Note that ceiling fans are often combined with a lamp, which also saves free space. They are usually placed above the bed, dining table or over the recreation area. They are also often installed in country houses. On terraces and in arbors.

Table fans, as a rule, are acquired by virtue of their compactness. To maintain comfort at the workplace.

Maxwell MW-3548 GY desktop fan

Failure fans are good thanks to their mobility (they can be easily moved from place to place). They are also characterized by a fairly high power and usually a rather large angle of rotation, which makes them a universal solution for both home and office. Radial fans are almost always floor.

Fans with a wall.Mounted installation method are not very popular. The reasons are clear: such a fan is deprived of mobility and is able to “serve” only a predetermined section of the room.

Finally, we mention portable fans. Devices operating from the battery. They can also be found quite rarely. Often, users stop the choice on a compact USB fan, which can be powered from a computer port, charging for mobile phones or a portable charger (PowerBank). The power of such devices is small, however, in cases where the most compact solution is required, they may well be used (for example, at the workplace).

How to connect a fan in the bathroom to the switch. 3 errors and connection circuits.

Connection of the hood fan in the bathroom can be performed in several ways.

But the most correct thing is to do this through the light switch installed on the lighting in the bathroom, or through a separate keyword key.

The first options have a lot of inconvenience, at first not entirely noticeable.

For example, you mounted the hood on the door opening sensor. At the same time, it turns off the timer after 5 minutes. It would seem very convenient.

However, it is quite problematic to install such a sensor on the interior door. Not to mention other moments of operation. For example, what to do if you stayed in the toilet longer than the time spoke.

Open and close the door again? And if guests are in the kitchen?

In addition, the cable will have to lead under the tile, drill several extra holes, etc.P. Simple motion sensors are capricious to humidity and very quickly fail.

We will have to select expensive models with appropriate protection for IP humidity, according to the zones in the bathroom.

Someone considers the most convenient option to install the switch on the hood directly inside the bathroom. However, PUE prohibits it to do it.

Why is this so, relevant links and explanations of Rostekhnadzor specialists will be given at the end of the article.

Therefore, consider the most correct and reliable way. Connection from the lighting switch located on the outer side of the bathroom.

For installation, you will need very few materials:

Which of them is better to choose, read in the article “The best cable for nym or vvang-ls”.

The body of most hoods is plastic, so such models do not need to be grounded. If you have ventilation with metal elements, then 41.5 mm2 2 residential cable will already be required here

The loads here are small, so these are controversial for many terminals, it will be quite appropriate here. No twists with subsequent welding, soldering or crimping do not need.

In our market, the most popular model Era is. We will consider it in more detail.

Other mechanisms and models with a timer from Vents, Ballu, Electrolux are connected in a similar way.

Here are the technical characteristics and detailed data on all popular models:

Electrolux EAFM-100TH ERA SB D100 Optima Vents 100 K Domovent 100 C Era D 100SC Ballu Green Energy Era D 100c et Vents 100 Quiet

Such fans with the timer have two operating modes:

Switching modes is carried out on the control board in the upper right corner.

There are similar jumpers from other manufacturers.

When working in the “toilet” mode, after turning on the light and feeding on the board, ventilation immediately begins to work. As soon as the light is turned off, the fan does not stop, but a certain time will continue to spin.

This time you set yourself, twisting the adjusting screw with a screwdriver.

Ceiling installation

An exhaust fan in the bathroom or in the toilet can be installed on the ceiling (stretch or suspended).

Ceiling accommodation is often used in private houses when the ventilation duct can be drawn through the ceiling and lay in the attic. In such cases, the use of duct fans is recommended, which are also placed in the attic.

In the case of a stretch ceiling or suspended, the situation is slightly complicated. It will be wiser if you, before installing various kinds of ceilings, prepare a place for installation of equipment. To drywall, a lattice or cooler can be screwed with a dowel of “butterfly”. In the case of a stretch ceiling, the equipment is attached to the stand installed in advance.

If the stretch ceiling is already mounted, then to install the cooler and carry out all communications will have to be dismantled.

Of course, dismantling a suspended ceiling is a rather difficult task, and few will go for this for the installation of a fan. There are 2 solutions:

  • You can try to stretch the wires through the pre.Made hole in the right place, and then fill it up so that it becomes invisible;
  • Carry out the wiring from the connected unit right on the ceiling, and hide it with the cable channel.

In any case, with the independent installation of ventilation equipment, it is important to consistent with the above operations without haste, in compliance with safety rules and with great accuracy, especially if installation is made on a stretch ceiling.

Do.It.Yourself floor fan repair. All reasons why not spin and how to disassemble.

In the hottest summer days, the only salvation from the exhausting heat, is the usual floor fan.

Not everyone can afford a full.Fledged split system or at least a mobile air conditioner.

But unfortunately, this inexpensive and affordable windmill, from time to time breaks. Especially fly like seeds Chinese models.

And there are vast majority in our market. What to do if the fan has stopped rotating and working? What are his main sores and because of which he breaks?

In total, 5 main reasons for the failure of floor fans can be distinguished:

The main problem of cheap models, which for some reason few people pay attention to. Incorrect casting blades. Because of this, an imbalance occurs, bearings are broken, gaps increase.

You can’t influence this in any way, as you already bought a fan with such an initial defect. Sometimes it seems to work, the impeller rotates normally, but does not blow.

That is, there is no cooling air flow from it. Why is it happening?

Due to the wrong corner of the attack of the blades. Its petals are deformed and drive an air flow in a circle, and do not throw it out.

This effect can appear over time, after the fan stood for a long time under the straight rays of the sun and its impeller heated, began to gradually change its shape.

It is treated only by replacing the impeller with a new.

floor, correctly

The most common problem is the dried lubrication or its lack. The fan begins to wedge, lose speed and, as a result, the load on the engine increases. Vetrodui no longer works in full force.

The engine wound up with a thin wire of 0.2mm begins to heat up and the windings gradually burn out.

How a similar defect is detected? In this case, the fan ceases to rotate. He is buzzing, but the impeller does not spin.

It also happens that it starts only at 3 speed, and does not react to the first two at all. He just does not have enough power to turn the shaft.

In order to start it, you have to sprout like on old aircraft in an impudent.

By the way, the same symptom may be with damage to the start.Up capacitor. How to find out without devices what reason is to blame for the breakdown?

To do this, at least get to the engine shaft, removing the protective casing and blades. If the shaft by hand will rotate with great difficulty, then blame dirt and dried grease.

And if he spins easily and he has inertia, then most likely a conder was covered. Symptom. Turned on the fan in the outlet, but it does not spin. At the same time, scroll into a impudent motor and it starts.

How To PROPERLY Deep-Clean PC Fans

If you hold the fan blades when working with your hand, it can stop again. The capacitor is checked by a multimeter if it has an appropriate capacity measurement scale.

To replace, select a new conder according to the same parameters as indicated on the body of the old.

By the way, a dried.Up capacitor has not yet been fully affected, also affects the moment. If you notice that they fell from you and the fan began to spin slower, this is a bell to check it.

The problem of tight rotation is solved by a new lubricant of bearings. Here are used, the so.Called sliding bearings. Someone calls them bushings.

Apply balls in such designs is expensive, and they thunder over time, they be healthy. For repair it is not at all necessary to disassemble the entire engine entirely. It is enough to unscrew a few cogs and spray to the right places with the universal aerosol WD40.

How to get to the bushings without removing the engine? To get started, unscrew the central screw on the back wall of the protective casing.

Another self-tapping screw is hidden in the adjustment button for turning or stopping at the fan head.

After that, the back cover is easily removed from its place. What is under it? Here you can see the gearbox of the rotary mechanism that gives rotation to the whole head.

Walking guide for the assembly of the floor fan

There are products from different manufacturers on the market. The installation of models differs in a small way, for this reason it is possible to distinguish its overall scheme. Conventionally, the process of how to assemble the fan can be divided into 3 stages:

This is due to the design features of the product. One of the options is shown on the video on the video. You can start the process with the assembly of the bottom or top. There is no difference.

Ospass floor devices consist of the following elements:

Additionally, models can contain air ionizers, a remote control, but this does not affect their installation.

Installation of the support

Instructions for the assembly of the lower part of the product are reduced to the following actions:

  • The device is unpacked;
  • If the support is made in the form of a cross, then the crossbars are inserted into each other perpendicular;
  • They are connected by the bottom of the vertical riser with the tube inside with four bolts;
  • On the ends of the supports, the plugs are installed, with which the device will in contact with the floor;
  • Put forward a telescopic tube and fix it with a plastic nut at a level of the level of height.

Another type of base. Disk. Is also fastened with bolts and nuts.

Assembly of the upper part of the structure

Next is collected in the following sequence:

  • The rear grid of the casing is fixed on the drive part, seating in the grooves and attracting it with a nut;
  • Put a wheel with blades on the axis of the engine exactly along the connector;
  • Fix it with a special nut;
  • Install and fix the front grate of the casing;
  • They insert the tube into the motor unit and fix it on the rack using a locking screw located at the junction of these parts.

There are options where the seat of the shaft without grooves and then the impeller is fixed with a screw. If the engine is disconnected from the block with the buttons, then with a screw (or a bolt with a nut) they are connected.

The assembly of fans of various manufacturers is identical. You can see this by looking at the following

After all considered manipulations, the device is ready to work. The blades of the assembled fan should easily rotate “by hand”. When turning on, the device should operate without unnecessary noise and extraneous smells (burned rubber), in the modes provided for by the instructions. If this does not happen, then you should contact the store to replace or return the goods. In order not to arise misunderstandings, when buying, it is necessary to immediately deal with the presence of all the required components and performance of the product.

We are saved from the heat: 8 simple rules

Air conditioners are not only expensive pleasure, but also harmful to health (it dries the air, a lot of dust and bacteria gathered in it). In addition, air conditioners consume a lot of energy, which negatively affects the ecology in general. It turns out that you can live without air conditioners (our parents and grandparents lived without them).

Summer, although it pleases us with wonderful landscapes and the opportunity to get a unique tan, it is sometimes very difficult to withstand heat. The inhabitants of the cities suffer most of the summer heat, this is facilitated by the aggravation of air, the lack of water bodies and insufficient landscaping. Here are the main tips that will help you not “burn” in the heat:

The most obvious offer is to wet your clothes! In order for the water to evaporate, that is, it changed the condition from liquid to gaseous, thermal energy is needed, it explains, it explains. This energy comes from your body, cooling the skin, lowering its temperature.

If you use a fan or fan, then the air flow accelerates the evaporation process, improving your well.Being.

Lower your hands into cold water

Lower your hands into a bucket or pelvis filled with cold water to cool.

When body temperature rises, blood goes to the surface of the skin.

Your palms have a large surface. Anyway, as if you had five radiators sticking out of the palm of your hand.

As soon as the temperature inside the body returns to normal, blood circulation in your hands slows down, and you feel cool.

Put the fan by the window

If you put a fan in the center of a closed room, then it will create an air circulation, as a result of which the sweat in this room will evaporate faster.

But it will be much more effective if you put a fan by an open window, because then it will drag out the air from the street, which should be cooler.

You send cool air coming from the outside to the room, and if you do not open the door or window, you will just have hot air circulate.

You might think that a hot dish with Curry sauce is a rather illogical way to reduce body temperature.

But it turns out that spicy food cools. Carry contains capsaicin, a substance contained in chili pepper and stimulating sweating.

Everything that helps you sweat, helps and get rid of heat. The more you lose moisture in the form of fumes, the better you feel.

It is generally accepted that light clothes keep cool better.

But this is not necessary. The study of the Bedouin tribes conducted in 1980 did not find a connection between the color of their clothes and the temperature of the body.

White clothes reflect more light, but black clothes are the best heat radiator.

However, there is an option with a clear advantage: free clothing. About what Bedouins wear.

If the air circulates next to your skin, this helps sweat evaporate, and this will make you feel more comfortable.

It seems that the cold shower is the fastest way to reduce your body temperature.

But your body will respond to a sharp change in temperature and, as a result, will try to maintain heat.

If you go under a cold shower, when it is hot, the cold will immediately close the blood flow to the skin, thus creating a heat trap in your own body, instead of giving a warmth, the output. It is better to use water, the temperature of which is above 20 degrees.

It is better to take a warm shower, not hot, but slightly cool, which will reduce body temperature, but will be warm enough so as not to block the blood flow to the skin.

If the windows in your house have no horizontal wings, then you can very effectively cool your room by opening the wings from above and below.

Thus, the warm air rising up will be excreted from the room, and the cool one will enter the room through the lower part of the window.

The same principle can be applied in two.Story houses. It’s good if you manage to create air circulation in the house. If you open the windows at the top and below, the hot air will rise up, and the cool air will flow through the windows of the first floor.

Direct the air flow into the face

If you use a fan or fanny by a fan, make sure that the air flow is directed directly at your face.

This is more effective because there are a lot of receptors on the face. Of course, you do not cool the whole body, but a cool breeze directed to your face will give you a feeling of comfort.

However, it is important to prevent a common mistake. Some are so energetically fanned by a fan that they warm themselves instead of cooling.

Online calculation of the capacitor of the motor condenser

Enter data for calculating the capacitors. Engine power and its efficiency

There is a special formula by which you can calculate the required container for sure, but it is quite possible to do with an online calculator or recommendations that are bred on the basis of many experiments:

The working capacitor is taken at the rate of 0.8 μF per 1 kW of engine power; The launch is selected 2-3 times more.

Capacitors should be non.Polar, that is, not electrolytic. The operating voltage of these capacitors should be at least 1.5 times higher than the network voltage, that is, for the 220 V network, take capacities with an operating voltage of 350 V and above. And to make the start passes easier, look for a special capacitor to the starting circuit. They have the words Start or Starting in the marking.

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