How to put a flowing water heater on a crane

Install an electric flow water heater with your own hands

The flowing water heater allows you to quickly solve the problem with the organization of hot water supply. He instantly warms up water, giving the opportunity to take a shower or wash the dishes. Is it possible to install a flowing water heater on the crane with your own hands and what needs to be? Any person who knows how to hold tools can cope with this task.

The installation of the water heater does not need to be registered. Consumers solve issues with the installation of water equipment on their own. Therefore, nothing prevents us from choosing a suitable model and mounting it in the bathroom or in the kitchen. Any special tools for this will not be needed, as it will not be needed and the help of professional plumbing.

Installation of a running water heater with your own hands

Installation begins with the determination of the place. We take the level, pencil and mark the place of the future installation. Remove the top cover from the water heater and apply to the wall, display the horizontal level and mark the future holes. Using the drill, drill holes for dowels (or traffic jams. As you like). Install dowels and screws with screws to the wall to the wall.

Usually, the set has the necessary fasteners, but it often happens that the dowels themselves are short (for example, a thick layer of plaster on the wall) and the screws themselves are short, so I would recommend purchasing the necessary fasteners of the desired dimension in advance. At this installation can be considered complete.

Installation and connection of a flow water heater to the water supply and power supply

How to connect a water heater correctly

There are several connection schemes. Choose the one that meets your needs.

Temporary connection

The easiest installation for which tools do not need. This method is used for temporary installations of non.Pressure type. Devices will help you out during the planned repair of water supply, seasonal shutdown. The Impediary type is good because it does not need pressure in the highway to work. The main thing is to place the case above the fence point.

To be able to take a shower, unscrew the watering can from the shower hose and screw the hose to the input of the boiler. If the thread is not suitable, use the adapter. The water heater includes a watering can. Connect it to the hot water input.

The manufacturer recommends using the original watering can. The holes in it are located in such a way as to provide good water pressure.

Turn on the mixer in the shower position and wait 20-30 minutes until the water fills the system. After that, turn on the device, set the desired value on the thermallane. Keep in mind: the flow at the output will not always be one temperature. The technique performs heating 20 degrees from the original.

Permanent option

  • Connect a tile with a locking valve to the intake pipe of the boiler.
  • A metal.Plastic pipe or hose is connected to one of the conclusions. The last option is less reliable.
  • Another exit is mounted on a cold pipe.
  • When performing the installation, hold the couplings with a wrench so that they do not jump off.
  • If desired, you can cut the treatment filter. It will soften water and reduce the likelihood of scale deposition on the details. How to choose a filter. Read in the previous publication.
  • Install the tap on another output if the fence point is in the kitchen, or a shoe watering can.

Such a connection can be performed using a laundry of a washing machine. Connect the shut.Off valve to one of the conclusions so that the device can be turned off if necessary. Then set the hose or pipe with a cart to the heater body. For sealing compounds, use the FUM tone.

We described possible options for connecting a non.Pressure type boiler. To install a powerful device, you will need to prepare the wiring of a thick section and a socket with a ground. Watch a video about connecting a running device to the mixer:

We connect to the mains

First, the water heater is connected to electricity, and then to the water supply.

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If the device works from the outlet, there will be no problems with its connection. We will consider the case when the device joins the mains using a cable. The sequence of actions will be as follows:

Remove the front panel of the water heater (most likely, it is fixed using screws). 2. Attach 3 veins to the terminal block, focusing on their color. Yellow core of ground should be connected correctly and firmly. Do not use a flowing water heater without grounding. This is dangerous! 3. Tighten the mounting screws.

Features of installation and connection

How to install a flowing electric water heater on a crane with your own hands? The process is not complicated. You need to attach it to the cold water supply pipe instead of the mixer, fasten the nozzle on the “crane” and include the device in an electric outlet.

Before buying, you must definitely consult an electrician about whether it is necessary to put a separately protective machine for electric wiring and stretch an additional cable.

The fact is that most electric networks in residential buildings, especially the old building, are not designed for consumption power, which is laid down by designers in running water heaters.

In order not to have problems with turning off electricity or shorting after installing the device, it is necessary to find out in advance what performance the electrical wiring is designed in the building, and if necessary, take measures.

[Blockquote_Gray] The tap of instant heating of water is an excellent alternative for a flowing electric heater in water.

flowing, water, heater, crane

All useful information about water taps with IR sensor of water opening is presented in this material.

What taps are better to put on heating radiators, find out here.[/Blockquote_Gray]

How to install a gas water heater

The boiler that works from gas is more economical than electrical appliances. But its lack of complex connection and the need to obtain permission.

Gas water heater. A device for heating water due to the energy of gas combustion.

Coordination and compliance with norms

To install the house of the gas column, you need to draw up a project and receive approval for it.

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Installation should be carried out by specialists, otherwise the device is removed from maintenance and guarantees.

Rules for dismantling the old gas column

Replacing the device with a new is much easier, because you do not need to connect it to the system.

  • Block gas.
  • Remove the flexible hose, and if the connection is outdated, through a metal pipe, then it must be sawn down.
  • Block water.
  • Pull the pipe from the chimney.
  • Remove the device from the wall.

It is important not to damage the pipes, otherwise they will have to be changed.

Instructions for installing a new gas model

Before starting installation, you need to check the chimney and tightness of all the tubes. If they are worn out, it is better to buy new ones, as it threatens gas leakage. The hole of the chimney should be at the highest point of the roof and should be closed by the visor.

After preparatory work, you need to remove the front panel on the heater. To do this, pull out the power regulator and unscrew the fasteners. Hang the body on dowel-gvo. He must hold tightly on his brackets, and not rely on water and gas pipes.

Flexible hose to connect to cold water at the entrance. At the output, connect the hose with a hot mixer.

After that, you can mount a gas hose. You need to check the connection place: soap it and open the gas. If there are no bubbles, everything is in order.

The last stage is the installation of a chimney corrugation. One end is connected to the device, and the other is inserted into ventilation. After that, you can collect the front panel of the heater.

Necessary tools and materials

Connecting a flow water heater should be made using suitable tools and materials. The whole process is divided into three large stages:

  • The connected element is mounted in the selected place on the wall of the dwelling;
  • It connects to electricity;
  • Then connects to the cold water supply system.

The schemes of flowing water heaters of different types have almost the same parameters, so the installation of any type requires tools and materials:

  • For the installation of the structure, a drill equipped with suitable drills is required, and their choice depends on what material the wall of the room is made of, where it is planned to carry out installation work, since the standard concrete drills will not be suitable for tile coating;
  • For fastening the device requires dowels with self.Tapping screws;
  • To connect to electricity, a copper wire with three cores is required, equipped with high.Quality double insulation, and the cross section should be minimally equal to 2.5 kV mm;
  • Hammer, screwdrivers, gas key, pliers, an open key;
  • To seal various compounds, FUM tape is used;
  • To connect a flow water heater to a cold water supply system, a pipe is required, and metal.Plastic products are considered the best choice.

When choosing the location of the structure, it is taken into account that it should be at the level of the head of adults to prevent equipment overheating or filling it with water.

How to connect a flowing water heater

To connect an electrical flow water heater to the network, it is necessary to use a separate electric fishing line for a trimmer extended from the camshaft (does not apply to models with a power of less than 3 kW). Immediately in front of the heater, we put assault rifle machines. If you purchased a three.Phase model, do not forget to invite specialists who install a three.Phase counter and connect the equipment.

Also, when connecting an electrical flow water heater, it is necessary to provide grounding in order to avoid electric shock. Use water and heating pipes for grounding is not allowed.

A powerful flow water heater can be connected to the central water supply system, providing several points of water cleansing with hot water.

The connection of running water heaters to the water supply is carried out by plastic or metal pipes. The heater can be connected temporarily or constantly. If temporary operation is planned, it is recommended to provide for the possibility of switching to a centralized supply of water. For this several cranes installed before and after equipment are used.

Connection to the electric network

Connecting to an electric network should be paid no less attention than to water supply. First of all, it is necessary to calculate the total power of all electrical devices in the apartment, including the installed water heater. The resulting figure must be compared with the characteristics of the general circuit breaker.

It should be borne in mind that in many houses of old buildings, switching equipment and electrical wiring are not designed for those capacities that their consumers load today. Therefore, it is better to replace them if there is such an opportunity.

The power of most single.Phase water heaters is in the range of up to 9 kW at 27a. Given the high power of such devices, it is advisable to stretch a separate fishing line for a trimmer for their power supply for their power. When connecting, it is recommended to use a three.Dimensional cable PVS 3×4.

[Attention Type = Red] We must not forget that the current in the raw room is most dangerous, so the considerations of electrical safety should be in the first place. Therefore, it should be mandatory in addition to the circuit breaker to install the protective shutdown device. [/Attenation]

The connection of the wire itself does not seem to be something difficult. As a rule, the connection scheme is given in the instructions. There is a terminal block under the water heater cover. Three veins must be attached to it: phase, working zero and grounding.

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It should be borne in mind that it is strictly forbidden to connect a grounding wire with a working zero. Given the great importance, which is the correct implementation of all electrical work, it is recommended to entrust them with professional electrician.

An flow water heater is one of the most effective devices in the event of a short.Term disconnection of hot water supply. It has many advantages over other devices that perform similar functions. Such devices are convenient for use in city apartments and in small summer houses. Installation of water heaters is not particularly difficult and may well be carried out with its own hands.

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