How to put a fridge in a small kitchen

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Begin with the planning of space. Clearly and accurately arrange all elements of the interior on a piece of paper or in a computer program. Think about how to make the room convenient, practical and comfortable for all members of the family. The following interior design rules can help.

Rule 1: Zone the kitchen comfortably

If we talk about comfort and functionality in the kitchen, then it is necessary to allocate three zones that are usually, or rather often, used by the hostess.

  • Washing area (with dish cabinet).
  • The cooktop with the worktop next to it.
  • Refrigerator (near the grocery cabinet and the work table).

Note! There is one very important point about the placement of each zone which concerns the stove and the sink. Experts advise that they are on the same line. And the distance between them was not more than one and a half meters.

Incorrect placement: the stove and sink on the same line, but the refrigerator should not be placed near the stove.

Consider how to put the refrigerator in the kitchen according to the rules of zoning. It can even be installed near the opposite wall, if the room is small. Just remember that the distance to the refrigerator from other areas should also not exceed one and a half meters.

The refrigerator looks stylish and in the center of the wall if combined with other appliances

Of course, different factors will have to be taken into account. Namely:

  • The size and geometry of the kitchen space (more on this later in detail);
  • dimensions of the window the refrigerator should not cover it;
  • Balcony door the refrigerator set is better placed along the wall;
  • Whether the kitchen is combined with another room here can come up with a lot of options.

Rule 2: Have a smart placement of your fridge

Harmonious design built-in kitchen furniture refrigerator

Refrigeration manufacturers now offer a huge range of models. So it is easy to choose this household appliance suitable configuration for your own kitchen.

A fridge under the worktop for a small space

Rule 3: Create a harmonious interior design

Select the unit so that it fits exactly into the interior. Installing the refrigerator in the kitchen, in principle, is not complicated. Here you can rely on your own taste preferences.

It is welcomed harmony with the overall interior and the garnish

Of course, it’s not just a matter of color design, although this criterion is also important. To fit clearly with your own hands the cooling unit will have to take into account the overall design of the room, furniture and other accessories.

Therefore, each of us chooses a refrigerator according to the principle:

  • Built-in model. It is always possible to hide the refrigerator, make it inconspicuous.
  • Art object. Expose it by making it one of the accent objects of interior design.

Metal surface bright Accent design

Based on these principles, options are considered:

  • The unit will be hidden in a niche, between pieces of furniture, or under the lining, similar to the garnish;
  • Display it separately from the furniture (by the door, by the wall in front of the cabinets).

Everything about planning a straight (linear, single row) kitchen

Straight kitchen is the most versatile and compact, but at the same time the most uncomfortable in terms of ergonomics.

  • The point is that with a linear layout, the cook has to make a lot of unnecessary movements along the stove, refrigerator and sink, and therefore wastes time and effort. And if at a small length of furniture (up to 2,5 m) the discomfort is not too noticeable, in a more spacious kitchen is very noticeable.

That’s why it is customary to break the straight line in the kitchen if possible and to arrange the working points (stove, sink and refrigerator) according to the triangular principle. Still, in many cases, a linear layout is the best solution:

In very small kitchens, a linear layout is the only possible option

Kitchen with a single-row layout and a bar counter

  • For those who rarely cook, for singles or families without children;
  • In case the kitchen, although not small, but the priority is the capacity of the dining room, not the work area. Also, the single-row layout will help if in addition to the dining room and the set you need A seating area with a sofa;

Single-row kitchen has its own advantages:

  • Compactness, and with it, the ability to accommodate a large table, lounge sofa, table-island in the kitchen, bar counter;
  • Simplicity of design;
  • Absence of corners, which complicate and increase the cost of designing a set (there is no need to think through their equipment with drawer systems or carousels);
  • The ability to make the countertop seamless and neat.

In this material we’ll tell you how to plan a straight kitchen in the best way, so it would be convenient and functional, in spite of the “working triangle” rule. And here you will also find 70 photos of interiors of large and small kitchens with a linear layout for the selection of interesting design ideas.

“Everything fits and there’s even room left over!”: The story of arranging a small kitchen in a khrushchevka for 86 thousand

A programmer on maternity leave, Julia from Kryushchevka. Cherepovets proved by example that even a small kitchen on a modest budget can be turned into a picture of your dreams. And not just a small (6.2 sq. m), but also with typical problems for khrushchevki: the presence of a gas pipe, a refrigerator under the window and low ceilings (2.4 m). Here’s how she did it.

The story began in February 2017, when Julia and her husband bought a dilapidated 40-square-foot two-bedroom apartment in a five-story brick house built in 1971. As is often the case, repairs took too long and went over budget, fraying the family’s nerves. Floors and walls were leveled with drops up to 8 cm, pipes, wiring and sheathing of non-load-bearing walls were replaced! But step by step in 10 months the main work was completed and on December 30 the family moved into their new apartment.

Here is just a small part of what was done in the kitchen renovation:

  • Non-load-bearing walls were completely taken apart to the wooden base and then clad with plasterboard. As a result, the space was not only not reduced, but even slightly increased by the removal of crates and a thick layer of plaster;
  • The old pipes were replaced with polypropylene pipes;
  • The upper tube was raised higher and then hidden under the suspended ceiling (see. photo below);
  • The radiator had been moved to the adjacent wall under the window;
  • They put the same linoleum on the floor as in the hallway;
  • The walls are wallpapered with MaxWall wallpaper (Magnolia collection).

Next, the owners installed a washing machine, refrigerator, gas stove, brought a table from the country, bought dishes and decided to postpone the kitchen planning for an indefinite period. This is how the room looked in its “transitional” period after remodeling.

We didn’t get back to the kitchen until February 2019. By this time Julia already knew exactly what she wanted. a white Scandinavian-style. But there were still too many questions. How to put a washing machine and a refrigerator in 6 meters? What about the microwave?? How to put together a kitchen to fit all the pots and pans? And what to do with the refrigerator under the window?

“The production of our kitchen took exactly 1 month, and the design phase lasted half a year! During these six months I drew a lot of sketches, we went to 3 different designers, redid the projects several times and finally got the picture of my dreams”, said Julia. The problem with every small kitchen is to organize the storage of all kitchen utensils, provided that a fairly large part of the kitchen is taken up by appliances. Our little girl is quite small, only 21.6 meters. Oven and washing machine leave virtually no storage space in the bottom drawers. Nevertheless, it accommodates all my pots, pans, small appliances, bags, baking utensils, trash can, onion box and still has room to spare.”.

The dimensions of the set: 2050X1680cm. Hinges with door closers Makmart (Italy). Top cabinets with a recessed bottom

In July 2019, the kitchen was finally installed. The unit was made by a local private firm for 85900 (without the faucet, appliances and sink). Here are the key planning and design decisions:

  • It was decided to leave the refrigerator in the hallway, and the washing machine, which does not fit in the bathroom, hidden behind the fronts of the furniture. It’s convenient: buy groceries and immediately unload them in the hallway. It is not difficult to reach the fridge when cooking, because it is very close.

Omoikiri Daisen 78-bl sink, Oute faucet with 2-in-1 filter, Aquaphor Crystal three-stage water filter

The layout of the sideboard

The main rule of choosing furniture for a small kitchen. its maximum functionality within a minimum size. A small kitchen with a refrigerator will not look cluttered, if you choose one of the recommended options for arrangement of furniture.


Arrangement of furniture along one wall is convenient for the hostess: everything is at her fingertips. As a rule the sink is located in the corner, then follows a small work table, a stove and then the refrigerator. in a small kitchen, as on the photo, it’s the best option. At least leave a little distance between the stove and the refrigerator.

The free-standing fridge can be placed near the window

To make the furniture set look like a single whole. a single podium is installed under the fridge and all other furniture. If you want to completely disguise the equipment. you can close its front with cabinet doors or insert it into the niche prepared in the furniture.

In case of linear arrangement of the kitchen set, you can equip in advance a convenient niche for the refrigerator


Convenient arrangement of kitchen furniture. a corner, then the sink is located in the corner, then along one wall will be a working table, stove. In this case, the location of the refrigerator in a small kitchen, as shown in our pictures, can vary. by the window as an extension of the straight wall, or by another wall. In this case, the arrangement corresponds to the rule of a triangle. the stove, sink, refrigerator are in its corners.

45 BEST SMALL KITCHEN CONCEPTS / Kitchen designs and Set-up / Simple and Fantastic

The sink can be placed next to the refrigerator

Before repairing and renovating the interior, you should draw a precise plan, taking into account all the dimensions. At the initial stage, a drawing on paper will do. But for a more professional result, you should use a computer program.

Today there are many applications that are easy to understand, even for the beginner. Based on the plan, it will be easier to choose the appropriate size appliances and calculate the size of the set.

It’s a conscious choice. what you really need for cooking and what you can do without in terms of having a comfortable and free space?

How to place the fridge in the kitchen

The refrigerator is one of the vertices of the working triangle “storage-washing-cooking”, which means that the convenience of the kitchen and even the cooking time depends a lot on its location. And the size of the unit is so large that one way or another to plan the place and the way of its arrangement has to be with great care, especially if the kitchen is small. In this material we will tell you where to install the refrigerator best, how to plan the design of a small kitchen with a refrigerator, how to fit it seamlessly into the interior and what planning decisions should not take.

best options

There are several proven options for installing this product.

Put the fridge in the corner

The refrigerator installed in the corner can significantly save useful space in the kitchen, so this solution is ideal for a small room. A large two-compartment corner version will look less bulky, will fit perfectly into the surrounding design and will not spoil the layout.

The photo shows the interior of a small kitchen with a refrigerator located in the right corner away from the furniture.

Blend harmoniously into the niche

Refrigeration unit in an alcove is less susceptible to mechanical effects, dirt and sunlight. When installing a low refrigerator, the recess above it can be equipped with shelves or cabinets.

However, this arrangement has its own disadvantages, as the unit completely pushed into the recess will overheat, due to poor air circulation and have problems with opening doors.

The photo shows a steel-colored refrigerator, placed in a niche in the interior of a modern kitchen.

Built in kitchen unit

Built-in fridge helps to save square meters in the kitchen. When closed, it completely merges with the fronts and thus visually eases the space, making the interior much more neat and aesthetic.

The photo shows the corner kitchen unit with a built-in refrigerator compartment.

At the window

When placing the refrigerator near the window, its side part should not protrude from behind the wall and block the opening, as the sunlight penetration disturbs the temperature mode and increases the risk of rapid deterioration of the equipment.

The niche under the window is often used to install the refrigerator.

Photo of a small kitchen in light colors with a white refrigerator near the window.

Under the worktop

Installing a freezer or refrigerator in the lower cabinets is a very convenient solution that allows you to save time getting food when cooking. The compact device is placed under the work surface, built into an island or a peninsula.

The photo shows a compact refrigerator positioned under the countertop.

Freestanding refrigerator

The classic solution for most kitchen interiors is a freestanding fridge. This model can have a refined and stylish design, endowing the design with special charm.

The photo shows a n-shaped kitchen unit with a freestanding refrigerator in an orange shade.

Positioned at the entrance

Refrigerator located at the entrance to the kitchen not only forms an additional partition and performs the function of zoning, but also provides the convenience of filling with food after returning from the store.

In the case of a similar layout, it is possible to install the appliance in a plasterboard niche or remove the door to create a wider and more open aisle, visually easing the interior.

Next to the sink

When maintaining a certain distance between the sink and the refrigerator, this option is very comfortable and allows you to save time when washing the products that will be taken out of the refrigerator.

In the middle of the kitchen set

In a spacious room, the cooling unit can be placed in the center of the kitchen. However, this arrangement is not always considered convenient, as the device visually violates the aesthetics of the set and shades the area of the countertop.

The photo shows a brown kitchen unit with a built-in refrigerator in the middle.

On the opposite side of the kitchen

Such placement is found in small kitchens in a hruschevka apartment. One wall in the room is fully occupied by a garniture, and since there is no space left for the refrigerator, it is placed on the parallel side, along with the dining table and chairs.

The photo shows the kitchen space with a gray refrigerator installed on the opposite wall.

Opposite the kitchen doors

Is not considered as a very comfortable solution. Far from the door, the unit is not really convenient when loading purchased food.

In the photo: Freestanding refrigerator in front of the kitchen door in the interior.

Hidden in the cabinet

With such a filigree design move it is possible to successfully disguise the refrigeration unit and harmoniously fit it into any kitchen image. The unit is hidden behind the cabinet doors with fronts, painted in any shade and made of any materials, will not interfere with the overall composition of the interior.

Photo: The refrigerator unit built into a kitchen cabinet with dark frosted fronts.

Put it in another room

A combined balcony or loggia would be a worthy solution to place the fridge. This room should be well ventilated, insulated and have a moderate humidity.

In the kitchen, combined with the living room or kitchen-studio, a refrigerator will fit perfectly into the partition and will act as a zoning element.

If there is a roomy pantry in the corridor or hallway, it will be perfect for placing the unit. The main thing is not to place the product too close to the walls, so that there is free space for air circulation.

Options for placing the refrigerator in a small kitchen

The choice of where to place the refrigerator when placing it in a small kitchen depends on the shape of the room, the height of the ceilings and the layout. Some apartments are complemented by niches, protrusions, ventilation shafts, which should be taken into account when placing furniture and equipment.

At the entrance

Most often the kitchen unit is placed in the corners of a small kitchen or along one of the walls. The opposite side can not be occupied due to lack of free space, or a dining group is installed there. And only near the door, which will be enough space for the refrigerator.

To visually make a small kitchen seem larger, designers recommend abandoning the front door. This is relevant if there is no gas and it is possible to expand the doorway. Also a folding or sliding door will look good, if it is not possible to dismantle it.

At the end of the kitchen unit

If the kitchen is very small, the design of the refrigerator itself must match the kitchen set. Most often white or light fronts and appliances of the same color are used, so that they merge into one visual group. The technique is placed at the end of a linear or corner kitchen set. It is interesting that it is in a very small kitchen that the working triangle is preserved, even with a linear layout. The area is so small that only 1-2 steps can be taken between its tops, which is convenient for the user.

In order not to stand out externally, the refrigerator is used built-in models. They are more compact in size and there will be no need to leave ventilation gaps on all sides, everything is provided initially.

In the niche

Some series of panel and brick apartment buildings have a recess in the wall in the kitchen layout, which is called a niche. It can be deep, about 40-50 cm or small, 10-15 cm. The refrigerator must be of a suitable width and height. If there is still space upstairs, you can create an additional storage area, a mezzanine. Decorate niches with lighting or finishes to make it stand out, to attract attention.

By the window

Before placing the refrigerator by the window in a small kitchen, you need to consider the rules of its location. It must not be exposed to direct sunlight and the appliance must not be placed near a radiator. The freezer should be optimal for specific conditions and should not block access to natural light. The hinged door of your refrigerator must open without hindrance. The most convenient place for installation. where there is a partition and the windows are not on the south side.

Built-in kitchen unit

The refrigerator as part of a built-in kitchen unit in a small kitchen is the best solution for those who want to make it as inconspicuous as possible. For this purpose, choose special small models, the height of which is half of human height. It is convenient to place them under the window sill or under the worktop. Usually 60-100 cm high. Often in cramped conditions two separate devices are used: a refrigerating chamber and a freezing chamber. Sometimes it is convenient to take the freezer, which is rarely used, outside the room or install it in a cabinet, but this option is rare.


The wall-mounted refrigerator model is rarely found in small kitchens, it has a small depth, about 20 cm., Can also function as a drinks bar. Available with hinged or upward opening doors.

Under the worktop

The option of placing the refrigerator under the countertop is suitable for a small family, often used in small studio apartments. No more than 50 cm in height., To be installed under the working area, under the bar, in any convenient place. Inside there is a limited amount of food, so often buy a freezer separately and install it in isolation. For example, on the balcony or in the pantry.

In the corner

One of the most convenient options for placement. a refrigerator in the corner of a small kitchen. Chose a place protected from sunlight, without communications. Often it is a corner opposite the L-shaped kitchen furniture. Because of the small area to move within the working triangle can be without obstacles, it is convenient to use, there is still the possibility to install a small dining table with a couple of chairs. Refrigerator in front of the kitchen furniture is convenient if the width of the adjoining wall is less than 3-4 meters.

Location in the corner against the kitchen furniture

Choose the right appliance

The main criteria of choice: capacity and compactness.

Double chamber unit

The standard two-chamber device (on the photo) takes much space.

  • Roomy: A walk-in freezer complements the walk-in freezer.
  • Convenience: not without reason this design is the most popular.
  • Variety of devices: you can pick up a narrow tall unit or a lower wide one.

Disadvantages: you will have to sacrifice some elements of the kitchen set to free up space.

Single-chamber models

Even a single-compartment unit can be roomy.

  • A freezer compartment inside one compartment will win extra centimeters for other appliances or cabinetry.
  • Plenty of options for placement: such a compact model can even be placed under the countertop.
  • Tip: Takes up minimal space.
  • Reasonable price: if desired, it is possible to supplement the refrigerated cabinet with a separate freezer.

The small single-compartment appliance is indispensable for a small country house.

Tip! If you put a lot of frozen food in the freezer compartment, you can buy a freezer and install it in the hallway for example.

  • Small volume is not suitable for hoarders.
  • The depth of any refrigerator is always significant. So maybe you shouldn’t save space in the height, and get a narrow (50 cm) but tall model.
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