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Snail/ twisted spiral often indicate the pushing function. In most washing machines, the washing mode at low temperature is marked by a snowflake pattern. The most common washing modes in most washing machines are indicated by a pelvis pattern with the addition of various semantic elements.

The scheme of the washing machine-automatic in the process of squeezing is extremely simple: the drum begins to perform rotational actions at extremely high speed. Lingerie adjoins the walls of the drum due to centrifugal strength. The water emerging from the linen flows into the tank through the holes of the drum.

Inclusion of the squeezing mode along the icon

On all washing machines, Bosch, Zanussi, Candy, LG, Wisl 85-1, Siemens, Ariston, the icon looks the same. This is a kind of twisted spiral resembling a snail house. The difference is only in the turns indicated on the icon, but this is so, by the way.

Turn on the squeezing mode on a washing machine likeBosch, Zanussi, Candy, LG, Wisl 85-1 Indesite, Siemens, Ariston, can be carried out individually for each brand. This applies to the turnover of a particular model. Here are the numbers from 400, to 1800 revolutions taken in one minute.

Note! Except speed does not imply high speed on the squeeze of linen. In some cases, the fabric shell of your things may deteriorate. The most optimal option is 1000, 1200 turns of the drum per minute.

What to do if a thing cannot be squeezed out?

In some situations, the outgoing has to be disconnected. About whether it is worth squeezing the thing, you can determine when looking at the label of clothes. Such a label or label, in addition to other beneficial signs, may contain the designation “pushing prohibition” or “prohibition of twisting”. Usually such icons are placed on clothes made of delicate fabric. If you see such signs, then seas in the car (centrifuge) or twisting the product is prohibited.

In this case, the washing machines provides the opening function of the squeezing. To do this, you need to press the press speed button, you need to put it. Without push. On some machines, such a function is indicated by the crossed out spiral. For example, as in the drawings of the below.

Note! Disconnecting the squeeze out, you refuse only the final stage of spin. The squeeze between the stages of washing will remain, since it is laid in the program, and it cannot be disconnected. But we note that such an excavation is performed at lower speeds.

As you can see, an extending sign on the washing machine is one of the most understandable. It is universal for all washing, but everyone who has an automatic washing machine should know the nuances of its use. Now you know how to use this function correctly. Good luck!

Expand management

It is simple to tune the speed of the drum rotation during spin. Even the “newcomer” will cope. It is interesting that you can adjust the “acceleration” of the machine within the program and separately from it. In the latter case, we act like this:

  • We load the clothes into the drum, focusing on the minimum or maximum capacity of the machine;
  • Close the door tightly;
  • We turn the programmer to the position “Except”;
  • Select the speed of rotation of the drum with a handle or button, depending on the model;
  • We activate the cycle by pressing “Start/Pause”.

Many manufacturers of washing machines allow varying intensity of promotion both when starting and during the cycle. So, on Bosch, Samsung, Candy and a number of other brands, you can reduce and increase the speed at any time until the squeezing immediately starts.

Additional Washing Machine modes

In addition to washing, spin and temperature modes are equipped with additional programs. The more expensive the model, the wider and sophistication its functionality.

Ironing/light ironing mode

Very convenient for additional processing of stronger fabrics. Linen trousers, blouses after scrolling in ironing mode do not look crashed, deep creases disappear. Some cars smoothes the laundry with steam.

Ironing mode is ideal for processing linen clothing

washing, machine

Additional rinse

This mode is necessary if the family has people who are allergic to household chemicals. Additional rinse after the main washing guarantees the disappearance of even the slightest signs of powder. This function is also used when washing infant slider and diapers. In addition, additional rinsing shows itself well when processing things, whose structure and material require more thorough flushing. Villous fabrics, wool, soft toys, pillows, artificial fur, upper multi.Layer clothing.

Protection from children

The mode allows you to completely block access to the functionality of the washing machine during washing. By pressing one button, you protect the machine from the opening, unauthorized launch and change the settings.

STIHL in the family will preserve the protection mode from children

Half loading mode

Limits the supply of water, helps save. Convenient with a small amount of washing, when only half of the water is enough from its usual volume.

Balanced squeeze

The function during the spin helps to evenly distribute things over the entire surface of the drum.

Additional water mode

It is turned on during the main washing with maximum drum loading, when the usual volume of water is not enough to rinse.

Inclusion timer

Allows you to set a certain time to start the washing machine.

The inclusion timer is washed while you are at work

Smart control of water volume

The program itself controls the amount of water consumed during water. Adds more if necessary. Limits the feed if there is already enough.

Diagnostic mode of malfunctions

The functionality allows you to monitor all the main “organs” of the washing machine for various problems. Forewarned is forearmed.

Without ironing

The regime without ironing lies in the incomplete drainage of water, so there are no deep creases and folds left on the clothes.

Disconnection of an annexation

Allows you to turn off the squeezing function in any wash mode.

Disconnection of an annexation

When washing some types of fabrics, it is undesirable. Such a restriction can establish a manufacturer who released a thing. Sometimes you yourself want to carefully and delicately wash your favorite clothes.

On LG models, you can turn off the push.Up function in almost each of the factory washing programs.

In general, you can immediately choose a mode that does not imply squeezing linen. If this option is not suitable, just turn the handle of the programmer to the desired program. Then, using the button on the control panel that regulates the number of revolutions, install “without spin”. Washing will take place in a regular channel, but at the end of the rinse, the machine will simply merge the remaining water from the tank and notify the completion of the process.

Washing and turning on rinsing modes in the machine

The category of automatic washing machines has a fundamental difference from semiautomatic devices in the next. You do not need to warm the water separately, determining by eye at what temperature it will be better to wash off everything, then fill in, rinse and so on. If for washing at home you use LG washing machine with rinsing, then you can be proud that things will be clean and you need to spend a minimum of effort for this. In the last version, it was necessary to work mainly with hands and a little head, then everything is the other way around. It would be nice to familiarize yourself with the instructions, and then act.

Automatic washing machine that it is? We are talking about a modern washing device that makes the process invisible to you, and significantly saves time and effort. The principle of action is very similar to semiautomatic devices with a drum mechanism, only here everything happens according to a clearly given program. It would be good for each button and an icon on the panel: what is it. After all, all this is not written there in vain, each icon and designation indicates a cycle, which includes the time and quality of washing, as well as a strip sequence.

Features of stopping cars of different brands

Ways to stop the washing machine during washing are specific for individual models:

  • Bosch manufacturers have equipped devices with the function of laundry of linen with the suspension of the cycle after starting. To convert the unit to this mode, you need to click the Start button a second time. If “Yes” is displayed on the display, then the door can be opened if “No”, the blocking will work, and you need to wait.
  • Corean production washing machines have a built.In sensor of the residual level of washing liquid in the drum. After an urgent stop, the manufacturer recommends open the door and drain the solution through emergency discharge. This ensures the coordination of the real situation and readings of the sensor, thereby does not allow failures in the process.
  • LG and Beko brands. In these machines, it is enough to press the “pause” button, which is located in the front of the panel. After clicking, turn off the unit from the mains, for which remove the cord from the outlet. In a few minutes, a click of the door open will be heard.
  • Atlant models have an emergency opening of the hatch. To unlock it, you need to pull the cable (near the emergency plum). Everything is simple and fast.
  • Electrolux and AEG models have a “pause” button. You need to click on it and de.Energize the washing machine. The door is unlocked at the fluid level below the sensor and water temperature up to 50ºС.

How to stop the washing machine during washing, you can learn from the instructions for the operation of the product. For brands Indesit, Candy, Ariston and Zanussi, the methods of interrupting the cycle are similar to the above.

Common errors when connecting and operating

We list the common errors made during the installation and subsequent operation of the washing machine.

Incorrect installation of a drain hose

The end of the drain hose is installed at a certain height. The recommended height for each model is indicated in the instructions for the device. The general principle is that the upper point of the hose installation should be slightly higher than the maximum water level in the car tank.

Incorrect installation leads to a water leak from the tank, the opposite siphon effect, as well as to the appearance of an unpleasant odor in the machine.

Network connection errors

A characteristic error consists in the use of emergency wiring (insufficient cross.Section of wires, single.Layer insulation). This leads to overheating of the electrical wiring, melting of insulation, closing, electric shock.

Important. Illiterate connection of the device to the mains is not only dangerous for life and health, but can also cause malfunctions in the machine.

If the premises were not originally designed for the installation of a washing machine, then electricity eyeliner is carried out by an individual (three.Core) cable of the corresponding section. The cable is carried out from the distribution panel with the installation of circuit breakers designed for a current of at least 16 A.

Attention. The use of faulty or low.Quality two.Wire outlets and extension cords is unacceptable.

How to turn ON/OFF sound in LG washing machine 2019 model.

washing, machine

Incorrect connection to the water supply

The machine is connected to the water supply through autonomous cranes located in an accessible place for operation. This makes it possible to quickly block water if necessary.

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Using powders with increased foaming

Excess foam fills the internal cavities of the machine, leading to failures and breakdowns in the operation of electronic nodes.

Hit by foreign objects

Extraneous objects falling into the car along with linen are called serious damage to internal details, up to engine failure. Therefore, linen before loading is carefully checked and removed from s all extraneous objects, as well as poorly fixed buttons and fasteners.

Improper switching operating modes

The change of mode is set after turning off the power and in the direction along the time. Failure to fulfill this requirement leads to a breakdown of the command apparatus of the washing machine.

Non.Compliance with loading standards

Car overloading and rolling linen in whom causes increased vibration and rapid wear of equipment. In the event of a problem, the machine is turned off, redistributed underwear and launched again.

In addition, it is not recommended to leave unattended in the included car, the age of which is more than 4-5 years. The probability of breakdowns and leaks in this “age” is very great.

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