How to put the blade in the meat grinder correctly

Sharpening a Meat Grinder’s Knife & Plate

Auxiliary parts for the meat grinder

Today’s meat grinders come with extras that allow them to work not just with meat, but with other products as well.

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Now with a meat grinder you can make juice, for this you need to use a special auger.

This has not stopped the inventors and with the help of special grates it is now possible to regulate the saturation of freshly squeezed juices with pulp.

Salads in five minutes is no longer a fantasy: knives and chopping attachments help housewives save time when cooking.

Use the meat grinder to make homemade sausage or cookies.

Instructions for assembling an electric meat grinder: the principle and sequence of parts installation

One of the most popular kitchen appliances is considered a meat grinder, it could not displace from the kitchen all modern combines and blenders. With the help of a meat grinder can be made not only minced meat and pates, it is used to make homemade sausages and sausages, squeeze juice, prepare vegetable puree, original cookies and pasta. All this will be available to any housewife, but for this you need to know how to assemble the meat grinder correctly, so as not to call the husband in the kitchen when you need to grind meat or squeeze juice urgently.

Assembling it correctly

To assemble the meat grinder, you should first insert the auger inside the housing, orienting it so that the threaded end comes out of the rear, narrower hole. The handle is put on it, which is fixed to the meat grinder with a special screw. On the other side there is a knife. It faces outward with its flat side and inward with its convex surface. The grid iron does not have a pronounced orientation and can be inserted facing either direction, making sure to match the side cut with the overhang.

A tightening ring is screwed on top. It is not necessary to apply excessive force to it and twist very tightly. This can make the grinder more difficult to operate and later disassemble it to clean it. It remains to securely fix the meat grinder to the edge of the table with a screw clamp.

Important moment! Do not confuse the sides of the knife, as this will cause the meat to not cut. It will for some time due to the rotation of the auger will be squeezed through the holes of the grid, and then the mechanism will simply stop, because it will be completely clogged.

Assembling the manual meat grinder

Check that all components are clean and dry before proceeding with assembly. Otherwise, the meat grinder will quickly fail.

Now let’s take a step-by-step look at how to assemble a manual meat grinder:

  • Take the auger shaft and place it in the center of the body. Note that the wide part should be on the side where the handle will be attached, and the thin part should be on the knife side.
  • Place the handle on the wide rod and screw it on.
  • On the other side of the auger, install the blade so that its flat side looks outward. If you are dealing with a circular knife, there should be a knurled part with edges near the grate.
  • After installing the blade, put the mesh on the tip of the rod. It must adhere to the blade as tightly as possible.
  • Secure the construction with a clamping nut.

Place the meat grinder on the surface

If there are no difficulties with the electric meat grinder in terms of installation, the mechanical “counterpart” in this matter is more demanding. For fixation of this type in the tail part there is a special grip with a screw holder. For a stable position the device is installed on a foot at the edge of a table and the holder is screwed up to the stop.

If the surface is smooth and the holder of the mincer is not rubberized, you should use a piece of textile or rubber as a gasket to keep the device from shifting during cooking.

How a handheld meat grinder works?

“The manual grinder is attached to the edge of the table with a metal foot (in more modern models the “foot” is made of plastic). Place a soft cloth between the foot and the table to prevent the multi-food grinder from slipping.

Assembly and operation of the electric meat grinder

If the user has already assembled a manual model, he or she can easily handle an electric household appliance as well.

How to assemble the electric multi-food grinder correctly

The scheme of assembling the meat grinder is as follows:

  • Connect the plastic reducer with the metal ring of the auger, the grooves of the parts must fit together. Turn the gearbox counterclockwise until you hear a “click” sound. If the parts are connected incorrectly, the motor will not be able to turn the auger.
  • The inside of the auger must line up exactly with the outline of the hole on the housing.
  • Put a sharp knife on the output part of the auger and install the grid. The holes and protrusions must line up. When carrying out such works it is necessary to put a knife correctly.
  • Screw the clamping nut and install the loading hopper in the upper part of the body of the device.

Now that we know how to assemble an electric meat grinder, let’s get acquainted with the other nuances of this process.

How to insert the knife correctly into the multi-food grinder

When installing the part, the cutting part of the blade should be in contact with the grate, which will contribute to thorough chopping of the food to be served. After installing the knife secure the grid by fixing it in the special groove, then tighten the nut. If the cutting element is installed incorrectly, the meat will be clogged and remain inside the device.

How to use the multi-food grinder

At the beginning of the process we cut the food to be processed into small pieces so that they fit into the opening of the receiving hopper. Plug the device into the socket, press the start button and start pushing the product with the pusher to the auger. Getting on the shaft, the raw material will move and hit the knife. Here the product is chopped and goes out into the receiving bowl.

With the motor running, the process of processing occurs continuously. If the auger is clogged, the user only needs to turn on the reverse and remove the remains of the product. They can also be used later with a new batch of meat.

There are a few simple rules for using the meat grinder. Do not put bones and meat together in the hopper. Before serving, any product is sliced into small pieces. After carrying out the work it is necessary to disassemble the household appliance, carefully wash and dry all the parts.

How to disassemble the multi-food grinder

Earlier we learned how to assemble the electric meat grinder. it’s a simple job that every user can do. Disassembly of the household appliance occurs in reverse order. First you need to unscrew the clamping nut, remove the metal grid and the knife. Then turn and pull out the auger together with the reducer. At the end of the work, the loading container is removed. All removable parts should be cleaned of residues and washed in water, then wiped with a soft damp cloth.

Delicious and healthy meals on weekdays and holidays

At exact observance of all described actions user gets an opportunity to grind meat and other products quickly and without problems. to get quality minced meat for cooking various dishes of the world.

In the case of any problems you need only carefully reread the “instructions”, pay attention to the most difficult items and painstakingly perform each step anew, achieving the desired result. flawless operation of the machine.

Mother of two children. Running a household for over 7 years. this is my main job. I like to experiment, constantly trying different tools, methods, techniques that can make our lives easier, more modern, richer. I love my family.

You have washed the meat grinder and now you don’t remember how the blade should stand?

In our article you will find detailed instructions with photos on how to insert the blade correctly into the electric meat grinder.

First a few words on why it is important to set the meat grinder blade correctly.

Why it is important to set the blade of the multi-food grinder correctly?

If you put the meat grinder blade in the wrong place (that is on the wrong side) the blade will only press the meat but not mince it. After all, the blade is inserted into the meat grinder with both sides without much effort and it is difficult to tell at a glance which side is correct.

Of course you won’t get minced meat in this case, but you will know straight away that the knife is not mounted correctly.

And now let’s figure out how to correctly put a knife for different types of meat grinders.

How the knife should stand in the multi-food grinder?

We will break down the three main types of electric meat grinders and how to put a knife in such grinders, the instructions are accompanied by a photo.

An electric meat grinder with one blade.

If you have a mincer with one blade, the knife must be inserted with the flat side out. For an example of how to properly place the blade, see the photo below.

Electric meat grinder with circular knife.

In this case, in order to place the knife correctly, focus on the cutting edges of the circular knife when you install it. The cutting edges of the knife should always face outward.

Such grinders usually come with two knives. To properly install the knives in such a meat grinder, follow this recommendation: the first double-sided knife is installed on the auger, then install the grate. Then we put the second knife, followed by a grid with smaller holes. At the very end install the locking ring.

So, now you know how to properly insert a knife into the meat grinder and you have a detailed instruction for different types of meat grinders with photos. However if you have done everything correctly and meat grinder still has difficulties in scrolls meat then the problem is not in how to place the knife but in the knife itself.

Most likely it is blunt and needs to be replaced.

In Topperr’s product line you will always find blades for different brands of meat grinders, such as Moulinex, Bosch, Sirman and many others.

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Only a mincer is capable of mincing meat into mincemeat. And although technology is taking over, putting electronic appliances on our kitchen shelves nowadays, the good old manual mincer is still in use today. Unlike the electric mincer, the mechanical one is driven by hand. I will tell you how to assemble it correctly.

How to correctly insert a knife into a manual multi-food grinder

Despite the different principle of operation of the meat grinder, you should carefully study the instructions for assembling any device, because the effectiveness of its work depends on the correct drawing up. It is especially important to know how the knife should stand in the meat grinder. This is the most important element of any type of appliance.

The mechanical assembly is just as important as the electrical one. On how to insert the knife into the manual meat grinder, will depend on the quality of the prepared dish. And also the durability of the appliance. To assemble the parts of a manual meat grinder in a consistent manner, you need to know what it consists of:

  • The main body of the meat grinder, in which all the parts are attached. It is often made of cast iron, but there are also examples made of aluminum.
  • The spiral-shaped shaft for turning the contents. It is also known by another name. the auger.
  • Cross-shaped blade.
  • Grate plate. for adjusting the degree of grinding of meat and other products in the device.
  • The fastener for all parts.
  • The handle that sets the mincer in motion.

To assemble a manual meat grinder, you must first of all insert the auger into the body of the device. Then a knife is placed on top of it. Particular attention should be paid to what side to insert the knife into the meat grinder. it is very important. If the point of the part is sharpened on one side only, then the sharp part is mounted on the shaft side for a softer movement during shredding. If the knife is double sharp, then it does not matter which way you put it.

After installing the cutting part according to the slots, the grid is installed and the structure is secured with the coupling nut. It is very important to install the grid as close as possible to the cutter.

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