How to put the powder into the washing machine

Most often “shampoos” are called products for cleaning high-tech or down clothing, which has its own subtleties in care. For proper use, always follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the shampoo itself and directly to the washing machine.

What’s so special about liquid detergents? Once in the tray, they literally immediately (without water) begin to flow into the drum. Some machine manufacturers provide an additional curtain in the tray. It serves for precise calculation of liquid products (because it has divisions), but in general, too, does not prevent the runoff.

Machines with a different tray structure may not have this curtain. Then users are advised to pour liquid detergent into the compartment for the main wash immediately before starting, or use special containers that are placed in the drum with the dirty clothes.

Sometimes manufacturers forbid pouring liquid products directly into the tray, so always study the instructions carefully!

What special laundry detergents are

Most often, experienced housewives use different special detergents for washing.

  • Powders. Dry products are poured into the tray or drum, have an economical pricing policy.
  • Liquid detergents. Concentrated gels, stain removers, rinses, conditioners.
  • Tablets, capsules and compressed cubes. Loaded immediately into the drum of the washing machine, they form the necessary amount of foam, which allows the field to effectively clean things from dirt and kill unpleasant odors.

Where to fill the powder in an automatic washing machine: is it possible in the drum

The washing machine has become a part of our life, and most housewives simply can not imagine how to do without it. Modern automatic machines are so easy to use that we often do not even think about how to use them correctly.

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As a result, some do not pay attention to where to put the powder in the washing machine. But only when each compartment is used correctly will the washing be of high quality and economical.

Experiment. 5 kg. Washing Powder. in a Washing Machine

The place inside the loading tray for filling the powder

The manufacturer equips the dispenser with a special loading tray. The number of compartments depends on the functions. There are usually three of them in machines with side loading. There are models with vertical loading, where the tray has four compartments.In any case, it is important to know the designation of the three main working compartments:

The prewash load cell is always marked with the letter “A”, a Roman or Arabic numeral “1”. The compartment is used by the machine if it is given this task. To get the effect of a double wash, the first compartment is loaded with powder, otherwise the first treatment will take place in clean water, and the wash with powder will begin in the second stage.

The main wash compartment is indicated by the Russian letter “B”, the English letter “B”, and the Roman or Arabic numeral “2”. This compartment is loaded with powder when any washing function is selected.

For different types of laundry additionally use rinses, bleaches, softeners, conditioners and other agents. They are mostly liquid. For auxiliary agents, the tray is equipped with a third compartment, usually marked with an icon resembling a flower “”.

Each machine model has an individual design of the loading tray. An example of the location of the main powder compartment of a washing machine from different manufacturers is shown on

If the appliance has a prewash function, when you switch it on, it will first pre-fill the relevant compartment with water. You will have to wait for the passage of half of the cycle. After the first drain, the machine will supply water to the second compartment. This cell will be for the main washing mode. The third compartment by calculation method is determined for air conditioners.

Where to fill the powder in the washing machine

For the result of washing to please, it is important to adhere to the recommendations for the use of the washing machine from the manufacturer. But what if you’ve lost the instructions, and you can’t figure out how to deal with the compartments for the powder? In this article we will tell you where to pour the powder into the washing machine, what products can be used for washing, and how to care for the cuvette. a special compartment for detergents.

Algorithm of loading the powder into the washing machine

If you have to work with a newly purchased machine, carefully read the instructions that come with it. Next, you will need to do the following:

  • Connect the appliance to the mains.
  • Turn the water tap to open the machine.
  • Set the program to your liking.
  • After selecting a cycle, pour the powder or other detergent you need into the appropriate compartment of the tray. You can also add rinse aid during the rinse cycle. before the rinse cycle begins.

Useful information: you can also place the powder directly in the drum. Some detergent brands strongly recommend this, as it makes the machine run faster and visibly improves the washing quality.

Pouring directly into the drum uses less powder. And products in capsule and compressed dice form are not recommended to be placed in the tray at all. There’s another reason: if your machine is old and in time, powder will not be completely flushed out, mold will form, which can be the source of odor. Loading directly into the drum would then be the optimal solution.

Proper use of detergents in the machine wash

Where to fill the powder in the washing machine actually

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The washing machine is the best helper of the modern housewife. Malfunctions in it are comparable to the end of the world, especially in large families with children, where the mother works in addition to household duties.

Often the cause of failure can be trivial negligence or even distraction, or incompetence.

Place, for example, not the right detergent, and even in the wrong place, so there is a failure! After all, any technique requires a thoughtful and careful attitude. Where to fill the powder in the washing machine in fact, let us understand in this article.

Washing technology

Take the type of laundry into account when determining the powder dosage. Modern appliances are equipped with innovative technologies that can save powder without prejudice to the result.

Dry washing involves steaming the items. The powder is completely dissolved before use, so there is no chance of soapy streaks. Vapor extraction removes even stubborn stains. This eliminates the need to wash and soak items. In addition, this type of washing saves a lot of powder, so you should add it much less.

EcoBubble technology implies that the powder is first dissolved in the foam generator by the action of the supplied bubbles. Washing is carried out with a homogeneous soap solution without a single particle of detergent.

powder, washing, machine

Advanced steam and EcoBubble technology saves detergent without compromising wash quality

Few people ponder on how much detergent to use. Do not pour it intuitively “by eye” or guided by the manufacturer’s recommendations. Consider all of the major factors that affect detergent consumption when selecting a dosage.

LG Washing Machine Detergent Drawer Symbols & How to use Detergent & Fabric Softener Compartments

The automatic machine uses a set volume/quantity of water per wash cycle. Too much powder may not be enough water to rinse out laundry properly. It will leave white streaks after it dries. And the problem is not only an unsightly appearance, powder residues can cause allergy attacks. Especially dangerous is incomplete rinsing of chemicals for children.

Large amounts of powder may not be completely washed out of the tray, the residues will accumulate on the walls and may cause clogging of the feed. Also, excessive use of detergents, can cause an unpleasant smell in the drum and the formation of mold.

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