How to quickly clean the hood from fat

How to clean the hood: folk remedies and chemistry

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. The key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.

The hood can be cleaned using ordinary home remedies: soda, vinegar, ammonia, household soap or lemon. If it has not been washed for a long time, then these methods, most likely, will no longer help, they will need more radical measures and the use of household chemicals. The usual Fairy is also suitable, but the housewives recommend in these cases special tools for hoods, ovens, kitchen slabs: GreenClean Professional, Isescle, Amway, Sano Forte Plus, Topperr. In extreme cases, a mole is used. Clean hood. The key to the purity of air in the house. Therefore, it is important to maintain it in order.

Preparatory events

Before cleaning the hood, it is necessary to arm the factory instructions for the device and get acquainted with the recommendations of the manufacturer for care and operation. The paper should indicate how often to clean the hood, and what products are suitable for cleaning.

Important! Means are selected depending on the material from which the case and parts are made. Some chemicals can damage the coating.

Processing is carried out only after completely de.Energizing the device. Therefore, you will have to figure out how the hood turns off. Otherwise when the liquid gets into the housing, you risk getting a short circuit and a shock blow.

Useful information: how to clean the hood from fat, you can find out here.

Prepare the drugs and tools that will be needed for cleaning:

  • Personal protective equipment. Gloves, respirator (if necessary);
  • A capacious container for soaking removable parts;
  • Kitchen sponge. One or more;
  • Tissue napkin or rag for wet cleaning;
  • Cleaning products depending on the selected processing method.

How to disassemble?

Particular attention when cleaning the hood must be paid to preparatory measures. Soapy and button panel is not enough.

IMPORTANT! For global cleansing the device, it needs to be disassembled.

  • Carefully familiarize yourself with the operating manual in order to determine which details can be dismantled.
  • Disable the device from the mains.
  • Start disassembly, first to extract fat.Linked grilles of steel or aluminum, unlocking the fixers.
  • Get a disposable or coal filter (if any).
  • Gently disconnect the duct, slightly pulling the pipe over itself and disconnecting it from the ventilation system.
  • Remove the hood from the fasteners.
  • Do disassembly of the case to gain access to the inner parts of the device.
  • Before choosing how to clean the bars from the hood, you need to choose the right detergent in accordance with the characteristics of the device, the material from which its parts are made, the degree of pollution and the instructions. Incorrectly selected tool can cause damage to the device.

After that, you can proceed to clean the unit elements, and after its end, all the parts must be thoroughly dried.

Ways to wash fatty dirt


Easy to remove soot and fat from hoods. Washing filters in a dishwasher:

  • Fold the removable elements of the hood into the lower basket of the device;
  • Turn on the machine at minimum temperature. In the case of severe pollution. Select the regime with soaking or preliminary rinse.

The method is also convenient because after washing the filters you do not need to wipe them with a towel for a long time, risking too much pressure on the grille and deform a thin metal surface. The dishwasher will dry the parts within 15 minutes.


The method implies the use of a steam cleaner. The device is not cheap, but with its help you can quickly clean and disinfect not only the hood, but also any surfaces.

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The principle of operation of the steam cleaner: water is heated in a special tank to a temperature of 150 ° C, and steam jets come through the holes on the working surface of the device.

Method of cleaning filters with a steam generator:

  • Pour water into a special tank in the volume indicated in the instructions for the device;
  • Connect the device to the power and wait for the light signal of the indicator of the steam generator readiness for work;
  • Bring the device to the cleaned surface and press the steam supply button.

ATTENTION! The production of steam occurs due to constant boiling of water, so from time to time you need to add the liquid to the tank.


The method is signed by those who found the times when bedding and bright clothes were boiled in huge pots. Do in a similar way if you need to wash very dirty hoods:

  • Grind half the bar of laundry soap on a grater, transfer the chips into a large container;
  • Add 50 g of soda and 50 g of salt to the same dishes, pour 3-3.5 l of water, mix the components;
  • Put in the grate solution and put on the plate on;
  • Boil 1.5-2 hours;
  • After cooling the solution, take out the products and rinse them with water.


  • Prepare a spacious basin or pan with a wide bottom, pour water into it so that the liquid fills the dishes by about 2/3;
  • Put the container on the stove and turn on the burner;
  • As soon as the water boils, pour baking soda into it (at the rate of 200 g of a substance per 5 l of liquid);
  • Add soda in small portions, otherwise the water can steal hard;
  • Place the filters in boiling water and “dump” them for 20 minutes.
quickly, clean, hood

Fresh pollution will quickly move away from the sieves, you will have to wash filters in clean water.

To cleanse the old accumulations of fat, a yellowed liquid formed during boiling elements of the hood, replace with clean water with a new portion of soda and continue the procedure.


The following chemicals are suitable for cleaning hoods of fat:

  • AMWAY overthrow cleaner. In the kit with the drug, there is a special brush of red color, which is conveniently applied to the contaminated surface of the hood filters. After processing the product, leave the grilles for 30 minutes, then remove the remaining solution of the solution with a sponge. Wipe the details of the hoods with clean water.
  • Anti.Berry sanita gel. Designed to wash kitchen slabs, ovens, can also be used to process fat.Propelled elements. Apply the product to the contaminated surface for 7 minutes, then rinse with water;


You will need a whiten whitler, an old toothbrush and rubber gloves to protect your hands:

  • Put the filters horizontally, moisturize their surface;
  • Apply a cleaning product with a toothbrush and leave for 10 minutes;
  • Rinse the drug with a large amount of clean water, dry the lattices.


The procedure for washing filters using tools for cleaning pipes is desirable no more often than 1-2 times during the entire period of operation of the hood. Carefully read the instructions for the drug before starting work, the slightest non.Compliance with the exposure time of the reagent on the surface can lead to deformation of the metal surface.

Liquid consistency products:

  • Put the details of the hoods in a suitable container and pour the drug prepared according to the manufacturer’s instructions;
  • After 1-2 minutes, remove the lattices and rinse in a large amount of clean water, wipe with a dry towel.

Funds in the form of powder, granules:

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  • Put the removable elements of the hood on a baking sheet or pallet, fill it with a dry cleaning drug and pour a small amount of hot water;
  • After 5 minutes, clean the filters with a brush with hard bristles and rinse with water, dry.

IMPORTANT! The used drug immediately after cleaning, pour into the toilet. Perform the procedure only in gloves and a mask, do not allow the cleaner to enter the eyes and to open areas of the skin.

Where to start cleaning?

In order not to spoil the expensive device, it is recommended to first study the instructions for it, in which clear instructions are given how to wash the device. Modern hoods can have their own cleaning system, which will simplify detergents.

Most often, the principles of washing and cleaning the kitchen hood are reduced to the following actions:

  • For the purpose of your safety and the safety of the device, de.Energize it, pulling it out of the outlet.
  • To get to the insides of the hood, it is necessary to remove the front panel.

Most often it is attached on latches, but if necessary, unscrew the fasteners. Try to fold the bolts together so that later it turns out to assemble the device.

The outer panel must be washed using detergents, it will be much easier to wash it from fat in the removed one than in an attached to the hood.

Now that all the details are removed, you can move directly to the hood itself. On its surface on all sides there are usually drops of frozen fat and dirt. Using detergents, it is necessary to wash all the dirt, clean from soot and fat, and prepare the device for assembly.

As soon as you managed to wash the filter, pipe, external panel and hood itself from fat, collect the device and prepare for further work. This method of washing is applicable to highly contaminated devices for exhaling air, but if contaminants are not of such a terrifying nature, then you can limit yourself to the filter washing.

Cleaning pollution using a steam generator and dishwasher

An excellent and quick way to clean the surface from fat is to use a steam generator. Taking advantage of this device, even with strong fatty contaminants, you will not have to “boil” the details in the pan, and the whole procedure will need to be spent several minutes.

It is interesting! When using a steam generator, the temperature of the steam is about 145 degrees, therefore, upon completion of the cleaning process, all contaminants are quickly removed by the sponge even without detergent.

From the negative sides of this method, the high cost of the device should be noted. Nevertheless, it is recommended to purchase it if you like to arrange general cleaning, because you can wash not only the hood, but also the floor, windows, plumbing and other household items. To this, the use of a steam generator allows not only to remove pollution, but also pathogens of microorganisms.

Separate parts of the hood can be quickly washed in a dishwasher, putting them in the department for large dishes. It is recommended to carry out such a procedure three times a month.

Cleaning with cleaning products from the store

Specialized tools such as “Shine Anti.Zhill”, “Schumanit” or “Azelit” cope with cleaning the filter. They are absolutely eliminated from neglected fat, packaged in a container with a distributor. Using them is easy. The composition is applied to the grate and left for 10-15 minutes, after which it is thoroughly washed off.

Oven Cleaner kitchen cabinet kitchen cups copes with old fat on plastic details.

quickly, clean, hood

There are alkalis among the ingredients of cleaners, so the composition of the composition is first checked in a small area.

If the hood has not been in sanitization for many months, you can use radical fatty fatteners, for example, to clean with a mole or other remedy that removes fat and difficult to soluble pollution in water:

  • The grate is laid on the pallet and the product is poured so that it covers it.
  • Abundant foam will appear.
  • As soon as the foam formation stops, the dirt can be washed off.

The composition of technical means contains alkalis or acids in a decent percentage, so they need to be used according to the intended purpose. Such active reagents should not fall on the working surfaces of the kitchen.

How to boil a filter in a soda solution

Persistent old fat deposits on the filter of the kitchen hood can be removed with the same soda, but by boiling.

  • Boil water in a large pan.
  • Pour soda into boiling water: about 1 cup in a large pan, 1/2 cup in the middle pan.
  • Когда сода растворится, убавьте огонь, поместите в раствор фильтр и прокипятите его до 10-15 минут, пока загрязнения не ослабнут.
  • Wash the pan in the usual way.

In this video, you can clearly see how to wash the hood filter from fat using this folk method.

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Cleaning of the case

Now go to cleaning the case and fan. The difficulty is that the case is a visible, more fixed part of the hood, which means the cleaning will be long and uncomfortable. All that you can use so as not to scratch the surface is a sponge (soft part) and a liquid for washing dishes. At the same time, do not forget that it is possible to abundantly moisten the surface of the kitchen hood, t.To. There is a risk of moisture in the mechanisms of hood control, on the display (if it is provided), as well as on electrical circuits of control.

To clean the hood fan from the oil and mucus, it is best to use the ruff and the minimum amount of moisture to exclude its entry into the rotating mechanism. After global cleaning, it is not recommended to turn on the hood in the next 24 hours so that moisture, if it gets to electrical circuits, does not cause the equipment to fail or fire.

These are the main ways to clean the hood from fat, dirt and dust. Nothing complicated, only patience, desire and a lot of work will be needed.

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