How to quickly wash the mesh of hoods from fat

Ways of fast cleaning from hoods

The hood is designed to get rid of the odors in the room, it is through it that evaporation and spent air are stretched from the kitchen. Since the kitchen hood operates 24 hours a day, the device grille is quickly polluted. Dust settles on it, as well as fat. There are several effective ways to clean the bars from the hood.

Each model of the kitchen hood has a guide to analyze the technique. Before you independently remove part of the details, you need to familiarize yourself with it. Sometimes the diagram is placed on the hood itself outside or under the hull cover. The methods for attaching spare parts for all models are different, but the analysis algorithm is similar:

  • First of all, it is necessary to turn off the kitchen hood from the power source.
  • The upper body is removed.
  • After you need to remove the metal grill. As a mount, fixers are usually used, which can be jammed with a light press.
  • If there is a coal filter, it also needs to be removed.
  • The latter is unscrewed by a pipe that conducts dirt and soot in a ventilation hole.

In order for the hood to work as efficiently as possible, in addition to the metal mesh, it is also necessary to clean the retainers and a profile pipe holding it. If you need to wash the body of the kitchen hood, it is not necessary to remove it.

Methods of cleaning kitchen hoods

Removing the stuck fat from the surface of a metal mesh may not be so simple. There are several of the most common means with which you can clean the grate from frozen dirt:

  • household chemicals;
  • laundry soap;
  • soda;
  • vinegar;
  • lemon acid;
  • ammonia;
  • steam cleaner;
  • dishwasher.

Using each tool, you need to observe proportions so as not to spoil the metal mesh.

Household chemicals for cleaning

Working with household chemicals must be approached with caution. Cleaning powders can cause allergies, so you need to use rubber gloves.

When working with cleaning products, you need to use rubber gloves

For cleaning you will need a regular household sponge. It is desirable that it has both the porous and abrasive sides. The grill must be soaked in warm water with the addition of a cleaning agent. For this, a special powder for cleaning gas plates that corrodes fat is suitable. You can also use a dishes for washing. Soak the grid in the product at least 15 minutes. If ordinary funds do not cope, you can use the bleach. It is necessary to apply a whiteness using an unnecessary toothbrush to a wet grate. Rinse the bleach in 10 minutes with a sponge.

Modern fat for removal

It should be borne in mind that it is undesirable to use cleaning powder on a stainless steel grille. Metal is easily corroded, so after several gross purges it can be covered with rust and become unusable.

Cleaning hoods with household soap

Effectively remove not very stuck fat at home, you can use soap solution. To do this, usual laundry soap is used. This method is suitable even for steel grilles.

For the solution, it is necessary to use 72% soap. The grate is soaked in hot water. At one liter of water, you need at least a quarter of a briquette of laundry soap. You can clean the metal lattice from the hood in this way using a scraper. The scraper can be made of plastic, but for the rowing dirt, a metallic.

Removing dirt with soda

Soda is a well.known cleaning folk remedy that is in every house. Plus this method of cleansing the hood is the lack of damage to the metal lattice.

Half a glass of soda must be dissolved in three liters of water. It is necessary to put the mixture on the fire and bring to a boil. In such a solution, a metal grate should boil for about half an hour. After this method, usually no additional cleansing is required using sponges or scrapers.

Soda food. an effective cleaning agent

Vinegar for cleaning hoods

Vinegar must be used for cleaning a metal mesh extremely carefully. It is advisable to use rubber gloves, as well as open the window in the room, since the vinegar has a pungent smell. Fluid vapors can cause irritation of mucous membranes.

To wash the hood, it is necessary to apply undiluted vinegar to it. You can do this, carefully wetting the net soaked in vinegar sponge. It is necessary to leave the grate for 10 minutes so that the vinegar is corroded. You can also soak the hood grid in undiluted vinegar for 20 minutes. Remove the remaining fat must be removed using an abrasive sponge.

Lemonic acid for washing hoods

To clean the hood, you can use both citric acid and lemon zest. It is necessary to pour citic acid on the wet surface of the metal lattice and let it absorb for 15 minutes. Remove the product along with dissolved fat is worthwhile with warm water and brush.

To clean the grate using fruits, two lemons are used. They are cut in half and rubbed with a zest of the grill. You need to rub thoroughly so that the net is well so saturated with lemon juice. Just as in the case of citric acid, the remaining fats are removed.

Ultra Violet Hood System Cleaning

Citric acid does not belong to the most effective remedies for cleaning. Perhaps, to remove the stuck dirt, you need to wash the grate from the hood with acid several times.

Cleaning a metal mesh with ammonia

If the mud is very eaten into the bars of the grate, you can use ammonia alcohol. It is worth remembering that this is a very caustic remedy that needs to be used with great caution. When cleaning, rubber gloves and a protective mask are necessarily used. The room should fully ventilate.

For a cleaning solution, it is necessary to mix half a glass of ammonia and 3, 5 liters of hot water. Soak the hood for at least an hour. After rinse the metal lattice under running water.

Using a steam cleaner to clean the hood

A good way to remove even stuck fat from surfaces is a steam generator. Quite expensive, but effective technique. Under the influence of a temperature of 150 degrees, dirt lags behind the surface. After processing the steam cleaner, it is enough to wipe the details of the hood with a conventional sponge for dishes. Another advantage of steam cleansing is the disinfection of all surfaces.

Cleaning the grille in the dishwasher

For regular washing the elements of the kitchen hood, the dishwasher is suitable. To wash dirt from the grill, you need to load it into the department for large dishes. Cleaning should be carried out using the usual detergent. Under the influence of household chemicals, as well as hot water, the grate will be quickly cleaned.

The method may not be suitable if the grille has not been cleaned for several months. Then you will have to remove fat with more caustic drugs.

It is necessary to clean the hood grate at least once a month so that the dirt does not eat into the surface. If you use only cleaning with abrasive tools, the grate can become unsuitable for work.

The kitchen hood will work properly for several years if it is carried out regularly cleaning. You can use both special detergents and the methods tested for years to split fat.

How to wash the hood from fat

Before proceeding with cleaning hoods in the kitchen, it should be prepared for this. Accordingly, you need it:

Как отмыть сетку вытяжки ОТ ЖИРА содой. Полезный совет.

ATTENTION! Before proceeding to the process, you should definitely read the instructions for the hood. And you need not to forget to turn it off. Otherwise, there is a possibility of shock or closing.

The analysis of the hood for washing is carried out in the following order:

  • First, the hood lid is removed, which is located directly above the stove. To do this, it is enough to open the fixers and the lid will easily withdraw from the grooves;
  • Only then the filter is neatly extracted;
  • Next, remove the pipe, which also requires cleaning;
  • It is necessary to remove the air filter;
  • Outwardly you need to inspect the hood case so that there are no contaminants on it.

ATTENTION! It is very important to find information about the air filter in the instructions for the hood. Not every look of it can be cleaned.

The hood is washed very easily. Any tool is suitable for this. You can even just dilute the powder, soap or a dishwasher for washing dishes in the water and wash the traces of the fat with a sponge. After which the entire surface is wiped with a clean rag. But how to wash the mesh of hoods from fat is another question. There are many ways.

How to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat

Methods of cleansing fat and dirty spots from the hood and its filter mass. You can use purchased products that have a variety of chemical elements in their composition. Among the available store funds:

quickly, wash, mesh, hoods

And someone is trying the most diverse affordable folk remedies, time-tested:

And, of course, in the struggle against fat on the hood, you can not do without brushes, rags, lips.

How to wash the hood from fat with folk remedies: soapy water

Many housewives agree that laundry soap is one of the best ways to wash the bars of the hood from fat. At the same time, fatty acids in such soap should be at least 72% (this figure is usually written directly on the bar).

You need to prepare a cleansing solution in this way:

  • 0.5 pieces of soap are rubbed on the grater;
  • The resulting soap chips are dissolved in 2.5 liters of hot water;
  • Now either soak a mesh and filter in the liquid, or carefully moisten problem areas;
  • After about 10-15 minutes, the surface should be cleaned of the residues of fat with a rag or metal sponge.

If suddenly the pollution did not disappear the first time, the procedure can be repeated once again.

How to use lemon to remove fat from hood

An indispensable tool will help to remove fresh fat from the hood. lemon, or rather its juice. To do this, it is enough to thoroughly grate all the fat surfaces of the hood thoroughly with its flesh. In this form, they are left for 10 minutes. After. everything is erased by an ordinary cloth. This tool does not always help the first time. Therefore, you need to keep in mind that you have to repeat the procedure a couple of times before the final cleansing of the hood.

How to wash the hood from fat with vinegar

A rather complicated question than to wash the kitchen hood from fat, which has already stolen. To do this, you can use acid. The most affordable for us is vinegar. It can be used both in a concentrated, not diluted form, and in the form of a weaker water solution.

It is enough to dilute 2 parts of acetic acid in 1 part of water. All the necessary surfaces of the hood are wiped with such a solution and are left for 12-15 minutes. After this time, all the remnants of the pollution are removed with a sponge and clean water.

IMPORTANT! The tool involves the use of concentrated acetic acid, it is recommended to work only in gloves. It is necessary that they be thick. The product should not get on the skin or in the eye!

How to clear soda fat

A strongly contaminated hood can be washed from fat spots using ordinary baking soda. For such a folk recipe you will need:

  • Pour a large pan of water;
  • Add a slightly crushed laundry soap to it;
  • Fall asleep a handful of soda;
  • To mix everything;
  • Dirty details of hoods are lowered into this tool;
  • The pan is placed on the stove;
  • Everything boils for 20 minutes;
  • After that, the fire is turned off, and the dirty parts of the hood are left in the solution;
  • Further, the lattice just needs to rinse in hot clean water.

The result is crystal shine and purity of hoods!

ADVICE! If the pan is not so large that the grille is completely placed there, you can clean the first side, and then the other, turning it over.

How to quickly wash the hood from fat: a tool for removing blockages

If the hood is in a completely neglected state, when neither soda nor vinegar help, then how to quickly wash the hood from fat? It is possible to correct the situation with aggressive means for cleaning pipes. It can be a granular drug, powder, liquid or cream.

The bars of the hoods are placed in a stainless steel container. It is thoroughly poured on top or filled with a purchased tool for removing blockages in the pipes. Now you need to carefully water warm water on top. After 10 minutes, when the lattice is already wet, the fat will begin to retreat, the solution merges, and the filter is washed with warm running water.

ATTENTION! Pipe cleaning tool is an aggressive chemical. It must be used no more than once a year. Otherwise, the grille made of metal will begin to gradually collapse.

quickly, wash, mesh, hoods

Store products in the fight against dried fat on the hood

Today in stores you can find many different means that are created specifically to combat fat old pollution on the hood. It is enough to buy one of them (domestic or foreign production) and use it.

To do this, a lattice on which fat accumulates, you need to put in a large container. From above, its surface is poured with a special cleaning tool. The lattices can be laid in layers, also processed and the means. In this state, they should be kept for at least 20 minutes. Then they are thoroughly washed in water.

If the drug has not completely cope with dried fat on the hood, you should not worry. It is enough to repeat the cleaning process again.

Each housewife can choose the most suitable tool for herself than to wash the hood in the kitchen from fat. You just need to try different options. But you do not need to try to use these aggressive chemicals often. Better. once a month or even less often. Otherwise, you can simply damage the hood.

Tips on how to prevent strong pollution on the hood

Faced once with serious old fat spots on the hood, housewives dream of facilitating their laundering process. But is it so simple?

  • It is recommended to clean the hoods every 1 month. Then in the kitchen it will always be clean, and you can forget about fat spots;
  • When the hood is washed and dried. It must be disconnected. Then the mistress and the unit itself will be safe;
  • Do not heat the hood. Before boiling (if this is provided by the cleaning recipe), you need to check the part for plastic elements. After all, they can melt;
  • It is better to get rid of pollution when they are still fresh. It will be enough even a simple soap solution, with which simple spots are easily wiped. Therefore, it is not worth delaying with cleaning. Better once a week a little bit and easily wash the hood;
  • It is worth taking care of your hood regularly. Then it will work much more efficiently. And the question of how to wash the hood from fat will no longer arise. No additional expenses on professional tools are required.

A very effective recipe for how to wash the filter of the kitchen hood from fat is presented in this


Having prepared elements of the hood for washing, they proceed to the choice of detergents and the process of cleansing the device from fat. Initially, you need to determine what material the filter is made of. If it is made of polycarbonate or plastic, then fat is very tightly eaten into the coating. These filters are not washed, but replaced once a quarter.

If the lattice is aluminum or consists of steel, then it can be washed from oily pollution. This can be done by folk remedies, as well as special chemicals that are sold in the sections of household chemicals.

Which of the funds will be more effective, directly interconnected with the degree of pollution of the device.

Basic remedies of fat combat is baking soda, lemon juice, bowl soap, acetic acid, ammonia, fatty solution, powder.

How to clean the grill?

In order to wash the kitchen hood inside from fat at home, there are many methods that do not provide for the acquisition of expensive chemicals. Sometimes improvised substances located in every house are better and safer to launder traces of fat.

Washing in the kitchen easily, quickly and without worries, you can use the specified means:

  • acetic acid. It is applied to the grate with a napkin, carefully processing the stained areas. Leave for half an hour, then with a hard sponge they rub the dissolved traces, and then washed with clean water;
  • soda. This will need roomy dishes. A small amount of liquid is poured into it, put on fire and brought to a boil. Drill soda is added to the boiled water (to 10 liters of liquid approximately 250 g of soda). Then they lower the grill and filter into the pan, make fire slower and leave on fire for another 30-40 minutes. Thus, fat will gradually dissolve. After a while, take out a grille with a filter and washed under water at room temperature. The remaining pollution in inaccessible places can be removed with a cotton swab.

Soda washing is considered one of the most effective ways. Firstly, for this method there is a minimum of effort, secondly, soda is inexpensive goods, thirdly, during cleaning there are no harmful fumes that may be from chemicals.

  • laundry soap. To remove fat spots, soap shavings are added to the pan with boiling water. Then the parts of the device are immersed in the resulting solution and left for approximately 50-60 minutes. After that, they are pulled out of the water and with the help of a stiff brush, the remains of contaminants are wiped;
  • lemon. Lemon juice is squeezed out onto a napkin and process areas covered with oily coating. When the fat begins to dissolve, wipe the mesh and filter with a damp cloth, then rinse under clean water. If the pollution is not laundered the first time, the procedure should be repeated;
  • ammonia. Когда жироулавливающие фильтры слишком покрыты жиром и ни один из вышеперечисленных растворов не смог справиться с загрязнениями, то вымыть их можно попробовать, используя смесь на основе нашатыря. To do this, boil water in a large enameled bowl. An ammonia is added to the boiling liquid, at the rate of 20 ml per 1 liter of water.

Then the nets are lowered there and leave to boil over low heat for at least an hour. If the stains are old, then the time of the net in the solution is increased to two hours. When the filters are cleaned, they are washed with warm water. Then wiped with a dry towel.

The only drawback of the use of this method is a rather unpleasant specific smell of ammonia.

Когда жир на вытяжке приобретает насыщенный коричневый цвет, значит он уже очень сильно застыл. In such a situation, another proven method will be able to help. dug. This is carried out as follows: in a large pan filled with running water, polluted details of the hoods are placed. Water should completely cover the parts. Then this container is placed on fire, half a bar of laundry soap is added there (preferably with m fatty acids at least 72%) and a couple of tablespoons of soda. The resulting composition is brought to a boil and kept on fire for about 30-40 minutes. If the water begins to evaporate, then it must be added so that the details of the hoods do not appear above the surface.

If after cleaning the grates and filters, leave them to dry independently, then in the future the spots will be eliminated faster.

Washing products also help to wash their fats (for example, Domestos, Cilit Beng, Schumanit and others). But the method using chemicals cannot be called the best. After all, the aggressive components that make up the composition perfectly cope with oily pollution, but not in the best way affect the human body. It is not recommended to use them without rubber gloves and a protective mask, and after washing the hood, you will need to carefully ventilate the room.

Any air cleaner consists of a fat filter. It is needed to clean the air flow that enters through the device. If such a filter was not installed in exhaust devices, then on the internal coating of the equipment, including the electric motor, an oily spot was instantly formed.

Filters are disposable and reusable. The second option is certainly more convenient in practice. Disposable is made of synthetic winterizer and are often mounted in more budget devices. They are thrown out after the appearance of pollution, as they are not subject to washing.

Folk methods

Improvised means that will help no less effectively in the struggle for the purity of hoods can be found in any house. Of course, such compounds may need more time and effort, however, their use will accurately save money, in addition, they do not contain harmful chemicals.

quickly, wash, mesh, hoods

Among the variety of cleaning methods, the following options described below can be distinguished.

  • The food soda has long been known as a folk remedy for household pollution, especially applies to kitchen utensils and devices located in this room. To use it for cleaning, you will need a large container in which the processing tool will be prepared. The preparation technology is as follows: in the largest pot or bucket, ordinary water must be brought to a boil, about 250 grams of soda are added to it. After its dissolution, the mesh from the hood is lowered into the composition, which must be boiled for half an hour. To remove soot, you do not need to make any efforts and rub the grill, the dirt will go away by itself. After boiling, the grate should be washed with water and, wiping dry, install in the hood.
  • Vinegar is acid, and it, as a rule, is characterized by the ability to dissolve fats. But, besides this feature, vinegar is able to harm the skin, as well as burn the nasal mucosa. Therefore, work with vinegar should be performed in gloves and mask. The process of cleansing the parts of the ventilation device is to process the removable parts with acid, after 15-20 minutes the fat is completely dissolved, and the most encircled residues on the elements can be additionally removed with a kitchen sponge. Then a lattice or any other part should be washed with water and let dry.
  • Another variety of acids that are used to remove pollution is lemon. It can be used as a powder or you can take fresh lemon juice. Fresh fruit cut and rub polluted areas. Citric acid in the form of granules needs preliminary dissolution in water. The parts are treated with the resulting solution, left for some time to form a reaction, after which it is tiled with water and installed in the hood.
  • To remove fat, you can use laundry soap. They can work in two ways: in the first case, it is necessary to dissolve a piece of soap in warm water and immerse dirty parts there, another cleaning method is the option when the grate itself rubs the soap itself. After that, water is poured into the baking sheet from the oven, the grid is immersed there and goes to the warmed oven. The boiling process will take about 30 minutes. After that, the details must be rinsed with water.
  • A remedy such as ammonia has a rather unpleasant odor, however, as practice shows, it perfectly launders fat.picked fats from kitchen hoods. You need to work with it in a well.ventilated room in a respirator. A solution based on ammonia is prepared according to the following recipe: 100-150 ml should be diluted in 3-4 liters of warm water. Parts are plunged into the resulting composition for 2-3 hours, after which they are rinsed and wiped dry.

The outer surface of the kitchen hood must be cleaned from accumulating pollution regularly. To do this, any chosen remedy is applied to the base, which needs to be given for some time to combat crustacean and fat. After dissolving pollution, the composition along with the inclusion of dirt is removed from the surface with a wet rag or sponge.

It is not recommended to use iron scrapers, since they can damage the metal case.

Machine cleaning

In addition to remedies for cleaning fats that require efforts, today there are options that allow you to deal with mud with minimal labor costs from the hostess. They include dishwashers. This option is ideal for sieves that are made of stainless steel. To clean the parts you need to place them in a device with a detergent, turn on the machine. Then get clean and disinfected elements.

Radical and non.standard cleaning methods

Remove serious pollution from the hood will help the remedy for cleaning gutters. Pour the filter with the drug and leave it for a while. Then wash the part with a liquid for dishes and a large amount of warm water.

This method is very effective and simple, but it cannot be used too often. Aggressive substances contained in the cleaning agent negatively affect the metal components of the filter.

The drug will help to clean the hood for washing the drain pipes. When working with it, be sure to follow security measures.

quickly, wash, mesh, hoods
  • Place the filter in a large pelvis and fill it with a cleaner (as a rule, it has the appearance of powder or granules).
  • Pour everything with abundantly hot water and leave for 10 minutes.
  • Drain the solution into the toilet, avoiding its hit on the walls of plumbing and other objects.
  • Rinse the net with running water and dry.

Using radical cleaning methods allows you to return the cleanliness and freshness to the device, and also ensures its coordinated work

If the farm has a steam generator, it will not be difficult to clean. Steam treatment will help remove fat, dirt and soot without much effort and the use of chemicals. In addition to effective cleaning, this method disinfects the surface, since the temperature of the steam is 150 ℃.

  • Cover the surfaces surrounding the hood, parchment paper or foil, so that during cleaning of pollution do not spread throughout the kitchen.
  • Turn on the steam generator and process the case and filtration nets of the device.
  • Under the influence of warm air, fat deposits will melt, and they can be easily removed from the surfaces.
  • Wipe the case and all the elements of the kitchen device with a soft cloth moistened in warm water to remove the remaining contaminants.

You can also wash all the removable details of the hoods in the dishwasher. This will greatly facilitate the work and save time.

After cleaning, dry all the details of the device, wipe the housing and install filters in place

Rules for cleaning the body and motor

In advanced cases, fat accumulates not only on a filtration grid, but also on the inner surface of the case, the working parts of the device. It is better to entrust the engine cleaning to a specialist who will wash it off with a special solution.

At home, remove fat deposits from the motor with a mechanical way and using alcohol treatment. However, all actions must be performed carefully and carefully.

During the general cleaning, do not forget about the case of the product, which is also subject to pollution. Use gel and pasty substances for cleaning it, as well as soft washcloths. Metal scrapers and drugs containing abrasive particles are not recommended to use. They leave scratches on the glossy surface, which spoils the appearance of the body.

Remove fat, soot, dust and other contaminants from the body of the device will help wash the dishes. Wash all surfaces thoroughly, and then wipe them with a dry cloth

The procedure for cleaning the housing of the device:

How to clean & replace your cooker hood grease filters | by Indesit

  • Apply on a soft sponge.
  • Process all surfaces and leave for several minutes.
  • Wipe the body with a damp cloth moistened in warm water.
  • Wipe the surfaces with a dry cloth to avoid divorces and flows.

Wash the hood from fat, soot and dust will help professional means and folk methods. In particularly complex cases, it is recommended to use “heavy artillery”. drug cleaning and steam cleaner. So that you do not have to spend time and efforts on the general cleaning of the device, show care and regularly carry out preventive washing of the technique.

Machine cleaning: steam generator and dishwasher

The easiest and safest method is parition. The method is effective, but its implementation requires the use of a steam generator or steam vacuum cleaner. Thanks to the device, it will be possible to remove the fat plaque without chemicals.

The temperature of the steam is about 150 °. Household unit not only cleanses, but also disinfects the surface. After processing, the fat is easily cleaned with a sponge moistened in liquid soap

The only drawback of the method is the high cost of a steam generator.

The owners of the dishwasher can entrust the “dirty work” of an automated kitchen assistant. It is necessary to remove the grid from the contractor, put it in the compartment for large dishes, add a detergent and select a sink mode.

The machine method is an excellent prevention of solid fat deposits. The regularity of cleaning. twice a month.

External body care

While the grille and the internal filter dry out, there is time to pay attention to the outer part of the exhaust umbrella. The difficulty of cleaning the housing is that food fat is mixed with settling dust and turns into a solid plaque.

It is unacceptable to clean the pollution with an iron scraper or with the help of abrasive substances. they can nullify the glossy lobby of the hood or leave scratches

In order to prevent the formation of solid crust on the case, it is necessary to minimize the idle operation of the gas burner. Dry heat helps to fix the fat carbar on the surface.

Cleaning the hood grate using the tool for cleaning the pipeline:

A variety of ways and cleaning tools allows you to choose the best option on the situation. In order not to resort to radical methods, planned maintenance should be carried out without waiting for the formation of hardened layers of fat.

Where to start work

First of all, you need to read the instructions. The hood will have to be partially disassembled, and you need to know what design features a specific model has.

Basic rules for preparing hoods for cleaning:

  • disconnect from electricity;
  • get a fat filter;
  • If necessary, remove the coal filter. it is not cleaned, but replaced once every six months.

How to clean a fat filter

The net must be cleaned regularly. If you have a large family and you often prepare a lot, once a week you need to remove it and clean it from fat. If you cook infrequently, and fry even less often, then 1-2 times a month will be enough.

Consider how and how to wash a contaminated grill.

How to Clean and Maintain Kitchen Range Hood Blower. IKEA Kitchen Exhaust Fan (Extractor Hood)


The easiest way is to place in a dishwasher. But it is suitable only for those who follow the cleanliness of the filter at least twice a month. The dishwasher can not cope with an old sticky layer of fat.


The usual dishwashing liquid, which is in every house, can wash out not hardened fat.

  • put the filter in a container, for example, a basin, a bucket, a deep baking sheet;
  • apply a detergent;
  • pour hot water and leave for 30 minutes;
  • Peel with a sponge or brush;
  • Rinse with clean water.

If you can’t clean the first time, you can repeat. If even after the second time you do not like the result, it makes sense to move on to more serious methods.

Special tools for cleaning hoods and ovens

Stores sell special products for cleaning ovens and hoods. gels, sprays, creams. For example, Schumanit, Sanita, Anti-Father from Cinderella. Using them is easy:

  • Place the filter in the container;
  • apply the product evenly;
  • leave for the time specified in the instructions;
  • remove softened dirt with a sponge;
  • flip.

And although cleaning in this case does not require much time and effort, many housewives refuse them. But the main argument of opponents is scared away. these funds belong to aggressive chemistry. You need to be more caution when they are used: use protective gloves and a mask, make sure that the product does not get on the skin, carefully ventilate the room.

Those who prefer not to use chemistry in the kitchen can choose folk methods. But do not forget that without chemistry, only light and medium pollution can be cleansed. In the fight against old fat, which has turned into a sticky mass, they are not effective.

Consider how to wash the exhaust device without resorting to radical measures.

Laundry soap

Laundry soap in combination with hot water will cope with most pollution.

  • Grate the half of the bar of 72%laundry soap on a coarse grater;
  • pour soap with hot water and stir until dissolved;
  • put the filter in a container and pour it with soapy solution;
  • leave for half an hour;
  • Remove fat residues with a brush and rinse the grate with water.

Take soda soda, it acts more effective than food.

  • Stir half a glass of soda in 10 liters of water;
  • Put the solution in a large container on the stove and boil;
  • Put a contaminated filter in it and boil over low heat for 30 minutes;
  • If the container is not large enough, you can hold the filter in it first on one side, then on the other;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.


If you are not scared by a specific smell, you can use ammonia alcohol.

  • ensure safety. put on a protective mask, open a window or window, close the doors to the rooms;
  • Dissolve 100 ml of ammonia in three liters of warm water;
  • apply the solution on a contaminated surface, place in a dense bag, tie it and leave it for 3 hours;
  • Wash with a brush, rinse with water.


Universal way to clean fat surfaces.

  • ensure safety. open a window, put on protective gloves;
  • Put the filter in a shallow container, you can use a baking sheet;
  • Pour 9%vinegar solution and leave for half an hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.

Tip: for serious pollution, you can take 70%vinegar. Strengthen precautions, avoid hollowing skin, put on a protective mask.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice contains a lot of acid, which can cope with fat and soot.

Tip: For the best result, you can place the filter in a container, pour a solution of citric acid and leave it overnight.

Mustard powder

With the help of mustard with fat, our grandmothers successfully coped successfully. The method has not lost its relevance among opponents of the use of chemistry.

  • Prepare a cleaning paste of mustard. for this, mix 3 t. l. mustard powder, 2 t. l. detergent for dishes, 50 ml of vinegar and 50 ml of water;
  • Pug the contaminated surface on both sides by the mixture, put the grid in the bag or wrap with a film and leave for one hour;
  • Wir the brush and rinse with water.


The hood should be wiped, having previously dismantled it into the component parts. Before doing this, you need to get acquainted with the instructions for the apparatus. Then turn off the hood from the electric network and act sequentially:

  • Open the case by unlocking the latch.
  • Remove the filter.
  • Remove the exhaust pipe. It is important to pay attention to what it is made of. Not every material can be washed. Information about this can be found in the instructions for the hood.
  • Then, along with the body itself, wash each part in the bathroom, soaking before that in a solution with a detergent.

Do not forget that the surface of the hood also needs to be cleaned. The washing solution is prepared in a ratio of 1: 4, where there are four parts, and a cleaning agent, such as Fairy, 1. A regular sponge is used for cleaning. After all the structural elements are wiped dry.

Folk remedies for washing the grid and details of the hood

The choice of the product in this case is dictated by the degree of pollution of the hood. Folk tricks are suitable for cleaning light pollution, plaque, mud. The best assistants: soda, vinegar, soap, citric acid, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, silicate glue.

Ordinary household spots are removed by several methods. A solution of baking soda is the cheapest and most harmless both for humans and for the machine. Well suited for cleaning nets. Step-by-step instruction:

  • Prepare a container that corresponds to the size of the grid.
  • A soda solution is poured into it: half a large spoon of soda per 3 liters of water.
  • Then the grid processing on each side begins alternately.

With strong contamination, the water can be boiled. The whole procedure takes no more than half an hour.


If there are spots or traces of dirt, take ammonia (half a large spoon per 3.5 liters of hot water). Ammonia smells sharply and irritates the upper respiratory tract, so it is better to work in a mask, as well as ensure good ventilation of the apartment. This is especially true in panel, apartment buildings. The net should be in a solution for at least 90 minutes. After that, it is washed with a stream of running water and dried with a towel.

The solution is prepared at the rate of halves of laundry soap on a hot water basin. Small details of the hoods can be boiled in such a solution. The grid is rubbed with a mixture and manually cleaned from dirt and fat.


One of the most effective home methods. It is important that vinegar is undiluted. Then light dirt melts before our eyes. It should be borne in mind that vinegar has a pungent odor and causes irritation of the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx and eyes. We need excellent ventilation. The processing technique is simple. The sponge impregnated with a sponge alternately process all elements. Waiting for 10-15 minutes, and after the filter and other parts are washed in water and dried with a napkin.


Fruit juice acts no worse than vinegar, splitting pollution. It is absolutely safe, and they can process any part of the structure. Natural juice will successfully replace diluted citric acid (3 large spoons per liter of water).

Combined tool

  • 5 l of water;
  • half a piece of laundry soap;
  • 1/2 vial in hydrogen peroxide,
  • 1/2 jars of ammonia;
  • 5 tbsp. l. glue;
  • 2 tbsp. l. soda;
  • 2 tbsp. l. salts;
  • lemon juice;
  • 1/2 Art. l. vinegar and ethyl alcohol.

Mix all the ingredients and place the grate in the mixture. Wait for at least 3 hours, and the grate will become like new. Since fat, dissolving, gives an unpleasant aroma, the whole procedure must be done with an open window and in a room with tightly closed doors.

How and what is better to clean the hood in the bathroom, toilet?

Important: good ventilation in the bathroom and toilet provides not only fresh air, but also protection against mold and fungus.

Most apartments are equipped with extensions of natural ventilation. Some install electric exhaust fans in their dwellings. Both hoods should be regularly cleaned from dust.

Hracts in the bathroom and toilet are cleaned according to the principle of kitchen:

Having removed the hood in the bathroom or toilet, you can soak it in a soap solution for a while. So it will be easier to clean the hood. Usually hoods in the bathroom and toilet are cleaned much easier and faster than kitchen.

The benefits of cleaning the ovens from Amway:

  • Using a brush (it includes), apply the product to the surface of the hood.
  • Leave for 30 minutes.
  • Remove the remnants of the product and fat with a sponge or rag moistened in hot water.
  • Wipe the surface of the hood with a sponge moistened in a solution of water and vinegar.

The product contains alkali, so you need to put on gloves and, preferably, a mask. At least this tool does not contain a caustic odor, it is still better to take precautions.

The bottle is securely closed to open it, you need to press the cap. This can protect your children from access to the means. Of course, you need to store any chemicals outside the access of children.

In the photo you can see the difference on the surface before and after applying a product from AMVay.

AMVEI plates and oven cleaning tools: result

The purity of hoods is right and beautiful. Do not neglect cleaning hoods from dust and fat, because this is your health and the key to the durable service of the device.

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