How to remove batteries from a gas water heater

Batteries and power supply for the gas water heater

The battery in a gas water heater is used for the sole purpose of igniting the gas by means of a spark. Despite the small voltage and power of the batteries, the formation of a spark is due to the electrical system, in which the voltage increases to such values that the air is punctured by a discharge.

Given the relatively high power consumption during the ignition, only products with certain parameters can be used for installation in hot water gas heaters.

Why do batteries lose their charge quickly?

If good quality and expensive batteries or batteries quickly lose their charge, it’s time to make a diagnosis of the gas heater. There are a number of common reasons why batteries are suddenly thrown in the trash instead of working as they should. The following factors contribute to the rapid deterioration.

Reason #1. too much moisture in the room

Moisture and fumes gradually settle on the parts of the gas water heater. Oxidative processes set in, causing the contacts to corrode.

The main sign of such damage is the strong heating of the batteries during operation.

The picture shows the batteries for the speaker. They are oxidized and begin to rust. If oxidation has already damaged the contacts, they must be carefully cleaned

To prevent this situation (oxidation of the contacts), you must carefully consider the ventilation system in the room, ventilate the room regularly.

Reason #2. Ionisation sensor malfunctioning

This sensor is responsible for the flames that form in the burner. If the sensor physically moves to the side, it “sees” the flame and gives a signal, and the solenoid valve stops the gas supply. The batteries need to give up their energy time after time to ignite. So it is worth checking the transducer and correcting its position.

information about the flame sensor, its features and types, as well as other important sensors of gas appliances we have listed in the following publication.

Also the sensor is prone to contamination, because soot can deposit on it. Cleaning will make it sensitive again

Cause #3. displacement of the ignition electrode

When the system starts up and the gas comes in, the spark should be generated in a fraction of a second.

However, the ignition electrode can also deviate from its designated location in the design. If it takes a relatively long time to ignite, it is worth moving the electrode closer to the burner.

The gap between the burner and the ignition electrode should be about 5 mm

Cause #4. faulty control unit

The electronic module, which is powered by batteries, can also cause the problem of fast battery discharge. The unit often spends more energy on its work because of minor malfunctions.

So it is worth examining the control unit for visual defects and burns after previously disconnecting the wires leading to it

Part of the diagnostic measures can be carried out independently, by cutting off the gas and water supply.

But it is important to remember that the gas boiler is a serious and quite dangerous equipment. Therefore, it is better to entrust repairs and preventive maintenance to a professional technician. If there is a warranty, do not open the case at all, as this can deprive the water heater of free service.

Why do they run out quickly?

If we talk about why the batteries in the gas boiler quickly run out, the main reason is usually the batteries are not of high quality. In speakers manufactured today, usually installed two type D batteries, with a voltage of one and a half volts. If there are cheap batteries made in China, they can last two or three weeks at the most.

The principle of batteries in the case of such equipment is simple and consists in the fact that when the device is turned on, the batteries are triggered and send current to the control unit. And then it sends a signal to the spark plug, which produces a spark in the ignition block. Under pressure, the valve opens and the gas starts flowing into the burner. This is how ignition works.

If the batteries are depleted, the spark is unstable or the stove stops working. In some models it can be understood by blinking of a special LED, which is designed for this very purpose.

But the reasons for the rapid discharge of batteries can be several:

  • High humidity;
  • incorrect operation of the ionization sensor;
  • displacement of the electrode responsible for ignition;
  • Problems with the control unit;
  • poor quality batteries.

Now let’s talk about each cause in as much detail as possible. Increased humidity can be observed when installing the speaker in the bathroom. Moisture and steam simply begin to deposit on the parts, preventing normal ignition. Oxidation of the contacts begins, and corrosion appears on the parts. You should clean and ventilate the room more often, and install a good ventilation system.

If we talk about the incorrect operation of the ionization sensor, this sensor is responsible for the presence of flame in the burner. If it is shifted too much to the side, the spark will take a long time to be produced, and the energy of the charge will simply go nowhere. In this case, you should see where the sensor is located and correct its location, if necessary. It can also simply be clogged because of soot. At the moment of gas arrival the spark must be immediately ignited and transformed into fire. If this does not happen, we are talking about the displacement of the ignition electrode, then you can try to move the electrode closer to the burner.

Speaking about the problems with the control panel, let’s note that the batteries are responsible for the stable operation of the electronic module. If it has any problems, it will need more energy than usual to work. If this is the problem, you should remove the cover and inspect the unit. After that disconnect the wires leading to it, open it and check all the parts for fouling. If visually there are no problems, you should call a master.

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About low-quality batteries we have already written above. If we talk about what batteries are needed, it is better to follow the recommendations that the manufacturer gives in the instructions to the gas water heater. It is best to use the alkaline LR20 version from manufacturers such as Energizer and Duracell.

It is important to know what are the batteries for the gas water heater, as their owners will periodically have to deal with the need to replace the batteries. Many note that the right choice of batteries can significantly save costs and prolong the operation of the device.


Alkaline versions are considered a traditional battery. Their main advantage is the low price. The size of such a battery is D. It looks like a barrel. When buying such a solution, you should pay attention to the manufacturer, as well as the capacity. The life of the battery will depend on its price. This battery is categorized as a single-charge. Usually works for about six months.

If we talk about batteries, their main advantage will be the possibility of reuse after additional recharging. Usually the charger for such solutions is sold separately. There are a large number of batteries, but for the devices in question, it is best to use nickel-metal hydride variants. If properly operated, the total operating time can be about five to six years without the need for replacement.

Note that the choice of charging cells should be conditioned by their cost.

Regular lithium-based batteries will cost somewhere in the 80-100 range for one. A per unit.

How to replace the battery

In a gas water heater, the electricity source is located in a special compartment placed in an easily accessible location. Given the design and functionality of the heater, this is the lower part of the heater.

To access the batteries remove the lid, held in place by a latch.

To replace the old batteries you need to open the battery box on the bottom of the gas heater and replace the cells with new ones.

How to Replace Gas Geyser Battery | Change Gas Geyser cell | Gas Geyser ke cell kaise change karen

In the compartment there are 2 batteries, held by latches. Remembering the polarity of each, we press on the latch, and the battery slides out under its own weight.

Similarly take out the other power source. The new ones are inserted and fixed by respecting the polarity. The lid is closed. The gas stove is ready to go.

In some models, a successful replacement is completed with a light or sound signal.

The correct connection polarity may be marked on the speaker cabinet or opening cover. Insert the new cells in the same way as the previous ones

How to change the batteries in the Neva gas water heater?

To change the batteries in the Neva gas heater, first of all you need to close the water tap and gas valve. all operations must be done after the water heater is completely turned off. The batteries in the Neva and Neva Lux gas units are located in the far right lower corner of the cabinet. Look at the bottom of the unit and find the plastic box.

Once you have found the battery compartment, open it. To do this, turn the flag that holds the cover 90 degrees counterclockwise.

There are two types of battery compartments:

  • With the lid on the hinges. Batteries are located vertically and fixed with flexible plastic L-shaped latches. Gently push it aside and take the batteries out. Replace them with other batteries, which will be attached to the same latches. Once installed, close the compartment and turn the locking tab counterclockwise.
  • With a drawer (e.g. in Neva Tranzit models). These compartments are hidden inside the water heater body, only one wall with a latch is visible from below. In this case, lightly press the center of the bottom until you hear a click. Then the tank will sink into your hand. New power supplies are placed in the box in place of the old ones and inserted back into the compartment together with it until you hear a characteristic click. It is important to put the box back in the same way you took it out. After that the locking valve is turned in the opposite direction.

All Neva and Neva Lux models use two “D” size batteries of 1.5 V. For a longer life of the device is recommended to install expensive alkaloid models such as LR20 with a higher capacity (see photo below).

Durasel alkaline battery for 1.5 volt

Used batteries must not be thrown in the trash, they should be taken to a special place for further recycling.

It is important to observe the polarity, otherwise the speaker will not start. Remember how the previous batteries were placed, or look at the markings on the inside of the lid of the container. If there is no pole designation, the minus is determined by the presence of a spring on the cover or on the inside of the box.

To check, open the gas valve and water supply, turn on the faucet. If all operations have been performed correctly, the water heater will quickly start and the discharge indicator will stop flashing.

How to replace gas geyser /water heater battery simple way

What kind of batteries are commonly found in speakers

To ensure the automatic ignition system of the heater requires the inclusion of a battery that outputs 3 V. There are 2 significant size “kegs” in this role, the correct name is type D. Each one gives out one and a half volts. There are 2 varieties of batteries that dominate the market today:

D-LR20 batteries D-R20 batteries

They differ not only in price, but also in the inner filling, which is alkali or salt. Salt batteries (D-R20) belong to the budget version, which, of course, negatively affects the period of their use. The normal lifetime for alkaline cells (D-LR20) is considered half a year, but you have to pay accordingly. Real savings can be made by using a rechargeable battery to recharge your gas-fired water heater system.

How to choose batteries to replace the old ones

In order not to fill your head with thoughts of buying new batteries for your speaker, worrying about whether they will fit or not, just take the used ones and ask the seller for a similar product.

In addition, after taking the suggested batteries, check the following points:

  • up to what number of batteries are suitable for use;
  • whether the packing is not broken;
  • Is there any damage or other traces of use on the body;
  • Whether the shape of the batteries is the same or not.

These days the market is flooded with various copies of quality products, which, although they cost much less, but do not meet the stated characteristics. Yes, and the goods are often stored with violations. And all this does not prolong the operating time in any way.

Attention! Do not try to squander an extra penny on batteries. A product purchased in the subway is likely to have no quality certificate, and therefore will not be very reliable in operation. It is better to overpay a little and buy batteries in specialized stores. Remember: the use of a gas boiler with low-quality batteries can provoke a fire and damage the expensive equipment.

Batteries are installed in heating gas columns operating in the flow mode. It makes no sense to use power cells in boilers that heat the house, because the power reserve is not enough for the circulation pump.

The heater is constantly in one of three modes: off, standby and heating.

Electricity is used to operate correctly:

  • control board;
  • Gas valve;
  • sensors of inlet pressure (flow sensor) and water temperature at the outlet of the heater, gas, ionization and exhaust of combustion products;
  • ignition electrode.

In off mode, when water is supplied, the control unit will not turn on. The gas valve is not energized, it is closed, and this ensures safety.

In standby mode, the control box is energized, the desired water temperature is set.

After opening the tap on the faucet, the water makes the reducer (frog) and the gas valve work. At the same time, the gas mechanism rod acts on the microswitch and turns on the column. If the water pressure and the speed of the liquid flow are sufficient, a voltage pulse is formed to the ignition electrode, igniting the gas.

As the heater enters the operating mode, the control unit monitors the presence of the flame (ionization sensor), the flow of combustion gas in the exhaust pipe exiting to the ventilation system, the water temperature. The set mode of water heating is maintained by adjusting the gas inflow. If the sensor readings are “wrong”, the unit will turn off.

When you turn off the tap, the rods of the “frog” and the gas valve returns to its original position, the power supply to the control unit is stopped, the heater enters into standby mode.

Why the batteries in the gas water heater quickly run out?

This is especially true if the water heater is located in the bathroom (about the installation of a gas heater in the bathroom is described in detail in this article). In this case, the ignition system will work worse. Ventilate the room more often or install an active ventilation system.

Incorrect location of the ionization sensor

When the speaker lights up, the ionization sensor is triggered. If it is too far away from the burner, the spark will take longer to create until it heats up. According to the rules, it must be at a distance of 3 mm from the flame. Open the case, check the location of the sensor and move it to the burner if necessary.

Ionization sensor dirty

Since it is in the proximity of the flame, soot may collect on it over time and it becomes insensitive. When you get to the sensor, you need to clean it carefully.

Incorrect distance between ignition electrode and igniter

Ideally, the spark should ignite the gas almost immediately. If it lasts longer (you can tell by the long sparkling sound), you need to experiment with the positioning of the ignition electrode.

Contacts of the piezo-igniter are dirty

In this case it is necessary to remove the casing and mechanically clean the wires from dust and dirt.

Control box faults

First of all, the batteries power the control unit of the gas-fired heater. If any element in it burns out, it can greatly increase electricity consumption. To check this you can remove the casing and unscrew the control unit. It is a small plastic box with a lot of wires connected to it. If you can not visually see the burned elements, you will have to call a specialist to repair or replace the control board.

Bad batteries

Also the answer to the question: Why do the batteries in the gas water heater quickly run out will be poor quality batteries (how to change the batteries in the Neva models is described in detail in this article). In modern speakers there are two “D” size batteries with a voltage of 1.5 volt. Cheap Chinese batteries can last 2 to 3 weeks. It is advisable to buy expensive alkaloid models with higher capacity from reputable companies such as Energizer or Durasell. They will work for at least a year.

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