How to remove rust from a multicooker bowl

How to care for a ceramic bowl of multicooker

Ceramic coating has recently been very popular when choosing a multicooker. The main advantage of ceramic bowl is resistance to mechanical damage. Ceramic care is necessary in the same way as other coatings. But it involves some features. How to take care of a ceramic bowl and what you need to know about this material so as not to spoil its integrity? Peculiarities […]

Ceramic coating has recently been very popular when choosing a multicooker. The main advantage of ceramic bowl is resistance to mechanical damage. Ceramic care is necessary in the same way as other coatings. But it involves some features. How to take care of a ceramic bowl and what you need to know about this material so as not to spoil its integrity?

Features of ceramics

Ceramics became known almost at the same time as about Teflon. It also has excellent anti.stick properties. Unlike other coatings, ceramics is the most environmentally friendly material. To everything else, it is not able to come into contact with food and does not emit dangerous substances when heated.

In addition, ceramics retains both the taste of the prepared dish and its color.

In turn, it cannot be argued that there are no shortcomings of this material. The main ones include:

  • rapid wear and loss of anti.stick properties;
  • the formation of rust on the surface;
  • the occurrence of cracks with a radical change in temperature;
  • the appearance of scuffs during use;
  • high price.

How to wash

In order to extend the service life of a ceramic bowl and maintain its high quality, it is necessary to adhere to important rules when washing:

  • For washing, use only detergents in the form of a gel or liquid. It is impossible to use compounds with alkali, acids, bleaches and other abrasive substances. Folk remedies using soda, salt and mustard powder are also not suitable.
  • Do not wash the bowl with very hot water. To remove food and oily rallies, it is enough to rinse it in warm water.
  • Only soft sponges and materials are suitable for this type of material. It can be a microfiber napkin, cotton or a special cloth for ceramics.

In order to remove the stuck fat, the following methods are used:

  • Mix the baking powder for the dough with water until the consistency of thick sour cream. Apply this gruel to stains of fat and wait a bit. As soon as the mixture has become yellow, rinse the bowl with water.
  • Add a few drops of lemon juice to the detergent and wash the capacity with this composition.
  • Bring to a boil 1 liter of pure water in the bowl. Add 100 ml of vinegar and 15 g of citric acid there. After the procedure, the bowl must be thoroughly washed and dried.

How to wipe

Since the slow cooker is an electric device, all its elements need to be dried. As a rule, ceramics can be wiped dry with smooth clean material. It can be:

The main rule is to avoid stiff tissues that can cause damage in the form of scratches and microcracks.

How the carriageway care should be carried out

If you use it correctly and constantly maintain the cleanliness of the multicooker, it will be much easier to clean its inner surface.

Will extend the life of the household appliance compliance with the following recommendations:

  • Before each wash, it is necessary to pull out the outlet from the electric network.
  • You can not store the past heat treatment for a long time in the bowl. Freshly prepared food should be immediately transferred to the pan.
  • It is strictly forbidden to wrap the device to retain thermal energy with something. Such measures can lead to a breakdown.
  • The bowl is cleaned after each cooking, even if you have to do it several times a day.
  • In order not to scratch the internal and external surfaces from fat, you cannot use powder products, it is better to give preference to soft creamy consistency.

It is worth noting that if you wash before the first use, its service life will significantly increase. You need to do this under a stream of water at room temperature using a soft clean cloth.

Tips that will help to wash the slow cooker inside from fat and burning

After cooking, it is the most difficult thing to wash the slow cooker from fat inside. Mistresses should take into account that the dishes of proven brands, such as Redmond or Panasonic, are easy to wash under a stream of water using a sponge for washing dishes. This is possible thanks to a special fat.repellent coating.

However, if the pollution is old, dirt will repel the following proven methods that will help to easily wash the slow cooker.


The basis of the multicooker is the bowl. It is in it that the process of cooking takes place. Therefore, the bowl is the fastest polluted from the burnt food. To preserve the multicier element in safety, you should remember some care tips:

  • Before washing the bowl, you will need to wait for its complete cooling.
  • Even if there are strong pollution, it is better to wash the multicier pan in manual mode. Washing machine completely ruin the anti.stick surface.
  • You can not try to wash the burnt surface with a hard brush, as well as resort to the help of cleaning powders containing large granules. To wash the bowl better to choose creamy products.

What to do to wash the multicooker bowl after handling

If the bowl is drunk, do not despair. The following way will help to wash the grinder:

  • First you need to wait for the cooling of the household appliance.
  • Then. pour a little warm water into the container.
  • Pour about twenty grams of cream Mr. Muscle and mix thoroughly.
  • Wait three to four hours for the intensive effects of fluid.

After conducting the described actions, to clean the multicooker bowl from burnt food will be easy with a soft rag.

In order not to think about how to wash the bowl from the halt, you can perform the following preventive measures:

  • Do not exceed the established volume of products that can be processed at a time;
  • cook only in well.peeled dishes;
  • Strictly monitor compliance with the recommended temperature regime;
  • Before use, familiarize yourself with the operating manual.

In case of violation of these recommendations, the food often burns or escapes. In such situations, not only the bowl is dirty, but also the rest of the external and internal elements of the multicooker, which are sometimes not so easy to wash.

How can you clean the casing of a multicooker from fat

Before making attempts to clean the lid, you should find out whether it is removed or not. Washing a removable casing of a multicooker is much easier. First you need to remove it. After. treat it with detergents from the inside and outside, then rinse thoroughly with warm water. Before returning the lid to the place, you need to dry it well.

Washing the unexpected lid is more difficult. Outside, it can also be cleaned using special detergents. The steam bath will help to remove contamination from the inside. First you need to pour water mixed with fresh lemon juice into the multicooker bowl. Then you need to enable the “double boiler” mode, and wait for the effect of steam on the inner surface of the lid. After evaporation, you can easily wash the dirt with a soft sponge.

Life hack for cleaning the bottom of a multicooker from a carbon

The usual drinking soda will help to clean the bottom of the multicooker from soot and greasy stains. Before starting the hygienic procedure, you will need to extract the bowl. After that, you need to wet the bottom with a damp cloth and sprinkle it with soda. To penetrate the product into deeper layers of dirty plaque, you should leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. After the specified time, the burn should be carefully washed with a sponge for washing dishes.

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How to easily wash the heating element in a slow cooker

Often there is a need to clean the heating element of the multicooker. Before trying to wash it, you should turn off the household device from electric power. Then it is necessary to clean the heater in a slow cooker using the above method using soda. It is better to complete the procedure without using water, using special kitchen napkins with impregnation.

You can also clean the heating element using a special dishes for washing dishes, for example, Help, Sarma or Cinderella’s Surprise.

How to wash a moisture collector

Washing the moisture collector will not be difficult. This element is designed to settle excess moisture. All that is required is to remove the moisture carrier after preparing the dish and drain the accumulated liquid. To maintain the cleanliness of the removable element, it will be enough just rinse it with warm water. However, it should be noted that still a small amount of fat enters the moisture collector along with the steam. Therefore, about once every two weeks, it is necessary to wash it with the use of a dishwasher.

How to wash a steam valve

When washing the lid, it is necessary to clean the steam valve designed to release overweight steam out. In many models, multicackers, for example, Polaris firms, valves are easily taken out.

In order to wash the valve, you can use the usual dishwashing tool. For example, Fayry or Sorty. After washing, the part should be washed and put in place. Clean valves should be periodically as they are polluted.

How to wash the case

To take care of the multicooker body, just periodically, as it is contaminated, wipe it with a soft, damp cloth or sponge.

It should be borne in mind that during washing, the household device must be completely turned off. If there is an unpleasant situation with moisture getting into the body, it is urgent to de.energize the slow cooker and carefully turn it over several times to wipe the liquid. After that, you can not turn on the device for at least a day.

How to clear the bottom correctly

After you have removed the bowl, pay attention to the bottom of the device (heating element). During cooking, crumbs, spray or pieces of food can get there. So don’t forget to remove them. In conclusion, wipe the container with a clean dry cloth or paper towel.

It is strictly forbidden to wash the heating element along with the body under the stream of water. The bottom is not suitable, so you risk pouring electronics with water, which can cause the device to fail.

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Clean the lid

The cereal cover is removable and non.removable. The first option is much more convenient, since you can calmly wash it in the sink using a dishwasher, rinse, dry and fix it back.

But with a fixed lid you will have to tinker. First, take care of the heating element: close it with a plastic bag or aluminum foil. To wash the lid, you need to tilt the slow cooker and set the part under the crane. Carefully clean the lid, paying special attention to the sealing gum and the hole under the steam valve.

There is another effective way to clean the fixed cover. To do this, pour a couple of glasses of water into the bowl, squeeze the juice of one lemon, turn on the slow cooker for the “steam” mode for half an hour. Under the action of a pair of pollution, soften. After the specified time, open the lid and remove the remnants of fat and soot. This method will help to get rid of not only soot, but also an unpleasant odor.

Prevention measures, tips, life hacks

After washing silicone gaskets, to prevent the appearance of an unpleasant odor, they are wiped with a rag moistened in 9% vinegar.

It is forbidden to use soda to remove fat spots for all parts of the multicooker. There is the only way when it can be used. This is the addition of soda to boiling water. In this way, both the plaque and the smell from the bowl are removed.

You always need to ensure that the holes of the moisture collector do not clog. Any pollution must be immediately removed for the efficiency of moisture collection.

The opening node cannot be exposed to water. Otherwise, it must immediately get wet with a dry cloth and remove all moisture.

If you decide to carry out the sink of the entire multicooker, then after the procedure all the details must be carefully dried. As a rule, it is not recommended to use the device within a day.

After each wash, the bowl can be wiped with a half of the lemon or a solution of citric acid. It is to remove the invisible drops of fat and will be a prevention to prevent unpleasant odors.

Washing the bowls

Sooner or later, any housewife is faced with a situation where a multicooker bowl needs a sink. Anti.stick coating requires special attention and care. If scratches, dents or chips appeared on the Teflon, then you can say goodbye to the device.

Teflon appeared thanks to the development of the American chemist Roy Planckette in the 40s. Since then it has been used in different areas:

  • manufacture of dishes;
  • aircraft industry;
  • production of bearings;
  • construction;
  • prosthetics;
  • chemical industry.

In the manufacture of dishes, the Teflon coating has several advantages:

  • None of the well.known types of products will burn;
  • high heat resistance;
  • Easy to wash;
  • Can be washed in the dishwasher.

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Of the shortcomings, it is worth noting that when cooking, only silicone shoulder blades can be used. Even wooden can cause irregular harm to Teflon.

remove, rust, multicooker, bowl

How and what to wash

Care for the Teflon Chalice is as follows:

  • Abrasive and powder products cannot be used. You need to use only “soft” and sparing detergents.
  • The detergent should not have alkali, acids, chlorine and other aggressive elements.
  • Proceed to the sink should only after cooling the capacity. To speed up this process, it must be taken out of the case.
  • Use only soft sponge. Abandon hard and metal scrapers.

If a carpet arises on the surface, with which an ordinary sponge does not cope, you can try to remove it in the following ways:

  • 7-10 ml of ammonia and boric acid dissolve in 250 ml of warm water. Apply the liquid to the walls and leave until the abuse is completely dissolved. After that, wash the capacity thoroughly.
  • Wipe the bowl with ethyl alcohol. As soon as the result is achieved, it must be washed with clean water.
  • Lubricate the inside of the toothpaste. As soon as the pasta has dried, wash it in the usual way.
  • Boil water in a bowl with the addition of 30 g of soda for 30-40 minutes. After the water cools down, thoroughly rinse the soda with water.

Why is food shy in a slow cooker?

If the bowl is new and has no mechanical damage, review your recipe, maybe you have not correctly set the mode. For example, in the frying mode or baking the bowl is heated to high temperatures and if you do not lubricate the bowl with oil or do not use special baking paper, then your dish will burn.

The bowl can be washed under the tap using liquid detergents and a non.fiber sponge. It is important not to use abrasive substances if there is a teflon coating on the bowl. Pour warm water and add a detergent for dishes, foam the solution and leave for 20 minutes.

How to remove the lid from the multicooker Redmond?

Before the first launch, you need to wipe the slow cooker both inside and outside, and wash all the removable elements and wipe it dry. Before you start cooking in a slow cooker, pour a little water into the bowl, put the timer for 5 minutes and select the cooking mode for steam.

How to clean a double boiler?

To clean the steamer from the scale, you need:

  • Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the tank, fill the rest of the place with water.
  • Turn on the double boiler for 10-15 minutes, then turn off, wait for cooling.
  • Drain the liquid, remove excess water.

You can use the “Antinagipine”. This tool is created specifically to fight a bit. Before use, you should read the instructions and act according to it.

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That cannot be used to care for multicooker

A multicooker is a kitchen device that requires careful and neat care. If this fact is not taken into account, then the device will not last long, and you will be disappointed. When caring for it and operation, it should be excluded: metal graters, sponges with a rude layer, cleaning powders and products with abrasive particles, spoons, forks and knives for mixing food during cooking.

Fortunately, all these are easily replaced things. You can wash the parts of the device with a conventional soap solution (kitchen soap warm water), special gels with a neutral composition, soft lips and rags, wet wipes. To stirring food, it is better to use silicone or wooden blades. these materials do not harm the coating.

Reference! Some housewives prefer to cover the device with a towel after the preparation is completed so that the food does not cool. You don’t need to do this! Each multicooker has the function of maintaining temperature, and such additional actions can be reduced by electronics to overheating.

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How to get rid of an unpleasant odor in a slow cooker

Often immediately after the purchase, you can feel an unpleasant odor inside the device. You should not be scared, this is easily eliminated with the help of ordinary ventilation. It is enough to disassemble the structure at home (get all the removable elements), lay them out on a dry towel and, leaving the lid open, wait about a day. Typically, such actions save.

If the smells remained after operation, in this case there are a lot of folk remedies:

  • Add a slice of lemon, orange or ordinary citric acid to the water and boil in the “cook” or “steam” mode for about 20 minutes;
  • Wipe the inner surface with a vinegar solution and leave to ventilate for half a day;
  • At night, place a container (or rag bag) with a mixture of salt and soda inside;
  • For a day, leave a cup with coffee beans inside the multicooker, while closing the lid;
  • Ture the tablets of activated coal (about 10-15 pieces) and place them inside for about half a day.

Subject to such simple rules, your multicooker will last more than a dozen years, and each dish prepared in it will differ in a unique taste and aroma.

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