How to remove scorch marks from fabrics

Shine, scorch marks and other stains: removing traces from the clothes from the iron

Every housewife has faced such a problem in life as the appearance of shine and scalds on clothing. There is no need to say goodbye to favorite things because of the spots after a bad ironing! Traces of the iron can be removed, for this there are a sufficient number of effective ways. About why they appear, how to save a favorite thing and avoid repeating mistakes in the future, tell us in this article.

Remove stains with folk remedies from different kinds of fabrics and clothing

Consider the most effective and popular ways to remove iron stains on different types of clothes.

Boric Acid

It is a unique antiseptic found in the medicine cabinet of almost everyone, and is often used instead of hydrogen peroxide to treat fresh wounds, abrasions and scratches. But, how to remove stains from the iron with this remedy?

It’s really quite simple. Boric acid is suitable for cleaning light-colored clothing made of natural fabrics such as cotton, wool, or linen.

  • For this purpose it is recommended to add 3 tablespoons of antiseptic agent to water heated to warm temperature in the amount of 3-4 liters.
  • Immerse the spoiled product in this water and leave for 3 hours.
  • After that, wash, dry and by using a gauze cloth carefully iron again.

Any “troubles” left by the sole of the iron are effectively removed by means of fine salt which is poured on the spots moistened with water, then well dried and rinsed under running water.

If at hand was not such a product, it can be replaced by ordinary salt, which everyone has in the house.

  • To remove an iron stain with regular salt, first mix it with a little water to a mushy consistency.
  • The resulting pulp must be rubbed into the stain formed, and leave things to dry completely.
  • Carefully brush off any unabsorbed salt residue with a soft garment brush and rinse the garment in water.

Ammonia and hydrogen peroxide

The combination of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide in a ratio of 1:1 will help remove yellow stains from linen clothes after ironing. To do this, the resulting product is applied to the problem areas and leave for 15 minutes, after which the product should be washed by using laundry soap.

Lemon juice

Effectively remove newly received iron stains on white, colored and black things can be removed with freshly squeezed lemon juice. For this purpose, it is recommended to squeeze the juice of a lemon in a bowl and dilute it with the same amount of water, mix thoroughly and treat all scalds. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then rinse well in water.

Remember that lemon juice is the safest remedy for removing fresh problematic stains on different types of fabric structures, even on synthetic ones that include polyester threads.

Sour milk

Clean cotton and linen fabrics from scalds also recommended with sour milk.

  • To do this, soak the cauterized fabric in a sour milk product, half diluted with water for 2-3 hours.
  • After that, it will not be difficult to wash problematic stains in the machine with ordinary detergent.


To clean things from visible stains that appeared after ironing, you can use non-greasy milk, in which the scorched clothes soaked for 2-3 hours, and then rinsed well and washed in a normal mode in a washing machine.


If in the process of ironing on light-colored pants left a light yellow stain, or the emergence of an unpleasant trace has exposed your favorite skirt, then do not panic and get upset. How to remove scorch marks from the iron on white and light things will prompt time-tested grandmother’s method using onions.

There are 2 methods of using this product:

  • To effectively clean knitwear or woolen jackets, it is recommended to cut an onion in half and rub the cut point slightly with the iron mark on the garment until it completely disappears. After a thorough treatment, it is advisable to wash the garment with detergent and conditioner.
  • The next method of cleaning favorite things with the help of onions is the preparation of onion porridge, which should then be gently placed on all the scalds and leave for 2-3 hours to get a better effect. After that, the clothes should also be washed and dried.

Baking soda

It is better to remove shiny, minor iron marks from satin and silk delicate fabrics with ordinary baking soda. To do this, prepare a mushy soda solution with a little water and rub the problem areas with it. After that, the clothes should be rinsed well and dried. During the subsequent ironing, so as not to burn the rescued fabric again should be used on a household appliance on a delicate mode and iron through a gauze cloth.

Or you can just soak the damaged thing before washing it in a soda solution, but this method is only suitable for light colored fabrics. White streaks may remain on black clothing with this method of eliminating iron stains.

Tea brew

When ironing after washing, if you set the wrong mode on the iron, even black things can quickly become dull. The response to such a problem should be followed by further decisive actions of the hostess.

  • Make a brew as strong as possible in a tea brew and sponge all shiny marks with it.
  • After that, using cotton or gauze cloth as a covering, dry all treated areas with the iron.


If you happen to be in such a situation that you, preparing children’s school clothes, accidentally burnt the pants with an iron, how to remove scalds quickly and effectively will prompt the following folk recipe.

  • Pour 1000 ml of water in a bowl of any kind and dilute a few tablespoons of ammonia in it.
  • Soak a piece of clean cloth or dishwashing sponge in the solution obtained, squeeze it well and treat any scorch or shiny shine on pants (regardless of whether they are black or light colored).
  • After treatment, they should be covered with a gauze cloth and thoroughly ironed with an iron heated to medium temperature, but only so that it is not too hot.

Conventional detergent

Removing iron sole stains from fabrics with a simple detergent is easy.

  • For this purpose it is necessary to preliminary spoil a thing well rinse in pure water, and after that to rub the detergent in all affected zones and to leave for 15 minutes for careful absorption of the applied agent.
  • Rinse, wash, dry and iron the garment carefully afterwards.

This can be used to remove iron stains on any garment.


Vinegar is indispensable for removing shiny marks from suit cloths, be it pants, skirt or vest. To save a school uniform or parade suit you need to mix 100 ml of vinegar with 1000 ml of water, soak a piece of cotton cloth in the resulting solution and wring it thoroughly. Put the cloth on the shiny area and, putting the iron in steam mode, gently get rid of the trouble.

Household soap 72%

Natural laundry soap will help get rid of fresh stains. Grind it with a grater, dissolve in water and shake until a thick foamy layer appears. Soak a cotton cloth in the obtained solution, wring it out and cover the problem area on the clothes. Afterwards, iron gently and remove any remaining foam.

After heat treatment you should put a piece of gauze cloth soaked in a vinegar solution with water on the affected area and iron over the trace for the second time. And finally the rescued thing should be washed, rinsed and dried.

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How to remove the iron’s shiny residue on pants

You were in a hurry and carelessly burnt the fabric on your pants don’t worry, it can still be fixed. Our experienced housewives know how to remove iron stain on pants. The main thing is not to hurry and not to get nervous, everything is in our hands. We advise how to remove stains from the iron. It is enough to know some secrets and nuances, which will be discussed below. The main ingredients you may need in such a matter as how to remove the shine from pants:

  • Gauze or cotton cloth.
  • Vinegar.
  • Salt.
  • Raw potatoes.
  • Soap.
  • Wool fabric.
  • Ammonia Alcohol.

How to remove scalds from clothes from the iron: 10 effective ways

How to remove scorch marks from the clothes from the iron, if you spoil a thing? Do not worry, this process in most cases is reversible. we give good ways to help cope with the plague. We’ll discuss both store-bought remedies and natural recipes available at home.

Before figuring out how to remove scorch marks from clothes made of synthetic or other fabrics, note a few important factors :

  • Immediately after a scald occurs, place the item under cold running water to minimize the risks;
  • Before using any of these remedies, test their action on an inconspicuous area.

The most common cause of heated surface marks is inattention and improperly set temperature. But any problem can be corrected! What to do. burned with the iron pants, or maybe a skirt or dress? We’ll tell you how to remove scorch marks from your clothes.

Remove the iron mark on black clothes will help citrus. it is one of the safest means for quickly removing the mark:

  • Squeeze a little lemon juice into a small amount of water;
  • Or stir in a glass of citric acid pellets;
  • Moisten the damaged area and let it sit for 10 minutes;
  • Rinse and wash well.

Tools for removing iron stains from clothes

Podpalina is not just a blemish, but a burned fiber. You can try to remove the stain with a sponge or a semi-rigid brush. It is important not to overdo it, so as not to stretch the fabric, not to bleach the product itself.

If there is no result, try folk remedies using lemon, salt, hydrogen peroxide.

Haley’s Hints: Remove Iron Scorch Marks from Fabric!

Any of these products will work on white fabrics, but you need to be careful with colored or black fabrics. Even innocuous products can ruin the paint.

Lemon juice

The method is suitable for white, black, and colored fabrics. If the stain is fresh, cut the lemon in half and rub the stain on it, squeezing out the juice slightly. To enhance the effect, you can put the slices on the trace from the iron, soak for several hours.

To remove an old stain, use a combination method:

  • Treat the stain with concentrated lemon juice. It’s better to give up the store-bought product, because the stain should be pale.к. Contains additives that reduce its activity.
  • Apply a dense layer of powdered sugar on top, give it time to soak in the juice.
  • Wipe the thing, rinse well with warm water. The stain should turn pale. If the mark is still there, repeat the treatment several times.

Tip for Removing Scorch Marks from Cotton or Linen Fabric

Salt and Sun

To remove an iron stain on a garment, abundantly wet the thing with cold water, pour fine salt on the remaining trace. Next, dry the defect in the open sun. Wait until the damp salt has crusted over, rinse clothes.

Try removing scorch marks with a concentrated salt solution:

  • Add 3 tbsp. л. Add 3 tbsp of salt to 250 ml of water, mix well.
  • Moisten the scorch with a solution of salt and let it sit for a quarter of an hour.
  • Scrub with a soft brush, then wash in warm soapy water. The salt penetrates deep into the fibers, which can leave indelible white stains on dark colored fabrics. Such a product is better for light-colored fabrics.
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Cut up an onion

There are several ways to get rid of iron marks on clothes:

  • mince an onion or chop it very finely. Spread the resulting mush evenly over the fabric, rub lightly. Leave the item for several hours, then rinse with cool water and wash.
  • If the scorch is fresh, put half of an onion to it, gently squeeze the juice out of it. After 2 to 3 hours the stain should fade. You can additionally rub the fabric with an onion and wash.

Hydrogen peroxide

If the iron has left a very strong mark on the white material, try removing the stain with chemicals:

  • Saturate cloth with a concentrated hydrogen peroxide solution. Add a few drops of ammonia to the mixture to intensify the effect.
  • Dry the stain with a hot hair dryer and rinse with cold water. Leave the cloth to dry outdoors on a sunny day. After the first attempt, the tarn should lighten. Only in this case it makes sense to repeat the procedure until the defect is completely eliminated. Not suitable for coloured or black clothes as the peroxide solution can discolor the stain.

How to remove an iron mark on a garment

Remove stains from white clothes easily. Depending on the degree of stain, you can choose the following methods:

  • Small spots can be removed by rubbing the dirty spot with fresh lemon juice or citric acid diluted with water at a ratio of 1 to 10. To enhance the effect, you can apply the selected cleaner to the fabric and leave it for a while, then rinse thoroughly in warm water.
  • If large marks are left, a cleaning solution can be prepared: five grams of bleach diluted in a liter of warm water and then put the stained item in it. Hold for no more than twenty minutes. Only fabrics made from natural raw materials should be cleaned in this way.
  • A white wool garment can be cleaned with a mixture of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Apply the mixture only to the soiled area.

After removing stains it is recommended to wash the thing, this measure will help get rid of the unpleasant smell of cleaners.

Using a hot iron after applying citric acid can ruin the item. It is important to rinse the garment thoroughly after it has been in contact with the juice or acid solution.

How to remove stains efficiently?

Regardless of the cause of the iron mark on the cloth, the first thing to do is not to allow particles of burnt fibers to penetrate deep into the material, so the thing must immediately be well washed under running water, then the stain is carefully rubbed with detergent or any liquid detergent designed for washing, and rinsed again.

Keep in mind that in this case the water should be cool, because hot water, on the contrary, will help the stain to penetrate further into the material.

Remove Scorch Marks From Clothes. Ironing Stains and Burns

In some cases, such a treatment is enough, but most often to save your favorite thing should take a number of additional measures.

Regardless of which method you choose, you must first treat the prepared composition of the material on a little visible area and wait a few minutes. If the fabric during this time the stain is not corroded, and the color has not faded, you can safely use the selected preparation.


To remove stains from dark fabrics, as a rule, use borax, vinegar or alcohol.

Alcohol is optimal for destroying scum on viscose garments. For this purpose it is necessary to soak the stain in alcohol and leave it for about 60 minutes, then rinse it under cool running water.

Vinegar is used in a slightly different way: moisten a piece of cloth or a cotton pad with it and carefully wipe the soiled area, leaving it to completely evaporate the smell. After such treatment the garment should be ironed.

To use a solution of borax, you need to dilute 1 spoon of the preparation in a glass of water and then wipe the stain with this mixture. Once the garment has dried, then machine wash it on a normal machine cycle.

Be sure to keep in mind that these options are only used for synthetic fabrics.

Slightly different recipes work for satin or linen. For example, a shiny trace is well removed by a mixture of salt and ammonia (15 g each) dissolved in 2 liters of cold water. The fabric is treated, left for half an hour, then washed in warm water and gently ironed through gauze.

Vinegar can also be used for these fabrics, but in this case it is diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 1, in the received solution a thin light-colored cloth is soaked, put on the damaged area and carefully ironed, at the same time not putting much pressure on the iron itself.

Laundry soap can also help in the fight against the ugly shine on black things. In this case, grate it on a coarse grater, add a little ordinary water and dissolve, then use the same way as in the above case. soak a piece of gauze in the solution and iron over it the spoiled thing.

Some hostesses iron a shiny scorch through newspaper. this method also works, especially if we’re talking about black fabrics.

One of the fastest and most effective methods to remove stains is to use tea brew. Tea must be dispersed, bagged is not good here. To treat the damaged areas treat with tea, and then look red-hot iron.

In the fight against yellow scalds such tools as a saw, pumice stone or even a razor can be of great help. Gently “shave” or “file” the damaged areas, but try not to overdo it, otherwise you will easily get a hole.

If the fabric is very delicate you can try using an ordinary school eraser.

If cotton or wool fabrics are damaged, try rubbing the stained area with a damp cloth to try and salvage it. If the trace is small, then it is quite possible that it will disappear.

If the scorch is big or the thing is too expensive, then it makes sense to resort to the services of a dry cleaner.


Scorch marks on white fabrics are harder to remove. One of the most effective remedies is lemon juice. The damaged area is treated with juice, and then liberally sprinkled with powdered sugar. As soon as the place of treatment is dry, the thing should be washed in cold water.

Hydrogen peroxide is quite effective: put it on a clean cloth and wipe the stained area gently. After the stain dries, the garment should be washed.

Baking soda can also be a good helper. The stain must be liberally moistened and then also liberally sprinkled with baking soda. When it is absorbed in the material the stain is wiped with a sponge and then thoroughly rinsed. The procedure can be repeated several times until the stain is completely gone.

table salt works very well. The treatment technique in this case is the same as with baking soda.

Some hostesses use milk. They pour it over the stain and when it dries, the stain often disappears. For the same purpose quite often take sour milk or fermented milk. It is diluted with water in the ratio of 1 to 2 and the stained object is soaked for several hours so that the stain completely disappears.

If the iron has left deep stains on white fabrics. chlorine can cope with it, but this means quite caustic, so when working one should wear gloves and a gauze bandage. To prepare the cleaning suspension, dilute 5 g of bleach in a liter of warm water and soak the stained object in this solution for 5-7 minutes, then the product is straightened and the stain is poured into a concentrated solution of chlorine. In this form, the item is left for 15 minutes, then rinse in a large volume of water.

Please note that this option is only used for cotton fabrics, using it on synthetic fabrics and wool will simply damage the material even more.


If the thing is colored, you can use a regular onion. It is grated on a grater, and the resulting porridge is applied to the soiled area for 30-70 minutes, then rinse the thing. Instead of the pulp from the grated onion can also use the squeezed juice. it is rubbed into the cloth, and the fibers of the material literally “push out” burnt after half an hour.

Keep in mind that the smell of onions will take quite a long time to weed out, so you may need a few washes to get rid of this specific scent.

There is one small “but”. the method is good only if the stain is fresh. When scorch marks “decorate” the thing for quite a long time, it is hardly possible to save it.

What to do with scalds

It is possible to get rid of scalds without chemical attack under certain conditions. Remove stains on dense, thick materials with sandpaper, nail file, razor, pumice stone. Use mechanical action to remove the top layer on jeans, with burnt particles. Try not to stretch the fabric when scraping.

Remove small spots with steam. Prepare gauze and a towel. Place damaged clothing on the towel, moisten the gauze, roll up and cover the garment. Steam the damaged area several times, taking care not to press the iron.

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