How to remove scratches from the hob

Where do the scratches on the hob of glass ceramics come from, and how to remove them at home. 5 ways

The new stove did not please the radiance for long. Noticing that scratches appeared on a hob of glass ceramics, I decided to figure out: how to remove them, and where did they come from.

I walked through the forums and realized: a metal sponge is to blame for everything. I wiped it with a piece of cheese that fell on a hot surface. The good news is that such scratches can be wiped. Deep with a grinding machine, and small hands.

I cost improvised means (a piece of felt with green goy paste). There are other ways. They are simpler, but no less effective. So I share the accumulated experience.

Scratches or cracks on the glass.Ceramic hob. How to remove it yourself

Plates with glass.Ceramic hobs are popular: they have heat indicators, easy to operate, it is easy to take care of them. But often due to severe mechanical damage or due to prolonged incandescent, defects such as cracks and scratches occur. The volume of damage can be different. From an inconspicuous crack to cracks occupying the entire surface area.

Ceramic Hob Glass Scratch Removal, Scratched Glass Repair

Processing of minor damage

From such damage, the glass will become dull and unsightly, but it will be difficult to see scratches. It is very easy to deal with this defect if you follow certain rules.

  • Use non.Aggressive paste and felt for polishing.
  • Do not use strong pressure of water after polishing.
  • To prevent cracks, you need to use warm water.

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Before removing minor damage from the windshield, it is necessary to thoroughly wash it with a glass cleaning agent. Next, mixing the goy paste with sunflower oil, to polish. Use felt or felt as a policeman.

The causes of damage on the hob

If faults were found on the hob, then this was preceded by such factors:

  • Sharp, strong touch to the surface of any objects. For example, you can drop a heavy pan, which is a common cause of breakdown of glass ceramics. A break will have the appearance of a hole in the center where the blow came, and the branches of cracks.
  • The stove was heavily heated due to the long operation of several captures that worked at full capacity. Usually a defect appears with a bang and can spread in different directions.
  • It happens when the plate was incorrectly installed, and a powerful voltage entering the technique destroys the hob. The surface begins to crack from the central part, after the defects diverge, having sharp corners.
  • Spot damage, for example, a decline in a knife.
  • Tearing off the dishes that glued. For example, a pan or a pan was put on a sticky unpeeled hob. When heated, the dishes are glued, and it can only be torn off with a fragment of glass ceramic.
  • Running jam and sugar syrup is very difficult to remove from the stove. Warm sugar in contact with the surface penetrates the structure of glass.Ceramic material. When cleaning the plate, the surface occurs, chips appear.


The last two reasons are caused by production marriage and non.Compliance with the rules when assembling the model. Common cases when the surface is mounted very close to the edges, and in the process of incandescent it bursts.

It should be remembered that faulty equipment operating from electricity is dangerous for any use. There are rules where safety must be observed:

  • Any cooking on the panels that burst should be avoided;
  • Funds for cleaning the hobs must be specially designed;
  • It is not recommended to touch metal dishes with wet hands, there is a risk of electric shock;
  • Independent repair can lead to a shortage.

Scratches on glass.Ceramic stove. How to remove

You can remove scratches on a glass.Ceramic plate in several ways. But this does not concern when the defect has impressive sizes. In such cases, it is better to replace the hob with a new one, since it is almost impossible to fix large chips and cracks, and their presence will lead to a complete split of glass ceramic. But with minor defects on the surface, you can cope with it yourself. However, this will not be so easy to do, so be patient in advance:

  • Paste GOI. A special composition for removing defects from glass, as well as glass ceramic. It is distinguished by type and purpose, but they have one purpose. To polish the surface and make defects invisible. It is applied to a crack, rubbed and polished. The property of the pasta is to fill the empty cavity with a transparent substance that makes scratches as inconspicuous as possible.
  • Sander. The tool must be used very carefully, since the slightest awkward movement and you can get even greater defects. Usually this method is used when no others helped. A special felt circle is connected to the typewriter, which need to be polished the entire surface. The turns, as a rule, are at first low to evaluate the action. And only then can higher capacities install.
  • Very minor damage can be removed by polishing glass.Ceramic plates. They are usually produced in the form of pasta, in consistency resembles wet soda. After use, minor disadvantages are almost invisible.

As you can see, you can remove scratches from a glass.Ceramic slab, but the whole process requires patience and accuracy. If in doubt as a result, contact the service center or to polishing such surfaces.

The causes of damage

Glass ceramic panels used for the manufacture of hobs have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of heavy pots and pans. However, dishes that was used for cooking on a gas stove for these purposes will not work. The use of pots with a thick or uneven bottom, as well as aluminum dishes, not only reduces the effectiveness of glass.Ceramic stove, but can also cause noticeable traces on its surface. In addition, molten plastic and sugar can spoil the appearance of the product.

If you can still cope with spots and pollutions, then cracks and scratches can be a real problem. The appearance of scratches on a flat and smooth surface of the plate can be caused:

  • Using cleaners containing abrasive substances.
  • Using metal scrapers, brushes and sharp objects for removing contaminants (also traces on a smooth surface can leave sponges for washing dishes with hard pile).
  • Point impact (for example, when falling on a glass.Ceramic surface of a metal cover or an acute object).
  • Getting water or liquid food on a red.Hot burner.
  • Installing a pot with a wet bottom on a hot burner.

Proper care and operation of technology

In order for the technique to serve for a long time and be in good condition, cleansing and polishing must be performed according to the following rules:

One. Immediately remove the spots that appear and double.Check them when the device is turned on. If the remnants of food or water are drunk, then it is difficult to clean
2. Launder. If it is warm, then a sharp change in temperature provoke cracks
3. Do not put cops of copper, aluminum, plastic on glass ceramics and try not to hit the coating
4. After each cooking, wipe everything with a damp cloth, and then dry to eliminate water divorces
5. The selected tool for caring for an induction hob should not contain abrasives so that scratches do not appear
6. Metal tools cannot be used, they will also leave scratches
7. It is recommended to start a separate napkin for cleaning the hob panel. If you wash the same thing than you wash the dishes, then the particles of food and fat will leave stains

Scratches or cracks on the glass.Ceramic hob. How to remove it yourself

Plates with glass.Ceramic hobs are popular: they have heat indicators, easy to operate, it is easy to take care of them. But often due to severe mechanical damage or due to prolonged incandescent, defects such as cracks and scratches occur. The volume of damage can be different. From an inconspicuous crack to cracks occupying the entire surface area.

Such defects are dangerous, namely:

  • Lead to malfunctions in the operation of the device;
  • The incandescent temperature rises;
  • External data of the techniques are spoiled;
  • Faults may increase, which will lead to the complete destruction of the glass.Ceramic layer;
  • The stove can skip an electric current and hit a person.

What to do if such a breakdown arose as cracks and scratches?

To get rid of troubles such as a large chip or crack, it will be more reliable to replace the hob of the new. Leaving everything as it is is also an inappropriate option, because the integrity of the technique is broken, and the chip can turn into a big break. With your own hands gluing a panel is the most economical way. To do this, you need a material that will keep the strength of glass ceramics and will not allow the cracks to spread further, will withstand the high temperature.

Step.By.Step guide: how to independently seal the hob, on which a crack or chip appeared

  • Silicate glue.
  • Silicon.
  • Rectangular glass segments, approximately 4×9 cm.
  • Epoxy resin.
  • Rubber spatula.
  • Aluminum plate, size is selected in accordance with the size of the crack.

Work order:

Aluminum plate located under a chip

How to remove scratches from the surface of the stove

The technique with a glass hob needs special care. If you do not follow the rules for the operation of the device, scratches may occur on the stove.

You can remove scratches from the plane in the following ways:

  • A solution of soda with water applied to a soft textile napkin should be rubbed in a circular motion. Then the remains are wiped dry with a paper towel. The mixture should not be dry, otherwise the process of removing scratches will lead to the appearance of additional defects on the surface. Before starting the procedure, be sure to turn off the device from the network.Elimination of scratches from the hob
  • Cream intended for polishing metals is sold in any household store. The product is applied to cotton wool, wipe the entire upper layer, and wipe the remains dry with napkins. Before starting polishing, it is recommended to test the cream in a small zone and look at the reaction of the material. With a cream, you can use a brush brush brush.

If more serious defects occur, it is better to contact a qualified master. It is recommended to check the warranty period, if it has not yet expired, you need to photograph the damage and call the service center:

  • It will be necessary to call a home repair specialist so that he conducts an inspection and made a conclusion whether the surface is subject to restoration.
  • If the warranty period has not yet come out, the surface is required to take for an examination, which will determine the cause of the devastating effect.
  • If the marriage turned out to be factory, the manufacturer is obliged to replace the glass.Ceramic element or the entire plate.
  • When the warranty is already invalid, you should visit a service center or repair shop.
remove, scratches

Tips and recommendations

Before proceeding with the surface processing, it is necessary to check how this or that means will work on it. Otherwise, the glass will deteriorate even more. To do this, by squeezing a small amount of substance, a low.Other section is polished. If everything is fine, move to the procedure itself.

To grind a problem place, only proven funds are used, since one of the same composition affects the material in different ways.

Movements should be light and smooth. During polishing, the pressure is light, without effort. The glass surface is quite capricious, so only rags made of soft materials are used to work with it. Even if the scratches have not yet had time to appear, the surfaces should be treated with soft paste as a prevention. This will warn the appearance of damage.

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