How to remove scratches on a metal refrigerator

How to polish the stainless steel refrigerator?

Polish the surface of the refrigerator, possibly with the help of a small amount of olive oil. Aerosol for polishing furniture is also suitable for this purpose. You can also use cars. Wax. Turning to the instructions from the manufacturer, you will be able to clarify the details of care precisely for your technique.

Scratch on matte stainless steel can be removed using a nail polishing block. As an abrasive agent, you can use a bleaching toothpaste. Apply it to the damaged place and rub it with a brush with a soft bristle or soft cloth along the metal texture. Wipe the paste with a clean damp cloth.

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Preparatory work

First of all, any stainless steel has its own structure or, as it is called, texture. When cleaning the surface or when it is polished, you need to move along this texture. To do this, you need to determine its direction. Take a closer look at the refrigerator door. You will see small traces indicating the direction of the structure. When you decided in which direction you move when polishing and cleaning the surface, you need to prepare the surface for grinding.

To do this, it needs to be cleaned so that when polishing, dirt and dust does not spoil the whole thing:

  • Soak the entire surface with water.
  • Apply a soft cleaning agent to the wet surface, for example, Comet, wipe it with the surface along the texture.
  • Wash the refrigerator door with clean water to wash off the remnants of the cleaner and dirt.
  • Dry the surface with micro.Fiber tissue.

To clean the surface also from fat spots, clean it with vinegar. Just dilute it first in a small amount of water:

Scratching Black Stainless Steel Appliances

  • Pour the vinegar diluted in water into a small container.
  • Take a clean rag, moisten it in a vinegar solution and, moving along the metal texture, wipe the surface.
  • Remove the residues of vinegar, rubbing the surface with a dry soft cloth.

Polish the refrigerator door with cleaning products

There are several solutions intended specifically for cleaning and polishing stainless steel. On sale there are funds from Bon Ami, Ajax and Comet in the form of powders or ointments. If you decide to use such a tool, then carefully study the instructions that are attached together with the composition.

Important! Pay special attention to precautions, in most cases it is proposed to work in gloves, the polish can harm your hands.

remove, scratches, metal, refrigerator

First try to process a small shallow scratch and see how the means you have chosen will behave. Farther:

  • If you use powder for polishing, dilute it with water until a homogeneous pasta is obtained.
  • Apply the paste to the scratch using wet fabric or sponge, rub.
  • Polish the surface until the scratch disappears.

How to restore the coating on the refrigerator?

Colorless oil will help to eliminate scuffs from the paintwork: baby, massage or food. Inflict it for damage with a soft berack fabric. Leave it for 10 minutes so that it fills the microcracks and dries. Then gently wipe it with a paper towel or cloth.

Acrylic dyes are absolutely safe, as they do not have toxic substances. They can easily paint the old refrigerator, thereby transforming it perfectly. In addition, this type represents a wide variety of colors. Applied with a brush, or even better with a roller, if necessary, in two layers.

Ruined My Stainless Steel Fridge

What paint can be painted inside the refrigerator?

Take a clean rag, moisten it in a vinegar solution and, moving along the metal texture, wipe the surface. Remove the residues of vinegar, rubbing the surface with a dry soft cloth.


If deep scratches appeared on the silver refrigerator, then you can hide them with sandpaper. In this case, the main thing is to find out which granularity of the paper is better to choose by clarifying this issue from the manufacturer of household appliances. After that, the procedure includes the following stages:

  • Wet the surface with water and maintain it wet during grinding.
  • Moisten paper in water and treat scratches, moving along the texture of steel.
  • Smooth out the grinding, processing the site around the damage.
  • Wipe it with a fibrous cloth.
  • Process the plot with olive oil.

Try to remove small scuffs with any baby oil

To mask small defects from the surface of the refrigerator, you can use the baby oil. The procedure is this:

  • Apply a few drops of oil to a soft tissue napkin;
  • Gently rub in circular motions the damaged area, as if rubbing oil;
  • When the product dries a little, remove the residues with soft fabric.

As an option, for these purposes you can use any vegetable or massage oil. The main thing is that its color is neutral. Due to their viscous structure, particles of oil penetrate deep into the scratches and visually mask them. Of course, this method will not solve the problem completely, but only hide the scratch for a while. During operation in this place, dust and other pollution will inevitably begin to accumulate. This method is suitable for any refrigerator and has its pros and cons of. The simplicity of work can be attributed to the pluses, from the minuses it is worth noting the fragmentation of the application.

We remove scratches on the refrigerator. How to remove scratches from a steel refrigerator

With proper cleaning and leaving, a stainless steel refrigerator can maintain its original appearance and shine for a long time. Small scratches can be removed with a rag and a soft polishing agent. If there are a lot of scratches or they are deep, you will have to use sandpaper.

Cleaning doors of a stainless steel refrigerator

Determine the texture. Like wood, stainless steel has its own structure, or “texture”. When cleaning, polishing or grinding the material, it is necessary to move along this texture. To determine the direction, come as follows:

Clean the door with soft cleaning and polishing powder. Before proceeding with the removal of scratches from the surface of stainless steel, it is necessary to clean it. When grinding or polishing the door, dirt remaining on it, dust and garbage can damage it even more. Clean the surface of the door with a soft tool, such as Bon Ami, Comet or Ajax.

Remove dirt from the refrigerator from the door, wiping it with a cleaning agent from vinegar. This is a soft, but effective tool contains 1% more acid than standard food vinegar. Additional acid helps to clean the surface of fat spots. Before proceeding to the removal of scratches, clean the surface of the door with vinegar.

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Clean the refrigerator door for cleaning stainless steel items. There are several solutions intended specifically to clean stainless steel. Choose a remedy that is most suitable for removing dirt, fat and dust from the door of the refrigerator. Before using any mixture, carefully read the instructions attached to it.

Polishing and polishing the doors of the refrigerator made of stainless steel

First, try to erase a shallow scratch with a non.Abundant cleaning agent. Moisten a rag with a small amount of soft cleaning agent and slightly rub it with small scratches on the door of the refrigerator. Bon Ami, Ajax and Comet in the form of powder or ointments specially designed for cleaning stainless steel surfaces are on sale.

If the previous method does not bring results, try to erase small scratches with a toothbrush with soft bristles and whitening toothpaste. Unlike soft cleaners, a whitening toothpaste has some abrasive effect. If the polishing with a mild remedy did not give results, try to rub the scratch with whitening toothpaste.

Remove the deep scratch with sandpaper. If the scratch on the refrigerator is too deep, it can be erased with sandpaper. Before that, be sure to consult with the manufacturer of the refrigerator by learning which sandpaper number is best suited.

Repair and replacement of a badly damaged refrigerator door

Remove multiple scratches using a set to remove scratches on stainless steel. If there are a lot of scratches on the door of your refrigerator, you should use a set of scratches with stainless steel. Similar sets can be purchased in most hardware stores or on the Internet. A typical kit contains a grinding device, three types of sandpaper, lubricant and training video.

I wonder why it happens that large and deep scratches appear in the most prominent place of the refrigerator door? Why will the scratch appear at the bottom of the door or on the side surface facing the wall or window? It will certainly arise at the eye level or in the middle of the door.

It is especially disappointing when scratches appear when moving or moving the refrigerator immediately after delivery from the store. Such a scratch does not give rest day or night. I don’t even want to go into the kitchen.

Scratches on the refrigerator can remain even from magnets once placed on the surface.

How to remove a scratch on the refrigerator?

Of course, you can use the corrector or auto.Enamel to mask scratches, but unfortunately, if the scratch is deep, then it is 100% impossible to hide it. She stands out treacherously, despite all your tricks.

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Perhaps the most suitable option for masking scratches is large magnetic panels for the refrigerator. They will allow you to hide minor defects on the surface of the refrigerator: scratches, scuffs or small dents.

Magnetic panels for the refrigerator door in the interior

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The magnetic panel is very thin, it is easily placed on the faces and emblems of the refrigerator, smoothing the protrusions.

If the refrigerator was unsuccessfully washed with a metal sponge or scratched during a rearrangement, then scratches appear on its surface, consider how to remove the scratches on the refrigerator of gray or household appliances of other colors by improvised means.

Painting: Rules for choosing a composition and type of application

Painting the refrigerator can be a forced measure with significant injuries on the case. In this case, the work will take a lot of time, and will include several stages.

Inspection and determination of the volume of work.

Before carrying out the work, the refrigerator must be disconnected from the network, released from the products and defrost.

Metal paint should be selected for work. To make the coating uniform, the paint must be applied with very thin layers 3-5 times and even more, if necessary. Each layer should give time to dry. If you need gloss, then an acrylic aerosol varnish can be the last layer

Depending on the choice of type of paint, aerosol spraying from a distance of about 0.3 m or applying a roller can be used. This will provide uniform coating without fluxes.

During work, it is necessary to organize good ventilation, use personal protective equipment. It is very important to prevent the flow of paint in the cavity, inside, on rubber elements.

remove, scratches, metal, refrigerator

In addition to the usual options for paints, a slate can be chosen for design. On such a coating, then it will be possible to draw in small. A self.Adhesive film, for example, of a contrasting color, can also be used for design. If you plan to apply a complex drawing, it is better to entrust work to professionals.

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