How to remove the fan cover in the bathroom

Fan connection schemes in the bathroom. Errors and rules for installing the hood switch in the bathroom

In this room, ventilation is necessary for removing a large amount of moisture, which accumulates here constantly. Due to the presence of hoods, the room is easily breathed, plumbing and household items do not deteriorate, mold and fungus do not appear.

Recommendations of engineers when choosing ventilation for the bathroom

Engineers recommend not to purchase expensive equipment of large sizes. The main thing is to correctly calculate the desired power

Experts advise paying attention to the power of the wiring in the room. Since the hood has considerable power and pressure, the cable damage is possible due to the overload of the mains

remove, cover, bathroom

When buying, quality is taken into account, its productivity, dimensions.

How to install a fan in the bathroom

When installing it, you must follow the rules:

  • Remove the lid;
  • Places that will fit the surface of the wall, grease with liquid nails or reliable glue;
  • Place the product in the hole in the wall (the working part is hidden);
  • Squeeze the body well;
  • Install an anti.Mosquito net;
  • Put the lid, fixing it with dowels or self.Tapping screws.

The wires are laid at the end of the work, and the design is connected from the mains.

remove, cover, bathroom

The principle of connection to the mains

A separate wiring is carried out to the ventilation channel for automatically turned on using the device or motion or sensor programming. If the model has a cord, then you can turn on the system mechanically.

Control by turning on/off lighting

Often electrical equipment is turned on at the moment when the light in the room lights up. But since the hood is usually necessary during bathing, this option is not very convenient. Electricity is consumed, for example, during washing. Therefore, it is better to automate the system in order to save electricity and additional convenience.

Why do you need a timer for a bathroom fan

The hood equipped with a timer will turn on with the light of light, and will turn off after a few minutes, after the person who took the shower left the bathroom. During this time, the device stretches wet air. If the room in the room was short.Lived, then the design will not turn on, since there is no need for its work.

Connection of the bathroom timer

The timer is a compact device. It should be connected using 6 contacts. To connect correctly, you need to use the scheme.

Wiring circuit in a bathroom for a fan with a timer

Drill connection diagram

Wiring circuit in a bathroom for a fan with a timer

Connection via the switch

Before you join the supply of wires, you need to disconnect the chillers on the shield. Then the front panel of the device is removed, and the wiring through the channels is inserted into it.

How to connect an exhaust fan to the switch

The wires are connected to the terminals of the device located under the lid. In the absence of grounding, there are enough 2 wires: phase and zero. The wiring is connected to the terminals, strengthened, delaying with bolts, a protective cover is placed.

Preparatory work before starting fan installation

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Installation and fastening of fans on screws or dowel-gvo

An exhaust fan can simply be fixed on a special polymer glue or watery nails, but I recommend this method only if there is no ability to fix the fan to screws or dowel-grooves. Keep in mind that it can only be glued to a cleaned, hard and primed base.

  • Remove the lid from the fan.
  • We connect the electronic wires and check the performance.
  • At the junction of the fan with the wall, apply glue, silicone, watery nails.
  • We press against the wall of the bathroom (toilet) and hold with force a couple of minutes.
  • Let the fan and give it several hours for reliable gripping to the wall.
  • Install the top lattice.

QUICK and EASY Bathroom Exhaust Fan Cover Replacement

We recommend at times to clean the fan and dirt and dirt to extend its service life.

This video and the article are devoted to disassembly of non.Vegetable fans. But, not those in which the axis is fixed by a flat nylon lock, but those that are destroyed when trying to use gross force into the disassembly process.

The proposed technology allows you to remove the rotor axis lock and thereby provide easy access for the lubrication and repair of the bearing.

Who should clean ventilation in an apartment building

5.7.One. The calculated temperatures, multiplicity and air exchange rates for various premises of residential buildings must comply with the established requirements. Natural exhaust ventilation should ensure the removal of the required volume of air from all rooms provided for by the project at current outdoor temperatures 5 degrees. C and below

How ventilation is cleaned in apartment buildings

According to a flat flame, not deviating towards a decorative lattice covering the ventilation hole, we can conclude that the mine hid and needs urgent cleaning.

With normal air circulation in houses, the flame leans towards the mine, and in some cases simply extinguishes.

With this behavior, ventilation cleaning is optional, but if the last time it was cleaned at least six months ago, it is still desirable to do a small job.

Cleaning ventilation in an apartment building and in production

The ventilation cleaning in an apartment building should be carried out regularly and much more often than many owners believe. Special terms are set by experts after analyzing the condition of the ducts. The recommended frequency of cleaning is 2 times a year (in summer and winter), a preventive examination. Quarterly.

Ventilation: what, how, why, when and who

At the dawn of mass housing development from each apartment there was an individual ventilation duct, which ultimately joins the exhaust mine. Over time, when houses became higher and higher, they began to arrange horizontal channels between the floors, and from them to direct air up to the ventilation shaft.

Ventilation cleaning: cleaning the ventilation ducts in an apartment building

Reducing ventilation efficiency in old houses, in principle, the process is quite predictable. The main reason is the banal clogging of the ventilation duct, in which garbage, dirt, dust and other waste coming from the room accumulate over time. As a result, the outlet is narrowed and becomes unable to fully process the pounded dirty air.

Periodic check of smoke and ventilation ducts

C) during the operation of flue and ventilation ducts (periodic check). At least 3 times a year (no later than 7 calendar days before the start of the heating season, in the middle of the heating season and no later than 7 days after the end of the heating season) ;

Service of ventilation systems

  • Conduct service with strictly approved frequency. It is impossible to violate the terms of technical inspection of the equipment and the recommendations of the manufacturer;
  • Launch and stop the work of the ventsist in a certain sequence (such measures provide a complete exit of accumulated harmful substances from the ducts);
  • Check fan units once a month;
  • Check the channel heater for leaks 1 time in 2 weeks;
  • Control timely oil replacement when servicing oil filters;
  • Check the networks and grates for the presence of blockages 1 time in 3 months;
  • Control the integrity of the sound.Absorbing material.

Ventilation cleaning in the apartment

Ventilation can be called light living rooms. The benefits of an effective air exchange system are obvious to any person living in an apartment or private house.

It directly affects the well.Being, health and safety of residents.

Regular ventilation cleaning in the apartment will ensure a comfortable stay in the house, and will also reduce the possibility of dangerous situations associated with ventilation mines.

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Ventilation and mines in multi.Storey apartment buildings

If the apartment building is not equipped with a ventilation system, all people’s life products remain in the premises. Conditions are created hazardous to human health and the safety of their property. Mold corrodes walls and furniture, and tenants suffer from allergies and asthma. In such apartments, kids and elderly people feel the worst of all.

Who should clean ventilation in an apartment building link to the main publication

Lubrication and cleaning of parts

One of the most effective ways to restore the performance of the exhaust device is lubrication. For work, you should prepare machine oil and a regular syringe with a needle. The procedure is as follows:

  • Let the engine cool, then clean and proceed to grease.
  • For work, 2 drops of oil are required. The front bearing is first lubricated, the second. The rear.
  • Rotate the rotor of the electric motor, evenly distributing grease over the area.

The next step is to clean all the details from lubrication, dust and pollution residues. For this, it is required to rinse them under running water (it is advisable to clean it with plastic elements using household chemicals). Before installing in place, all parts are thoroughly dried.

Mechanical cleaning

Most often, the method is used in relation to the vertical channel. Has repeatedly proved his effectiveness. Deposits are simply scraped off from the walls of the duct.

Actual if the pollution appeared simple:

The procedure allows equally an automated and manual method of execution. The use of detergents and other chemistry is not supposed, fat in the bathroom and other similar rooms cannot be cleaned like that.

To neutralize fat deposits, the method is not very effective. Humles of this kind are generally difficult to remove from the surface. If the ventilation system has a complex configuration, then the application of such solutions is also difficult.

Brushes and vacuum cleaners, metal cables. This is an example of devices that will help to cope with the task in this case. In the absence of a vacuum cleaner, it is permissible to remove in a natural way. Air flow simply carries dirt behind it.

Subtleties of disassembling and cleaning the hood

In order to dismantle the hood, it is not necessary to invite a specialist. First you need to find in the user manual a item on how to remove the front cover of the fan in the bathroom, and after studying the instructions, proceed to subsequent disassembly and independent maintenance of the device.

Step #1. Shutdown and extraction of hoods

Removing the device begins with the de.Energization of the line, from which the hood is fed

This is especially important if the fan is directly connected to the light switch and begins its work simultaneously with the light source in the bathroom

The hood cover itself is often attached to several screws, which are placed in the end of the case for the aesthetics of the structure. Less often it can be equipped with grooves, with which it is fixed.

After removing the cover, you need to take a few steps:

Unscrew the screws that fix the device in the ventilation. Put the case around the perimeter, disconnecting it from the wall if it was planted on glue. Carefully take out the device and turn off its wires from the power grid cable.

If the hood worked before the dismantling, it is necessary to let it cool, after which you can analyze the fan.

Step #2. Disassembly and maintenance

After cooling the fan, it is necessary to carefully disassemble the main nodes in order to clean and lubricate the necessary parts. The following actions are to be performed for this:

The following actions are to be performed for this:

  • Remove the wheel of the impeller. Most often it is attached to the shaft of the zangia method. To disconnect the part, you just need to turn the mounting nut.
  • Gently extract the motor, having previously disconnected the terminals. The engine itself is usually attached to the body using two screws.

After that, you can proceed to cleaning the parts and lubricating with machine oil of certain nodes: bearings, axis. To smell dust from areas that are not subject to washing, most conveniently with a soft brush of medium size.

The fan impeller, the outer cover and the grid that protects from the penetration of insects from the mine, must be carefully rinsed with water. It is advisable not to use detergents, since they can be quite aggressive in relation to plastic.

The optimal cleaning agent will be ordinary laundry soap without adding bleach. A plentiful dense foam is obtained from it, which can effectively remove deposits of pollution from the details of the hood.

Then it is necessary to lubricate the main components of the hood. For point application of lubrication, it is most convenient to use a syringe with a thin needle. For uniform distribution of oil, scroll the rotary parts.

Before performing the installation again, you need to thoroughly dry all the nodes and remove excess oil, wetting the necessary areas with a napkin.

Step #3. Return Assembly and Installation of the device

The assembly of the hood also does not require much knowledge. Next, we will analyze how to collect the built.In fan in the wall after it was possible to clean it.

How to SUPER Clean Your Bathroom Exhaust Fan

The resumption of the integrity of the design includes several key points:

The impression of the impeller should be taken especially carefully: if you install it with the back, you can provoke the appearance of the reverse traction, due to which the contaminated wet air will not leave the bathroom.

All the necessary information on the installation of the fan is contained in the instructions for the device.

Usually, after assembling the main part of the design, the user needs:

  • Smear the back of the case with glue “liquid nails”;
  • Place the hood in the hole made in the mine;
  • Screw all screws around the perimeter of the case;
  • Connect the power wires;
  • Install an anti.Mosquito net;
  • Fix the hood cover using bolts, if the design does not provide grooves.

After the installation, you need to make sure that the device is working. Check it for inclusion and the ability to create sufficient traction.

Rules for removing the device

The first stage of work on replacing or cleaning the fan begins with the removal of the device. This requires such actions:

Remove the fan grill, which is usually attached with four self.Tapping screws, less often on glue.

  • Gently extract the device (electricity should already be disabled) and disconnect it from the mains. As a rule, in the bathroom it connects to the lighting switch.
  • Disassemble the device by removing the operating wheel fixed on the shaft using a cane clamp. For this it is enough to turn off the fastening nut clockwise.
  • Remove the equipment electric motor. For this, the fan is rotated with the front side, and the wires are disconnected from the terminals. The motor is usually attached to 2 screws and easily removed.

When removing the engine, it is necessarily supported. If a recently worked device is versed, it is advisable to put on gloves. Although it is easier to wait a while, letting the engine cool down.

Pay attention to close topics!

They consider other techniques for the prevention and repair of fans. In particular, the process of disassembling of non.Devastated fans with nylon fixators and the technology for restoring broken sliding bearings are described.

How to remove Dospel fan cover

Installation of the fan in the bathroom, toilet

Installing an exhaust fan in the bathroom, toilet or in the kitchen is quite easy and with your own hands, without resorting to the help of third parties. Takes the entire process from 15 to 20 minutes. How to correctly make an installation you will learn further from this annotation. Answers@ how to remove the lid from the Dospel fan. Before proceeding with the installation, you need to connect the fan according to this annotation of our annotation, and also correctly choose it for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

I recommend that before installing the fan it will get acquainted with the annotation from the kit, in which the order and installation features for your model should be carefully set out in the Russian language. If the annotation or description is absent, this most likely indicates the cheapness or low quality of the products you received.

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