How to remove the lock from an electric stove

To remove the lock, you must press and hold the appropriate button on the touch panel or put the switch back. Cleaning pause function is started with a separate button. After activation, the touch pad is blocked for 30 seconds.

To turn on such a device, you must touch the “ON/OFF” button. A “-” will appear on all indicators. You then have to place the appropriate dish on the desired heating zone. For models without a slider, the degree of heat is selected using the “-” and “” buttons.

Main switch with child safety lock

The control panel electronics are activated by means of the main switch. After that the device is ready to use.

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To switch the appliance on, press and hold down the button until the lights on the cooking zones come on. Switching off is done in the same way. The residual heat indicator remains lit until the burner cools down completely. After all the burners have been switched off, the appliance stops working in automatic mode after about ten seconds.

  • Press the “key” button on the touch panel until “childproof lock active” appears on the screen.
  • Along with the inscription, the image of a key lights up.
  • This operation takes about 4 seconds.

To switch the hob on, the corresponding button must be pressed, after which all the other sensors will become active. Then select the key corresponding to the burner (pre-position a pot on the hob) and set the mode. Each cooking zone is marked with a number from 1 to 9.

To disable the hob lock, first turn it off. Then press the on button. Then press the two buttons with the plus and minus sign. Press and hold them simultaneously for a moment (a few seconds or so).

To cancel the lock press the “Key” button. Hold it down until the key and text on the display goes out. Then it is allowed to change the settings as needed and to manipulate the cart.

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To do this, you must press the “key” button and wait for the hob to unlock. The main thing is that if you have a small child, do not show him how to do it. Reverse the lock is done in the same way.

Try looking for the key button on the hob. This button should be responsible for locking the panel. Here’s how to manipulate it (press and hold for a while) to unlock it. Or try pressing the plus and minus buttons at the same time and wait a few seconds.

how to unlock a Schott Ceran electric stove

Press the “Key” button and hold it down until the “CHILD PROTECTION ACTIVE” text and the [Key] symbol appears on the display. This takes about 4 seconds. Now the oven won’t turn on again.

How to unlock the electric stove (induction cooker)

To unlock the hob, press the “key” button and keep it pressed until the text indicating the safety function and the symbol on the indicator light have disappeared completely. You can try pulling the plug out of the socket and then turning it back on.

  • You need to press and hold the “Key” button for 3-6 seconds.
  • Most often, if the temperature reaches 50°C, the hob locks automatically and the “lock” sign appears on the display.
  • Before unlocking the hob, you can press the plus and minus buttons on the screen at the same time.

After connecting the hob to the electrical grid, the control panel is in a locked state (the display shows “Lo”). To unlock the control panel, touch the “Dual/Triple zone” and “Boiling” buttons simultaneously.

Bosch stoves are equipped with a special locking system, which is used for safety reasons and increases the convenience and reliability of using the unit.

Depending on the design, the third section of the hob top is responsible for heating and temperature control. The control panel has a special control button, which allows you to temporarily lock the hob and the oven.

When the lock is activated, the hob can be turned on and off as usual and the oven timer can be set.

Modern Bosch stoves have several types of locking in manual mode:

  • Short-term. temporary block for self-cleaning of the hob or automatic cleaning of the oven;
  • Childproof mode. high safety mode, which is designed to protect children from burns and injuries;
  • Automatic unit. blocking that activates itself in case of power failure or power surge.

During the activation of any kind of lockout, the corresponding symbol is displayed on the panel. On some models, this procedure can also be accompanied by a sound signal.

Child lockout

Stoves from leading European manufacturers, such as Bosch, Neff, Siemens, Gorenje, Ariston, Candy and other models are equipped with special features aimed at maximum safety.

Stoves from leading European manufacturers are equipped with special features aimed at maximum safety

To prevent children from accidentally turning on the oven or changing the current settings, the appliances are provided with a lock. It is activated in the following way. Press the “key” button and hold it down until the “child lock active” message appears on the screen. Along with this phrase a key image will appear. It takes about 4 seconds to complete the operation. After this it is not possible to change the settings and turn on the oven.

Installation is cancelled in the same way. The knob, which is responsible for selecting the functions, must be in the “0” position for two seconds. In this case, the lock, which is responsible for child safety, will remain active.

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