How to remove the shelf from the fridge posis

Delivered a refrigerator from an online store. How to properly remove the shipping foam stand?

We have brought the fridge by order from the on-line store, but when unpacking it, the longshoremen refused to remove the packing foam pad from under the fridge. How to properly remove it yourself? I am a fragile woman, I am afraid of damaging the fridge. Do I need to keep the package to be repaired under warranty??

Examine it carefully. Find the supplied 2 supports (or 4) These are threaded supports not only to hold the fridge in place, but to level it. They screw in on the front side, where the door is, at the bottom on the corners of the refrigerator. The refrigerator is leveled and aligned. Then counter nuts (they are also in the kit, usually round plastic with protrusions, screwed by hand) block the supports so that they do not unscrew from vibration. And in order to screw them in, it is not necessary to put the fridge on the floor, but just tilt it back a little, screw in the supports, and then just pull out the shipping plate. But it has to be done by two people, one tilts it, the other screws in the supports. so get a lover.

The movers MUST have completely unpacked it and plugged it in to see if it works. After that, YOU MUST sign the delivery order. Now hang up your neighbor, have him tilt it to any convenient side and you pull out this stand. It is not necessary to keep the packing box from the refrigerator. It is a TRANSPORTATION PACKAGE and nothing more and it does not affect the warranty. By the way: this box may even have the inscription : shipping carton.

Can’t find a couple of guys next door? Yes, the container is stored. definitely.

I have the same problem now))))) asked my neighbor to come over.

I have the same problem with refrigerators, one and the same. While standing on the packing stand. Already turned it on and in use.

What materials are needed?

To disassemble the device, regardless of model, you need only one tool. a screwdriver. BUT! Plugs on the top panel hides the fasteners, and the upper thread on them can be different. a cross or straight. That’s why the screwdriver figure is chosen according to these fasteners. It is best to have several tools at once for disassembly.

The mounting screws from the back of the refrigerator

It is also recommended to prepare old rags and a container for collecting water. All work is done with the fridge de-energized and defrosted. So these materials will need to clean the water.

How I made a shelf for my POZIS fridge

i bought a posis fridge here, russian. make under kazan. 5 years warranty. only disappointed that there are few shelves on the door, you can only buy under Kazan, where they produce. decided to make it myself out of orc glass. on how to saw it need to write a separate guide, if anyone has experience please tell me. it’s really hard. I used cosmophen, the superglue.

I sawed with a jigsaw at low speed, at high speed it melts. if you take off the foil, it won’t saw at all. sanded with a mini drill, sandpaper

How I made a shelf for my POZIS fridge

i bought a posis refrigerator, russian. make it near Kazan. 5 years warranty. I was only disappointed that there are not enough shelves for the door, you can only buy it near Kazan where they make it. decided to make it myself out of orc glass. it needs a separate guide, if you have any experience please let me know. it is really hard. I glued it with cosmophen, that’s superglue.

Sawed with a jigsaw at low speed, at high speed melts. If you take off the foil is not sawing at all. sanded with a mini drill, sandpaper

Review: Pozis RK FNF-170 Refrigerator. I like it very much!

Hi all!Today I will tell you about my new refrigerator, which I have almost a year! Finally I have studied all its strengths and weaknesses and can tell you about them.You can buy Pozis fridges in almost any home appliance store. We bought in a chain store “Leningradsky” because in other stores the same model was more expensive.We wanted a silver 186cm fridge with full no-frost, large freezer, quiet, reliable and inexpensive. We settled on this model.

We had the refrigerator delivered on the same day from the store. It came in a box and packaging. Included was an instruction manual.

The refrigerator was brought to me and put sideways. The door could be re-hung, but I did not want to.

On the front of the door there is a label with the main advantages and information about the manufacturer.

For transportation, the shelves are fixed in any order with clips. Thanks to them the shelves do not roll out, do not rattle or fidget.

Inside, almost all items were protected. Either foil or bubble wrap or clamps. Everything is protected from knocks, scratches and damage.

Below is the description of the fridge set. Everything is very clear! I see no need to write a second time.

Below are the technical specifications of the model, if anyone is interested.Of course, if you take this fridge without the full defrosting system, then the internal working volume will increase significantly. The nofrost system takes up a lot of space inside. Nevertheless, for such a price, I think the characteristics are excellent!

The control panel is simply elementary. this:- indicator of switching on;- mechanical regulator of fridge and freezer capacity.All controls are extremely simple and do not require any additional skills and instructions.I also like that there are no extra gadgets that can break. Additional buttons, sensors and Wi-Fi type.

There is a power regulator inside and outside. In winter, fall and spring the regulators were on ECO mark, but in summer when it was hot I had to add some more regulators because some products started to spoil faster, milk for instance, but as shown in the photo below, I did not add much.

It is worth noting that when you first open the refrigerator, I did not feel any extraneous smell, unlike even much more expensive models, when you first open it, I felt a strong smell of plastic and not understand what.The refrigerator compartment has great LED lighting all the way around. It should last a long time because of the LED lights.

There are ventilation slots all the way around the light bulbs. It’s evenly ventilated throughout the cooler compartment.

remove, shelf, fridge, posis

The wall of the refrigerator has a lot of climbing. You can set the shelves to the desired height. The way I put it. I’ll tell you about it later.

The refrigerator door has three full shelves and one shelf. A container or shelf box with a lid.

The freezer compartment is very large. The only thing that confused me was the very small compartment on top and just huge in the middle. It would have been better to have three of the same. The top drawer only fits ler and something more or less flat. Since I store almost everything in containers, there’s only one row of containers on top.

The feet on the refrigerator were the same height when installed. We adjusted so that the front ones are a little higher than the back ones, so that the refrigerator door closes better. I apologize for the messy floor.

There’s a freshness zone at the bottom, where the drawers are in the fridge compartment. no one talks about it, but these drawers are great for storing vegetables. for a very long time!

To open the fridge doors there are no special handles, but there are convenient recesses. it is quite enough.

The shelves in the refrigerator compartment are made of tempered glass.

How to REMOVE and CLEAN Bottom Glass Shelf in SAMSUNG Refrigerator

These shelves can hold up to 40 kg of cargo, as it is written on them. it’s a lot of!

Let’s move on to describing the shelves in the main refrigerator compartment.There are four shelves in total. I have them distributed this way (see photo below). Can be arranged differently, since there are three more free mounts for the shelves.

Let me tell you more about it.At the very bottom are the drawers. It’s the coldest place. This is where I store my fruits and vegetables. They can be stored here for a very long time. This place is perfectly ventilated and cooled, so food does not suffocate and does not get moldy. It’s also where I keep my eggs when I buy them.I call the bottom drawers. freshness zone. this is what this place is called in the most expensive fridges. It is good to store fresh food.

The lowest shelf. the tallest. this is where I like to store big pots and tall jars/bottles.

The top three shelves:- The middle one is adapted for flat: bottles (two-liter bottles are not included), small jars of baby puree, loaf, butter jar.- from above. Jars of less than 2 liters, pots. warmest compartment.- underneath. Big jars of purees (170g) and all kinds of containers. You can also put small pots and everything else.

The door also holds a lot of food. Below is a brief description. Which is exactly.

I’ll describe it in more detail. On the bottom shelf. tall bottles, mostly. cooking oils and sauces.

Middle shelf has egg shelf supports. I keep them here accordingly.

On the top two shelves I keep medicine. everything for the baby is stored here plus all sorts of candles.

The freezer is honestly weird. The compartments are asymmetrically sized: the top is the smallest. Is good for something flat. Middle drawer. Just huge, I’m worried that the drawers are not one piece and if loaded with something heavy, the front panel might come off when opening.Bottom drawer is standard medium size.

I keep ice, butter, and turkey for the baby in the top drawer.

I used to store breast milk. Very convenient by the plates.

In the middle drawer I store everything that goes in. Meat, convenience foods, vegetables.

There is a handle cut out on the side of the large drawer, probably to pull it out.

I store mostly berries and greens in the bottom one.

The rubber bands on the doors are very tight. Keeps well in the cold.

Fridge coating is easy to scratch, but also easy to clean.

Energy class. А. Not bad for this price.

The manual has approximate freezer and food storage times.

remove, shelf, fridge, posis

It’s time to summarize.I like the refrigerator very much. For my ridiculous money now it is very functional and workable.I once went away for 1.5 days and accidentally unplugged the refrigerator. After more than 36 hours without refrigeration, I found the top drawer in the freezer slightly thawed, the rest is all bone frozen. I was very surprised! Now I will describe all advantages and disadvantages of the fridge which I found:

Advantages: Not noisy; Great freezing; Refrigerator compartment handles a heavy load; There is a “fresh zone”; Large compartments; Ice compartment; In the freezer, quick freeze and storage areas; Bright, comfortable, durable lighting in the refrigerator compartment; Appearance; Dense, reliable rubber bands, good fit; Durable glass shelves (up to 40 kg); Durable plastic; Height (easy transportation); Reliable; Does not defrost for a long time (more than 36 hours); Fully copper cooling system; Relatively lightweight; No extraneous odor when purchased; Domestic manufacturer; Many shelves in the door; Large selection of colors; Ability to choose the door material (metal, plastic); No protruding handle; Ability to re-hang the door; Availability in stores; Reasonable price.

Disadvantages:- No frost works loudly (especially when it’s hot, it seems that chunks of ice fall down and fall on the floor. I would say that the quality of this product is the best;. It makes such noises;. Strange size of freezer drawers;. The door closes badly;. Absence of sound alarm;. No lighting in freezer;. Non-integrated freezer drawers.

I think it is already noticeable that the number of pluses greatly exceeds the number of minuses, but it’s for me! And so you choose!Definitely recommend it!Have a pleasant shopping experience.

Review: Pozis RK-103 refrigerator. The fridge has design flaws (subjective), but it works fine

We bought it to replace our Biryusa-22 refrigerator in January 2016. I must honestly say that for me Biryusa-22 is beyond competition in general, and it’s a pity that they don’t make them anymore. otherwise my choice would have been a no-alternative.

We were looking for a similar in parameters to the old refrigerator. Before, the old refrigerator in our small kitchen (5.4 sq. m) stood on such a supply-desk with a drawer, where a lot of things were stored. Since the old refrigerator had a freezer on top, it was convenient to use the refrigerator. I open the freezer several times a week, and the main chamber of the refrigerator. Several times a day, so it was convenient for me that the refrigerator compartment was at hand and eye level and that the freezer was high. didn’t interfere at all. So I tried to find an analogue. But I couldn’t do it: most refrigerators have a freezer on the bottom, and those that are on top. she’s small.

As a result we came across the site of the manufacturer Pozis. It turned out Kazan factory, which produced at different times ZIS, MIR, Sviyaga. That is actually good equipment. Since we have already understood that it is impossible to find an analogue of our beloved Biryusa-22, we tried to choose the fridge without comparing it with the old one, and to choose “from scratch” (although it is impossible, Biryusa. Beyond competition:) ). We chose model 103, t. к. For some reason, it cost almost the same as the Model 102, but was much roomier.

First of all about the disappointment. 1. Well, of course, the cabinet under the fridge had to give up. We thought it would partially replace the fridge itself. But it turned out very partially: because of the design, the refrigerator part of the same area and height gave us a much smaller volume (the back wall, door, and cabinet eat up some of the volume), we had to organize the drawer under the chair.

The Biryusa freezer had doors on both shelves and also a pull-out tray drawer. There are two drawers, t. е. To get or put something in, you pull out the drawer and sometimes you just take it all the way out and put it on the floor instead of opening the door, reaching in, grabbing or putting something in and closing the door. Uncomfortable, but not fatal. Again, the freezer is used several times a week and will survive. But the designers would have been better off making, for example, one compartment with a drawer and the other. With a door.

Since there is a compressor at the bottom, the bottom freezer drawer is almost half the size of the top drawer. The freezer in the fridge Biryusa thanks to the top location was the same depth on both shelves and by the tray. We lost a lot of volume. And the unpleasant surprise was that so much.

The door is convex, rounded outward. Why. it is unclear, it does not give anything to the volume inside the refrigerator, but takes away precious space in the kitchen itself. It seemed like a few inches, but on a 5.4-square-foot area. And in the same place as the fridge with the same dimensions, this bulge was noticeable and slightly disturbed.

A little nag. The sound of the refrigerator running. It, although very quiet, but noticeable because it constantly changes: then a little audible whistle, then like a gurgle, then like a voice or grumble. Again, it’s very quiet, but I still sometimes listen at night. What’s that sound and where it’s coming from. Our old fridge “snore” quite loudly but monotonously, and its sound became background almost immediately after turning on. I’ll repeat. I can hear it “singing in different voices,” but that’s a nag, not a flaw, t. к. Pozis is very quiet in fact.

To be honest. Everything but the freezer. these are not drawbacks, but subjective inconveniences. Refrigerator works great, does not freeze. Quiet. except for me, no one can hear it. Convenient shelves both inside and on the door. Can be set at any height.

For the above mentioned faults I do not even want to remove the “star”. I understand that many people are used to trusting foreign well-known brands more. But this brand is no worse.

You also have to take into account that Pozis. Much cheaper than the imported ones with the same parameters.

I thought that the drawback would be the lack of a handle. but I got used to it so quickly that I don’t notice or think about whether it has a handle or not.

If you had to make a second choice. I would choose exactly the same model again (except for the fantastic situation, if a miracle happened and Biryusa-22 is produced again).

I want to believe that the designers sooner or later will release a model with a freezer on top and without stupid design bulges, taking up valuable space.

Modern Refrigerators

The devices provide effective cooling due to the change in the thermodynamic state of the working substance (refrigerant). The first refrigerators used rather toxic substances (chlorine, bromine, ammonia, sulfur oxide, ethylene, and others) as coolants. They were dangerous for the human body and pets, as well as the environment. In modern refrigerating and climatic engineering harmless for people and ozone layer substances are used: R-600a (isobutane), R-134a, R-1234-yf, R-290 (propane). Very little refrigerant is needed, on average 30 to 80 grams are pumped into the system.

The basic elements of any compression refrigerator are: motor-compressor, evaporator, condenser, choke and refrigerant. The engine provides pumping of the working substance, heat transfer is carried out by evaporation and condensation of gas. Market offers a huge number of devices for household, commercial and industrial use. Built-in and free-standing models designed for apartments and houses, stores, bars, restaurants and other catering facilities are produced.

Freestanding refrigerators from many well-known manufacturers, such as Kuppersberg, have an exclusive design. The body of the devices can be made in bright colors, contain patterns and various decorative elements. Such appliances play a paramount role in the design of the kitchen interior in a classic or modern style.

Refrigerator drawer repair

The solution I came up with the following: I bought 2.5 mm Tie Rods. for 40, drill 2.5 mm. in eight. I needed an electric screwdriver, wire cutters and pliers. And of course time. I spent 40 minutes on two crates. You can see the result in the photo. It turned out very strong: six months flight normal.

And yes, the idea of fixing the plastic with cable ties is not new, but I think very few people have thought of applying this idea here.

The second option of repair of the broken drawer

Acrylic thread, 2mm drill bit, clear epoxy. You can create art in weaving. The result in the photo.

The third option of repairing the broken box

I tried to reanimate the front wall after the first break, there were patches put on the cracks, rivets fixed But this transparent plastic is just treacherously brittle, you can not touch it. Apparently, Indesit manufacturers have no idea what people keep in their refrigerators. It is necessary to tell them that there is mainly meat there, but not ice cream from the market.

Anyway, I threw out the wreckage. I had to pick up a piece of plywood as a blank for the future new front wall of the box. And what to do? It would be good, of course, a piece of thick plexiglass, but there is no such thing in my cherished corner! And there is a plywood. Let it be non-transparent, but reliable.

A tape measure, a square and a pencil are not a problem, so I carefully marked and sawed out the needed shape with a jigsaw.

If we leave it the way it is, it’ll be hard on our hands and we’ll all have splinters in our hands. But the belt sander with success smoothed everything out, and then I sanded all the edges and corners by hand with a burr. Now it is smooth and pleasant to the touch.

And here corners necessary galvanized were found, and screws short, just in size, and washers necessary. It’s neat.

I had to put extra strips on both sides, with self-tapping screws in them. It’s not very straight, of course. Well, maybe my wife won’t notice.

That’s it. Nice and noble. It is necessary to send it to the manufacturer of Indesit, maybe they will understand how to make a drawer for 10 kg of minced meat. But I will not send. Will not understand. They only have ice in the fridges at home for freezing cocktails.

The bottom door is removed in the same way. Use a wrench of suitable size to remove the middle hinge. The door is attached to the body with scotch tape beforehand. Remove the masking tape and take the door off. Reinstall the removed plugs in the holes created.

remove, shelf, fridge, posis

Still to remove the bottom hinge. It was left on the refrigerator after removing the door. Wrench and screwdriver are used. Remove the pins and bushings. Unscrew the screws that hold the hinge. It can now be removed.

This completes the parts removal process. Next, it will be necessary to mirror them to the refrigerator body.

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