How to rent a heating battery in an apartment

How to disassemble and assemble a heating radiator: rules, diagrams, tools

The need for the assembly of the heating radiator occurs in the process of diagnosis and repair of the system: lime deposits that prevent the normal functioning of the equipment accumulate on its inner surface. Let’s look at the denigration of all manipulations for disassembly and installation.

Depending on the condition and type of battery, you need to prepare the tools:

  • Nipple key,
  • Corner grinder or autogen,
  • Sledgehammer, hammer,
  • Divorce key (it can be replaced with a set of wrench that have different heads),
  • Construction hair dryer,
  • Chisel.

It is important to find a high.Quality nipple key: it looks like an iron rod, at one end there is a head in the shape of a scapula, on the other. A hole or an ear. The tool is equipped with surplus, the width of the radiator sections corresponds to the distance between them. During the dismantling of the old battery, dirty coolant flows, you need to protect the floor with an oilcloth or a large number of rags.

Dismantling of bimetallic and aluminum sectional products

Before dismantling the device with your own hands, you need to stop the flow of the coolant and drop the pressure. The diagram shows a bimetallic radiator in the context. It will help to navigate in the sequence of work.

What is the heating radiator made of

  • You need to wait for the device to cool. To remove it from the system, unscrew the connecting input and output couplings,
  • Put the couplings over the pipe from the heating element and remove it from the brackets,
  • Get rid of the remaining liquid, put the device on the flat surface with the front side up,
  • Remove and rinse the filter thoroughly, otherwise dirt will dry out in it.

You can begin to divide the radiator into the section by understanding the direction of the Nipple Gayki movement (otherwise there is a high probability of equipment damage). The ring.Shaped nut has internal grooves and external threads. The right and left, when it unscrewed the section. Manufacturers of bimetallic batteries mark their products, indicate the direction of the thread: S. Left.Handed, D. Right.Handed. When unscrewed, it is important to adhere to this hint so as not to disrupt the thread on the heating device.

The nipple key must be inserted into the radiator and directed to the nut using notches on the tool, use the lever and move the connecting element. The assistant will come in handy here. He will hold the battery in an even position. After separation, you need to inspect the metal gaskets placed between the sections. Those that are preserved in good condition can be used again, silicone must be required.

How to disassemble a cast.Iron heating battery

Such products are usually used for decades, they are difficult to dismantle without serious damage. To remove the device from the mounting site, you need to spin the input and output drives. If they do not budge, you will have to use an autogen or corner grinder. Cut off the connections. The equipment needs washing, then it must be laid on the work surface.

To disassemble the cast.Iron heating radiator, spin the input and output drives

During prolonged operation, the design components are boiled to each other, disassembling a non.New cast.Iron radiator involves the use of great physical strength. If it is not possible to unscrew the nut, it should be heated with an autogen, a building hairdryer, a soldering lamp. The connecting grooves from rusty rust cannot be disassembled manually, but if you break them with a sledgehammer, you can destroy the entire structure in the process. Complicated, but more efficiently will be cut the joints with a hacksaw for metal or corner grinder. After the withdrawal from the system of the damaged section, it is necessary to knock out the nipple-gayka with a hammer and the chisel. The total weight of the structure is 75 kg, you can’t do without an assistant here.

When is it required to disassemble the heating system

Full or partial repair of communications and batteries may require due to breakdowns, failures, and defects. Private household needs modernization of heating due to the expansion of the area that must be heated. It is often cold in the apartments in winter, then the owner of the living space with the written consent of the BTI is established an additional battery.

The dismantling of pipes in the apartment may be required to further replace them with more modern plastic structures that are not corroded. When redevelopment, each living space needs new communications.

Independent installation of heating equipment

In apartment buildings, such events are conducted by specialized employees who begin to act after writing the relevant application. Replacing batteries in a private house will not be difficult. The main thing in this case is to observe the entire sequence of actions.

With your own hands, replacing a heating radiator includes several points:

Drainage drainage. To do this, open the crane on the central fuel system. Next, connect the hose to drain the liquid from the pipes.

Dismantling of an old heating system. If the old radiators are recorded by special nuts, then they are carefully unscrewed and the batteries are removed.

Wall marking for future fasteners. In the future, this will evenly distribute the heating installation on the surface of the wall. To do this, use a building level that will help adjust the correct angle of inclination.

Installation of special brackets. They help to fix the product tightly in the right position. Fixation of the radiator installation.

System connection. For this, several capable fixing of the heating device has been developed. The most effective are: lateral, lower saddle, diagonal. Photo replacement of the heating radiator greatly facilitates the task.

The lateral method is used for heating apartment buildings with vertical fuel wiring. To do this, you will need radiators with ten compartments.

Lower saddle is suitable for horizontal wiring of the heating system. The size of the radiator can reach 1.5 m. The number of sections is from 15 to 20.

rent, heating, battery, apartment

Diagonal connection helps evenly distribute heat supply around the entire perimeter of living space.

Non.Standard situations

An unpleasant situation may happen when, when dismantling cast.Iron batteries, the bottom of the cork breaks off and the thread remains inside.

  • The collector is warming up;
  • Put the chisel to the details in the direction of its twist and try to crank it using the hammer;
  • As soon as the edges of the threads are stuck out, it is turned by pliers.

Often you have to remove old rusty batteries in which the threaded connection is eaten by corrosion or even perforated.

In this situation, you need to do the following:

  • “Arm” with a hoodie of brass or cast iron of the desired diameter;
  • Cut the thread from the eyeliner, but leave the first five turns;
  • Drive the thread with a dick;
  • Wrap up the thread with plumbing linen, soaked with paint (on an organic solvent), which dries quickly;
  • They are well.Prepared;
  • Now the wiped thread is screwed into the coupling, and the problem is solved.

Preparatory work

The most crucial moment in the installation of the radiator is preparatory measures. The outcome of the replacement procedure depends on how correctly dismantled the battery and what tools are at hand.

The choice of radiators

The first thing to do is decide which radiator will be installed instead of the old. The choice is made on the basis of:

  • Appearance;
  • Pressure indicator in the heating system;
  • Chemical composition of the coolant;
  • Prices;
  • The level of heat transfer;
  • Heating time and t. D.

Advanced models of cast.Iron batteries are particularly popular in recent years. Buyers highly value the ratio of the cost and quality of the device. But the choice can be made between steel, aluminum and biometric batteries.

Necessary tools and consumables

The installation of heating radiators is carried out in several stages. For each you will need the following tools:

  • Two keys: wretched and divided;
  • Apparatus for cutting metal pipes;
  • KUPP for cutting threads or a dick with the holder of the desired circle;
  • Polypropylene welding for pipes;
  • Scissors or hacksaw for cutting polypropylene pipes;
  • Level, pencil, ruler;
  • Plumbing linen;
  • Material for sealing joints;
  • Cement solution.

From components during the installation process of the radiator, you will need:

  • Heating battery itself;
  • Ball Valves;
  • Brackets for hanging the radiator;
  • Plugs;
  • Maevsky cranes for air sustaining;
  • Pipes: can be made of metal.Plastic, polypropylene or steel;
  • Accessories for installing pipes. Tees, adapters, allotments and fittings.

Dismantling of old batteries

The procedure for dismantling the battery of the battery depends on the plan of further work. If you only need to replace the radiator, then twist the thread from the battery or resort to a grinding machine if the threaded joints are knocked down and do not function.

In the case when, together with the heating device, you need to replace the heating pipe, then cut the entire structure. The procedure is carried out at a distance of 15-20 cm from the flooring and ceiling.

Marking to the wall

Prepare the base by transferring the marking to the wall. For this:

  • Out the place where you plan to place the battery with a pencil.
  • Make a hole for holding brackets.
  • Take the level and check the evenness of all lines.

At the last stage, you can glue foil (or other foil material) over the entire area of ​​the radiator to the wall. Thus, the heat transfer of the battery increases.

Replacing the old cast.Iron battery

A prerequisite for work is the coordination of your plans with neighbors living on the same riser below and above your apartment. They must agree to connect a new heating system in your home. If their rights to supply heat to the apartment are not violated, there should be no problems.

In an emergency, when breaking the heating pipe or radiator in winter, it is more difficult to eliminate the problem. In this case, you have to disconnect a whole riser from heat supply or completely the whole house.

Heating in multi.Storey buildings is brought from below or from above, so each battery has the entrance and exit of the pipe. The coolant is connected to it on one or two sides.

The replacement of a cast.Iron battery is carried out using a pipe lever key. The master promotes the counter.Players and separates them from the flanges. When this procedure does not work, just cut the pipe before this connection. Then the radiator is removed from the mounts.

Important! When dismantling a heating system or one element, substitute a wooden block under the battery so as not to damage the flooring in case of falling.

The negative side of such heating elements lies in their large weight and a non.Modern appearance. Therefore, apartment owners try to get rid of them. You can only change its appearance painting. Technical characteristics improve if it is carried out timely cleaning and washing.

After all the procedures, the battery can be assembled and installed in place.

Goodbye America

How to remove the battery installed on Americans?

Installation and dismantling of the radiator in Americans takes no more than a couple of minutes.

The only problem that can arise during dismantling is a significant force necessary to unclench steel eyeliners during diagonal connection. In this case, slightly tilt the radiator on the brackets, and the Americans will disconnect.

How to remove a radiator connected to the eyeliners?

  • Strict with a pipe key. Countrogikes on the eyeliner. Racking is always the right thread, regardless of their location relative to the radiator;
  • Drive the locknuts to the end of the carvings. If the layers of paint and rust interfere with the do this, first warm the eyeliner with a construction hairdryer, a soldering lamp or an impromptu gas burner from a spray can and nozzle to it;

How to Select a Portable Air Conditioner | Ask This Old House

Left. Starting position, on the right. A countrogaika carved on the thread.

rent, heating, battery, apartment
  • Remove the remnants of compressed winding from the threads (usually old threads are soaked with a plinal suuric with plumbing linen). This can be done with a flat screwdriver or knife;
  • Strict and drive radiator traffic jams after the counterages. With one.Sided connection, both passing plugs with the right thread, but with the diagonal one of the passing plugs. The left. The back of the thread indicates the letter “L” on the plane of the second cork located on the same side of the radiator.

To unscrew the cast.Iron cork, use the pipe key.If it does not fear, warm up the collector of the first section. Further on your side will play thermal expansion: the diameter of the collector will increase slightly, and the thread will grow with a slight effort.

Be prepared for the fact that the remnants of water along with dirt will flow out of the opened battery.

I emphasize: you need not to warm up a cork, but a section.

rent, heating, battery, apartment

When twisting the left cork, an unpleasant surprise awaits you: rotating it, you will simultaneously screw the drive into the radiator. If there is a threaded connection from the eyeliner side. Do not turn the radiator plug, but turn out from the coupling or corner. He will go into the hole in the traffic jam, and then, after dismantling the heating battery, he will turn out without any effort.

Diagonal connection connection. On the left you need not to unscrew the plug, but to disassemble the closest thread on the eyeliner.

What to do if the bottom of the cast.Iron cork broke off, and the thread remains inside the section?

  • Warm the collector;
  • Putting the chisel to the cast.Iron part along the tangent in the course of its twisting, turn the hammer with the beats of the hammer at several revolutions;
  • Когда край резьбы покажется из коллектора, вывернуть ее пассатижами.

Often, a long thread at the end of the eyeliner near the counter.Gaming is a dried rust or decorated with a fistula. What to do in this case?

  • Short drive with long and short threads. Better. Brass. Yes, its price is two to three times higher than that of the steel part, but this is compensated by an almost unlimited service life.

The method of repairing the eyeliner is extremely simple:

As a winding on heating, I use plumbing linen with impregnation with rapidly drying paint on an organic solvent. It prevents organic fiber from bending at low temperature and burn out at high.

The condition of flax impregnated with paint after several decades of service.

To dismantle the convector, its eyeliners are simply cut at right angles to the longitudinal axis using a hacksaw on metal or corner grinder with a circle of steel.

Corner grinder will significantly accelerate the dismantling of the convector.

To join the new battery on the eyeliners, you will have to cut a new thread.

  • With a file or corner grinding, we make an entry for a dick. Remove a gentle chamfer at the end of the pipe;
  • Lubricate the end of the pipe with any oil (for sewing machines, motor work, even sunflower). The lubricant will reduce the effort necessary for cutting and eliminate the appearance of scuffs on the thread;
  • We put on the dick with the holder forward;
  • We clamp the eyeliner with a tube key and in the process of cutting threads we compensate for the rotational moment. Otherwise, there are quite real chances of to tear the riser from the radiator installed on the drives or Americans in the neighboring apartment;

Cutting the thread, hold the eyeliner or riser.

After cutting the first thread, the dick can not be pressed.


Each type of work necessarily requires certain tools, thanks to which it is easy to perform certain actions. Of course, in order to remove the heating radiator, it is necessary to have not only special tools in your asset, but also components that will allow further installation of new radiators. A full purchase of all the necessary details allows you to carry out planned work without time losses and in the most economical version. Of course, that the subsequent purchase of materials with a lack of materials requires additional time and freezes the work begun. (Cm. Also: which is better to choose a heating radiator)

Be sure to get the following materials:

Apartment Battery Backup

In addition, the presence of a crane of Maevsky, without which no plumbing work can do without. Be sure to have plugs suitable in size to places of connection of batteries and radiators, as well as to install additional cranes. In a compartment with plugs, it is recommended to stock up immediately and gaskets.

If, in addition to dismantling, it is planned to replace batteries and pipes, then it is necessary to stock up on with new segments of pipes, it will not hurt to buy bimetallic rifar heating batteries, or what other analogues. In the same case, you will need the presence of the cranes of the “American” or easier options. A polypropylene crane is very useful, with its help it will be easy to achieve heating with a radiator removed. The PPR TABLE TECHNO will be necessary for work in the space of neighbors. If the situation is unsuccessful with them, Lerk will also be required.

Replacing heating radiators by managing company

Regardless of the time of year, the algorithm of actions by the management company for replacing the heating batteries is always the same. Replacement of heating batteries in winter. The procedure is far from ambiguous. Когда отопительный прибор отделён от сети двумя кранами, его замену можно произвести самостоятельно, не доставляя неудобств никому. Another thing is when the battery is connected directly to the riser or is sequentially included in the circuit from several devices.

In this case, you will have to block part of the heating system of the house. To do this, you need to go through the entire procedure for paperwork (see. Above) so that you can get permission to replace the battery in the apartment. It should be added that public utilities are extremely reluctant to issue permission, their task to perform work on their own and earn on this.

To change the battery in the apartment in winter, it is necessary to understand the diagrams of connecting batteries to heat supply pipes. Before replacing a new heating radiator, you need to verify the possibility of an autonomous shutdown of the device or on the contrary to know that you will have to deprive the heating of the houses of the house throughout the heat supply rush.

There are three circuits for connecting heating devices to the central heat supply system. The lower photo shows options. These are lateral, diagonal and lower battery connection.

During side connection, the coolant passes through the radiator channels from top to bottom and is returned back to the return pipe. This is just the case when it is possible to change batteries in the heating season without draining water from the system. The radiator is easy to turn off, blocking both taps. The balance of hot water circulation in the system is practically not violated as the coolant turnover will go through the jumper.

In the other two cases, the shutdown of the device will entail a blocking of heat supply to the remaining batteries on the bastard branches. Work on replacing the radiator will need to be entrusted to the housing office or management company. The algorithm of actions in this case is the following.

Check the condition of the supply pipes and connections from the riser to the radiator for the presence of cracks and leaks. Decide on replacing pipes or repairing welding, replacing fittings. Note in the defective Vedomosti the number and type of supplies.

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