How to replace the shadow in a washing machine Samsung

How to Replace a Washing Machine Heater (Samsung)

The choice of a heating element for a Samsung washing machine and its installation

If during the washing process, the water in the drum has stopped gaining the desired temperature, the only possibility of failure is required to purchase a heating element for a Samsung washing machine. Most modifications do not allow the unit to continue to function, and immediately informs the user of the problem by an error code.

Determine what this code informs, you can use the deciphering in the instruction manual. Let’s consider in detail whether it is possible to install the heating element yourself and how to do it.

Where is the heating element in a Samsung washing machine?

If there is suspicion of damage to the heating element of the washing machine, it should be diagnosed as soon as possible. To do this, it is necessary to get access to the heater. From which side to approach the machine to find the part? Let’s find out where the heating element is in the machine, how to inspect and check it, and if necessary, replace it.

Algorithm of actions

Detailed instructions for checking and replacing the heater we will give a little later, but now we propose to read a universal algorithm of actions, regardless of the specific brand of the washing machine.

Table. Procedure for replacing the heating element.

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Determining the location of the heating element

Additional check of operability and installation of the heater

Before starting work, it is recommended to get acquainted with the technology of checking the working order of the heating device.

How to remove the heating element from a Samsung washing machine

Here is how the replacement of the heating element on the washing machine Samsung (hereinafter CMA):

  • Drain the remaining water from the tank through the drain valve, located in the lower right corner of the machine.
  • Completely remove the detergent tray by pushing the button inside the tray.
  • Remove the screws for fixing the upper cover of the Samsung washing machine, located at the back side of the machine on the top.
  • If it is not possible to visually determine which side is the TEN, then unscrew the screws on the back wall.
  • If the heating element is missing from the back, follow the steps below.
  • Unscrew the two screws located on the control panel under the tray of the washing machine and one screw on the right side of the control panel;
  • Slide the panel aside without disconnecting it from the wires.
  • Disconnect the bottom plastic panel, the screws are hidden behind it. Unscrew them.
  • Remove the front panel mounting screws located at the top under the control panel.
  • Remove the clamp from the rubber flap of the door by hooking it with a thin screwdriver at the location of the door hinge.
  • Unscrew the fixing screws of the door lock (it is not necessary to remove the door lock, but you must be careful with the wires to the door lock when you remove the front panel).
  • Lift the panel and remove it from the two hooks. Remove carefully, taking your time so as not to tear the door lock wires (if the door lock was not removed). After removing the front panel, move it aside, leaning it sideways against the machine.

The methods listed above will also answer the question. how to remove the tenant in the washing machine L. G. At the bottom of the drum is the FET, four wires are connected to it, using three terminals (two terminals are connected to the two outermost contacts of the heating element, the third terminal, having two conductors, is connected to the contacts of the temperature sensor, located in the middle of the FET).

Checking operability

Before replacing the heater, it will be advisable to determine whether the heating element is serviceable or not.

You can use a multimeter to determine if the heating element is working properly without removing it from the drum. By performing the following:

  • switch on the multimeter, select the function for measuring resistance, set the value in ohms within 1 kOhm, you can less than 100-1000 ohms.
  • For a proper diagnostic, disconnect terminals from the heating element pins, having previously sketched the wires connection diagram, according to the color. Disconnect the terminals carefully, you will need a thin screwdriver to unbend the tab that fixes the terminal
  • Connect the two probes of multimeter to the heating element pins.
  • Determine if the heating element is damaged or not by the resistance measurement. Resistance of 25-35 ohm or so near to it means that the heating element is in order. THEN resistance can be different, depending on its power. Resistance value 0 or 1 ohm means that the heater is inoperative.
  • If the heating element is good, measure the resistance of the temperature sensor. If resistance is 0 ohm, the sensor must be replaced.

Heating element can not be repaired. You will need to buy it in the service or order it in an online store or in a specialized store. The heating element must correspond to the brand of the machine, size, nominal power and nominal voltage. Usually the power is between 1800-1900 W.

Removing the old one

To replace the heating element, the old one must be removed. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • The machine housing should be disassembled;
  • The drive belt (if fitted) should be removed so as not to interfere with the operation;
  • Wires going to the heater terminals should be disconnected (remembering their location);
  • Disconnect the plus wire from the terminal of the temperature sensor;
  • Loosen the central nut of the heater fixing (without unscrewing it to the end);
  • Push the stud, on which the nut stands inside the body (but carefully, so that the heating element does not fall into the tank;
  • Using several flat screwdrivers, remove the heating element, taking care not to damage the washing tank.

Before carrying out the above steps, it is necessary to determine where the heater is located. After that, remove the back or front of the machine covering it. On different models, the covers may be attached in different ways, namely by a different number of screws.

If the machine has a drive belt, it is removed using a screwdriver, which should be carefully lifted and then, it is easy to pull out. The main thing is not to scratch the belt, otherwise it will definitely break later.

As for the heating element terminals, there are usually four. This is the ground, the wire from the plus terminal of the temperature sensor and the two supply cables. The first two may or may not be present, depending on the model of the machine.

Important: be sure to disconnect the washing machine from the power supply for the duration of the repair work!

When removing the heating element, there may be a situation where it is not easy to reach. This can occur due to deformation of the rubber sealing ring, which over time hardens and sticks to the edges of the heater. In this case, it is necessary to pick it up carefully with a flat screwdriver and pull out the heating element with the help of your hand. If the seal is unusable, then it should also be replaced.

How to find the fault?

The tubular heater is located in Samsung washing machines on the flange. The fuse is also located here. In most models from this manufacturer, the heating element should be looked for behind the front panel. This location will require considerable effort for disassembly, but you can replace the part if it fails completely on your own.

To understand that the heating element does not work, you can for several reasons.

  • Poor wash quality when using a quality detergent and selecting the correct mode.
  • The window on the door of the washer-dryer is not heated during the wash cycle. But this must be checked only after 20 minutes from the start of the process. Also note that in the rinse mode, the machine does not heat water.
  • During the operation of the washing machine, power consumption is significantly reduced. You can check this cause, but in a very difficult way. First you need to disconnect all electrical consumers except the washing machine. Then record the meter readings before turning on the machine. At the end of a complete wash cycle, compare them with the resulting values. On average, per wash consumes 1 kW. However, if the washing has been done without heating the water, it will be between 200 and 300 watts. If these values are obtained, you can safely replace the faulty heating element with a new one.

Replacement of the heater

If you have removed the front panel, you have already bought a new part, then it is time to repair the machine. Let’s figure out how to remove the heating element without much trouble:

  • Using a socket wrench, unscrew the nut. The fastener is in the very center of the shank, between its contacts.
  • Grasp both pins of the old part and loosen it.
  • With a small hammer or the same wrench strike on the stud, on which was screwed previously removed nut.
  • The pin has fallen inside? Great, keep going.

Warning! Do not overdo it, taking out the heating element: if the contacts break off, it will be harder to get the heater.

Getting to the detail

If we’re talking about replacing the heating element in an Indesi washing machineт or LG, there is nothing complicated in this work, because in machines of these brands the heating element is located behind. It is enough to remove the back wall, remove the drive belt and here, the heating element is already in reach. Not everything is easy with the Samsung washing machine, because the heating element is installed in the front wall of the tank, and the front wall of any washing machine is more difficult to remove than the back.

Important! There is a plus in the front location of the heating element in a Samsung washing machine, because to remove the front wall it is not necessary to pull out the washing machine and disconnect it from all communications.

Nevertheless, this small difficulty should not encourage you to go to the masters, who will charge extra money for the replacement of the heating element in a washing machine Samsung. Perform the replacement yourself, especially since such a repair is considered simple. So, how to remove the front wall of the washing machine Samsung?

  • Unscrew the garbage filter of the Samsung washing machine to drain the remaining water in the tank, and at the same time pull out the powder cuvette.
  • Unscrew the screws that hold the top cover of the washer. They are located on the back in the upper right and left corners of the washing machine Samsung.
  • Unscrew the 2 fasteners that are under the cuvette of the washing machine Samsung and one, which is located on the right side of the control panel.
  • Slide the control panel, but there is no need to remove it yet.
  • Catch with a flat screwdriver thin clamp made of plastic around the sunroof cuff and remove it, simultaneously tucking the cuff in the hatch deeper.
  • With a flat screwdriver pick up and remove the bottom narrow panel of the washer Samsung, exposing the steel frame of the housing.
  • Along the bottom of the front wall of the washing machine are 4 screws, which were not visible under the decorative panel, and now they can be freely unscrewed, which we do.
  • Lift the previously unscrewed control panel and put it on top of the washing machine body, under the panel, find 3 more screws that hold the front wall, you need to unscrew them.

Be careful! Raising the control panel, do not accidentally rip the wiring. They are very thin in some places and are held on by “nozzles”, if you tear them off, you will add problems.

  • The front wall of a Samsung washing machine is now held in place by only two hooks. We take it by its lower corners, and carefully lifting it up, remove it. Pulling on the wall is not necessary, because it will pull the wires from the device blocking the hatch. They can not touch them at all, and turn the wall to the side, leaning it to the side of the body of the washer, so as not to interfere.
  • The control panel will not interfere with anything. It can be carefully lowered down so that it will not fall off the body of the washing machine when you replace the heating element, so again, accidentally did not break off the wires.

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Well here, when the front wall of the washing machine Samsung removed, we can see the contacts of the heating element right in front of our eyes. But there is no hurry to replace the heating element. First of all we will check everything, make sure of the malfunction node, and then we will make a final decision.

Checking the working order

To replace the heating element we will always have time, first of all we will check everything. How to do it? Well, first of all, we need to prepare a multimeter. Set the device to check the resistance by setting the minimum value in ohms. Now we remove all the wires from the sensors of the heating element. You have to be very attentive not to tear anything.

Next place one probe of our measuring device on one contact of the heating element, and the second probe should be leaned against the second contact and see what resistance value will pop up on the multimeter screen. If the figure on the display is close to 28, for example, 25, 27 or 30 Ohm, then the heater element is serviceable. Well and if the counter showed 0 or one. the heating element burned out. You have to buy or order a similar part and make the replacement of the heating element with your own hands. By the way, the heating element is not the most expensive part of the washing machine Samsung, but you must be careful when buying, because the heating elements for different models are also different. They differ in capacity and modification, so in order not to make a mistake, look carefully at what is written on the old heating element. Or even take the old heating element to the store and show it to the washing machine parts dealer. it will be more reliable. The minimum price of a new part is currently about 6.5, and the maximum is about 30.

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! The power of the heating element of a Samsung washing machine is usually 1.85 or 1.9 kW.

How to change the heating element in a Siemens washing machine?

To miss the breakdown of the heater in a Siemens washing machine is almost impossible. The machine stops heating, the cycle runs in cold water, and the user gets poorly washed laundry. Sometimes the washer refuses to wash at all. it displays an error and hangs. There is only one way out. diagnose and replace the heating element. How to act, we will tell you in detail.

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