How to reset the error in the Bosch dishwasher

Error E09 in a Bosch dishwasher indicates that the machine has a problem with heating water. In most cases, the heating element located near the motor of the device needs to be replaced.

Error E09 can be caused by several problems. Some of them can be eliminated without serious repair.

System failure

Sometimes even serviceable dishwashers give out errors. If E09 has appeared in the machine for the first time, it is possible that it is caused by the usual failure of the main module, while the technique itself is perfectly fine.

You can suspect a system failure if the error occurred in a brand new machine

Drain filter clogged

The filter at the bottom of the dishwasher is often clogged with food debris and small debris. The liquid is slowly filled in the machine compartment, the heating element overheats and does not work at its full capacity. Until it fails, you can fix the problem with a simple dishwasher cleaning procedure.

Clogs accumulate in the filter itself and in the mesh underneath it

The heating element is broken

This cause causes error 09 in Bosch dishwashers in 90% of cases. Most often the machine’s heating element fails because of hard water. Over time, limescale is formed on it, the element can not quickly heat the liquid, it experiences constant overload during operation and eventually burns out.

The heating element of the Bosch dishwasher is subject to breakdowns due to unstable voltage in the network

Defective “Aquastop” system sensor

It’s the sensor that the float presses on, if there’s a leak of liquid. If it is defective, it may not work at all or it can signal a leakage when there is no water in the pan at all. Although such a malfunction is rare, it does occur occasionally.

The sensor is located above the float in the bottom of the machine (see “Technical information”). picture above). To replace it, turn the dishwasher upside down. Remove all the screws that hold the base to the cabinet and open the. Do not try to open the bottom completely, as the Aquastop sensor is attached to it.

Dishwasher leak sensor replacement

Replace the faulty sensor with a new one, and reassemble the unit in the reverse order.


Classic models of Bosch dishwashers are easy to diagnose. Explain this by clearly marking the indicators on the front panel. Error code E15 or a picture of a faucet occurs when you need to check the water. Diagnosis of the machine includes inspection of the following parts:

  • of the priming system (you need to evaluate the integrity of the hose, the contamination of the strainer, and the functionality of the intake valve);
  • the lock and door seal (the machine can leak if these parts are broken, worn or dirty);
  • Circulating pump (if the speed of rotation of the blades is reduced, the water supply is disrupted);
  • triacs of the control unit to burn out (it is impossible to identify such a breakdown on your own, diagnosis and troubleshooting of the Bosch dishwasher should be entrusted to the master).

Bosch Dish Washer Error E-24 EASY FIX!!

Error code

Code E15 means that the Aquastop system leak sensor in the Bosch dishwasher tray has tripped. The cause is usually a leak in the machine itself or in the surrounding communications. Water falls into the drip tray, the sensor float floats and the Aquastop leakage protection system activates.

Please note! Always turn on the drain pump when the leakage protection system is triggered. It pumps out the remaining water in the dishwasher to prevent further flooding of the room.

When error E15 occurs in Bosch dishwashers, the taps light up all the time. It signals that the dishwasher has cut off the water supply.

What to do if error E15 appears in your Bosch dishwasher

If error number E15 appears, the only way out is to resolve the situation, but you should not rush to disassemble the machine immediately. First try the standard procedure, based on a reset. If it does not help, the Bosch dishwasher malfunction is sought in the elements of the drainage system.


If the machine is new, it is not necessary that the error E15 is related to a defect in the drainage system. It could just be a malfunction due to heavy foaming of the detergent, a power surge, or some other reason. You should first try resetting your Bosch dishwasher.

When resetting the machine, pull the plug of the power cord out of the socket

The easiest way to resolve error number E15 is to unplug the machine’s power cord from the outlet. It can stand for up to 20 minutes in its off state. When after the restart the error code E15 is displayed again, it is possible that this Bosch model has a different resetting algorithm.

Bosch Dishwasher Reset / E-15 Error Code

Some dishwashers manufacturer has made provision for ECU memory reset. To do this:

  • Open the machine loading door;
  • Press and hold program buttons 1 and 3 for 4 seconds.;
  • close and then reopen the machine loading door;
  • there is a Reset button on the machine, which should be pressed for 4 seconds.;
  • Close the dishwasher door again and wait for the program end signal.

Open the loading door, unplug the machine from the socket. When the appliance is switched on again, the error code E15 should disappear and the dishwasher should start again.

There is also a third possibility for other models. To eliminate the dishwasher error E15, you can reset the settings by holding down the power button for 30 seconds.

Restoring the float to work

When the float “Aquastop” stops working, error code E15 appears. The problem is often caused by sticking. The float is stuck by grease residues, sticky substances of detergents. The dishwasher can be repaired without disassembling it.

The float of the Bosch appliance is lightweight and made of plastic and foam plastic

Disconnect the machine from the mains, water and waste water supply. If the device is of the built-in type, it will have to be removed from the recess. The dishwasher is rocked to all sides and tilted at an angle of up to 30°. Rags and trays are used to collect water. Machine tilted at 45° angle. Drain all the dirty liquid from the tray. The reverse connection to the water supply and sewerage is performed after one day. During this time the float, which has stuck, should resume its operation and the error number E15 will disappear.

Cleaning the filter and other drainage elements from clogging

The draining system has a filter that traps food debris washed out of the dishes. It needs to be cleaned periodically. If the user forgets about it, the Bosch dishwasher has an error E15 and the faucet on the display lights up.

The filter is installed on the bottom of the oven next to the rocker

From the chamber of the machine remove the basket for loading dishes. It is not difficult to see the filter on the bottom. In newer Bosch models it can be removed by turning the housing by 90°. The filter removal process may be different in older dishwashers. All that is needed is to rinse the mesh well with detergent. After cleaning, the filter is put back in its place.

The grid is unable to trap liquid grease. It penetrates into the drain system, deposits on the walls of the hose, narrowing the passage holes. To clean the entire system perform the following steps:

  • The machine is disconnected from the mains and utilities, pulled into the free space. Must be accessible from all four sides.
  • First remove the basket and filter from the working chamber. Unscrew the side panel hardware and remove it.
  • Unscrew the screws with a star-shaped screwdriver and remove the front plate. There is a steel bar underneath. It also needs to be removed by removing the screws.
  • The next step is to remove the rear wall from the body, removing the retaining screws. The pump will be exposed. On the tray it is fixed by rubber bands, which also need to be removed.
  • Remove the plastic plugs from the sides of the machine. The door is disconnected from the housing and held by a special holder. You must immediately find the cord and release it from the spring. After these steps, try to remove the lower wall of the machine enclosure.

After removing all the walls all the internal assemblies of the dishwasher are exposed.

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Drainage system hoses are clamped with hose clamps

All rubber tubes of the drainage system are put on the connectors of the working parts, tightened by the clamps. They must be loosened. Hoses are removed, inspected for integrity and washed with water and detergent. Remove larger clogs with a pipe cleaner on a long handle. After completion of cleaning all parts should be assembled in the reverse order. The machine is connected to the communications and network, check the operability, no error E15 on the display.

Failure of “Aquastop” and sprayer boom

In practice, there is a situation when the Bosch dishwasher doesn’t turn off or can’t be turned on when error E15 occurs. But the filter and draining system are clean and the pan is without water. The problem could be in the Aquastop sensor or in the atomizer rocker arms. Sometimes these parts fail.

There are two spray arm inside the tank: one at the top and one at the bottom

Once they are broken, they cannot be repaired. The transducer and rocker arm are replaced. First dismantle the old units, so that the store picks up the correct model precisely.

If there is an error E24 in a Bosch dishwasher and the water tap lights up, it is usually either at the end of the wash cycle before it is drained or near the start, a couple of minutes after starting the appliance. In both situations, the technique stops and stops responding to commands.

If you see E24 it means there is a problem with the water drainage. New dishwashers more often signal the defect at the beginning of the cycle based on the results of quick testing. Older ones more often give an error at the end of the wash cycle.

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How to troubleshoot at E24?

If the manufacturer says that the combination of these indicated problems with the drain system, it is worth to deal with it first.

You won’t have any trouble cleaning the drain filter. the instructions are in the owner’s manual, or you can find them in our separate article. Let us briefly describe the essence of the process:

  • Locate the filter at the bottom of the wash tank.
  • Remove (unscrew) the lid.
  • Clean the drain hose with the cable.
  • Do not forget to remove the plug, under which the gear wheel of the drain pump is hidden.
  • Take out all debris. food remains, undissolved powder, shards, etc. п.

As a side note! A clog can form at the junction of the drain hose with the outlet to the sewer pipe. inspect this place as well.

Do not rule out clogging and the pump itself, as a result of which it stops pumping water, and the system gives an error. Locate the pump as follows:

  • turn the cabinet of the automatic washer and dryer upside down;
  • Twist off the back panel and sides (if you have a stationary model);
  • Unscrew the bottom front bar with which the bottom is attached;
  • Then remove the bottom to gain access to the parts;
  • you will see a large plastic casing with outlets under the nozzles. this is a flowing TEN. There is a pump attached to the side. turn it slightly clockwise and pull;

Important! Disconnect the wiring and sensors from the parts beforehand.

  • Inspect the impeller. the blades can wind hair and other debris;
  • Having inspected and cleaned the system, reassemble everything in its place, acting in reverse order;
  • Run a test cycle to see if the error has been reset.

Coding of errors and their varieties

Modern types of dishwashers are characterized by increased functionality, including the ability to self-diagnose. This is a useful feature that helps prevent most serious breakdowns. Focusing on alerts in the form of error codes, the user directly from the device display can monitor the status of the machine, for example, by determining that the dishwasher is not finishing the program.

Each error has its own meaning and description. There are several general categories by which errors can be classified:

  • Problems with water heating (e.g. error e03);
  • Malfunction in the water drain and pour process;
  • Trouble with the water switch and sensors;
  • Electrical problems.

How to Reset a Bosch Dishwasher

Having deciphered the error code in time and responded to it, the user can eliminate most of the problems on their own, without engaging a craftsman and significant financial expenses.

Using the recommendations in this article, every user now knows how to properly reset their dishwasher, maintain it, and do preventive maintenance.

The vast majority of modern dishwashers are equipped with a self-diagnostic system.

Kitchen “Assistant” With a display, displays a combination of letters and numbers in the event of a malfunction. On machines without a display, the indicator lamps light up and flash in a certain order.

The self-diagnosis system allows you to “smart” kitchen appliances:

  • quickly identify the problem that has occurred,
  • Eliminate it or start a process that prevents more complicated breakdowns,
  • to inform the owner of the problem.

Ignoring an error code on the dishwasher control panel is impossible, and sometimes impossible.

Leaving the error message unchecked and simply resetting it can put you at considerable risk.

How to check the pump:

This video describes in detail the device of the pump and the principle of its replacement:

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