How to save cherries for the winter in the freezer

How much can a frozen cherry with bones be stored

Freshly combined berry is considered the highest quality and useful. It is desirable that the stalks are preserved on it. Thanks to them, the shelf life of cherries with a bone is the longest.

  • Fruit collection is produced only with a dry clear day. Take dense elastic berries with uniform, saturated burgundy coloring and pronounced taste qualities inherent in ripe cherries should be taken away for storage.
  • Too soft, aspired storage berries will not work. Therefore, to collect fruits, they choose a period when they are rather elastic, with a shiny surface.
  • When buying berries in the market, you should pay attention to their taste and smell. Even small sour notes inherent in fermentation should alert.You should also bypass the sticky soft berry, which languished for too long in the sun.
  • A prerequisite for fresh berries. green elastic stalks. The crop is “not the first freshness” is considered fruits with dark dried cuttings or their complete absence.
  • It is important that cherry be without wormhole. Be sure to make sure that she did not become a home for some insect. The ripe fruit is divided into parts and carefully inspect the pulp. Traces of the stay of pests in one berry may indicate that the entire batch of the product is damaged.

Berries affected by worms are the softest, and have a darker color than others.


When buying fresh cherries for freezing, you should consider how you are going to use it. Small fruits are good for filling pies, and large are purchased for consumption in fresh form. The darker the berry, the sweeter it and contains more beneficial substances.

It is better to buy fruits with cuttings. So they are better preserved, and on them you can determine the freshness of the product. The fresh berries have green cuttings, not dry. It is recommended to take one berry for a sample and check it for worms and taste. The fruits should not be too soft or sticky, have a wine smell that signals the starting processes of fermentation. Cherries with such signs should not be considered as a purchase.

How to freeze cherries correctly

For freezing, you need to use special dishes. You can take plastic containers or bottles with a screw cover. In extreme cases, dense plastic bags designed to freeze products are used.

If you fold the cherry in the freezer in plastic bags, then the berries should first be frozen on the tray

Only then solid fruits are placed in one package. Otherwise, there is a risk of mass connection into one continuous ice, which will be difficult to divide if necessary.

Another point, which, unfortunately, not everyone is conceived. freezing after complete drying of the berries. After all, they try to carefully prepare cherries. clean and wash. After rinsing, the fruits should drain well, because each remaining drop of moisture will subsequently turn into ice.

Cherry must be placed on a paper towel in one layer. On top you need to cover with another white cloth. After 20-30 minutes, the berries are blurred with clean napkins, drawing on the surface of the laid mass in different directions and slightly pressing on the crop.

On a note. Defrosting, and then repeated freezing, reduces the shelf life of the product. In this case, the berries lose their shape and taste.

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Methods of bourgeal of cherries for the winter

Of the all kinds of freezing methods, we have chosen several of the most popular options. Each method is easy to prepare, and guaranteed to appeal to the home.

Freezing with a bone

The crop is reviewed, and only dense ripe specimens are selected. If the berry has a wormhole, then it must be thrown away or sent to compote. Stored (even in frozen form) such a product will not be.

Fruits with bones are often used after defrosting for compote. In this case, the crop, if you do not wash it, will undergo additional treatment, without leaving bacteria on the surface of the berry of a single chance.

Berries are folded in plastic dishes without priming. Covered with a lid so that it does not crush the top layer. Containers are transferred to the freezer, where they leave until winter.

If there is no plastic container, it is recommended to use packages. The berries are placed inside polyethylene, the edges are securely closed. Having moved to the freezer, the package is pierced in one place, and they quickly lower the air.

Preparation of berry collection for freezing

The quality of the frozen product depends on how competently the preparatory process was organized. Harvesting is recommended to be harvested on a dry sunny day. After the last rain, they can withstand for a couple of days, and then proceed to the collection. The fruits should be dense, elastic, with uniform coloring, completely ripened, but not ripe.

Ideally, they are not broken, but cut off with part of the stalk. Thanks to this, the already partially formed flower bud on a tree is not injured, the juice does not flow hands.

If a market berry

The choice of goods should be treated with special addiction. Soft, sticky berries, which have been lying in the sun for a long time, will be sweet. They are more suitable for jam or pie, and not for winter storage. The detected traces of the stay of insect pests indicate that, most likely, the entire batch of the product is damaged.

Indicate the freshness of the goods well.preserved green stalks.

If the fruits easily disappear from the tails, then the cherries are overrepanated. A crumpled, cracked berry with traces of mold for storage is not suitable.

Often unscrupulous sellers process the crop with diphenyl. Unfortunately, its presence can only be checked at home. Diphenil makes itself felt when soaking in warm water: a film appears on the surface of the liquid. To eliminate the preservative, the fruits are soaked in soda solution (per 1 liter of liquid 1 h. l. soda).

Wash or not wash?

Cherries, cherries are surely washed, but do it right before freezing. Come as follows:

  • Put the collection in a large container.
  • Pour cold water, leave for 5-10 minutes. During this time, garbage pops up and it becomes clear how the fruits are infected with wormhole. To eliminate worms, water is planted in calculation of 1 hour. l. Salt per 1 liter of liquid. Maintain in a solution for 30 minutes. During this time, the worms come to the surface.
  • The water is carefully drained, the berries are shifted into a colander.
  • Rinse under running cold water for 1-2 minutes. Lay the fruits on a flat dish covered with a paper/waffle towel.

After excess moisture leaves, they begin to freeze the selected method.

An unmistakable selection of containers

For storage of cherries, cherries in the freezer use:

  • Zip Lock locks, characterized by the presence of a convenient sealed fastener;
  • ordinary cellophane cults;
  • Containers made of plastic of any shape;
  • plastic bottles 0.5-1 l, cups after yogurt, sour cream.

Containers are taken with lids of one portion of 350 ml, since repeated freezing is prohibited. It is possible to use a spacious capacity with which it will not be difficult to select the right amount of frozen berries. Fall asleep into containers without ramers to maintain the shape of the fruits as much as possible.

Requirements for the freezer

The camera should be clean, without extraneous smells. It is advisable to highlight a separate shelf. The best result is obtained when using refrigeration equipment with the Quick Freeze option. The mode is launched 2-3 hours before the start of freezing. The optimum storage temperature of frozen cherries, cherries varies within.18 ℃.22 ℃.

How to freeze cherries and cherries with bones correctly?

Berries intended for fresh storage, choose ripe, without wormholes. Using any food container of food plastic or polyethylene, convenient for operation, use for storage.

Ways, how best to freeze in the freezer:

  • Laid out a clean collection on a covered food film or parchment, leaving a space around each berry 3-5 mm around each berry. The tray is placed in the freezer for 5 hours. Then the berries are packaged on packages, containers and returned to the camera.
  • If the crop is successful for glory, they immediately freeze in one layer in cellophane chips. The edges of the package are bent, sent to the freezer. After a couple of hours they take out, shake, release air, tied hermetically and returned again to the cold.
  • They scatter washed, dry fruits on plastic cups (boxes), sent to the freezer. Previously, 2-3 holes with a diameter of 1-2 mm for ventilation are made in the walls of the container. Remember the dessert for the New Year when you want a holiday.

Berries are beautiful and crumbly. The secret is that when using the listed methods, condensate is excluded inside the hermetic packaging.

How to freeze cherries for the winter. two recipes

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Despite the fact that I was absent for a long time, I have gathered many new and delicious recipes for you. Today, for a warm.up, I will tell you how to freeze the cherry for the winter. I will also tell you that to cook it from it in winter.

I don’t know how you are, dear readers, but my cherry huddles all year round. canned, in compotes and frozen. What can I say? Desired and delicious product!

Cherry, in other ways, like raspberries. berry that tolerates freezing well. They perfectly retain their original appearance (shape and color do not change). But there is one but. Freeze such berries correctly.


So, let’s start our workpiece. Cherry is frozen in two ways. With a bone and without it. Consider both options, but I want to say right away that I do not freeze the cherry without bones. I close such a cherry to banks. By the way, it is done very simple and quickly. Reference to the recipe is slightly higher.

How to freeze cherries without a bone?

We wash the collected cherries or purchased in cold water, while removing the tails and available leaves. Put the washed cherries on a towel. Let excess moisture absorbed into a towel.

Mythbuster!Storing Fruit In Glass Jars! Does It Work?!?

Then you need to carefully remove the bones, trying not to damage the berry. I advise you to buy cherries not very ripe for such a workpiece. Elastic.

Today there are several devices to remove bones from cherries. But, if you do not possess such an instrument, a pin, hairpin or can be used to apply a stationery clip.

We put the peeled cherries in the prepared bags, but do not trim. Be sure, when laying cherries in a package, do not grab the juice. And select packages of medium sizes. on one cooking.

Send bags with cherries to the freezer one near the other (with one layer), but not like: one to another! The time of staying cherries in the freezer may vary. from 3 hours to 5, or even longer. But after the cherry froze well, you can lay bags on each other.

Perhaps the question will appear on the water of such a frozen cherry without a bone. Will she get together in one lump? No, friends, he won’t get together if you froze cherries without evolved juice.

But you can be played out. Freeze cherries in two stages. First in an even layer, on the tray and only then to pack the bags frozen.

What to cook from frozen cherries?

There are quite a few recipes, but I can safely say that it will be difficult to pass by such recipes. Charlotte, chocolate cake, pies, dumplings, jelly, buns, open cake, chocolate cupcake, lean cake or crockers, chocolate. cherry roll, brownie, tiramisu and a very simple recipe. Cherry covered in chocolate.

How to freeze cherries with a bone

With this workpiece, you definitely will not have trouble))) I freeze the cherry with a bone and with the tails. I need such beautiful cherries to decorate my cakes. She is considered to be selected. But you can remove the tails.

Rinse the cherry well under cold water and also spread it on a towel. You can use Sita and a colander.

As soon as the cherries are dried up, we faced packages.

We send cherries in the freezer similarly. Near each other. I also remove the air from the package, using a cocktail tube.

If you suddenly did not have time to cook the compote for the winter from the cherries, but you didn’t forget about the frozen, then it is from such a cherry that you can cook compote in winter. Also in winter time, a glass of mulled wine prepared with cherries will help to warm up.

But, and if, you want to crunch. Defrost cherries and forward! It is not inferior to fresh. And for information. cherry is useful for anemia and with inflammation of the respiratory tract.

How to Preserve Fresh Cherries l Cherry Compote l Two ways of Preserving & Storing Fresh Cherries

Friends, I hope you come in handy a recipe for frozen cherries for the winter. Even if you do not plan a large.scale freezing. at least one bag, yes prepare!

How to store

Shelf life at a temperature of 18 ° C is approximately 8–12 months. At temperatures. 6 ° C no more than 3-4 days. Frowned products are not recommended to be cleaned in the freezer again. Fruits lose their beneficial properties, grow ice, become tasteless.

Correct defrosting greatly affects the quality of products, its taste. The main rule is to prevent contact with air and prevent juice to flow.

in a sealed bag under a stream of cold water (30–45 minutes);

Defrosting at room temperature takes a couple of hours and requires a minimum of interventions. But has many minuses. Leads to a significant loss of vitamin C and juice. Rapid growth of microflora.

Defrosting with heating or hot water significantly reduces the quality of products. Turns it into “porridge”.


Do you need to wash the berries before freezing?

Washing berries before the freezing procedure is not necessary. Especially washing can be neglected if the fruits were collected from their own garden and not too contaminated.

It is best to wash purchased products under running cool water, and then carefully dry on a paper towel. If you freeze wet berries, there is a risk of getting a large amount of ice. When defrosting, the crop with a high degree of probability will turn into a mess.

There are different variations on how to ensure the freshness of strawberries for the winter. Most often, freezing without sugar is used. It is enough to calibrate the berries, put them on a baking sheet, send them for half an hour to the freezer. Then frozen fruits are put in containers, covered with a lid and put on long.term storage in a stall with a low temperature.

The defrosting of the berries should be performed slowly. It is better to place the packaging with frozen fruits in the cup on the table. A few hours later, the crop will thaw without unnecessary coercion. If you use the microwave or hot water, the berries will lose most of the useful trace elements and acquire an unattractive appearance.

Useful tips


If there is a large amount of multi.rate crop at hand, prepare different types of frost. You can combine several types of berries, add fruit pieces. It is necessary to freeze and each type of crop individually.

Be sure to sign a bag or a jar. So it will later be easier to find the necessary fruits.


Use only fresh crop for freezing. Berries that managed to lie down for several days, most likely, have already become soft and slightly rotten. Fruits that secrete juice are no longer suitable for freezing.


If the plans are to maintain maximum benefits, use deep freezing. The technology involves the effect on the fruits of a very low temperature (from.20 ° C).

Ways to freeze cherries in the freezer

Cherry fruits improve digestion, have an expectorant and antipyretic effect. It is convenient when there is access to such a vitamin home first.aid kit all year round. Provide it is simple. It is enough to freeze cherries, while this can be done with both bones and without. When choosing a workpiece method, start from the fact that in the future you plan to cook from it.

With bones

With this method, the pulp is not damaged, the juice does not flow, and the berry retains an attractive appearance. However, if after defrosting you need to remove the seeds, it will be difficult to do it quite. Such a workpiece is suitable as a dessert, for the preparation of compotes, jewelry of confectionery.

Berries are recommended to freeze in bags, laying it in a dense layer in one row. Do not try to save space, folding the cherry in several layers. Otherwise, all your works will become in vain: berries can be won and turn into porridge. Before closing the package, try to release air as much as possible.

If there are a lot of berries, and I want to put everything in one box, first you need to freeze them. To do this, cherries should be laid out on a baking sheet or tray and put in the freezer for a while. After the cherries harden, transfer them to the container.

An alternative option is to freeze the berries, sprinkling them with sugar. To do this, you need a plastic glass or container. Put a little cherry on the bottom of the container and sprinkle with sugar. Repeat the layers until completely fill the container.

IMPORTANT. The shelf life of frozen cherries with bones should not exceed 1 year.

Portable cubes

Cocktail lovers can prepare the berry for the winter. For this you will need a form for freezing ice.

  • Boil water and cool it.
  • Pre.prepared cherries lay down in the form of form.
  • Pour boiled water.
  • If you have a lid, close the shape, otherwise. wrap it with cling film. In the freezer.
  • Use if necessary.

Cherry compote

From fresh berries for the winter, you can cook delicious cherry compote. Not only adults, but also children drink it with pleasure. To prepare a drink in a three.liter jar, it is necessary to observe the following proportion: 3 cups of berries per 3 cups of sugar, a pinch of citric acid.

  • Sterilize banks.
  • Place pre.prepared berries in them.
  • Fill sugar, acid.
  • Slowly pour boiling water.
  • Hermetically tighten the lids.
  • Turn the banks and put in a warm place.

Such a canned drink can be stored both in the refrigerator and at room temperature 1 year.

IMPORTANT. If you cook the compote along with the bones, then it will be possible to store it for no more than a year, otherwise synical acid, dangerous to health, will begin to release it. The same applies to cherry jam with bones.


This method of freezing is more expensive in time, but at the output you will get a berry that is suitable for baking, dumplings, cooking or jam without preliminary preparation.

cherries, winter, freezer
  • Manually. Taking advantage of the usual pin, wand, clip.
  • Half.mechanical way. Cherry is inserted 1 piece into a special device, as a result of pressure, the bone jumps out.
  • Mechanical. The berry is poured into the container, a little pressed, and the bones are extracted by their pulp.
  • Using special electrical appliances.

Cherry without bones must be placed in a colander or sieve so that the glass juice formed as a result of processing of berries. Then lay out the fruits on the tray and put in the freezer. In a few hours, get and put into portioned packages. With this method, the expiration date of the product will be 12-15 months.

In its own juice

If in the process of processing many crushed or overripe berries came across, you can make freezing in your own juice. To do this, you need to separately postpone the infinition, and then beat it with the help of a blender to the state of puree. Set the cherries without bones place in the container, filling them with about half the volume. Pour cherry puree on top.

In winter, this will be a great option for sweet dessert or sauce to pancakes, pancakes and other pastries.

ADVICE. If desired, sugar can be added to the berry mass.

In syrup

Another proven option for storing cherries for the winter in the refrigerator is to freeze it in syrup. algorithm of actions:

    a pot of water with water on fire and bring to a boil.

  • Add sugar in a ratio of 1: 1.
  • Stir and wait for complete dissolution. The resulting syrup, removing the pan for a while in the refrigerator.
  • In the container for storage, lay the cherry without bones, taking no more than ⅔ volume.
  • Pour syrup.
  • Close and remove in the freezer.

ADVICE. In order to save space, you can arrange cellophane bags in containers, place berries there and pour syrup. After freezing, extract them and, releasing air, tightly tie.

Quick Tips to Store Cherries

How to defrost cherries

Not all cases require preliminary defrosting of the berry. So, if you decide to cook the compote or cook cherry baking, feel free to add the prepared workpiece directly from the freezer.

In other cases, it is enough to transfer the cherry to the lower shelf in the refrigerator. For a faster result. hold at room temperature. At the same time, the released juice is easy to drain by placing the berry in a sieve.

IMPORTANT. Defrosting in the microwave is not allowed. So, you will ruin the appearance of the berry and lose part of its beneficial properties.

Dried berries

This is a popular way of storage, while simple and affordable. Vitamins and other beneficial substances are preserved in dried fruits. It is most convenient to use a special electric dryer for fruits and berries, but if it is not there, ordinary gas or electric oak is suitable.

For drying, you need to choose ripe fruits of good quality: without dents, cracks, wormholes, signs of damage.

There are two options for preparations. with a bone entirely and without a bone or halves. In the first case, more juice will remain, and the taste and smell will be brighter.

To dry the berries without bones in the oven, you need to do it as follows:

  • Prepare the berries, put it on a baking sheet in one layer, put in the oven and dry at a temperature of 45-55 degrees.
  • When the cherry dries, it must be transferred to a cardboard box or wooden box and leave for several days. Thus they achieve the leveling of the humidity of the berries.
  • For storage of cherries, you need to prepare linen bags or glass jars with dense lids. After the glass containers or bags are filled and closed, they need to be placed in a dry and fairly cold place where the sun’s rays do not penetrate. Storage for dried cherries. 1 year.

From dried cherries, you can cook not only sweet pastries. It can be ingredients of various meat dishes

Cherry drunken advice

Council 1

During drying, the oven door must be left a little ajar to ensure the removal of evaporating fluid.

Tip 2

It is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature in the oven. it should not exceed 55 degrees, otherwise the berry will lose its beneficial substances, for example, such as vitamin C, which is destroyed when heated.

The table below presents how much the berry is stored depending on its condition:

Cherry condition Storage time
Fresh at room temperature Up to 5 days
Fresh in the common chamber of the refrigerator Up to 15 days at t from.1 to1 ° C
Frozen in the freezer 8-12 months
Dried Up to 12 months


This method retains food value and taste. It is simple and does not take much time. Fruits are stored for a very long time. Used for preparation of desserts, pastries, compotes, decoration of dishes and drinks.

For freezing, you need a crop just collected. The lying for several days loses vitamins and beneficial properties. Berries sort. Throw away spoiled. Remove bones and stalk. Wash and dry well. Then lay out in containers or plastic bags in small portions. Cleaned in the freezer and set a temperature from –18 to –20 ° C.

other methods

The preparation of compote or jam takes a little more strength than previous methods. But allows you to show imagination, combining different varieties and fruits. The easiest version of the workpiece with a long shelf life is to put the cherry in a glass jar, alternating fruits with leaves. Fill it to the top and close it tightly with a lid. Put in a dark and cool place.

The berry can be stored fresh in the refrigerator or cellar. Before that, it needs to be washed well, throw off the spoiled fruits and dry. In the refrigerator, cherries do not go bad if you put it in a plastic bag. In the cellar, it needs to be laid out in an even layer on the pallets.

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