How to secure a gas cooktop to a countertop

Sealants for hobs and ovens

In order for the appliance to serve for a long time, and at the same time there were not many difficulties with maintenance, you need to install it competently.

Sealing tape for mounting the hob can be securely attached to the countertop. In doing so, the risk of moisture on the ends of the seating hole will be minimized. But there is a very simple technological method to achieve tightness of joints. It is to use special sealants for ovens.

Not every material is suitable for kitchen appliances. There are some materials that cannot withstand high temperatures. So they dry out, crack and crumble.

IMPORTANT! Now it makes sense to tell you about the dangers of poor-quality joints in ovens and cooktops. Our task is to list the basic requirements for sealants for ovens, as well as to talk about the rules of their application.

Cutting out a window to install the panel

Insert the jigsaw blade into one of the holes and then make a cutout in the countertop along the entire contour. In order to avoid large chips, use a saw with fine teeth or a hand router.

We try on the hob in the obtained niche and align it. We look from the side, whether everything is straight. And then comes the next phase of tapping into the countertop.

Finishing the cut. Not only sandpaper, but also a rasp, file will do for this. If the used countertop is made with wood, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of moisture getting on the cut. For this purpose we do a thorough processing of the cut with moisture-proof material. This can be done with silicone, sealant or nitrolac.

How to install the hob itself?

The hob looks very nice and modern in the kitchen. So you bought a hob. Now how to cut the hob into the countertop with your own hands? Is it possible to do it yourself and what are the subtleties and recommendations in this case?

So, you decided to save money and install the hob with your own hands and not to call a assembler of furniture, then this article is for you!

Install the hob is not so difficult, but, as in any case, there are subtleties. The most important thing to have at hand the necessary tools, desire and not a lot of patience.

Modern cooktops can be dependent (i.e.е. installation of the hob is made only in conjunction with a dependent oven) or independent (in which the connection of the independent hob is made autonomously).

The dependent hob is connected through the oven, and both components are controlled by the touch panel or by the conventional controls on the surface. The dependent cooktop is located above the oven, as in the construction of a conventional cooking stove.

How to Install a Gas Cooktop. Detailed Instructions

Independent cooktop can be installed anywhere the customer wishes the main thing is that it does not violate the basic rules of installation cooktops.

Also cooktops are divided by the method of heating: gas and electric.

Gas Hob

When buying a gas cooktop, if you install it yourself, you need to carefully check the correctness of all connections, as it is dangerous to your life, so it is better to call a specialist who can connect you your cooktop to natural gas. It is sometimes impossible to install the hob because the gas pipe is too far from the wall and as a result the size of the worktop and stove hob will not allow you to do this. Make a provision for this.

Electric cooktop

With an electric cooktop everything is much easier, it is enough to follow the rules of electrical safety and caution in working with electrical appliances. When buying a cooktop, you should pay careful attention to the dimensions of the cooktop itself.

Installing the hob

What tools will be needed to install the hob? Not many tools will be needed, namely:

  • a drill or electric screwdriver;
  • electric screwdriver;
  • Electric jigsaw;
  • a pencil;
  • tape measure;
  • measuring corner;
  • a pair of adjustable wrenches;
  • flat head screwdriver and Phillips head screwdriver.

These are the tools you need to cut in and install the hob.

The installation of the hob can be divided into several separate types of work.

The first thing is to insert the hob properly into the worktop.

Second. what you need to do, actually connect the hob to gas or electricity.

And so here we go. The first thing you should always read the documentation that comes with the hob. There is always an approximate instruction and diagram of plunge cuts for the hob. Based on the dimensions recommended by the manufacturer, the hob, you will need to make a cut in the countertop. Although manufacturers provide in the documentation with the hob instructions for cutting, its accuracy should still be checked.

In order to cut the hob into the kitchen worktop, you must draw a line on which will be sawed technological hole.

Usually the hob is cut into above the special worktop in which the oven will be installed.

Where the hob will be positioned, from the edge of the worktop, which is directly connected to the wall, measure 50 mm to 75 mm. Manufacturer recommends a standard of 50 mm, but in some cases it is not possible to do so, as either the gas pipe goes through or it is the wish of the owners. At what we measure and we put marks in two and on them we spend a pencil a continuous fishing line, on this fishing line and will be made sawing a table-top. Once again, check the distance from the edge of the worktop to the guide line in several places, following the expression “Measure once measure once cut once”!

Now that we have the first line, we can proceed with further marking of the surface. Certainly how many, masters, as many ways but I usually do so, from below a countertop along a wall I put a ruler and outlined on the edge of the countertop a line on one side and then on the other, then I continue it with the measuring corner so it came out on top of a countertop, thus I exactly know edges of internal walls of a desktop.

Then, using the same angle, I run these scythe lines to the intersection with the first line. I check the angle of intersection between these lines, it must be equal to 90 degrees. After that from the first mowing line along these lines it is necessary to measure distance equal 490 mm and to put marks along which we will draw a line parallel to the first line.

But this is not all, because we marked only two along which the saw will go. Now we measure the distance between the lines that we derived from the bottom, it may vary in size, but approximately equal to 576 mm, and our width should be equal to 560 mm. Now subtract 560 from 576 and divide the resulting value in half. It turns out that on each side inside it is necessary to indent 8 mm and run a fishing line.

Now the outline we are going to cut is ready. Once again check all the dimensions, check the diagonals, they must be the same. In the corners we drill holes so that a jigsaw blade can freely pass through them.

Connecting the hob

Once everything is done, you can connect the electric cooktop to the electricity. To do this, use a wire for single-phase current three strands of four square millimeters each. To do this, use cable PVA 3 x 4 and a special socket for 32A. Most apartments have one phase, so you need to put jumpers, according to the diagram below. For three-phase, use 5 x 2.5 mm² wire.

The technology of embedding a gas surface is the same, but it is necessary to ensure that the gas hose is sealed in addition to the wire.

In the kitchen, the hob is installed near the gas pipe. It is possible to shift a small distance within the hose. In this case, it can not be stretched, it must hang freely.

How to install Gas Cooktop Properly & Safely!

Changing the location of the appliances, requiring the relocation of the gas pipe, is performed only by specialists of the gas service. They are also notified if the heating device is replaced.

Before buying the panel, measure the length and width of the countertop. The size of the appliances must match its dimensions. Standard installation parameters for the built-in 4-burner hob is 50×60 cm (/. 2 cm). The instruction manual specifies the dimensions of the device and the required size of the hole for the device.

When installing, the distance from the panel to the edge of the surface must be maintained. In order not to destroy the thin wall when sawing, this distance should not be less than 5 cm.

secure, cooktop, countertop

Reference. Tabletop thickness is important. It is not recommended to install the hob in a structure thinner than 38 mm.

Take into account the worktop material. Make the cut in the wooden surface yourself. durable materials, such as artificial stone is recommended to entrust to a specialist.

Before putting a built-in appliance, consider the following nuances:

  • in order to simplify the attachment of the nuts, the connection to the pipe is connected before the installation of the kitchen set;
  • bellows hose must be attached through a fitting or a sanitary coupler;
  • for connections use linen liner or FUM tape and gas paste;
  • If the panel is equipped with an electric ignition, prepare in advance a separate socket;
  • the appliance is supplied with nozzles for the main gas supply, to connect to a cylinder buy others additionally.

To begin the installation work you buy the gas panel, silicone sanitary sealant, masking tape, gas hose for the connection, lining (linen or FUM tape), gas paste Multipak.

Prepare the tools:

  • Electric jigsaw and drill. for sawing a hole in the countertop;
  • screwdriver set;
  • trowel. for applying sealant;
  • A gas wrench. for connecting the hob.

How to install a gas cooktop. features of installation

Changing the location of appliances that require the relocation of the gas pipe, perform only specialists of the gas service. They are also notified in the case of replacement of the heating device.

Before purchasing the panel, measure the length and width of the countertop. The size of the equipment must comply with its dimensions. Standard installation parameters of the built-in 4-burner hob is 50×60 cm (/. 2 cm). The instruction manual specifies the dimensions of the device and the required size of the hole for it.

During installation, maintain the distance from the panel to the edges of the surface. In order not to destroy the thin wall when sawing, this distance should not be less than 5 cm.

Reference. The thickness of the countertop is important. It is not recommended to embed the hob in a construction thinner than 38 mm.

Take into account the material of manufacture of the tabletop. Fill in the wooden surface perform independently. Durable materials, such as artificial stone, should be entrusted to a specialist.

Before you put a built-in appliance, consider the following nuances:

  • To simplify the attachment of the nuts, the pipe supply is connected before installing the kitchen set;
  • bellows hose should be fastened through a nipple or a sanitary fitting;
  • For connections use linen liner or FUM tape and paste for gas;
  • if the panel is equipped with an ignition switch, prepare in advance a separate socket;
  • complete with the technique are nozzles for the main gas supply, to connect to a cylinder buy others additionally.

To begin the installation work to buy a gas panel, silicone sanitary sealant, masking tape, a gas hose for the connection, lining (linen or FUM tape), gas paste Multipak.

Prepare the tools:

  • Electric jigsaw and drill. for sawing a hole in the countertop;
  • a set of screwdrivers;
  • Spatula. for applying sealant;
  • gas wrench. for connecting the hob.

Connecting the gas utilities

The gas supply is shut off completely. The gas hose is immediately connected to the panel to simplify installation. Paronite gasket shall be fixed with the coupling nut. It is tightly screwed on the branch pipe at the bottom of the panel. For the connection to be reliable, the gasket shall be treated with solidol. Check for leaks by applying soap on them. If there are no leaks, the foam does not appear.

On combined panels is advisable thermostatic valve, shutting off the gas supply when heated more than 60 degrees. The feed valve must be positioned in a convenient location for operation.

On gas cooking tops it is obligatory to regulate burners. The flame should burn without yellow glare.

How to install the hob

For many reasons, modern housewives are increasingly choosing to use cooktops with electric or gas connection. Unlike a traditional cooktop, this product is much more convenient in the choice of location and in operation. Such a panel is installed separately from the oven, has the possibility of independent connection and takes up little space in the cooking area.

One of the important arguments in favor of the cooker hobs. the possibility of independent installation and connection, mortise into any type of countertop. We will tell you in detail how to install the hob, taking into account all the rules for this kind of work.

How to install a gas hob. Performing the work

Marking the worktop

Mark the wooden worktop according to the template that should be in the documentation for the hob. If there is no template, the dimensions of the kerf must be specified in the passport.

Saw a hole in the worktop

Important! With their own hands can be sawn only countertops made of wood (chipboard, fiberboard). Sawing worktops made of artificial stone is better to order in a company, or even better to order the tabletop with a ready-made hole for the panel. Sawing the stone requires special tools and complex templates.

Spacer to conveniently install the gas panel

Saw through the worktop following the markings made with the electric jigsaw. To begin the saw cut, holes are drilled in the corners of the markings to insert the jigsaw blade.

The diameter of the drill bit is larger than the width of the jigsaw blade

To protect the surface of the countertop from the movement of the jigsaw blade and from chips when sawing, masking tape is placed beside or along the marking.

To avoid the kerf falling off and breaking the table top, you need to support it from below, as in the photo, with clamps.

Sawing worktops with the jigsaw

Kitchen project 6 sq.meters, with a sketch of the furniture

Connecting the hose to the gas pipe

Connecting the hose to the gas pipe is done before installing the furniture, this is more convenient. The connection of the panel to the gas is done with a flexible hose specially designed for gas supply.

Flexible gas hose (bellows hose) is better not to connect directly to the gas valve. The connection should be made through a plumbing faucet or connector.

Connection must be made by a nipple

  • Before connecting the gas hose, the pre-twisted linen is wound onto the thread of the connector. Winding is done in a clockwise direction.
  • After the winding is completed, the tape is smeared with a thin layer of Multipak Gas Paste. It will seal the connection.

Important! Remember to insert an O-ring in the nut of the flexible gas connection;

Hose connection to gasNote: For increased safety, a thermal cutoff valve may be installed on the gas pipe. Its purpose, to cut off the gas supply in case of fire and temperature rises above 80˚C.

Treating the ends of the kerf with sealant

Preparing the hob for installation

Included with the panel are nozzles for the main connection. If they are not installed, they must be put in place. The marking of the nozzles is either glued to the bottom of the hob or included in the data sheet.

If the gas panel is connected to a gas cylinder, the nozzles need to buy other.

Gas Cooktop Installation | Useful Knowledge

Fork jets

Installing the nozzles

Connecting the hose to the stove hob

To connect the gas panel, its set must include a plumber’s corner. The corner should be installed on the panel at once. The underwire for the corner is not needed, but do not forget about the gasket.

secure, cooktop, countertop

To the sanitary corner connect the flexible liner, not forgetting about the winding. Do not forget to pass the flexible hose through the kerf in the countertop.

The panel comes with fixing strips, which must be attached to the panel.

What should be the ideal bar in a small kitchen

table top fastening

The kerf in the worktop is ready, now it’s time to fix the worktop in place. Attachment of the countertop must be strong and secure.

Prepare the kerf (sealing)

Once again, smear the walls of the kerf with sanitary sealant. Optionally, you can protect the end of the kerf with heat reflective tape or foil.

Install and fix the hob

  • Along the kerf lay a sealant (it should be supplied);
  • Fit the hob in place.
  • Align the edges of the panel;
  • Tighten the fastening strips of the panel from below by hooking them into the countertop;
  • With a sharp knife, cut off the protruding edges of the sealant without damaging the countertop surface.

Checking the function of the hob

  • Open the gas valve.
  • Use your sense of smell to check for gas leaks;
  • After a short time, turn on the hob fans and check that the hob burns;
  • Turn off the hob fans and place the pan support on the hob.

Connecting the hob to the mains

Experts point out how it will be correct and quick to install a new cooktop in the kitchen countertop and connect it to the utilities. The device can be connected to a separate power line, if the switchboard has RCD fuses for the stove. In homes with a 380 volt power supply, you need to make an even load on the phase.

For the panel may need a separate socket, so you first have to dismantle the garnish. The channel is prepared, reinforced, closed with a layer of putty or cement. After these works proceed to the cutting of holes and installation of the hob.

The cooktop may require a separate socket

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