How to set the air conditioner to blow upwards

Efficiency and heating efficiency of air conditioner

The efficiency is indicated in the passport, it is shown as a percentage. Also in the document prescribe the EER and COP.

EER indicates the efficiency for cooling the room, and COP is the average efficiency for heating and cooling. Usually EER is less than COP because in the process of work the compressor reproduces warm air and increases the temperature of freon. These criteria are used to establish the efficiency of the appliance for heat.

In the certificate of the air conditioner the following indicators are displayed:

According to the data at consumption of 1 kW of energy a split-system will produce 2,5 kW of cold air and 2,8 kW of heat. But these indexes often change depending on the difference of temperature in the apartment and in the street. The higher the range, the lower the values. The colder it is outdoors, the less conditioner effectiveness, the worse it warms up the apartment.

To increase the efficiency of the air conditioner for heat, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Make sure no ice forms on the outdoor unit.
  • Use the special winter kit for the system.
  • Perform preventive cleaning of the unit from dust, clogs, dirt. They affect the deterioration of operation.
  • When installing the outdoor unit of the air conditioner to choose an area protected from moisture and wind.

If it is frosty outside, it is more effective to use other heating devices.

Can you turn on air conditioner in winter??

As you have already realized, it depends on what kind of air conditioner you have installed.

  • If it is a usual split-system “start-stop”, one should not use it in winter. The indoor equipment of such models can work only up to.5 outdoors. At lower values, outdoor unit installed outdoors freezes. And if one switches on such conditioner, for example, at.15, it simply will break. And by the way, such a breakdown is not under warranty.
  • If you have an inverter conditioner, it can work up to.15.24 or up to.30 depending on model.

So, let’s look at all the options when you can use the air conditioner in winter below.10:

  • If the outside unit is established in a warm premise (attic, basement) or on the balcony. If it is kept above 0, the air conditioner can be used all year round. And both for heating and cooling.
  • If the outdoor unit is installed outdoors, only an inverter-controlled system can be used for heating. Which values are acceptable:.10.15.20 or.30 C depends on the specific design.

Some of you may have heard that it is possible to install “winter set” on the split-system on/off. And then it will be possible to use it for cooling until. 40 С. Really, before the active spread of inverter models on the ordinary split-systems there were installed additional sets of equipment for wintertime operation. Generally, they were used for server room cooling. However, now when the cost of inverter air-conditioning systems has become more available, there is no sense in such an additional installation. It is enough just to choose the model from the category of specialized heat pumps.

So we have learned how to properly turn on the air conditioner and at what temperature. Now let us condemn a couple of important points, which should be known to the owner of this equipment.

important rule. The air conditioner must be cleaned regularly

Regular air conditioner cleaning. it is a guarantee of your health. Because the air, getting inside the air conditioner, is not only heated or cooled. But it also passes through the filters. Accordingly, coarse dust, dirt, soot is deposited on them.

At the same time in some air-conditioners there are several stages of cleaning. Then in addition to dust on them there are more fine contaminants. For example, dust mites, allergens, pollen. Some are capable of destroying unpleasant odors, harmful bacteria. For example, such cleaning is made by Nano Wasabi filter in Hitachi air-conditioners.

And in order to keep the air conditioner itself and the air in the room clean, it is necessary to clean the filters. Depending on the type of filter it can be rinsed, dried and put back. By the way, some filters can only be vacuumed. And some of them can be only replaced.

Plus, clean filters. It guarantees uninterrupted work of the air conditioner. Filters keep internal parts from getting dirty. And that’s why the less dirt gets inside, the longer such appliance will last.

You can clean filters of the room block by yourself. To do this, gently unclip the front panel and take out the filter. Most often it looks like plastic screen.

You want to prolong life of your air conditioner. maintain it!

One more very important procedure that should be carried out every year. Before the beginning of summer season it is necessary to do service of each air conditioner. As experience shows annual maintenance can prolong operation term of a split-system twice! As a rule, if the conditioner is serviced annually, even an ordinary inexpensive model operates for at least 15 years.

Unlike cleaning of the filters of the internal block, in this case the expert is called. Usually, it is an engineer who performs a complete cleaning of the outdoor and indoor unit and charging the refrigerant. He also conducts a complete diagnosis of the efficiency of all systems. It allows to detect malfunction on the initial stage and avoid expensive repairs.

Usually the cost of this service in Krasnoyarsk ranges from 2500 to 3000 We, however, for our customers we set the price at 2300

As a rule, a full maintenance service includes:

  • Cleaning of the internal block;
  • Cleaning and flushing of the outdoor unit;
  • Blowing and flushing of all piping;
  • Checking the drainage system;
  • Checking the quality of electrical contacts;
  • Refilling of the air conditioner with freon.

And, it should be noted that the whole complex of these preventive measures increases the life of the air conditioner by at least 30%.

By the way, some models have a blow/dry function. It is really a very useful function. The essence of it lies in the fact that after turning off the device, the fan runs for another 20-30 minutes. This dries out all the internal parts of the system. And the formation of mold and mildew on the internal parts is excluded. In other words, the air conditioner and the air in the room stays clean.

Watch the cleanness of air conditioner

Sometimes the reason of cold can be not in air temperature, but in air quality. Dust and microorganisms can accumulate in air conditioner filters and then enter the room with the cool air. In order to protect yourself from dangerous bacteria clean your air conditioner. to do it once in 1-2 months you have to take out filters and wash them with clean water. details about how to clean air conditioner at home, we told in this article.

If the condenser has been sitting without cleaning for a couple of years, we recommend contacting a professional who will carry out a complete maintenance and antibacterial treatment of the unit.


To turn on this mode of the air conditioner, you need the following icons:

  • Using On we switch on the system.
  • Press Mode until a snowflake appears on the display.
  • If snowflake is set by separate button, skip the second point.
  • With Temp (. (Use up and down arrows to set temperature).
  • Press fan to select required blowing speed.

To switch on the system for heating, actions are the same. Only we are looking for heating icon on the air conditioner: sun or heat.

Setting the air conditioner‘s operation manually without a remote control

We propose you a list of actions for manual setting of the air conditioner without a remote control:

  • The first thing is to check the operability of the split system. If the wires are okay and there are no visual disturbances, you can proceed to the next step.
  • On the front of the air conditioner there is a plastic cover attached. It is in the form of a rectangle and small in size. You need to put a little pressure on the lid and, grasping it on both sides, slowly lift.
  • Under the lid there is a button. It can be on the left or on the right side. When a device is switched on it will light up either green or orange.
  • If conditioner should be switched on or off, it is necessary to push a button and hold it for 3-4 seconds.
  • But if you want to switch from cooling to heating or vice versa, you don’t have to keep the button. You have to press it and release it.

There is a minus in conditioners’ installation rather high and not always there is an opportunity “to conquer the tops of space”, and one cannot change a temperature manually, for this one needs a remote control. If a remote control is broken or is lost so that it is impossible to find, you can buy a new one, but before you go and buy a new gadget, don’t forget to see a model and a brand of split-system.

conditioner, blow

Remote control is easily lost and you have to control the air-conditioner manually

Turning on the air conditioner without a remote control

In order to turn on the air conditioner without a remote control you need

  • Locate the button. If it is “sunk” take a handle or suitable object to reach the button.
  • Press once, using a high-pressure gesture.
  • Check the air coming out of the shutters.

As a rule, conditioner will turn on either “auto” or cooling mode. If it starts in “auto” mode and works in heating mode, press briefly to change it to cooling mode.

If temperature in the premise is low, the device will not cool. Sometimes only one mode is enabled: auto or cooling.

Turn on the heating mode on the air conditioner without remote control

If you have no control panel for some reason it is possible to switch on a function of heating on the conditioner itself, to be exact, by using a control panel, situated on the case of an internal block (on a number of models such panel is hidden, the method does not work in this case).

So, in order to switch on/off conditioner on heating without a remote control, follow the steps below:

Switch off conditioner without remote control

In order to switch off conditioner without a remote control you should push the button once more (it will be necessary two times probably). Split-system will work for 5-10 min. to dry out and then completely silence.

If you do not know how to switch off conditioner without a remote control, unplug the cord from a network. Certainly you should not do it permanently, but nothing happens in one time. The only point is if the condensate hasn’t had time to drain and the drain pump doesn’t have a separate power supply, water can leak onto the floor.

These tips on how to turn on the air conditioner can be useful while traveling. Often hotel owners hide remote controls in order not to use split-system by the guests. If you know how to turn on the air conditioner without a remote control you will not suffer from the heat in the hotel.

In order not to suffer with switching on/off the conditioner at home, get a universal remote control. You can get one at any electronics store. Unit fits 4k. It is used to adjust the louvers on all split system models, and will most likely match yours as well. This is a small price for comfort.

How to tune a conditioner on cold and warm

Each air conditioner comes with a remote control. To set the unit for cold and heat you need 5 buttons:

  • On/off switch to turn on/off the system.
  • Mode (or Set) allows you to select one of 5 modes.
  • Swing changes the position of louver to adjust the direction of flow.
  • Fan (or Fan speed) changes the speed of blown air.
  • Temp (with icons or up/down arrows) is needed to change temperature parameters: more or less.

Basic settings of air conditioners

Modern models of climate technics have not only cooling air mode, but also a heating mode; in order to set air conditioner correctly it is necessary to remember the main 2 rules, i.e:

  • Small contrast of temperatures. Comfortable temperature in the room is not only pleasant, but also dangerous for a human body. Leaving an artificial oasis, you get under the scorching sun. Sharp temperature changes in this case has a direct effect on the heart and as a consequence, longevity.
  • Economy with comfort. This rule is particularly relevant not only in summer but also in cold winter when the room is not particularly warm. For receiving the maximum benefit at minimum costs it is recommended to switch on an economic mode of the equipment operation.

Addressing the question, how to properly adjust the air conditioner it is worth noting that modern models of climate equipment have the ability to instrumental and individual adjustment of each mode.

Setting up the instrumental heat and cool air assumes a conclusion of work of climate technics on an optimum mode, the rational coordination of all knots. The tooling setup is a responsible step, the debugging of which is recommended to be entrusted to a professional. Individual adjustment can be made by yourself. To set the operation of the air conditioner for heat or cold by yourself, set the individual comfort parameters.

Protective and diagnostic functions of the air conditioner

To ensure the normal operation of the unit, the air conditioners also have diagnostic and protection functions that monitor the operation of the equipment to prevent short circuits and various malfunctions.

Protective and diagnostic functions:

  • Low temperature protection. At achievement of the lowest threshold temperature in the street the device switches off automatically.
  • Defrosting. On the outside units of split-systems working for heating in the cold season, ice may form and cause the equipment failure. To avoid this consequence, the manufacturers have provided a defrosting function designed to automatically switch to cooling mode, in which the outdoor unit is heated, causing the ice to thaw.
  • Emergency shut-down of unit if freon leakage is detected. Special sensor monitors freon pressure in system. Freon topping up is required every 2 years in case of correct operation. Freon leakage from the system can occur due to mechanical damage to the internal elements of the equipment.
  • Monitoring of cleaning filters condition and automatic blocking of operation in case of their heavy contamination.
  • Compressor current protection. Various equipment malfunctions are indicated by changes in compressor current values. This function aims at stopping the equipment operation immediately in case of receiving the signal of malfunction.
  • Self-diagnosis. This mode is aimed to check serviceability of all elements of split-system and is started by user. If there are any malfunctions in the equipment, the corresponding inscription appears on the screen or the LED lights up.
  • Autodiagnostics is an automatic start of the test mode of all systems of the equipment that allows you to detect malfunctions in time and prevent serious damage to the air conditioner.

Basic settings

If the installation and maintenance is better to perform only by qualified professionals, the usual adjustment of convenient parameters can be done by yourself. To do this, it is worth studying the provisions discussed in the article.

Air Conditioning Installation & Technician EPIC FAIL COMPILATION 2020

There are two basic rules, following which you can master the heating and cooling functions. These can include:

  • No great contrast between temperatures. You should not create a large temperature difference between the room and the street. If you go from a cool room to the street, where there is a terrible heat, it will be detrimental to your health;
  • Economy while creating comfort. Most air conditioners are equipped with a special mode, which saves energy by not allowing you to use an increased amount of electricity.

Each mode is set up individually, allowing you to customize the device just for you. It leads conditioner to an optimum mode, rational use of all capabilities. You can also create individual parameters yourself.

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