How to set the clock on a Siemens oven

  • The current time is set on the front control panel of the oven
  • To start using the oven, the current time must be set
  • Use the or buttons to. set the correct time of day (for example, the current time is 15:59)

Setting the clock and buzzer. The first time the oven is plugged in, AUTO flashes on the display and the digits 0.00. To set the time, press the or keys simultaneously. and keys simultaneously, the blinking dot will start to flash. Set the time using the and keys

How to set the time on the electronic programmer: after turning on the power supply the numbers 0:00 and the S3 indicator will blink on the display. Press buttons 2 and 3 at the same time, then and. set the time. When indicator S1 lights up, it means that the appliance is operating in manual mode.

Setting the clock on Beko stoves takes 4 steps:

  • press and hold down the 2 buttons. timer and the next (usually the pot is shown above it);
  • then press or. depending on what time you want to set;
  • adjust the time;
  • Release the buttons: the clock will start immediately after this.

To set the time accurately, use the special rotary knob or the button on the display. After setting exact value, we press the icon that marks hours and pass to setting minutes. During this time the minute digits are flashing.


To set the time, you need: Press sensor 1 (MENU). the “Steaming Pot” symbol should light up. Set the current time using the sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right) After 7 sec. After finishing the operation of setting time, new data will be set in the memory.

Universal clock setting tips

Now for universal tips on how to set the time on the oven. You start by installing it and plugging it in. You will see the display light up and either the numbers or a single clock icon flash. And then proceed as follows:

  • Use the button (if electronic display) or the knob to set the hours.
  • Click on the clock icon.
  • Now set the minutes.
  • And again press the clock icon.

Normally, you can set the clock on the oven with the ” ” and ” ” buttons or there is a special knob that you can turn. After you have set the time, wait a minute.

If a power failure occurs, the oven “brain” will forget the time that was set. It will need to be reset. Or the technique simply won’t work.

Before first use, Warming up the oven, Selecting the text language

Preview information. This is not official manufacturer information.

Set the function knob to “Upper and Lower Heat”

The suggested temperature is shown on the display.

clock, siemens, oven

After 60 minutes, turn the function knob off.

To remove the smell of a new appliance, heat an empty closed oven.

In this chapter you will find information on what you should do before you start cooking for the first time.

Heat the oven and clean the accessories. Please read the safety precautions in the “Safety instructions” chapter.

First, make sure that the four zeros flash and the text “Uhrzeit einstellen” is displayed.

You will see the text message “Uhrzeit einstellen” on the display

Set the current time using the rotary knob.

After this the appliance is ready for use.

clock, siemens, oven

The text appears in German on the display of your appliance. You can choose from 19 languages for the text messages. For information on how to set the language, please see the ‘Basic settings’ section.

  • Press the “Stop/ Reset” button;
  • Select “Start” button to set manual mode;
  • Now adjust the values with the Increase or Decrease keys. The reading will change by 10 seconds up or down.

Red meat is cooked at 230-250 degrees Fahrenheit., and white at a fairly low 180 degrees. Beef and other red meat should preferably be cooked when its temperature is close to room temperature, and it is better to salt it in the middle of cooking. then the finished meat will be soft and juicy.

Adjust the clock to the exact time of the day by simultaneously pressing the leftmost buttons 1 and 2 (0).00 lights up, only the AUTO blinks); subsequently, using the rotary switch (far right on the timer panel), the day time setting has to be done (at this point, the AUTO symbol

  • Press and hold the softkey labeled. until the AUTO indicator flashes and the
  • Select the cooking time value using the touch keys or
  • Two beeps will sound, slowly
  • Select cooking function and value
  • After the cooking time is up, the cupboard

How to set the time on the oven

You have finally realized the dream of many modern housewives and bought a brand new oven from a well-known Siemens, Ariston, Bosch or Electrolux. Everything is great, the purchase was delivered on time and you installed the unit yourself. But, suddenly ran into a problem. the oven does not work. Such a mishap doesn’t mean you’ve bought a bad product. It turns out that all modern ovens do not function without setting the time on the electronic display. To start the unit, you need to set the time on your Electrolux or any other brand of oven.


When the oven is finally plugged in, the time icon and the flashing digits are displayed on the control panel. On popular Siemens models, we set the time of day. On Ariston, Bosch and Electrolux ovens, it is not necessary to select the time.

Number 12 should flash on the display. To set the exact time, it is necessary to use the special rotary knob or the button on the display. After setting the correct value, press the hour marker, and proceed to setting the minutes. At this time, the minute digits will be blinking. After reaching the required value, we fix it using the same clock button.

To set the exact digits on different models, either use the special knob to toggle the values or the ” ” and “-” keys.

Once you have entered the desired values and then click on the hour marker, you must wait for 3 to 5 seconds for the parameters to be loaded into the appliance’s memory.

In emergency situations, in case of power failure, the program does not remember the previously set time. After troubleshooting the power supply, you will see flashing numbers on the oven display again. This means that in order to start the unit, the time has to be set again to the exact time.

  • Press the “Dial or Clock” key. For format 24. once, for format 12. twice.
  • To set the values, select the “/Smaller” keys. These are indicated by “up and down” arrows.
  • To confirm the action, select “Clock.”.

To set the time, you need to: Press sensor 1 (MENU). The “Steam Basket” symbol must light up. Set the current time using the sensors 2 and 3 (arrows pointing left to right) After 7 sec. After finishing the operation of setting the time, the new data will be entered into the memory.

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