How to set the door of the dishwasher Kuppersberg

Installation of the facade on a dishwasher: Useful tips instruction on installation

The difference between the installation of the dishwasher and a separate model is that additional design of the front wall is required. the car door.

It is assumed that the decorative panel is chosen under the surrounding interior, and then the facade is installed on the dishwasher.

If experienced craftsmen cope with this operation quickly, then to beginners the task seems quite difficult. To deal with the features of the facade installation, you should carefully study the instructions and get acquainted with some nuances of installation. And about all this we will tell in detail our article.

Features of the design of PMM

Assortment of models integrated into kitchen sets is much wider than individual analogues. This is explained by the principles of ergonomics and saving the place laid down in the concept of building the interior of the kitchen. To get acquainted with the best brands specializing in the manufacture of PMM models, please cross this link.

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For the installation of a dishwasher, a separate cabinet will be required, or rather, a niche in the headset. It differs from the usual kitchen cabinet in that it does not have a back wall and bottom.

The equipment is built into the furniture modules and decorated with facade panels so that in a closed state it is completely hidden. This installation method allows you to withstand the interior of the kitchen in the same style

The machine is installed right on the floor, on 3 or 4 supporting legs. The absence of the back wall allows you to freely place the hoses. the supply of water and the drain.

The cabinet must have reliable walls, to which the body of the dishwasher is attached, and the “roof” is a countertop. The facade panel is fixed not to the walls, like in ordinary cabinets, but directly to the car door.

It is not necessary to experiment with mounts: manufacturers have provided installation features and prepared special holes for screws. Detailed briefing on the installation of the model of the dishwasher, we brought here.

What is the facade for PMM? This is a decorative panel, most often from the same material as the front surface of the entire kitchen set. It is made of wood-fiber slab, plastic, laminated wood-bearing plate, wooden array or combined materials.

On the outside of the mounts is not visible, since the installation is made from the inside, from the side of the machine door. Self.tapping screws are screwed into the holes and partially, not through and through, enter the panel canvas

There are several ways to make it:

  • order with the kitchen set if the size of the car is known in advance;
  • They make themselves from the doors of the disassembled kitchen cabinet;
  • If there is no suitable “extra” facade, selected in a similar style and color design.

The first method is considered the most practical: when ordering, all sizes of the machine are taken into account, so the facade “rises” perfectly. But this method is far from always applicable. With options for building a dishwasher in a finished kitchen.


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In the event of an unpleasant odor in the dishwasher, you can take the following steps:. Clean filters. Clean sprayers. Clean rubber gaskets. Launch the program of washing with hot water. Run the washing program with an empty dishwasher

Before placing dishes in the dishwasher, it is not recommended to rinse it. To extend the service life of a dishwasher, it is best to put dishes in it dirty. Dirt on dishes is a grease for a pumping machine pump.

How to fix Bosch dishwasher door that does not close

The average amount of dishwashing products is about 25 g. It is recommended to follow the instructions indicated on the package.

Each dishwasher is equipped with a separate compartment for salt. Such compartments are opened by turning the handle at the department. Salt can be filled into the compartment with a funnel.

Repair and adjustment of the door in dishwashers, how to set up or a story door in a dishwasher

A mountain of dirty dishes is constantly in the dishwasher. It is convenient for a large number of housewives to wash the dishes only when a lot will accumulate it, because in this way less detergent is spent. Each time you need to put dirty dishes in a washing bunker, you have to open and close the doors of the machine.

Let’s think about how the return spring on the door affects when it constantly strives to close. Therefore, you need to hold the door, and put the dishes with your free hand in the container.

This is quite dangerous, because if you can’t hold it, you can beat all the dishes or injure the limb.

For what reason the door is constantly closing? This may be a violation of the structure or a malfunction? What to do, how to eliminate a breakdown? There is always a specific answer to each question.

Possible malfunctions of a car for washing dishes

When the service of your equipment exceeds five years, you should think about the simple wear of details. However, in the case when the equipment was purchased recently, then various malfunctions of the dishwasher can be caused by the following factors:

  • Cheap models often differ in poor.quality details;
  • Strong clogging of plates can cause filter clogging, after which the water will not be passed. Before loading, you should clean the dishes well from food residues;
  • Poor cleaning dishes is possible due to the use of poor-quality detergents;
  • If the door is not closed tightly, it will become noticeable how the dishwasher flows. It also happens that the door closes poorly, and this indicates its incorrect installation by the manufacturer;
  • It makes sense to properly load the dishes: the upper compartment is designed for cups and plates, and overall dishes are placed downward.

In the situation when the above reasons are not suitable, you should think about bad details that are able to fail.

How to Repair a Dishwasher Door Latch

Fixation of the door

Washing machines are designed so that the door in any position is always fixed. However, our question is that the fixation is absent. Thus, to fill the car for washing dirty dishes, you will need to hold the door with a knee so as not to beat the dishes and carefully lay it.

Often in this case, a system of fixing the door itself is out of order. However, it also happens that incorrect adjustment can lead to improper operation of the mechanism. This is due to the fact that the dishwashers are not supplied with the plant already with a adjusted door. This is necessary so that the master freely manages to install it.

The mechanism that is responsible for fixing

To understand the mounting of the door of the dishwasher, you must look inside where it is attached. There you can see:

The loop begins to move then, we completely open the machine door. To open it, you need to make a certain force, which is quite enough for the spring to stretch as much as possible.

The blocking element is fixed by the cable, so that the spring does not pull back, thereby the doors remain open. They will remain in this position until you yourself close them. The blocking will immediately remove, which will lead to compression of the spring, which will pull the cable.

The door must be held, because it will be attracted by the spring, so it will slam quickly.

Allow the situation when the lock element has broken. In this case, you must constantly hold the door so that because of the stretched spring it does not return to a closed position.

It will be necessary to deliver constant effort so that it is open during the loading of dishes. In the event that the locking device was out of order, the operation of the door of the dishwasher is not permissible.

Otherwise, the mechanism will be completely broken, which will eventually lead to serious repair.

What is the essence of the repair?

In the event that there is no fixation of the door of the dishwasher, you can try to adjust it. When this recommendation does not help, you should start repairing a dishwasher. You need to take on some actions that will not turn out to be difficult.

It is necessary to completely open the door and substitute something so that it remains in this position for the duration of the work. After that, it is required to extract the screws that are installed on the inside.

As soon as the screws are twisted, it will become clear that the door consists of two halves, between which the mechanism itself is located.

When the half, which is installed from the inside, will immediately be able to access the mechanism.

It is necessary to loosen the spring for a while so that the access is constantly open and nothing interferes. The cover that is installed on the cable is required to remove. Then you need to dismantle the broken blocking element, and then install a new. The already broken device cannot be restored in any way, so it can simply be thrown away.

After the installation of a new locking device is made successfully, you can check the doorway.

Initially, it is required to hold the cable along with the spring, which will make it possible to check the opening and closing of the door, and also see how it will behave when opening, whether it will be kept by herself.

When all the work is completed and checked, you can assemble the design in the same appearance, after which you can use your technique without problems.

The causes of poor fixation in open doors were revealed, but the breakdown can be others, and therefore their symptoms are different.

  • Arbitrary discovery suggests that the spring burst. But often the problem is a torn cable. It is required to determine one of the reasons, and then simply replace the obsolete part with a new sample;
  • Due to poor locking, it is impossible to start the sink. The problem is a failed device that blocks the door. It is best to replace the part with a new. On progressive devices in case of poor blocking, an error is displayed on the panel to notify the need for repair work;
  • Became visible to the sinks on the door. This indicates the need to replace the sealing gum;
  • The creaks are heard. It is worth paying attention to the loops, there are times that they need lubrication for silent work. It also happens that they need to be replaced when the damage is visible.

The door of the dishwasher does not close

Symptoms: something interferes with the tight closure of the door

The reason can be simple to banality: part of the dishes protrudes beyond the edges of the containers, and interferes with the tight closure of the door. try to arrange the dishes differently.

Wear of the door loops

Symptoms: it feels to the touch that the door is hanging a little

Over time, the loops of the doors wear out, which does not allow its tongue to accurately get into the castle. You can adjust the loops using a conventional screwdriver.

Deformation of the dishwasher

Symptoms: the tongue of the door does not fall into the hole of the lock

This, of course, is some exotic, but for some reason, not only the door, but also the dishwasher itself can be distorted, for example, if it is unevenly installed. Conduct a visual inspection and, if you notice deviations, adjust the legs of the car.

Distribution of the lock of the castle

Symptoms: the tongue of the door does not fall into the hole of the lock

It happens that due to wear, the tongue of the door is deformed, as a result of which it does not fall exactly into the hole of the lock. The tongue skew can occur due to the resulting rod, with which the tongue is attached. In such a situation, you will have to disassemble the door and try to insert the rod into place (if you find it, of course).

The seal was worn out

Symptoms: In some places, the seal is hard to the touch

Rubber parts can wear out over time, harden, and the ripe parts of the seal will interfere with the tight closure of the door. Such a seal can only be replaced.

Symptoms: you have to attach an effort for a tight closure of the door

Посудомоечная машина BOSCH spv58m50ru. Монтаж и настройка жесткости воды.

During long operation, the sealing seal may jump off the previous place, and this will interfere with the door tightly close. You can correct it yourself: gently insert the displaced parts of the seal into a special groove.

Extraneous item in the seal

Symptoms: Something prevents the door from tightly closing, not hearing a characteristic click

When you feel how something interferes with the closure of the door, and visually all its details are in order, it is quite possible that some object came inside its cuffs: carefully inspect the seal from the inside.

The handle of the door broke

One of the most common reasons why you cannot open the hatch door is a breakdown of its handle, usually because of the excessive haste of the owners.

In principle, you can replace the handle yourself, although you can’t call this procedure very simple. If you are not confident in your knowledge and prefer high.quality repairs, contact our workshop. we will help.

The castle is faulty

Symptoms: the hatch door closes, but is not fixed

The door constantly closes and opens, and it is not surprising that over time, its fixing lock can be worn out and break. A faulty lock is usually changed, and it is better to entrust this difficult work to an experienced master who will definitely establish that the castle is faulty, and not, for example, in the electronics of the machine.

Damage to electronics

Symptoms: the door closes, but is not fixed

Когда проблема в интеллектуальном модуле управления замком или нарушена проводка, то нормальная работа замка, естественно, невозможна. Make sure that the problem is in electronics and replace the faulty module or to repair the wiring only a qualified specialist with the necessary diagnostic equipment.

Error codes and repair of dishwashers Kuppersberg

From high.quality technology, you are least waiting for a catch, but still the dishwasher of the grades of Kupersberg can also fail. Fortunately, the “evolution” of technology does not stand still, so PMM functions improve every year. Now the user can independently determine the cause of the breakdown. This will help the mistakes of the dishwashers Kuppersberg. How to decipher codes and fix problems? Now you will find out.

The dishwasher contains codes of breakdowns, which manifest on the screen when not allowed one of the nodes of technology. At the same time, the machine stops the work and gives an error. Also, the problem can be reflected in the flashing indicators on the panel. In the case of a failure on the network, reloading PMM will help. Perhaps, after discharging the code, the operation of the equipment will restore.

The absence of characters on the screen indicates a one.time failure in the system. So, now you can start the device again to work. If the error has reappeared and PMM does not work, then it is worth finding out its decryption. This is what the code means:

  • E1. Aquastop protrusion worked. Probably a leak occurred in the dishwasher. This happens with overflow, poor connection of the hoses, depressurization of the camera.
  • E2. means that the water restriction system in PMM worked. The problem is the drainage of a spent liquid or a press start, which gives signals about the water level to the electronic module.
  • E3. water overheats. There were problems with Ten, which works incorrectly.
  • E4. problems with a thermal attew. The temperature sensor controls the degree of heating of the heater and sends the signal to the module. In case of malfunction, there are problems with heating.
  • E5. water does not get into the bunker. Problems with pressure in pipes, suction filter, hose or valve breakdown.
  • E6. water from the tank does not merge. The problem is the saline of the drainage system or breakdown of the pump.
  • E7 is a turbine defect (if it is provided in the model). The amount of fluid is incorrectly measured.
  • E8. incorrect work of alternating washing. Contact the service center.
  • E9. problems with water fence. Check the presence of water and pressure force.

I figured out what this or that code means, now we will move on to the most common reasons for the PMM breakdowns and the elimination of problems.

Repair of malfunctions of the dishwasher Kuppersberg

How to fix problems with your own hands? First of all, make sure your car is not under warranty. When disassembling the technique, the guarantee will be invalid, so it is better to contact the service center.

You still want to try your hand? Then carefully read the instructions and watch the video. Any information will help decisive users.

Causes of breakdowns of the dishwasher Zupersberg

Why do Kuppersberg dishwashed fall into repairs? Most often, users complain about the following problems:

  • PMM is buzzing, but does not fill water. Probably the reason is the intake valve breakdown. It is necessary to diagnose and replace it.
  • Water is taken, but the sink does not begin. Check the nozzles on the rocker. Often they are clogged with cape and food residues, which is why the stream does not break out. Problems with a circulation pump also cause a malfunction. Diagnostics will be required to determine.
  • No heating. Malfunctions of the heater or temperature sensor. Both elements require replacement, are not subject to repair.
  • The dishwasher does not turn on. The value of the problem is such that they turned off the supply of electricity. Perhaps the start button has broken or the outlet is faulty.
  • Poor washing dishes or dispenser for powder does not open. The case is wrong, lack of heating, low water pressure.

How to eliminate breakdowns? This is realistic if you are ready to spend on replaceable components.

Important! Always choose original details that will last longer. If you need to order a part from abroad, it is better to wait a couple of weeks, get an original analogue that will be a guarantee of a long-term operation of the machine after repair.

The machine does not turn on

Everything is prepared for launch, but it turns out that the technique itself is not ready. The machine does not respond to keystrokes and other manipulations. Check if there is light in the room, inspect the fork and power cord for serviceability. To make sure the outlet of the outlet, connect another device to it. Works? So the outlet is in order.

Put the power button. Does it fall? Sometimes a detergent falls on the key, which is why it sticks out, and the contacts spoil. In such cases, it is enough to clean the contacts.

If the wiring or control board is damaged, you will have to diagnose. It is better to entrust the work with electronics to the master. We will describe the sequence of dismantling the main block. What to do:

  • Completely unscrew the screws on top.
  • Discharge two parts of the door.
  • Gently stick your hand (sharp edges) and take out the module.
  • Disconnect the black wire from the sensor.
  • To completely remove the block, disconnect the wiring chips.

Now you can inspect the block for damage. If such are noticed. call the master.

Water does not get into the bunker

It also happens that the car is buzzing, but the sink does not begin. The reason must be sought in the filling system. Start by opening the crane. Is there any water? Is the intake valve open? If so, then clean the details from the blockage like this:

  • Cross the entrance valve.
  • Disconnect the pouring hose from the PMM case.
  • Remove the filter set (if you use pliers, be careful not to damage the plastic part).

When the fence system is cleaned, proceed to checking the valve. There is an element right behind the hose. There is a damper inside the valve, which when the electricity is supplied, letting out water, and then closes. Both the mechanical damper and the electric part could break. Here’s what you need to do:

  • To make sure that the coil is intact, prepare the multimeter.
  • Unscrew the mounting screws and turn off the valve wiring.
  • Remove the part from the body.
  • Attach the tester probes to the contacts of the element.

If the indications have not changed on the display, then there is no contact and the coil is broken off. Will have to completely change the valve. Details of the test look at

Water enters the bunker, but the sink does not begin

Start by inspection of sprayers for blockage. Two impellers are installed in the PMM. the upper and lower. In each of them there are holes (nozzles) through which the water under the pressure flies into the chamber. The circulation pump supplies liquid. So the problem should be sought in these details.

To inspect the circulation pump, you will have to disassemble the car a little. Here the sequence of actions is the same as when cleaning the drain. Therefore, the instructions are simultaneously applicable to the problem “The liquid does not merge after washing”.

Here’s how to get to the pump yourself:

  • Remove the water in the hole with a sponge. Pull the pump cover, remove. Feel the impeller, then remove extraneous objects.
  • Unscrew the bolts that hold the assembly of the pump.

Discharis door adjustment

Most modern dishwashers provide mechanisms that provide smooth opening of the door. These devices are nothing complicated, but are distinguished by a significant shortage, especially negatively manifested in structures. So, the door, which at first opened and closed without problems, becomes weak and stops holding in a position. Or on the contrary. does not stand in the open position and closes, creating a lot of problems to the user. In this case, you will need to adjust the door of the dishwasher. The short guide of this operation is given below.

Preparation for work

Before adjusting the door, you should prepare in advance. Act like this:

How to disconnect PMM from communications? Everything is simple:

What you need from the tools further? Stock up:

The latter may not be needed, so postpone the purchase until you make sure that you really need it.

Dishwasher Kuppersberg GL 6033 Operating Instructions

Few people like to wash the dishes, so dishwashers are in great demand in the market of household appliances. When choosing a dishwasher, they pay attention to several criteria, one of them is a width and type of installation. Of the same conditions, an important value, the capacity of the sets of dishes arises.

For example, in PMM with a width of 45 cm, from 8 to 10 sets will fit, which will be enough for a family of three people. But in a full-size model of 60 cm, 12-16 sinter sets will fit. With this capacity, you can not worry about dirty plates after dinner, since wider models are designed to serve a large number of people.

One of these dishwashers is GL 6033. In this article we will consider its functionality, the rules of operation and care.

After you installed the dishwasher, remove the locks and the remaining rubber mounts from the upper shelf.

All Kuppersberg PMM models have a water hardness regulator that provides a long operation of the device. Install it for maximum value. Pour water into the softener tray, then fill the tank with salt weighing 1 kilogram.

Attention! In no case do not use the dining room, sea or kosher salt. These types contain additives that can increase water hardness. over, such salt can be too small and block the device.

In household stores and household appliances, you can purchase special salt for dishwashers. Thanks to her, you will remove the factory lubricant and dust. But salt is needed not only for the first launch, it is recommended to use it on a regular basis, at least once a month, since it prevents the formation of lime plaque on the dishes and the functional parts of the dishwasher.

Salt tank is located at the bottom of the machine. and it must be replenished when the green float of the tank bowl is no longer visible.

Now in stores they sell a set for the first launch, as a rule, it includes everything you need, including rinsers and tablets for washing dishes.

As soon as you turn on the washing program, water will remove all dust and lubricants. After completing the cycle, inspect the camera for the subject of the subtexts or poorly fixed baskets, if everything is fine, then your dishwasher is ready for the first batch of dishes.

The GL 6033 model has 8 washing programs and 3 types of temperature conditions. Consider each of them.

ECO. a program for medium polluted dishes, with minimal water and electricity consumption.

Auto. Normal. Automatic program for a regular washing cycle.

Intensive. suitable for heavy contaminants, for example, burned pans or a cauldron after pilaf.

Daily. a short cycle for everyday sink.

Silent. a night program, is characterized by silence and economical consumption of resources.

Rapid 30 ’. cleanses light pollution, without residue food.

Cristal. suitable for cleaning dishes made of thin glass and extremely sensitive to high temperatures, for example, champagne glasses.

Pre-Wash-it does not use detergents, the shortest program.

But in addition to the programs of the sinks, PMM has another series of functions in managing. Many will appreciate the deferred start. The model we are considering, it is designed for 12 hours. As soon as you choose a suitable time period, the light indicator will light up, with time it will go out and the washing cycle will begin.

If you have not accumulated so many dishes, and you want to save, use the Multizone function. By default, when choosing any of the programs, the sink occurs in all baskets, but if you have 1 or 2 filled, click on the Multizone button, and select in which baskets the washing should occur.

The Tablet option optimizes the work of programs depending on the detergent used, for example, tablets of a combined type (3 V 1, salt, rinser and detergent).

Before loading the dishwasher with dirty dishes, remove the remaining food from it and pour the liquid out of the glasses. Install the dishes firmly so that it does not overturn, all the containers should be installed upward, and convex and concave dishes stood under the slope.

Pay attention to the fact that the handles and lids do not interfere with the rotation of sprayers. Cutlery should be strictly located in their basket.

The upper basket is regulated in height, so the location of even very large pots will not cause problems.

There is a brief instruction for daily use:

one.Check the water connection. 2.Turn on the dishwasher by clicking on the ON/OFF button and opening the door. 3.Download dishes. four.Place the detergent in the corresponding compartment. 5.Choose a sink program closing the door. 6.After the cycle is completed, the sound signal sounds (as at its beginning), open the door and turn off the device.

But there are situations when you need to urgently change the sink program or add a new dish.

To change the washing cycle, the condition that it has just begun. Open the on/off door until the car is turned off. Turn on the car again using the ON/OFF button, and choose a new cycle with the desired options. Start the cycle by closing the door.

In order to add dishes, you need to open the hatch, report the required amount and close it. The cycle will resume from its interruption.

Caring for hygiene, start a high.temperature program once a month to avoid unpleasant odors and pollution accumulating in the car, adding a teaspoon of detergent.

When it is necessary

In modern dishwashers, the door movement is controlled by a special mechanism, which contains springs. This is done, for example, in Siemens dishwashers. It provides not only its smooth movement and fixation, but also allows you to stop in an intermediate position. In case of violation of the door, if you open it, it can independently close, creating discomfort when loading a dishwasher.

Preparation for the adjustment procedure

Before starting work, it is necessary to conduct appropriate training:

  • It must be remembered that when adjusting it is required to turn off the dishwasher, as well as the power supply wire to disconnect from the outlet.
  • If we are talking about a dishwasher, such as Electrolux or another similar, the unit must be removed from the niche.
  • Disconnect those hoses with which water enters, as well as drainage.
  • Before starting work, you will need to prepare those tools that will be used.
  • Before carrying out adjustment work, it is useful to get acquainted with the instructions for their implementation.

When disconnecting from communications, it is important to remember the following:

  • You need to turn off the dishwasher from the outlet. The wire must be turned and hung on a special holder, which is provided for this purpose in the dishwasher.
  • It is required to block the valve that will turn off the flow of water from the water supply network to the dishwasher.
  • The water collection hose is required to completely disconnect from the dishwasher.
  • Then the drain hose is disconnected. After that, you need to put a plug.

If the model of the dishwasher is used, then it is removed from the kitchen furniture headset as follows:

  • First of all, you need to find the mounts that hold the dishwasher.
  • With the help of a cape, you need to turn the screws that hold the car in the niche.
  • Next, you need to carefully pull out the car. Typically, the weight of the AEG units or others of the same kind does not exceed 50 kg. this makes it possible to move it on its own. In this case, it is necessary to act as accurately as possible.
  • Before you put the car on the floor, you need to prepare a place for this and cover the floor so as not to damage it when moving. The dishwasher should be delivered in such a way that it is convenient to access from all sides.

To prepare for the door adjustment, you will need tools:

Adjusting the door of the dishwasher: how to adjust the fitness density

Became the owner of the dishwasher? Then you need to install and connect it. and it is important to correctly adjust the door of the dishwasher. The quality and safety of work will depend on this. We will tell you how to deal with this yourself, without calling the master.

First you need to decide on the installation site. Is there enough space for placing individual equipment, or is it better to choose a option? In the latter case, a template is attached to the instructions, according to the marking in which you can hang the facade of the door.

Regardless of the brand. Bosch, “Kandy”, “Electrolux”. installation and connection of the machine is carried out the same:

  • The moisture.resistant socket is organized. It should be at a distance of 10 cm from the floor. Be sure to ground.
  • It is better to place equipment near communications (shells). The smaller the distance from the sink to the PMM body, the better the engine will work.
  • Install on a flat surface. models must be attached to the walls of a niche or cabinet.
  • Connection to the water supply is carried out according to all the rules specified in the instructions. At first it is better to organize the drain. Depending on the location of communications in the apartment, drain hoses can be led to a siphon or directly to the sewer.
  • Then the hoses are connected for water supply. For this, tees are installed on the mixer.

When the connection is over, you need to correctly adjust the position of the body and the door of the dishwasher. The legs need to be twisted so that PMM is steadily located on the surface.

In models with a hinged facade, the following problem is found: the weight of the facade can unevenly pull the door, so that it will fit loosely. In order to configure the fasteners and adjust the press, do this:

  • As a rule, models go without a top panel. There you can see metal cables.
  • If the equipment was in operation, the cables can be worn out or stretched, then they need to be tightened.
  • When replacing, unscrew the side panels of the PMM.
  • Disconnect the end of the cable that is attached to the door spring, and pull out the element from the mount.
  • Stretch a new part under the stretch device.
  • Attach it to the pin and spring.

How to remove a hinged door? To do this, just unscrew the fasteners from the inside. Removing the facade, be careful, control wires may be attached to it. You can learn more about the dismantling of each model from the instructions.

After the installation is completed, you can perform a test launch of a dishwasher.

Fundamentals of the installation and selection of model

There are three main types of dishwashers:

If separate cars are located anywhere in the kitchen, then the rest of the Electrolux, Ikea, Gorenje and other brands PMM are built into a furniture set. Initially, decide on the installation site and prepare a niche for the dishwasher. How to connect PMM correctly, read in one of the previous articles.

The advantage of the PMM model is that it is completely hidden behind the door, being part of the interior.

  • This option is easier to choose, you do not need to look after the design of the case, which will fit into the kitchen set.
  • Hidden control panel is a great advantage if the house has small children.
  • Reduced noise level. It is conceived by the panels of the cabinet, where the technique is attached.

The decorative panel can be screwed to the door, hiding the equipment from prying eyes. Most often, the hinged part is made of the same material as the rest of the kitchen: for example, the log.fiber slab “Lerua”.

The installation template for the decorative facade is included with models Siemens, Beko, Miele. Depending on the type of installation, the front panel can be mounted before the door is hung on the dishwasher.

BOSCH fully integrated dishwasher installation animation in 6 steps

Dimensions of the door and facade. A canopy and mount

The dimensions of the decorative panel depend on the size of the dishwasher. This can be narrow-45-60 cm, full-size-from 60 cm or compact technique-height 50-60 cm.

It is advisable to decide on the choice of a car, and then order a kitchen with a prepared niche.

What to do if the facade for the dishwasher is too long? It will not be possible to trim it, since you will ruin the appearance of the headset, because it is laminated from above and covered with decorative film.

If the facade is slightly larger than the door, adjust the legs of the device so that it perfectly becomes under the countertop.

Manufacturers of Bosch (Bosch), Siemens attach a lifetime drawing, screws, self-adhesive, mounting. Figure out how to fix the panel, you can according to the instructions. The experimental master will take no more than 10-15 minutes.

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The sequence of work with a hitch

  • Install a dishwasher in a prepared niche.
  • Attach the case to the cabinet panels.
  • Connect the plum and water supply.
  • Prepare holes under the handle using a cross screwdriver and awl.
  • After fixing the handle, you need to calculate the distance (Z), which will help put the facade flush with the rest of the kitchen set.
  • Take the roulette, measure the distance between the door of the neighboring cabinet and the countertop, as shown in the figure (x).
  • Then measure the distance from the mount to the countertop (y). Calculate: z = x-y.
  • Put the template on the inside of the door.
  • With an awl, mark the places for the location.
  • To make fastenings more reliable, drill holes for ¾ door.
  • How to remove old screws? Sometimes the panels are pulled together with short screws, but their lengths are not enough to attach the facade. Therefore, you need to hang the panel, unscrew the old screws and install long self.tapping screws.

After installing the dishwasher under the facade, try to close the door. If the decorative part rests on the base, then there was an error in the calculations. In this case, you can make a gap thickness with the facade in the basement.

On the technique of Hansa, Miele you can independently hang a decorative panel.

After completion of work, it is worth checking the degree of door tension. Sometimes users complain that it closes loosely.

Adjust the mechanism: twist the bolt that fasten the stretch cable. Since the door is installed on hinges, it should easily close from a light shock of the fingers.

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