How to set the route to the robot to the vacuum cleaner Polaris

Polaris PVCR 1050 IQ Home Aqua Review. Voice control robot

Today, the Polaris PVCR 1050 IQ Home Aqua robot-vehicle, which supports remote control from a smartphone and carrying out wet and dry cleaning up to 150 minutes. This model is equipped with a Gyroinside navigation system (gyroinside) to build a more accurate cleaning route, an effective filtering system with HEPA-12 and the ability to configure the cleaning schedule. Separately, a powerful 30 watts motor, the function of blocking from children, multi.level data protection and the ability to put the rights of the administrator in the application, as well as support of voice assistants. Alice and Marusi are noted.

The average is accompanied by a 2-year guarantee.


Packed in an illustrated box with links to the Polaris IQ Home application, marks in compatible ecosystems and a list of key features. The kit includes user management in Russian, charging station, power supply, a main cleaning container, cleaning brush, battery remote control. Separately, we note an additional napkin made of microfiber, a couple of brushes and a Hepa filter.

Made in a case traditional in shape. Upper and side sides of white. Outwardly similar to ceramics.

It looks neat, does not attract attention in the interior, and also goes well with the floor covering of light shades.

A mechanical control button combined with LED backlight is displayed on the lid. In the same zone there is a separate indicator displaying active connection to the network.

A group of infrared sensors is distributed around the perimeter of a spring.loaded bumper and on the sides of the case. During movement, they determine the distance to the walls and objects in the room.

The Polaris PVCR 1050 IQ Home Aqua uses the Gyroinside navigation system, which provides a more accurate construction of a room movement route.

One of two complete containers is placed on the back. By default, the fact that is designed to carry out dry cleaning is established from the plant. It has a volume of 600 ml for collecting dust and dry pollution.

On its upper side, the compartment for the HEPA-12 filter. It removes 99.98% of pollution. Recall, additionally included in the kit is replaced, eliminating additional expenses in the future. A separate container is provided for wet cleaning. A microfiber napkin is attached to its base, and inside is poured up to 300 ml of liquid. This liquid is evenly supplied to the napkin, wetting it and removing the pollution on the flooring.

Based on the rubber protective lining, a mechanical power switch is hidden. Two rotating brushes with artificial pile.

Nozzle with a roller on which rubber scrapers and rows with artificial pile alternate. Two metal wires that prevent wiring.

Like the previously considered model Polaris PVCR 0735 IQ Home, there is a separate plug with a niche in which a battery with a capacity of 3200 mAh 14 is located.8V. Its after a long time can be replaced without contacting the service center. Available for purchase separately in the official manufacturer store.

For movement on the floor, two wheels with cast tires and a tread are responsible. They are fixed using shock absorbers.

In general, due to the chassis and low profile, this robot vacuum cleaner has good cross-country ability for different types of flooring, including carpets with the average pile height. Can pass along furniture, cabinets and under beds with a clearance of more than 8.5 centimeters.

Charging takes place at a complete station. The Polaris PVCR 1050 IQ Home Aqua is returned to it after the cleaning is completed or with compulsory sending correctly. The full recovery cycle takes 4 hours.

The robot vacuum cleaner supports remote control in the presence of the Internet. To do this, you will first need to set up and add to the account created in the free Polaris IQ Home application.

After that, a control panel with buttons for launching cleaning, manual movement around the room is displayed on the smartphone screen or tablet. One of the available modes is selected: automatically, random route, along the perimeter of the room, in a spiral. There is a button to return to the base and the choice of absorption intensity.

The appendix controls the time and area of ​​cleaning, control of the battery charge and statistics of the use of consumables. Separate button to turn on protection from children. It is possible to configure the schedule with a convenient frequency of cleaning sessions, schedule, viewing the cleaning card, as well as the inclusion of blocking from children.

Advantages and disadvantages

We have studied all available information about Polaris PVCR 0826 for you. Here are the main pros and cons:

Buyers write that the fluid container must be removed after each cleaning. There is no constipation system system, it proceeds.

The reviews noted the primitive navigation of the Polaris PVC 0826 robot permit, which, paired with poor absorption force, does not allow it to carefully cleanse the floor of dust and garbage.

The flow of water on a rag is not controlled, it is served very slowly. According to users, the quality of wet cleaning is unsatisfactory.

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According to the observations of buyers, while working, the device does not approach the docking station closer than 1-1.5 m. This territory remains uncleaned.

Polaris Robot Palace Pvcr 0826 showed a poor price/quality ratio. The manufacturer guarantees service. According to buyers, it is required too often due to breakdowns of the device. The navigation system is weak, the device is poorly oriented in space. The quality of cleaning suffers from this. The function of wet cleaning is also not worked out.

Our experts evaluate this device for 48 out of 100 balls and recommend studying the Longrid “How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner. Guide for a novice roboter “so as not to buy a bad model.

How to set the route to the robot to the vacuum cleaner Polaris

on the remote control, the vacuum cleaner will begin cleaning the room. Repeated

A short program is provided for cleaning a small room lasting 30 minutes. To start it from the waiting mode twice, press the Auto button on the device case or

On the control panel, you can set the time on the timer

starting cleaning (see. P.eight). In this case, the current time should also be established (see. P.9).

When the timer installed, the vacuum cleaner will automatically turn on and start cleaning each

day at a given time. The I/O switch on the device’s body must be turned on, the charger is installed and connected.

In order to translate the device from the waiting mode into sleep mode, press the Auto button on the device case and hold for more than 3 seconds. Wherein

The case of the device will go out. Besides. The device will automatically go into sleep mode from the waiting mode, if you do not press the buttons within 45 seconds. Bring the device from the sleeping

You can by clicking on the “Auto” button (paragraph 3).Using a button

control you can enter the installation mode of the start of the device.

To delete the settings, set the time 00:00.

You can enter the current installation mode, installing

Functions of buttons 4. 7 remote control (arrows up, down, left, right), depending on the selected

Functions “A” are available when setting the time of operation of the device or the current time

Functions “c” are available when working in the cleaning mode.

BUT. An increase in time both on the clock and on the timer. B. The choice of the direction of movement of the device “Direct”.

BUT. Reducing time both on the clock and on the timer. B. The choice of the direction of movement of the device “Back”

BUT. Transition from register minutes to register hours b. The choice of the direction of movement of the device “to the left”

Charging and autonomous work

The Polaris PVCR 0735 IQ Home is equipped with a charging floor station. Power is supplied to it using an adapter with a Eurowick. Can be placed at a distance from the outlet.

Returns from cleaning and moves off the charger correctly. Determines its location automatically. The full recovery process will require about 5 hours.

Also, a vacuum cleaner charging session can be carried out by connecting the power adapter directly. Equipped with a battery with a capacity of 2900 mAh. On automatic mode gives about 2 hours of continuous cleaning. This time is enough to clean a apartment. Increase in power expected to reduce battery life.

In addition to the remote control and buttons on the case, this robot vacuum cleaner supports control from the smartphone screen using the Polaris IQ Home proprietary application. Initial setting and connecting to a home wireless network took 3-5 minutes from us. The process is made friendly, and it is all accompanied by visual clues.

A control panel is displayed in the control window to start automatic cleaning or manual control. There are separate keys for each of the modes: auto, perimeter, point cleaning and classic.

The configuration of the cleaning schedule with the choice of days of the week and time to launch is available. The cleaning route is clearly demonstrated. There is a Find Me function, when the robot will start to give a sound signal, which will help to find a vacuum cleaner if you overlooked it. You can control the robot through the application from any location where the Internet is available.

Voice control

Polaris PVCR 0735 IQ Home supports voice control. During active operation, we actively used the integration with Alice for several weeks.

Starting cleaning in voting, choosing a cleaning mode, returning to the base, changing the power of absorption and a request for status.

All these commands allow, without being distracted from rest or work process, to start or stop the cleaning. Voice teams worked stably and during this time we did not encounter malfunctions.

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua Review

To maintain cleanliness in the house, you need to vacuum every 1-2 days, especially if the house has animals or children. Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua robot will save you from cleaning so that you take up more interesting things. We studied all the capabilities of the device and talked about them in the review.

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua Robot Pvcr Pvcr. You can configure the schedule of the vacuum cleaner on certain days and hours.

How to put together Polaris P825 pool robot caddy controller and stowing robot in the caddy

Characteristics of the Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua robot

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua flat housing 76 mm thick is great for passing in places. under sofas or beds. There are models in black, white and turquoise housing.

On the vacuum cleaner there is a button to turn on the device. It has a backlight, which changes depending on the state of the vacuum cleaner: in charging mode it shines with purple light, when working. blue, with the “protection against children” mode on. green.

The vacuum cleaner copes well with dry and wet cleaning. Its power consumption is 40 watts, has two containers: for dry cleaning with a volume of 0.5 liters and for moist with department 0.2 l for dust and 0.3 liters for water.

The power of the absorption force of this model is enough to absorb large garbage, fine paper and plant leaves.

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua has four traffic modes and two power levels, equipped with a Hepa 12 filter. The orientation in the room occurs due to infrared sensors. The construction of the trajectory is carried out by the Gyroinside system. The gyroscope allows you to move in three trajectories: zigzago (for open spaces), spiral (for cleaning a particular place), along the perimeter (for areas along the walls).

Dry and wet cleaning modes

Dry cleaning on the vacuum cleaner should be a dust container. After turning on, the device with lateral brushes notice dust and garbage in the installed tank.

To carry out wet cleaning, it is necessary to install a container with containers for garbage and water. The second of them should be filled with water. In the process, the vacuum cleaner with a microfiber nozzle carefully wraps the pre.cleaned space without missing a single corner. The constant humidity of the napkin is provided by a tank of water, which is dripping by the nozzle. In this case, it moves slower than in dry cleaning mode. After the work process, the vacuum cleaner automatically returns to the base.

Collection of dust and garbage is carried out by a turbo with the anti.insamming system. If obstacles come across, the vacuum cleaner carefully removes around it, and then continues to move further.

Battery battery capacity. 3200 mAh. This is enough to process an area of ​​150 m² or non-stop work for 2 hours without charging. The battery is fully charged in 5 hours.


Safe work is ensured by the “Protection against Children” function, which blocks the inclusion button, and the possibility of installing the administrator rights so that no one can change the settings of the device.


Complete with the Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua vacuum cleaner, there are: remote control, dust container, water capacity, charging unit, electrical brush, nozzle for wet cleaning, 4 side brushes, a spare filter, a tool for cleaning brushes, instructions.

The settings, absorption power change through it, the protection mode from children is turned on, you can establish the rights of the administrator. The application will notify the need to replace consumables. If desired, it is possible to set the cleaning schedule by day and clock or activate the deferred launch.

After the first cleaning, according to the trajectory of movement of the device, the room is preserved in the application. Then, after each subsequent cleaning, it is supplemented and improved.

The vacuum cleaner is able to work in the Smart House system. Appendix can do with the voice assistants by Alice and Marusia. With their help, the vacuum cleaner can be given voice commands.


Outwardly the Polaris PVCR robot vertebrae 0726W does not differ anything special. Completely round shape, straight sides. No excesses both from the design and technical: buttons and displays. Building material. durable plastic. The bottom is black, the sides are white, the top is transparent. A golden lining is installed under it, which gives the device an elegant look. On the surface there is only a round shiny Clean button with LED backlight, the logo above it and the opening key of the dust receiver on the opposite side.

On the side there are several black lanes on the case. One of them is a rubber lining that protects furniture from a collision and a vacuum cleaner itself. There is a strip in the center in the center, under which infrared sensors of obstacle detection sensors are installed. On the lateral surface there is also a key of power on/off and a connector for connecting a network adapter.

Two wheels with powerful protectors on spring.loaded hinges are installed from below. They allow the robot to climb the carpets and other obstacles. Ahead along the device is a rotary video made in white and black. This is necessary that the optical indicator located above it determines the movement of the video and with it a vacuum cleaner with it.

On both sides of the video are squares for charging and side brushes in the form of propeller. In the interval between the wheels, an electric shield with the wavy rows of bristles and an additional rubber rifle (rubberized stopper) installed on the brushes are installed. The wavy shape of the location of the bristles helps that the sound from the work of the brush is quieter. The brush collects animal hair and hair, Stopper holds fine debris and dust.

Behind there is a place for the site that is installed before wet cleaning. A napkin is attached to it, which during the cleaning process is moistened with water supplied from a special tank. 3 infrared sensors control the presence of a solid surface under a vacuum cleaner, so it does not fall from the steps.


Polaris PVCR 0726W vacuum cleaner parameters are collected in the table:

Power 25 W
Duration of work on one charge 210 minutes
Battery battery capacity 2600 mAh
Charger 300 minutes
Noise level 60 dB
Operating modes 5
Dimensions 31 × 31×7.6 cm
The weight 2.6 kg
Type of notification Sound and light


The Polaris PVC 0726W robot vacuum cleaner comes to the buyer in a beautiful cardboard box on which the device itself is drawn, in the distance you can see the corner of the interior. The main characteristics of the vacuum cleaner are applied on the box, a plastic handle for carrying is installed in the upper part. In the box, along with the vacuum cleaner are:

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  • Dock station
  • Power Supply
  • Vacuumber
  • Wet cleaning container
  • Set of spare side brushes
  • A couple of napkins for wet cleaning
  • Spare fold filter
  • Remote control
  • Rowman for cleaning the vacuumber
  • Instructions in Russian
  • Guarantee

There is no virtual wall, although in the price range about 17 thousand. vacuum cleaners are most often equipped with a movement limiter. The AAA battery control panel is not equipped.


The PVCR 0726W vacuum cleaner independently finds a charger. But for this you need to install it correctly. They are looking for a place near the wall, remove all the obstacles around it that may prevent the station with the help of sensors or go to it.

Robot vacuum cleaner Polaris PVCR 0726W works in five modes:

  • Automatic, in which the device moves in different directions, gradually passing the entire territory. Removes until the moment the charge is almost over
  • Local cleaning of a section with a diameter of 1 m, along which the vacuum cleaner moves spirally
  • Automatic cleaning in a small room is carried out for half an hour
  • Cleaning along the walls and barriers. the robot moves along the walls, bypassing them around the perimeter and sweeping out the garbage from skirting boards and angles
  • Manual mode is carried out using the remote control panel. Use the direction buttons to change the trajectory of movement

Polaris 0726W’s graphics cleaning can also be configured using the control panel. To do this, first set the current time, then set the cleaning time, one for all the days of the week. The vacuum cleaner can perform wet cleaning. To do this, instead of a vacuumber, a water tank is installed, which is included in the supply kit.

Pour water into it, at the bottom of the tank with Velcro is attached a microfiber napkin. So that it starts to quickly wash the floor, you can first moisten it with water. During operation, the water will be supplied to the napkin through porous inserts at the bottom of the tank and moisturize it. You can add a detergent to the water. It will contribute to better cleaning. The water container has a garbage department that enters it during cleaning. In this case, the wall of the container overlaps the input pipe, so the fan does not collect garbage.

Testing Polaris PVC 0726W

This is not to say that the robot moves along a certain trajectory or reacts well to obstacles. He stumbles on furniture, does not always get out from under it. But in general, the floor after cleaning becomes much cleaner. Well collects animal hair, but they themselves are at first scared of the device. Therefore, at first it is better not to include it in the absence of the owners.

Polaris P965IQ Disassembly Reassembly

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua Robot Pvcr with building a card and Russian voice assistants

Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua-a robot vacuum cleaner with the ability to build a card, control both using a remote control and Wi-Fi through an application from a smartphone. Polaris is engaged in the production of small household, climatic equipment, water heaters. The brand was founded in 1992. Production country. China. The model is designed for dry and wet cleaning. Has dimensions 310x310x76 mm and weight 2.7 kg. The large capacity of the LI-Ion Battery provides performance up to 150 minutes. Sucking power 1300 Pa at a noise level up to 63 dB. For dry cleaning, a 0.5 liter container is used, for wet. 300 ml. Average price for Polaris PVCR 3200 V. 25000

Advantages and disadvantages

We have studied all available information about Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua for you. Here are the main pros and cons:

The brand, service centers are located in the territory, and the warranty period is 2 years.

Li-Ion Battery 3200 MAH provides long operation of the device, and in the case of a discharge, the robot itself finds a charging station.

The device shows good results when collecting garbage in one pass thanks to two end brushes. He also collects dirt well on carpets and wipes dust on the surface. Confirmation of this is the reviews on Polaris PVCR 3200 IQ Home Aqua from users. There is a moist and ordinary cleaning function.

For dry cleaning, a thin filter system made of foam and non.grade 12 filtering is used, which collects small particles and allergens. According to the manufacturer, during wet cleaning, the central engine is deactivated, but the brushes at the same time rotate and collect small particles of garbage in the duct. Control from the remote control has certain disadvantages that are compensated by the mobile application. You can create different cleaning programs from a smartphone. choose modes, time, days of the week. However, according to the same reviews, it becomes clear that the device leaves small garbage and has a high price. The robot is able to build a map of the room, but there is no interactivity. It is impossible to turn off the sound accompaniment. Our experts evaluate Polaris PVCR 3200 for 57 points out of 100. Having studied our longrid “How to choose a robot vacuum cleaner. Guide 2021 for a novice roboter ”, you can choose a more functional model.


According to the layout of the Polaris PVCR 0930 Smartgo robot, the Smartgo is practically no different from most brothers in the harvesting business-a round case with a spring-loaded plastic bumper in the front half-facter and infrared obstacles, on the lower part-two wheels with step engines, rotating anterior support wheels, rotating anterior support wheels. where the movement sensor is located, and the spiral electrost located in the center is in the same place where the dust is absorbed.

In the back of the device, you can install either a dust collection container, or a water container, with a special microfiber clip attached to the lower surface to the lower surface. Such a constructive solution means that the robot cannot vacuum and wash the floors at the same time. The main interest in this model is its ability to automatically build a cleaning route only due to the gyroscope sensors (Gyroinside technology) and without the use of the laser scanners of the room. This means that once walking around the room and exploring it for the location of fixed furniture (tables, chairs and sofas), in the future the robot will clean the cleaning faster, and its movements around the room will be more optimal. Actually, that is why the name is the word Smart in the name. But, as many expect from this technology, communication with the smartphone and displaying the cleaning route on its screen, this device does not have.

Another feature of Polaris PVCR 0930 Smartgo is two cleaning modes. with a regular and increased absorption power. The second mode is recommended to be used both with a turbo with increased contamination of the room, and without it to clean the carpet, or in rooms with pets. In the second case, the wool will be absorbed directly into the vacuum collection container without wrapping on the ridges of a spiral electrode.

Settings and management

To prepare the robot, the workshop for work will only need to be installed in the settings time and the current date, which can be useful for setting the cleaning program within a week. On the front side for this, mechanical buttons are provided, behind which the types of movement and command “Start/Pause” and “Return to the base” are also fixed. The mode of operation, the current time and level of the battery charge is displayed on the LCD display with a blue glow of characters.

You can give commands to a vacuum cleaner from a remote control that is included. The buttons on it practically repeat the functions of the keys located on the device panel. So, for example, you can “manually” bring the vacuum cleaner to the location of the local cleaning or activate the mode of absorption mode.

But you can program cleaning only by means of buttons on the case. To program the cleaning schedule for the week, you need to select the day of the week and the time of launching the cleaning, for example, when you go to work so that it does not interfere with your feet. At the end of cleaning the room from dust, the robot itself will find the base and will stand on it to charge the battery. The charging process (with a completely exhausted charge) can last about 5 hours.

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