How to set the time in the Gorenier oven

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The GORENJE B7585E manual for the built-in oven contains pages in Russian.

File size: 840.59 kB. It consists of 15 pages.

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Instructions for use, installation and connection

The oven starts cooking automatically according to the time you have set.

Example: Current time = 12:00, cooking duration = 1:30, end of cooking. в 14:00. This means that the oven starts to cook at 12:30 a.m.

Alarm clock only performs a warning function and does not turn off the oven.

After you press the button (1) 0 will appear.00 and the (S1) symbol flashes. Use knob (5) to set the desired time. After a few seconds the symbol (S1) will stop flashing and the time will start to count down.

The scale shows the current time or the temperature in the oven (if it is operating at the time).

By pressing the button (1) you can check the remaining time and change it as you wish.After the set time expires, a flashing symbol (S1) will appear and a beep will sound.The buzzer will stop on its own after 5 minutes unless you cancel it by pressing any key.

Canceling any time or temperature setting

All the time and temperature settings except the alarm clock can be cancelled at any time by pressing the button (4) for 3 seconds. The time and temperature settings are automatically canceled.Warning: If the key (4) is pressed for 3 seconds while the oven is operating, the set temperature will be cancelled and the oven switches off automatically.

Do not cover the oven with aluminium foil

Do not place trays or other cookware on the bottom of the oven as the enamel could be damaged by overheating.

Fruit juices, when they get on your enamel, can cause

To control the oven there are knobs for switching on/off and selecting the oven mode, as well as an electronic programmer with temperature indication

You can set the temperature between 50°C and 275°C.- Select the required heating mode with

0°C’ is displayed and the ‘°C’ symbol flashes

the knob (5) to the right or left again and keep it in this position. The set temperature ‘180°C’ is displayed (symbol (S2) is displayed and ‘°C’ flashes).Set the desired temperature and lower the knob (5).After a few seconds the ‘°C’ symbol stops flashing and the oven starts to operate.

the temperature in the oven is displayed, namely

Approximate oven temperature, which can be set in 5°C steps.

the symbol (S2) will go out and the set temperature will be displayed.

You can turn on the oven light separately without any other function.Practical uses: for cleaning the oven or using the residual heat at the end of cooking.If you select other operating modes, the oven light turns on automatically.Some models have two lamps for oven lighting; one is on the top of the back wall and the other, a sidelight, is in the middle of the right side wall.

The heaters on the upper and lower side of the oven emit heat evenly inside the oven.Meat or flour products can only be cooked on one level.

The infrared heater on top of the oven works.This mode is best suited for cooking small pieces of meat such as steaks, sausages, schnitzels, ribs, etc.д.


If you don’t find the dish you need in the cooking tables, look for similar ones

The data given is for cooking on one level.

In the table, the temperature is given in the range from minimum to maximum value. In the first

set the oven to the lowest temperature setting and if it is not cooked through sufficiently, the next time

The cooking times are merely indicative and may vary depending on the conditions

An asterisk indicates that the oven should be preheated to this temperature

Preheating of the oven is required if this is indicated in the recipe or on the cooking sheet

in these instructions. A lot of energy is used to heat an empty oven, so you can prepare food according to your specifications

Save energy by baking small dishes and pizzas one tray at a time,

Use dark enamel or silicone-coated baking trays since these conductivity is excellent

When using baking paper, make sure it is resistant to high temperatures.

When cooking a large amount of baking or baking a large piece of meat at the same time

The oven produces a large amount of steam, which can condense on the door of the oven.

This is normal and does not affect the operation of the oven. At the end of the cooking time, wipe the door dry

You may turn the oven off 10 minutes before the end of cooking time in order to use

The heat generated and the energy saved.

Do not refrigerate the food in the oven to avoid condensation.

time, oven

Top and bottom heating elements

Radiate heat evenly inside the oven.

You can use enamelled, fireproof, glass, clay and cast-iron ovenware

dishes. Do not use stainless steel trays since they reflect heat.

When cooking meat, add liquid so that the fat and meat juices do not stick. At

Turn the meat over while cooking. If you bake the meat under a lid, it will stay juicier.

Pork roast 1500 2 190-200 120-130

Roast beef 1500 2 190-210 120-140

Cook chicken in this mode if the oven has no mode

Cook pizzas with this heating mode if the oven has no mode.

Use only one level of rails and dark baking trays. Baking in light-colored pans

Baking is worse because heat is reflected off the lighter colored walls.

Put the molds on the grid. Remove the grid iron if you use the tray provided

supplied with the oven. Preheating the oven reduces the cooking time.

Small puff pastry 2 200-210 25-30

Pierce the baking sheet at the highest point with a wooden stick.

If there is no raw dough on the stick, the bake is ready.

You can turn the oven off and use the residual heat.

Next time add less liquid to the dough.

Observe dough kneading time, especially when

Next time, use a dark mold.

Place the baking sheet one level lower or at the end

turn on the lower heating element.

Reduce temperature and increase time next time

Do not place the deep pan on the grill when cooking meat, fish, or sausages (steak, schnitzel, salmon, etc)

heating element and infrared heater,

When grilling, operate the infrared heater, which

The infrared heater must be preheated for 5 minutes.

Keep a close eye on the grill all the time because the high temperature will cause the meat to stick to the grill

The grill is suitable for fat-free sausages, pieces of meat and fish (steak, schnitzel, salmon, etc.).

When cooking meat on the wire shelf, grease the wire shelf with oil to prevent steaming

burns and set to the 4th level. Place a baking tray under the grill on the 1st or 2nd shelf

When cooking the meat it is necessary to add liquid to prevent the fat and meat juices from sticking. At

After cooking on the grill, always clean the oven and the accessories.

Pork neck schnitzels 180 g/piece. 3 240 18-22

Chops on the bone 180 g/piece. 3 240 20-22

Pork neck schnitzels 180 g/piece. 3 240 19-23

T-bone chops 180 g/piece. 3 240 20-24

Veal schnitzels 180 g/pu. 3 240 19-22

When you cook meat, you must add liquid to the grill so that the fat and the meat juices do not stick. On

Pat the trout dry with a paper towel. Put parsley, salt and garlic inside and smear on top

with vegetable oil. Place the fish on the grid iron; do not flip it over during cooking.

Grill with the oven door closed.

Because of the high temperature, the heating elements, the grid and the

other accessories and parts of the oven become very hot, so

Use oven gloves or oven mitts and special tongs for skewers

Spit cooking (on some models)

Maximum allowable temperature for spit cooking 240° C.

Set rotisserie frame to level 3

From the bottom, and on the 1st level insert a deep

Place the prepared meat on the spit

Screw the handle on the rotisserie. Sharp end

spindle insert into the motor coupling (hole

on the back of the oven on the right), which

covered with a lid. Front of skewer

Put it in the recess in the front of the frame.

With the grill door closed, grilling is possible.

The upper heating element works at the same time

Designed to cook meat, fish,

Half chicken 600 2 180-190 25 (with one side). stop.),

Lower heating element works at the same time

Do not use pizza, apple pie and other kinds of meat loaf

See. description and tips for CLASSIC

At the same time, the heating element

around the fan and fan. Fan

creates constant hot air circulation

You can use enamelware, refractory glassware, clay pots, and cast iron pots

cookware. Do not use stainless steel trays since they reflect heat.

When cooking meat, you need to add liquid to keep the fat and meat juices from sticking.

Flip meat over during cooking. If baked under a lid, the meat will stay hotter than before

Stuffed chicken 1500 2 170-180 100-120

We recommend preheating the oven.

Bake small baked goods in shallow baking trays at the same time on multiple levels (2nd and 3rd).

Cooking times may vary even between identical baking trays. Top

the tray will have to be removed from the oven earlier than the bottom tray.

Place the molds on the grid iron. Remove the rack if you are using the tray provided

supplied with the oven. Small baked goods, such as patties, should be as even as possible

Size. Do not bake evenly if baked to different sizes!

Type of product Level (bottom) Temperature, °C Cooking time.,

Fruitcake, muffin tin 2 150-160 45-65

Fruitcake, shortbread dough 2 160-170 50-70

Wicker, yeast dough 2 160-170 35-50

Fluffy buns with filling 2 170-180 30-35

Small baked goods with yeast dough 2 170-180 20-35

Baked puff pastry 2 170-180 20-30

Apple, cottage cheese strudel 2 170-180 50-70

Potatoes for baking in oven 2 170-180 20-35

Do not place the deep pan on the platen when cooking baked goods

This mode is suitable for cooking low

For baking and preserving

Fruits and vegetables. Use level 2

Prepare canning jars and food as usual.

Use regular jars with rubber gaskets and glass lids. Do not use jars

With twist-off and metal lids as well as metal jars. It is best to take

Jars of equal size, filled with the same product. Close the jars tightly.

Pour 1 liter of heated water into a deep baking tray (approx. 70°C) and put 6 jars in it so,

so that they do not touch each other or the oven. Set the tray with jars on the 2nd level

During canning, watch the food until the liquid in the jars boils (will appear

Of course, it is forbidden to disassemble the device, it can affect its functionality, not to mention the fact that the operation of faulty equipment can lead to power failure or gas leakage. You can remove the parts yourself for cleaning and to replace the oven light bulb. It is enough to unscrew the lid of the light.

Possible replacement (see the marking on the nameplate):

The entire door or the entire door can be removed for cleaning.

  • Open the door fully.
  • In the case of a standard hinge. completely unlock the latches. With gentleClose. at 90°.
  • Slowly close door, lift and remove from hinge sockets.
  • To remove the inner glass pane you need to lift the latches, lift it by the bottom edge and pull it out. In some models, the attachment is made with screws, they can be unscrewed.
  • Reinstall in the reverse order, making sure that the latches are fully closed, otherwise the strong spring could rapidly slam the door.

On some models you can remove the storage container, just like you would remove the standard drawer from the cabinet. To put it back, you have to hit the rail with the skid, if the skid is equipped with wheels, it is even easier to do it.

How to read the temperature in a gas oven?

In order to determine the temperature in the oven or in the oven by the divisions mainly use its manual. Each appliance with a gas connection comes with instructions for use. The manual indicates the maximum temperature of the oven itself and the correspondence of the scale to the temperature in Celsius ( °C ). These ovens have a knob switch with a scale for dividing into numbers. The number of divisions and the maximum temperature of all models is different. Some ovens may have 6, 7, 8, or 9 divisions. But how to determine the temperature in them. Not only gas ovens can have switches, but also electric ones. After all, not all models have an electronic display.

The oven has its own maximum temperature. It is different in all models. Also the maximum temperature differs in electric and gas ovens. Gas ovens generally have lower temperatures than electric ovens. For example, the maximum temperature of an electric oven can reach 290 degrees Celsius, while gas ovens have up to 250 degrees Celsius.

Gas ovens for many have long been in place, some left by their parents or some given to them as a gift. But the manual of the oven may not be. We’re about to cook a meal, and we don’t know how to turn the switch, what number to put. To what temperature does it correspond. There is an approximate correspondence of the division to the temperature.

Buy Gorenje oven: what kinds of brand ovens exist?

The development of modern home appliances dictates the need for continuous improvement of manufactured devices. Gorenje company every year tries to improve its own range, releasing models equipped with new features, or improving the existing ones.

In order to make their products more convenient and user-friendly, the manufacturer takes consumer feedback into account when developing new models or correcting flaws in existing ones. Built-in design series ovens. the perfection of technology and design Traditionally, all models are divided into two types: electric and gas appliances. The first ones, as the name suggests, use electricity for their work, the second ones function on gas. The choice of a particular modification will depend on the technical possibilities and the availability of connection to the gas pipeline.

Gorenje electric oven

All electric brand ovens are also divided into two categories. dependent and independent (or built-in). The first type, which can also be called a classic, is an oven that has an addition in the form of burners or a hob for external cooking.

Since the devices have a common control unit, it is the fact of being tied to the hob that leads to a decrease in popularity against the background of the desire to save free and useful kitchen space. Built-in electric oven “Gorenje”, according to consumer reviews, matched with the most optimal functionality and appearance of an independent cooktop, is a good option for saving free space in the kitchen. this is an important factor in living in a small apartment. The Gorenje built-in electric oven has compact dimensions and attractive appearance, which is a guarantee of its harmonious placement in any interior. Vintage handles and temperature controls set the general tone for the entire interior Also, the entire range of manufactured cooking appliances can be roughly divided into two types: models that are part of design lines (of which there are five so far), and individual models that do not belong to any direction of external design.

Gorenje gas ovens

This kind of typology is similar to the electric models. There are built-in and freestanding types, which are part of full-fledged stoves, equipped with a hob.

It should be noted that the production of Gorenje gas built-in ovens is practically discontinued by the manufacturer. There are no new models in the range, and those that are available can only be purchased from the warehouses of major stores. The purchase of a gas oven is relevant in the presence of a gas pipeline or general gasification of the apartment or house. This allows for significant utility savings, but comes with certain risks associated with the increased dangers of using gas equipment. Modern models of ovens are equipped with the ability to control from a tablet or smartphone

How to set the time on the combustion oven

In this article, we asked a craftsman to answer the question: “How to set the clock on the burner stove?”and give you helpful hints on what to do in the oven,

To turn on the Hansa gas oven, light a match, press the knob as far as it will go and then turn it to the left until it reaches the selected temperature. Hold a lit match to the ignition point, light the gas and hold the knob down for about 3 to 10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the procedure.

  • Press the “Dial or Clock” key. For format 24, light it once, for format 12, light it twice.
  • To set the temperature, press the Increment or Decrement key. They are marked with up and down arrows.
  • Confirm action. “Clock”.

Set time on gorenje oven

The first time you plug in the oven, the display will show a flashing word AUTO and the numbers 0.00. To access the time setting, press simultaneously the pushbuttons. the separating dot will start blinking. Set the time using the and buttons

In Ariston, Bosch and Electrolux ovens, it is not necessary to select the time of day. On the display the number 12 should be flashing. To set the time accurately use the special rotary knob or the button on the display. After setting the precise value, press the hours symbol and move on to setting the minutes.

  • open the door and wait for half a minute;
  • free both hands;
  • light a match or a lighter with one hand, bring it to the ignition hole
  • with the other hand, press and turn the knob and keep it pressed until the flame appears;

On the control panel find the lock button, usually indicated by a key. Press this button and then select the option. lock control, press it for a few seconds. Next, there should be a beep, indicating that the unlock was successful.

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