How to set time for an electric fuel eyelid

Operation Rules Rules, baking advice, operating rules of an electric oven

Select the temperature and preparations. One

The operating mode of the electric oven is set using the functions switch. Temperature

Regulated using a thermostat handle. To disable any of

Oven functions, set the corresponding button to the position

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Maintain a given temperature. During heating, the temperature indicator shines.

Shelf. The wire grate should be installed so that it enters the hole on the wire shelf, as shown in the figure.

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Operating modes may not coincide with the one that is used in your

The upper and lower heaters are included. Products are heated simultaneously

Up and down. Suitable for baking cakes, as well as for baking cakes, rolls and casseroles in forms. Prepare with only one enemy.

Only the lower heating element is included.

Great for cooking, which should be baked from below, for example, pizza.

Heating from above and below with convection

The upper and lower heating elements and a fan located on the back wall are included. With the help of a fan hot air

The position of the shelf (depending on the reflection) is important to correctly install the wire grill on the wire

How to enable the oven of the Hans?

To enable Hansa gas oven, light a match, press the control handle to the stop, then turn it to the left to the mark of the selected temperature. Bring the burning match to the faint hole, light the gas and hold the handle pressed for about 3-10 seconds. If the flame goes out, repeat the actions.

The end of the end of cooking.

  • Press the button repeatedly. So far on.
  • Rotate the timer handle towards “” and “.”. To set a watch value.
  • Press the button again. Until on the display.
  • Rotating the timer handle towards “” and “.” set the value of the minutes.
  • Press the button again

The best assistant in the kitchen is our Beko FM 668 TW stove. I don’t remember exactly how old she is, probably for 10 years. I already forgot that we had some other plate. The stove still suits us so far. Thanks to the parents for once bought it, and now so far, we use it. Of course there are already disadvantages over time, but the stove is not eternal. This is how she looks now:

Outwardly very pretty. The surface of the tiles made of glass ceramics, once it was new, and it was cool that you had such a stove. Now it is already for a given. Only 4 burners, 2 large and 2 smaller. We have 2 families in our apartment. And sometimes we cook at one time, it is easy for us to divide the stove, 1 large burner and 1 small. So we cook.

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When you turn on the stove, the light lights up in small circles, it goes out when the tiles are cooling. The tile is turned on by turning the switch.

Tiles heat up quickly enough. 6 levels of heating, from the highest, to a minimum. When the plate is already heated, it is immediately necessary to reduce to 3 or 4. Everything boils and fries strongly. Until now, all burners work and work without problems. Quality it is quality.It is easy to clean the glass.Ceramic surface. I try, until nothing was pressed, wipe it right away, but if I got so buried on the stove, there is a special scraper. And ordinary detergent of my. Previously, they bought a special. You just need to regularly monitor the cleanliness of the stove, and then it is easy to care for it. Here with the oven we have problems already. Firstly, there is no light in the oven for a long time, several modes do not work, the grill does not work. It used to be so good to prepare a chicken on the grill, it turned out very tasty. Well, it just has already broken over time. For several years everything worked without complaints. The oven has a very comfortable handle for the entire width of the oven. Inside there are several slopes for different heights of stagnation. Only 2 baking sheets and 1 lattice. We still use. Obside is not scratched, almost like new ones, we often use, for baking pies mainly. As well as for baking, for example, potatoes. The oven has always been powerful, and now it is very powerful. Only for a very long time began to warm up. When the oven is warmed up to the desired temperature, the lower light will go out, it is located on the right on the panel with switches. For the oven you can set the temperature. I usually use 180-200 degrees. On the left on the panel there is a small display with buttons. Here you can put a timer for the right time. I often use it for cooking in time, for example, when I cook porridge, I put it for 3 minutes a timer, it makes a signal, so 3 minutes passed, and the porridge is ready, you can shoot. There is such a function on the plate, you can put it for a while and the oven will turn off itself. I have used this function several times for all years. Somehow I was not needed. I just put the timer more for a while, so as not to forget about the prepared food, it makes a signal, reminds that it is time to see.

You can also set time on this screen, and you can use it just like a clock. I mainly use only the timer. That’s enough for me.The eyelid plate is very good, time.Tested. She is quite happy with us, although now there are probably more modern slabs. But so far it works, and it works quite well. Reliable slab. It works without problems. I already wrote, there are disadvantages, not everything works in the oven. But you can do without these functions. Everything is baked and baked in the oven everything is very good and fast. It is convenient to use, nothing superfluous, everything is clear. And outwardly it still looks good, stylish.

Why is fire in the oven from above?

Both of them are presented in the form of the upper burner, which converts heat into an infrared range: the effect is like from coal in the barbecue. In the case of a turbo grill, the burner works in a tandem with a fan on the back wall of the oven.

  • Press and hold 2 buttons. A timer and following it (usually a pan is depicted above it);
  • Next, press or, depending on how much time you need to set;
  • Adjust the time;
  • Release the buttons: the clock will start immediately after that.

How to work with an electric stove?

So, in order to set time, you need to turn off the oven from the network for a few minutes. After turning on the panel, the clock icon should blink. With the help of buttons with the image of the plus and minus, the exact time is set. Wait until the clock stops flashing. Time is fixed.

How to set the time on the Indesite stove?

The time meter installed in the oven is notified by the characteristic sound about the end of the cooking time of the dish. Manufacturers for convenience place a timer on the front of the oven, in the place where adjusting handles are placed. The mechanical time meter is designed for about 3 hours.

How to unlock the burning oven?

If there is no separate button responsible for blocking, you can try to press the abolition and lock and lock and keep at least five seconds. This method is used both for blocking and for unlocking the panel.

So, in order to set time, you need to turn off the oven from the network for a few minutes. After turning on the panel, the clock icon should blink. With the help of buttons with the image of the plus and minus, the exact time is set. Wait until the clock stops flashing. Time is recorded.

How to set time on the oven of the Hans?

To set the time, you need to: click on the sensor 1 (menu). The symbol of “saucer with steam” should light up. Install the current time using sensors 2 and 3 (arrow in PARVO to the left) after 7 seconds. After the end of the time setting operation, the new data will be entered in memory.

So, in order to set time, you need to turn off the oven from the network for a few minutes. After turning on the panel, the clock icon should blink. With the help of buttons with the image of the plus and minus, the exact time is set. Wait until the clock stops flashing. Time is fixed.


FSM57300GW has a fairly roomy oven with a volume of 55 liters. It has an internal fan and 4 heater. Lower, upper, far (on the back wall in front of the fan) a large/reinforced grill installed on the ceiling. The location of heat sources on three sides The convection mode gives a lot of opportunities for high.Quality cooking. Because in it you can defrost, bake, and fry, and cook the grill, etc.D. The entire inner surface of the oven is covered with heat.Resistant enamel.

To collect boiling liquids and flying drops of fat, the bottom in the oven is made concave.

The oven is completed with a deep opposite and lattice. They can be used both jointly at different levels, and separately.

The baking sheet has a voluminous pattern throughout the bottom. This increases the heat transfer from a unit of area compared to the same with a flat surface.

To install a baking sheet and grilles at different heights in the walls of the oven there are 5 pairs of recesses/guides. All of them are fixed. There are no retractable/telescopic.

The fan is built into the back wall of the wind chamber, its blades are metallic. It is needed for forced mixing of air throughout the volume. So the heat is more uniformly distributed, and a brown crust is given baking products.

A powerful (reinforced) grill is attached to the oven the oven, which imitates the frying on the coals. It turns on only when the rest of the heaters are disabled.

For a better viewing of the space of the wind chamber, a backlight is installed inside it.

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