How to set time on the microwave sinbo

How to install a watch on the microwave Samsung. Time on the microwave. How to set time on a microwave

Time adjustment is carried out using buttons or handles. Manufacturers in their own way indicate them. On some microwaves you can see the dial icon, on others just the inscription “Time”.

There are regulators on the mechanical microwave oven. They are responsible for the power and heating speed. It is necessary to properly adjust the timer so that the food warms up, but does not burn.

You can heat water in one minute, and chicken legs will be baked for 30-40 minutes.

To defrost the products, it is necessary to install for 3 minutes on the timer, while put the power at a minimum.

Automatic microwave furnaces do not require installation of time. It is enough to choose the mode, for example, “popcorn” or “fish”, and the stove will put up the timer itself.

Electronic models “Samsung and LG, allow you to increase or decrease the cooking time. No need to turn off the microwave or wait until the set time passes, you can use the “more/smaller” buttons.

Some models have the “Starting Start” function. This is convenient for those who combine preparation with other matters. The microwave oven will begin to work at the right time. Check for this function to work properly, otherwise the timer will work incorrectly.

The clock is lost every time you turn off the microwave from the outlet or your apartment was de.Energized. For example, recently turned off the light.

Download instructions from the microwave oven Sinbo Smo 3644

For many products, for working with Sinbo SMO 3644, various additional files may be needed: drivers, patches, updates, installation programs. You can download these files online for a specific model Sinbo SMO 3644 or add your own for free download by other visitors.

If you have not found files and documents for this model, then you can see incections for similar goods and models, as they often differ in small changes and are complementary.

Sinbo Smo 3659 reviews

Advantages: Quality. Price. Functions. Appearance. The quality of the material inside. Clock. Button control.

Comment: There are no newties, the simplest and most convenient. My husband wanted to do with auto.Domes, and I nodded to him with his head. I write warm, defrosts, the timer works, there is a signal. For me nothing else needs. I am glad that she came across, and at an affordable price.

Advantages: received a good discount on the products of Sinbo, and therefore took. At first there was a blender, we were satisfied with its quality. The same was expected from the microwave. Light and simple control, many modes and options. You can heat, and defrost, and cook, you can set the watch. We even cook potatoes in it, faster than on the stove.

Disadvantages: when heated, the container in which we heat up also heats up

time, microwave, sinbo

Comment: The price of such a microwave oven even without a discount is very good, in the work we can say that it is impeccable, with the exception of heating of plates. Well, the appearance is modern, looks good in the kitchen. Not a noise. But it picks loudly)

Advantages: adequate cost with such good quality. Compact. Good enameled coating inside, easily washed.

Comment: Food warms up by moment. I generally cook some dishes in the microwave, for example, snacks, sandwiches. It turns out delicious. I advise.

Advantages: simplicity and reliability. Easy to wash. Small dimensions. Subscribed perfectly into the interior. Speaking

Comment: a spacious microwave, the middle pizza is calmly placed or a whole pie. It suits me quite, especially that he warms food well from above and below, while not overdings.

Advantages: 1. Cheap and angry.2. Simple and reliable.3. Convenient to manage (buttons) 4. Work (warms up well) 5. Scoreboard

Disadvantages: let’s hope that they are not.

Comment: microwave oven was bought to heat the finished food and defrost. He performs his tasks. Everything else is not interested yet. Use time. Several months. It works properly.

Advantages: compact, cheap microwave oven. The power corresponds to the declared, heats up quickly.

Comment: In general, I am satisfied with the purchase. It can be recommended to those who need only functions associated with cooking or heating food using microwaves from such/such gadgets. The instructions are extremely clear, the first time it is real to understand everything.

Advantages are the most important thing that warms food, not dishes.Without any auto.People there, additional. The gap for what would be to overpay.Light and comfortable. It doesn’t take up much space.

Disadvantages: for such a price I did not see them. Is that a jamb with a clock. I do according to the instructions, not done. I had to go to Citylink/answer to set up to configure.

Comment: in general microwave is satisfied. The food warms and gorgeous.The price is quite happy

Advantages: Satisfied with the purchase. It is easy to handle, compact and light, which matters when its frequent movement (the kitchen is small, the microwave does not have its permanent place).

Disadvantages: I have no shortcomings.

Comment: The quality and appearance of the microwave is fully consistent with its cost. It looks good. This second microwave purchased for use by the house, the first one was another company and more expensive, but the electronics refused for the first month, handed over the guarantee back. There is no problem with this problem. Heating quickly. There is a lock from children.

Delayed launch

In modern microwave Samsung, Siemens or LG there is another convenient function, such as a start of start. There are special buttons with which the right time is set, and after it, the cooking process is launched. It is very convenient if you do several things at the same time or circumstances require your absence in the kitchen.

As you can see, configure the watch, learn to use the timer and turn on the deferred launch are completely simple operations that every user will master. The main thing is to carefully read the instructions for your device and strictly follow the operating rules described in it. Successful setting!

Cooking modes for different products

Each type of dish involves its duration of boiling. Installing minutes on a timer or touch panel depends on the recipe, product volume and the necessary option. In the microwave, you can boil porridge and vegetables, bake omelet and cupcake, make steam cutlets or fish. Most modern devices support the defrosting function: microwaves carefully penetrate the structure of a frozen product and thaw it, almost without heating. Models with an electronic menu are equipped with a set of various programs for automatic preparation. The most popular is the warm.Up mode that all microwave stoves support.

Starting start is another useful option. The menu sets in advance the time when the launch works and the microwave will turn on the desired mode. After the period of preparation, the timer will automatically stop the process. When using this function, it is important to ensure that the time in memory of the device is entered correctly. Then unpleasant surprises will not work out.

Read more about the function of installing a clock and the appointment of menu buttons you will learn from the instructions for the microwave.

When buying a microwave oven, the user is in a hurry to understand all its functionality, to master the management of programs and modes in order to learn how to use equipment without additional issues. One of these functions is the time on the microwave, which equip almost all modern microwave ovens.

The microwave oven Hansa HMO-20AP is decided can not set time.

Hello! Please help me deal with the microwave. I can’t set the watch. Instructions and type of control panel (schematicly) attach. When the microwave is included in the network, 1:01 lights up on the display, and time starts to go, but how it is not clear how it is to expose it. I drove it like this: 1 I squeeze time 2 I squeeze the feet 3 I expose time 4 I press the time nothing succeeds.

1 I squeeze the timer 2 I shook the feet.

1 I shook installation 2 licking the feet.


Who has come across such a stove help please! Perhaps there is a malfunction for the control unit. I understand electronics, I distinguish the magnetron from the transformer.

What numbers do you put? Try this: 1 watch 2 set the hours or minutes 1 3 hours or start 4 digits of minutes or hours 1 5 hours or start

time, microwave, sinbo

Or so: 1 clock 2 set the clock and minute 3 start or clock

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All malfunctions for their manifestation can be divided into two types. Stable and periodic. The following are most often considered:

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On the site there are sections with firmware (dumps of memory) for microcircuits, or for updating through via inteusions such as USB.

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  • DIP (Dual in Package). A case with a two.Row location of contacts for installation in the holes
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  • SOP (Soic, SO). Miniature buildings for surface installation (SMD)
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Reduced short description
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SCL Serial Clock. I2C integral tire for transmitting a clock signal
SDA Serial Data. I2C integration tire for data exchange
ICSP In-Circuit Serial Programming-Protocol for Intercular Squeezing Programming
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PCB Printed Circuit Board. Printed circuit board
PWM Pulse Width Modulation-latitudinal module
SPI Serial Peripheral Interface Protocol. Protocol
USB Universal Serial Bus. Universal consistent tire
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Hyundai Hym-D3027 Review: A beautiful modern microwave oven with a guarantee for 2 years

As I wrote more than once in my reviews, in most cases, microwave ovens are used to quickly warm up food or drinks, and not all users need a grill function in an electrical appliance. However, without a grill, relatively inexpensive microwaves can have a large number of functions, as well as a very attractive design, which proves us the Hyundai Hym-D3027 model proves us.


  • Type: microwave;
  • Model: Hyundai Hym-D3027;
  • Power of microwaves: 700 watts;
  • Energy consumption: 1150 W;
  • Work frequency of magnetron: 2450 MHz;
  • 1 class of protection against electric shock;
  • Energy parameters: 230 in


The observed furnace is supplied in a standard rectangular cardboard box, on the sides of which there are cuts for carrying the device. However, I often notice that these holes are partially or completely torn during transportation. Perhaps cardboard does not withstand the weight of the stoves, because such a technique almost always weighs more than 10 kilograms.

In the inside of the box, the microwave is reliably protected by foam inserts, and inside the electrical appliance camera, components do not hit due to a small cardboard.

The delivery kit is minimal. It consists of operating manual (combined with a warranty coupon), roller stand and rotating tray. Everything that is needed for the operation of the device, and nothing more.

Design and control elements

The beautiful appearance of the furnace allows us to conclude that the manufacturer paid considerable attention to the design of the electrical appliance. I suspect that this is one of the reasons why the microwave costs a little more than some less pretty analogues in which there is even a grill. Basically, the furnace is made of white metal, and the device weighs about 10 kg, which is the norm for numerous analogues.

How To Set The Clock On Your IKEA Microwave

The main part of the front side of the stove is occupied by a plastic door with a plastic vertically located handle, due to which the door is opened. All control elements are traditionally made on the right side of the microwave. We are talking about three dual control buttons and adjustment wheels. The information content is pleasing. All the buttons are signed, and the signs indicate the inspection modes, and it turned out that there are no large empty zones on the left side of the front side.

If you go from top to bottom and from left to right, then the purpose of the buttons is as follows:

  • Power adjustment (6 positions, from 0 to 100%);
  • Defrosting by time or weight;
  • Setting time or cooking mode;
  • Stop button for canceling the cooking mode or to set a pause;
  • A wheel that serves to set time and various settings;
  • Start button to start working a given mode. After double pressing, the heating occurs without the need to introduce preliminary settings;
  • The lowest menu button is needed to select one of 8 automatic programs (milk (or coffee), rice, spaghetti, potatoes, re.Heating, fish, popcorn, pizza).

The display also turned out to be informative, displaying not only numbers and time, but also all the icons of the modes, and its blue backlight, perhaps even excessively bright. Many ventilation holes are made on the upper side of the case.

There are similar holes on the left end, while only the rib of stiffness is present on the right.

On the back of the device are another series of holes for ventilation, a sticker with information about the product, as well as special slots for more convenient storage of cable (1 meter long), which goes into the case on the upper rear side.

The lower side has two plastic legs and two more metal convex parts, but ideally I would like to see rubberized legs so that the electrical appliance does not slip during the opening of the door. And so, to prevent sliding, you need to hold the microwave with one hand when opening/closing the door, that is, you have to use both hands.

The camera door opens about 90 degrees, but it itself does not close when it is open at a smaller angle.

The walls of the inner chamber are covered with enamel. On the right side there is a waveguide, the cover of which is forbidden to remove, and slightly noticeable slopes for the lighting lamp are noticeable to the left.

Of course, a rotating glass tray is also made, which is attached to a plastic coupling and stands on a roller stand.

Cleaning and care

To remove persistent pollution inside the camera, the manufacturer recommends putting a glass with diluted lemon juice to the center of the rotating tray, and then heat the furnace for 10 minutes at maximum power. After the operation of the device is completed, it is necessary to give the furnace to cool and only then you can safely wipe the housing inside the chamber. With small pollution, including on the outside of the case, the soft tissue moistened in soapy water can easily cope.

Judging by the reviews of buyers, it is allowed to wash the glass tray in the dishwasher.


The maximum power consumption of the furnace, which was fixed, was 1167 watts, and the manufacturer indicates approximately the same value (1150 W). The remaining data on energy consumption are available below:

How to set time on the microwave and configure the watch

What is the secret of delicious food from the microwave? The answer is simple. In the correctly set time. For each dish it will need different. Modern microwave ovens allow not only to warm up, but also to defrost the products. Separate options and modes will help bake the pie, cook porridge or bake fish. We talked about how to configure the watch in this article.

How to set time on a microwave

To properly adjust the time, you need to use buttons or adjusting handles on the panel. Each manufacturer means them in its own way: an icon with a dial or just the inscription “Time”.

The principle depends on the type of control of the microwave. There will be regulators on the mechanical panel. One of them is responsible for power, the other for the heating speed. So that the food does not overheat or not be buried, it is important to properly adjust the timer.

To get boiling water in a cup, enough 60 seconds. But the baking of the chicken legs will take 30-40 minutes.

Recommendations for the time of preparation of individual dishes are written in the instructions.

To defrost products in a mechanical microwave, you need to install a power regulator at a minimum, and the timer for 3 minutes. There are minute designations around the regulators that will facilitate your task.

Microwave ovens with electronic management offer a large selection of modes. As a rule, it is not required to set time to set time. It is enough to choose a certain mode, for example, “bird” or “popcorn”, and the device will automatically install the timer.

In electronic models “Samsung”, LG and some other brands you can increase the cooking time. If the period set was not enough, then it is not necessary to wait for the shutdown. Adjust the parameters with the “more/smaller” buttons.

  • Press the Stop/Reset key;
  • To install manual mode, select the Start button;
  • Now adjust the values ​​of the “more/smaller” keys. In this case, the indications will change by 10 seconds in a larger or smaller side.

Some models provide an additional mode “Starting start”. This is very convenient if you do several things at the same time. The device will turn off independently as soon as the timer reaches the installed mark. Before adjustment, it is important to check the accuracy of time on the microwave clock, otherwise the timer will work incorrectly.

The clock can stray when turning off the electricity, so you will need to restore settings. If you first turn on the device, then our recommendations will also be useful to you. Previously, do not forget to remove the protective film from the inside of the camera.

All microwaves can work in a 12-hour or 24-hour system.

How to install time in LG:

  • Press the “Stop” key;
  • For rebuilding 24 hours twice click “Clock”. For 12 hours, press again;
  • Press the “10 minutes” key 15 times. Then the “1 minute” button 3 times. Now “10 minutes” 5 times;
  • Now again the “watch”.

Everything, the installation is completed. Now choose any function and start cooking.

Samsung microwave ovens needs other actions to set time:

  • Press the Dial or Clock key. For the format 24. 1 time, for the format 12. Twice.
  • To set values, choose the keys “more/less”. They are indicated by the arrow “Up and down”.
  • Confirm the action. “clock”.

In order for the operation of the microwave to be successful, adhere to the basic rules:

  • Choose the corresponding cooking time;
  • Use only special heat.Resistant dishes;
  • Do not put her in the camera hermetically closed containers.

Of course, the settings for the equipment of different brands are different. Detailed information is indicated in the attached instructions. Adhere to the operating rules, including regarding selected modes and options. What is suitable for one dish may be unacceptable to another.

Safety precautions

We have to spend a considerable amount of time in the kitchen: there we cook and eat, my dishes and remove surfaces, drink tea and talk in long evenings. It is very convenient to be next to the clock, with them home time management will be more effective. To do this, it is not necessary to buy an additional device, you can easily configure the time on the microwave.


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