How to set time on the oven Bosch

Bosch stove How to set a watch?

On the oven from Ariston, Bosch and Electriculux, the time of the day does not need to be chosen. The display should flash the number 12. To install the exact time, you need to use a special rotary handle or button on the display. By setting the exact value, click the icon indicating the clock and proceed to the installation of minutes.

The oven turns off. Press button 0 twice and turn off the functions selection switch. Press the “Clock” button 0. Change the time of cooking the button “or”. “.

0 degrees in the oven. This is what the figure is on the division scale?

The exact information related to the equipment installed in your kitchen can be obtained by familiarizing yourself with the operational documentation. It indicates the correspondence of the divisions of the temperature in degrees (Celsius). This information can be written out on a piece of paper and used as a reminder so that each time do not contact the instructions. But how to find out which figure corresponds to 180 degrees in the oven, if the documentation is lost? In this case, we recommend that you carefully read the information in this article. It will certainly be useful.

What should be paid to first of all:

  • The total number of divisions (as previously mentioned, it may differ in different models of oven).
  • The indicator of the maximum temperature to which the oven is heated.

The number of divisions can simply be calculated by paying attention to the temperature switch, next to which the scale should be located. As for the maximum temperature indicator, it can be determined by type of oven: for electric models, it can reach 280-290 degrees, for gas-250 degrees (medium indicators are given). Having clarified these parameters, you can find out what division can be accepted for 180 degrees in the gas oven. What number corresponds to the same temperature in electrical models. Will also be considered. Below will be information on the temperature ratio in degrees and divisions on the oven switter. Please note that these data are approximate.

The ratio of the scale with degrees in oven cabinets having a maximum temperature of 280-290 degrees

Below you can see what division is taken in 180 degrees in the oven, this is what figure. The preparation of most dishes is carried out precisely with this indicator. Therefore, it is important to remember how to install it on a division scale.

time, oven, bosch

In the presence of nine divisions, the indicator we need is set by turning on 4 divisions. If the scale consists of eight digits, then install 3.

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Often you can find electric oven, in which there are only seven divisions, while warming up to a maximum of 250 degrees. Here you need to be careful, as several modes may come:

  • “Two” is equal to indicators from 150 to 180 degrees;
  • “Troika” is equal to values ​​from 170 to 200 degrees;
  • “Four” has a minimum indicator of 182 degrees and the maximum. 215 degrees.
time, oven, bosch

Bosch HBG73B530F Operation Instructions online. Page 10

Instruction Bosch HBG73B530F for the device of the oven contains pages in Russian.

You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

You have various possibilities for setting modes

Oven. Here we are in detail here

We will explain to you how to perform the installations of the type of heating,

Grill temperature or mode. In addition, you can set

The duration of cooking and ending time

Work of the oven. How to do this is described in the section

One. Install the type of heating using the selection switch

Temperature regulator set the temperature or mode

Turning off the wind cabinet

Changing the installations by the corresponding regulator at any time

Change the type of heating, temperature or grill mode.

In a quick heating mode, the oven is heated to

The desired temperature is especially fast.Use this mode if the oven should be

Warmed up to a temperature above 100 ° C. Best suits

To achieve the optimal preparation result

Put the dish in the working camera only after completion

One. Set the type of heating and temperature.2. Press the button

The completion of the fast heating is the sound signal. Symbol

Now you can put the dish in the oven.

The cancellation of the quick heating button

Your oven has various time functions.

Various functions. At this time, the display will

All the symbols of time. Brackets [] will prompt

To you, what kind of function at the moment you can

Bosch oven oven function demo

Change. You can change the parameters of the already configured

You can use the timer as a regular household. He

Works regardless of the oven cabinet. The timer publishes

A characteristic sound signal, allowing you to know that the established

Cooking time or time on the timer expired.

On the display, the symbols of the time, the symbol are displayed

After a few seconds, the set time is accepted.

The timer turns on. The symbol lights up on the display [

The timer time counts begins. All other characters

The time of the timer is exhausted by the sound signal. The display is displayed 00:00.

Changing time timer and timer time buttons

Install the timer again at 00:00. In a few

Seconds change will be accepted. The timer turns off.

Request for time settings made several time settings, on the display

Bosch HCE745853R Operating Instruction Instruction. Page 14

Instruction Bosch HCE745853R for device an electric stove contains pages in Russian.

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You can download PDF file of this instruction: download pdf

To achieve the optimal result in preparation

Put the dish in the working camera only after completion

One. Install the switch of the selection of functions to

Set the required temperature using a regulator

Completion of fast heating

The display goes out. Put the dish in the oven and

After the first connection or after interruption in


Power supply on the indicator will flash the symbol

Zero. Set the time of day. Functions selection switch

Time 12 appears on the display.00 and flashes the symbol

time, oven, bosch

Set the time of the day by the button or

After a few seconds, the time of day automatically

The transition, for example, from the summer to the winter time, click the “Clock” button

You can use the timer as a regular household. He

Works regardless of the oven cabinet. The timer publishes

Characteristic sound signal, which makes it possible to distinguish

Its signal from the signal made by the oven by

The time of cooking. Tiemer setting

It is also possible when the security lock is included

Set the timer time with the button “or”. “.

Button “”, proposed value = 10 minutes

After a few seconds, the timer will start working. On the display

A signal is heard. Click the “Timer” button

The timer goes out.Changing time Tymeranazmi button “Timer”

“.”.Canceling the installation box button “Timer”

The indicator will not appear 0.Simultaneously set the timer time and time

Preparations are promised symbols. The display displays time

To request the remaining cooking time

The requested value appears for a few seconds on

So that the children could not accidentally turn on the oven, he

Equipped with the function of blocking for children’s safety.Turning on and off the lock function for

The safety of children of the choice of functions should be turned off.Turning on: click the “Key” button

Briefing how to set time on an oven cabinet

After the oven is installed and connected to the electric network, the control panel lights up, usually flashing numbers or watch icon are displayed there. Some models involve the setting of the time of day, others do not require this.

To set the exact time, you need to use a special handle or button in the case of an electronic panel. Having set the desired clock, you need to press the time sign and go to the display of minutes. After adjusting the exact time, click on the watch icon. Everything, time set.

As a rule, time is displayed either using “” “-” buttons or a special rotary handle. After the time is set and fixed, you need to wait a few seconds.

It happens that emergency situations happen when the current supply stops, in such cases, the programmer does not remember previously installed parameters, and after the electricity supply will have to repeat the procedure again. Otherwise, the oven simply will not start, it is the necessary conditions for launching the device.

How to set a watch on the oven Korting?

To set up the current time at the same time press the buttons and., hold them for 3 seconds until the sound signal sounds. After that, the buttons and. The current time is set. To configure the timer, you need to press the “M” button, hold for 3 seconds, and after the sound signal, set the required value.

If your seal is glued, then you need heat.Resistant glue, or heat.Resistant sealant. But since this oven and contact with food products is possible, it is better to take a sealant with food tolerance. Sealant “Dow Corning 736”.

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How to set a watch on a oven burning?

The clock for the exact daytime is carried out by means of simultaneous pressing on the extreme left buttons 1 and 2 (0.00 lights up, only Auto flashes); Subsequently, with the help of a rotating switch (the right right on the timer panel), you need to set the daytime setting (at that moment the symbol of Auto.

To set up the current time at the same time press the buttons and., hold them for 3 seconds until the sound signal sounds. After that, the buttons and. The current time is set. To configure the timer, you need to press the “M” button, hold for 3 seconds, and after the sound signal, set the required value.

As the Electronic Brain thinks?

The oven has an “electronic brain”. If not for him, you would not be able to cook in different modes and use such convenient functions. As soon as the clock on the oven is correctly configured, the display will appear on the display and you will hear the sound signal after performing each task.

“Electronic brain” can control:

Time changes are understood as the ability to set the current time, choose the time of cooking, program the completion of work, set the watch.

Safety includes automatic shutdown and protection against children, when the oven buttons are blocked so that the small households do not turn on the stove or knock down the mode.

To start setting up time on the oven, you need to press the functional button. And then with the help of buttons near. “” and “.” set the time. You can change the clock with the same buttons, if earlier it was installed not correctly.

Hint: if you press the buttons “” and “.” briefly, then change the time for one minute. Long press. Accelerates the process.

If you connected the oven for the first time, immediately notice how the indicator starts to flash on the display, this means you need to configure the watch. And if you need an additional function, then turn the handle on “0”, set the time, and then turn the handle again on the desired function.

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