How to set up a robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Roborock

How to connect Roborock robot access to the Mi Home application

If the vacuum cleaner is just from the store, then the first thing we get it out of the box, collect, install and bring it to the operating mode of its charging station.

In the Roborock S6 model, it consists of a cable, actually a base with a memory and a moisture.Resistant “rug” (it is needed so that the vacuum cleaner does not scratch the parquet). We recall the station, it must be installed so that there are at least half a meter to the walls from both sides, and at least one and a half meters in front (otherwise the device will not move from it).

Next, install Mi Home on a smartphone. This application is the main software component of the Xiaomi proprietary ecosystem and you can control the most diverse homemade electronics of Xiaomi: light bulbs, vacuum cleaner, kitchen appliances, etc.

Versions are provided for Android (Link) and iOS (Link). After installation (if you have not used Mi Home before), you need to create an account and then start the application under your name.

This is where the preparatory stage can be considered completed. We go to the main thing

Operation Guide Xiaomi Roborock

Xiaomi Roborock Instruction in Russian in PDF format. You are offered a universal user guide, for your convenience the document is compressed and adapted for reading on all devices.

To replace the first generation (Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner), a new Roborock S50 Roborock Robor Roboles came:

The housing is plastic, made of snow-white ABS plasticity of the highest quality. Thanks to which the vacuum cleaner looks sophisticated and elegant. Corps of round shape, dimensions: 35.3×35.3×9.65 centimeters.

On the front of the device it is clear that it is conditionally divided into 2 parts. In the upper part there are three buttons: the first to activate the local cleaning of the room, the second is the launch/switch of the robot, the third is for the direction of the vacuum cleaner to the charger. In the center of the case is a turret with a laser rangefinder (Laser Distance Sensor), the basis of the Xiaomi detergent navigation system. There is a vacuumber in the lower part, and the brush is hidden for cleaning the elements of the vacuum cleaner-robot.

In the lateral part, the mobile bumper of the soft touch, there is also a connector for connecting the power adapter, the ON/Off button and the pencil openings.

On the reverse side there are two side wheels of soft rubber for reliable adhesion to any surface, the front video is a turning rod for maneuvering, a suction hole, contacts for recharging from the dock station, a central electric brush with silicone petals, a side brush with hard bristles at the ends, 2 hook to fix the wet cleaning unit.

#3. Home assistant Roborock

The coordinates have not changed (therefore, the old scripts work), but Flolevac does not read new cards yet, therefore, and adding new areas just impossible.

For this, firstly, you need a modified Home Vevs. Secondly, after creating a map of the entire dwelling, you need to choose a working area or room-and the coordinates will appear. And thirdly, in order to get the logs, you must first create a folder called Vevs/Logs in a smartphone.

And to make the script of a clean room we prescribe:

Possible difficulties

When connecting a vacuum cleaner to the application on the phone, we can encounter such nuances:

Firstly, change the DNS addresses: enter the Wi-Fi settings, open the current connection and click on the label of the “Networks Properties”. Hold it for no more than three seconds. Next, click on “Change the Network”, then select “Additionally”, at the end. “User”. Change the current value to

If IOS is installed, then download will be the same as on Android. But in the absence of recognition of the Xiaomi robot, go to the following modes: “Profile”-“setting”-“regions”, select India, or China. So you change the region and eliminate the problem.

There is no way to enter your account

Sometimes problems are in the server itself, which does not accept traffic from the device. In this case, install the VPN program, start and select Singapore or Germany. And already re.Go to the Mi Home application

How to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the phone (Mi Home)

Congratulations on the purchase of a Xiaomi robot. Below you will learn how to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi through the application on Android or iPhone. And at the end of the page, the download files: synchronization of the vacuum cleaner with the application and instructions for robots-blankets (by clicking on the link, select your model).


To connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to the iPhone or Android, you will need Mi Home app. With which from your smartphone through a Wi-Fi network you will be able to control a smart vacuum cleaner. Links for downloading from official resources (open in a new tab):

Apple, iOS 9.0 or later version. Android, version 4.3 and above
link to App Store, ~ 467 Megabyt link to Google Play, ~ 88 megabytes

We advise you to download through Wi-Fi, files weigh a lot, especially for iPhone and iPad.

robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

Smartphone connect to Wi-Fi network at frequency 2.4 GHz. Go to the Mi Home app, get back or register (if for the first time). Click on plusik in the upper right corner “.

Before connecting the robot vacuum cleaner Xiaomi Mi Home, make sure that it is charged, t.To. At the first inclusion, it may be updated.

Now turn on Bluetooth, and look for the busting nearby. If for some reason it was not possible to automatically find the device, then you can do it manually. In the “Household Appliances” tab, select your model. If it is not on the list, then change your region to “China”.

Next, ask for a reset of the reset, for this, click 2 of 2 buttons or 2 extreme out of 3, depending on the model; Wait for a voice signal in Chinese or Angerian. Everything, wi-fi huts are dropped.

Choose your Wi-Fi network in the next tab, excellent. Then synchronization and renewal of a smart vacuum cleaner will be completed. Well, then the settings to taste.


On the main screen of the application, the center is displayed in the center, drawn up by a blanket and its current place of position. In the upper part, the name of the vacuum cleaner and the current cleaning mode.

Information about the distance traveled, temporary cleaning range, battery charge level at the bottom of the screen.There you can start or stop cleaning.

  • Button “go”. Send the robot to a specific place for unscheduled cleaning.
  • Button “DOK-station”-send to the dock for charging.
  • The “Clean” button launches sequential cleaning.
  • Button “zoned cleaning”. Select a specific objective area of ​​the room that needs to be removed.
robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

There are three points in the upper right corner, they open additional settings.

Additional settings

  • “Timer”. Set the time interval in the range of which you can clean automatically.
  • “Voice and volume”. A change in voice bags and volume of voice notifications.
  • “Cleaning mode”-choose the intensity of the cleaning of the room: quiet, turbo, balanced and turbo mode.
  • “History of cleaning”. Recording information about cleaning. Removen area, beginning and end of cleaning time.
  • “Remote control”. Manual control, if necessary or have fun.
  • “Card conservation mode” Adding virtual walls.
  • “Carpet mode” specifically for improved carpet cleaning.
  • “DND mode (do not disturb)” in the period you have chosen, the vacuum cleaner will not complete the cleaning and issue voice notifications.

Now you know how to connect a Xiaomi vacuum cleaner and all its functions.

Как сделать полную перезагрузку (reset) пылесоса xiaomi roborock sweep one s5 ?

robot, vacuum, cleaner, xiaomi

Good to know

  • Can be controlled with the help of the voice assistant “Alice”.
  • If it is not possible to connect the Xiaomi vacuum cleaner to Wi-Fi, the document describes the tips below how to solve this problem.

What applications can be used for synchronization

An officially recommended application for remote control of the robot permollis is Mi Home. The program is available for both iOS and Android.

The most popular among them today are:

Mi Home

The key difference of this application is compatibility with a wide range of technology from Xiaomi. Through it, you can control not only a robot, but also a router, Wi-Fi-asylum, webcams, “smart” rosettes and lamps, fan, electronic moisturizers and even a TV.

The program is a kind of “hub” for setting up, updating the entire manufacturer’s technique that supports synchronization with the phone. And this is at the same time her drawback.

In internal memory, it takes about 500 megabytes, another 150 megabytes in RAM, which theoretically reduces the autonomous time of the phone. And in this application, the user shows advertising from Xiaomi, it is impossible to disable it with regular means.


It is a branded application for robots-blankets of the Roborock line. But you can also control them through Mi Home too.

Roborock key advantages:

  • Takes an order of magnitude less space in the internal memory of the smartphone;
  • The functionality is optimized specifically for the remote control of the Robot and the Robot, there are additional functions that are not supported even in Mi Home (for example, notifications of the error of cleaning in those models that do not initially support this);
  • Frequent updates.

Users themselves also note that Roborock utility works more stably than Mi Home. Less often there are malfunctions in connecting with a device, a more intuitively understandable integration of the program, in which even an inexperienced user of the smartphone will figure out.

Tips & Tricks on How to Set Up Your Xiaomi Roborock Vacuum. Singapore


A third-party program for managing robot spools, including Xiaomi. Has the most simplified integration, but with access to all functions.

There is no advertising, takes little space in the phone memory. Support for the Russian language is also provided.

The only restriction is that you cannot update the built.In robot firmware. Although developers promise to realize this function in the near future.

Caring for a robot-permit that will extend its service life

Gradually, the vacuum cleaner is clogged with hair, wool and dirt, so it needs regular cleaning.

  • The container and filter is recommended to clean every time after cleaning.
  • Wash the filter in the water should not be: it must be shaken out or blow.
  • The central brush needs weekly cleaning. Side brushes, wheels and sensors are enough to clean once a month.

Of course, all these recommendations are arbitrary, so just try not to start the condition of the robot permissor, periodically paying attention to its cleaning.

Filters and brushes are easily removed for cleaning and washing.

The first cleaning

So that the robot can correctly build a map of your home, you need to clean the first cleaning. Before that, let me tell you a few recommendations. Almost all manufacturers recommend doing the first. Dry cleaning. If your model is equipped with a water tank, then pull it out.

To do this, click on the central button, and pull the block over yourself.

After that, install the robot on the dock station. Before we start, I advise you to remove all unnecessary things from the floor, including wires, clothes, as well as thin things that a robot can call on. For more thorough cleaning, you can also remove chairs and wrap the curtains. After that, click on the “power” button on the device itself, or in the application by the “Cleaning” button. The robot will begin its first dry cleaning.

As soon as the first cleaning ends, in the application you will see a full.Fledged map of your room. The exact trajectory of the robot will also be displayed there.

Now let’s check how he copes with wet cleaning. Open the valve on the tank and fill it with running water.

ATTENTION! Many manufacturers prohibit the use of some chemical cleaners, so they use just ordinary tap water.

Install the bracket with a rag on the tank with water. Next, install this whole block back on the robot. And turn on another cleaning.

Pros, cons and my personal opinion

I was quite skeptical about the robot initially, but my friends asked me to choose a good robot vacuum cleaner. When I began to study this topic, I came across a fairly large scatter in price. Although in appearance and pictures from the Internet, they are all about the same.

After reading the reviews on the Internet, as well as after watching a couple of tops, I came to the conclusion that at the moment the best choice, in terms of price-quality ratio, is a series of Roborock. Firstly, they go immediately with a large number of sensors. Secondly, it is made of high-quality materials, which should in theory extend the life of a robot. Thirdly, there were a lot of positive reviews about the correct model of the behavior of the robot in any stressful situations. Fourthly, he copes with both the usual flooring and the carpets.

Why Roborock S6 Maxv? In fact, I still had a thought about the new model S7. It is cheaper. But acquaintances decided to take MAXV precisely. The maxv prefix means an additional module with cameras and AI function recognition function. They have 5 dogs and one cat at home, and one of the dogs (or even the cat) can at any time apply straight in the center of the room. Therefore, it was decided to take a more advanced and smart model.

When testing the robot, I personally realized that it was just necessary to take the S7 model. Roborock S7 has a mobile block with a rag and rubs the floor much better than the S6 model. This camera only additionally allows you to determine some things and obstacles, but for an ordinary user it is not needed.

Roborock S6 Maxv is worth taking only if your animal can go to the tray, and you install cleaning by the timer when you are not at home. If you manually run the robot when you are in an apartment or at home, it is better to take the seventh version.

In any case, the S6 MaxV model turned out to be extremely good, except for the two minuses that I wrote above. It vacuums at 5 out of 5, and is removed perfectly (for the robot). True and it costs quite expensive. If your budget is running out, then you can take the Roborock S5 Max model, it only differs slightly in functionality from the S6, and there are no cameras on it.

Who can I advise him? In fact, this robot is only in the same cases when at home there is an impatient pet. Otherwise, in my opinion, it is better to take the S7 model, or if there is a problem with the budget, you can take S5 Max. And do not take the black color. It is too flaunt.

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