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Who has an Ariston gas column how to configure it

Today, many use gas columns. They provide hot water even when it is disconnected. But many consumers have a prejudice that gas speakers are a great danger. Modern gas speakers debunk this myth. If you set fire to the column correctly, then it will work properly and completely safe. Vaillant, Junkers, Bosch, Ariston gas speakers use good reviews.

If you took care of the arrangement of your country house in advance and installed a gas column. you have the last step left on the way to a warm and cozy life. And this step is to set up and the correct inclusion of the column. For the gas column to work, you will have to make a few simple actions. First, make sure that the gas pipeline crane that supplies gas to the column is open. Then open the crane responsible for the supply of water to the tank of the watering unit. Inclusion or ignition can be carried out in only three ways that depend on the design features of the column.

Modern gas boilers are absolutely safe, unlike their early predecessors. Most of the key processes related to their proper operation are simplified and do not require additional training from the user. But despite this, do not forget that any gas apparatus is source of potential danger.

Consider the example of models of gas flow water heaters Bosch WR10.B, WR13.B, WR15.B production of Germany, for the markets of Ukraine, Belarusian. These models differ in the amount of heated water.

Before starting, check whether the gas and water valve is open, whether two batteries of type R are inserted with a capacity of 1.5 V. These heater models are equipped with an electrical engine, as evidenced by the index in the end of the name. occurs using batteries.

To turn on the device you need to click the power button on the front panel of the device, the column is prepared for work, is in waiting mode. In order for the heated water to go, you just need to open the crane. At this moment, the smell flame lights up and after four seconds the main flame lights up, so the odor flame goes out about twenty seconds after about twenty seconds.

ariston, column

These devices do not have a constantly burning wick, which is economical, since there is no constant gas consumption. With a long break in work in the gas system, air can be accumulated, which will interfere with the proper operation of the litter and, as a result, this is not able to sunbathe the main burner.

To eliminate this problem, you need to open and block the hot water crane several times. Adjustment of water heating occurs due to a decrease in its flow, by turning the valve clockwise, it decreases, as much as the clock, respectively, the flow rises and the temperature decreases and the temperature decreases. At a low temperature of the water, gas costs are reduced and the scale is less formed in the heat exchanger.

In the video, in addition to the start procedure, you can find out about the column tuning:

Prevention and elimination of malfunctions

If you use moderate heating. up to 40-45 ° C, scale can be avoided in the radiator. If it was not possible to avoid the problem, you will have to clean the radiator. To rinse it, the tools will be needed: screwdrivers. flat and cross, keys, gaskets and hose, special powder from scale (you can use vinegar). Cleaning technology:

  • Take a casing and accessories.
  • Block water supply at the input. Open the nearest crane of warm water.
  • Twist the supply tube from the radiator, take it to the side.
  • Pour approximately 1 liter of water from the heat exchanger.
  • Put a hose on the input of the radiator. pour the composition from scale through it. You need to do this gradually. Cleansing will take 3-4 hours. To speed up the process, you can heat the active substance by turning on.
  • At the end of cleaning, the liquid is lowered. The scale will come out. the pressure will intensify.

Radiator. expensive element. Its replacement is a costly case. In the presence of a leak, the heat exchanger can be sealed with a solder at 180 ° C. Need a 0.1 kW soldering iron. Often a leak appears from the outside of the heat exchanger made of cheap material. The microcrack is cleaned with sandpaper, wiped with a rag with a solvent and sealed. The water is lowered before soldering, blowing the remaining drops using a compressor or vacuum cleaner.

Main elements

The device of the gas column looks approximately as follows.

  • Water consumption regulator.
  • Connection with the chimney.
  • Power control.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Water node.
  • Back for hoods.
  • Switch.
  • Back panel.
  • Gas valve consisting of membranes.
  • Ignition.
  • Gas node.

Two pipes are brought to the gas column. The first of them is designed for gas supply, the second. for supplying cold water. In addition, a couple of burners are placed from below, one auxiliary, one main.

Important! The device of the gas column can be different, depending on the method of ignition. it (ignition) can be electronic, manual and using piezo element.

Distinctive abilities

According to reviews of gas wall.mounted double.circuit boilers Ariston, they have 4 distinctive features that are useful for their owners:

  • All models of this company are equipped with automatic protection systems.
  • The presence of a water pump, which is necessary for constant circulation of water through the pipes.
  • The ability to choose a model with an expansion tank. With its help, automatic pressure adjustment will occur inside the heating system.
  • Ariston Equips its equipment with various types of ignition. It can be automatic, which will greatly facilitate the life of the owner of a particular boiler. Otherwise, with each start of the unit, a person will need to press a special button.

You will be interested in the advantages of a double.circuit gas boiler

Device and principle of operation of the Ariston column

There are atmospheric and t clawed gas devices. Atmospheric ones are equipped with an open.type combustion chamber, while turbocharged have a closed camera. We examined the rating of the best running gas states here here.

Ariston specializes in the production of boilers and columns of both the first and second type and is a leader in the market for the production of water heating devices. With the nuances of connecting the Ariston gas boiler.

From the entire model range of the brand, the following models are in greatest demand, according to customer reviews:

  • Ariston Fast Evo. a modern water.heat with electric bank and an open combustion chamber, with a flame regulation system, which allows maintaining a constant temperature in it.
  • Ariston Marco Polo Gi7s is the most powerful model with electric bank and a closed combustion chamber, with an electronic control type and overheating system.
  • Ariston Ca 11p. a flowing gas water heater with a piezo.zhizhi system and an open combustion chamber. differing in simple and ease of operation, refers to the budget price category.

Ariston Product: Gas Hob (Gas on Glass)

Despite the variety of Ariston model range. All devices have a similar structure, differing only in design and small differences in the design.

In order to understand how to use the Ariston gas column correctly, consider its structure.

The water heating device consists of the following main elements:

  • water block;
  • gas-burner;
  • the combustion chamber;
  • heat exchanger;
  • chimney;
  • fan (if it is a turbocharged model);
  • Fuel supply sensors, water temperature, traction, etc.D.;
  • control Panel.

In addition to the basic configuration of the Ariston gas column, the device includes gas supply channels and the pipe along which water flows.

On the front of the boiler housing there is a control panel that allows the user to monitor the operation of the device and install the desired parameters, there are gas and liquid consumption regulators. A liquid crystalline monitor that displays the temperature of the water can also be located here.

If you briefly describe the principle of operation of the gas column, it is as follows: the gas, burning inside the device, heats the water water, which passes through the heat exchanger, and then merges through the tap. information about the principle of operation of the gas column can be read in this material.

Pros and cons

Like all devices, Ariston technique has both positive and negative characteristics. The main advantages of the gas water heater from the Italian manufacturer include the following:

  • quiet work;
  • use of current technologies;
  • high.quality protection system;
  • lack of temperature changes in water when using different modes;
  • classic appearance;
  • small dimensions;
  • good maintainability;
  • copper heat exchanger, having a significant service life;
  • Quite an affordable cost.

Despite the pretty good popularity and adaptability to difficult conditions, the technique has a number of disadvantages:

  • the complexity of use at very low water pressure;
  • Chinese assembly and, as a result, not too high quality components;
  • the high cost of individual components necessary for repair.

Judging by the reviews of some users, with serious breakdowns of gas columns from Ariston, it is much easier to purchase a new budget model than to repair the old. In fairness, it is worth saying that it will not be difficult to purchase spare parts for repair, although they can cost a lot.

Main elements

The device of the gas column looks approximately as follows.

  • Water consumption regulator.
  • Connection with the chimney.
  • Power control.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Water node.
  • Back for hoods.
  • Switch.
  • Back panel.
  • Gas valve consisting of membranes.
  • Ignition.
  • Gas node.

Two pipes are brought to the gas column. The first of them is designed for gas supply, the second. for supplying cold water. In addition, a couple of burners are placed from below, one auxiliary, one main.

Important! The device of the gas column can be different, depending on the method of ignition. it (ignition) can be electronic, manual and using piezo element.

Pinking of a water heating device

Depending on the model of the gas column, you can light it in three ways:

  • manual. using piezoelectric element or matches (relevant for old models of columns);
  • electric fire (from batteries or from a 220 V network);
  • from hydraulic turbine.

A hand.out column is possible using matches if we are talking about an model.

Before turning on such an Ariston gas column, you need to perform the following actions:

  • Open the water flow crane connected to the device.
  • Turn the main valve for fuel to the fuel.
  • Light the wick with matches.
  • Turn on the gas supply regulator.

This method of ignition is not absolutely safe. Therefore, it is necessary to observe all safety rules and not allow children to the apparatus.

In order to light the water heater manually, open the water supply valves and the main one for gas flow, and then light the wick

Manual version using piezo.zhizhige is more convenient. Just press the button to light the wick in the combustion chamber. Water heating devices with piezor.zhig can not be completely turned off. when the water is turned off, only the wick will burn. Minus of the method: increased gas consumption.

Automatic ignition devices are most safe and convenient to operate. This option is equipped with the latest models of water heating equipment.

Detailed instructions for turning on the Ariston brand column with automatic ignition:

  • Make sure the tap at the inlet of cold water into the water heater is open.
  • Make sure that the gas valve is also open.
  • Check the correct installation of nutrition elements (1.5 in lr20).
  • Turn the adjustment handle between the provisions at least and the maximum.

To turn off the gas water heater, it is enough to close the hot water crane. If you need to completely turn off the gas column, then first you need to turn the handle (on the control panel) to the offline until it stops. Then block the gas tap on the pipeline.

After complete release from the water, the water valve should be closed on the water supply in front of the gas column.

Gas water heaters with automatic inclusion are considered the simplest and most comfortable to use. In order to light the column, it is enough to check whether the batteries are inserted correctly and turn the handle between the divisions of the “minimum” and “maximum”


The main characteristics of gas water heaters of the running “Ariston” are:

  • The defaults installed in the default traction sensors;
  • high.functional system of overheating (automatic);
  • gas control of gas;
  • High sensitivity thermal soldiers.

These characteristics give the owner the opportunity not to worry about security even if the device is unlucky with a long absence. If there is a dangerous situation, the protective system will work automatically.

The main difficulty in using the column is the correct original setting. Each unit has its own preinstalled parameters, which the manufacturer makes up from the average characteristics. Individual setting is performed independently. To do this, you should carefully study the instructions.

note! In case of any difficulties, you can contact a specialist. Certified centers for service “Ariston” many.

The most popular models

Today you can find several devices that are popular on sale. These include Superlux, Marco Polo and Fast Evo line. The most discussed heaters are:

  • FAST EVO, which can have a capacity of 19 or 24 kW. The rate of water heating, which can be from 11 to 14 liters per minute, depends on this. This model is automatic and has an option through two batteries. So that the temperature of the tap water is maintained at the same level, the model is equipped with a flame modulation system. The control unit contains a manual temperature switch. The front panel is equipped with a digital screen on which you can track all the settled parameters. If the display is incorrectly set, the error code displays, and the user can make the required adjustments.
  • Marco Polo Gi7s is a turbocharged water heater that does not have a chimney in its design. To connect this column, you need to remove the exhaust pipe to the street. This can be done through the hole in the wall of the house or through the window.
  • Marco Polo Gi7s 11L FFI has a closed combustion chamber. This heater is characterized by increased power D 22 kW. The design is modern, the device case is made of metal. There is a display on the panel with which control is carried out. Ignition occurs in automatic mode.

Ремонт китайской газовой колонки (Repair of the Chinese gas column)

Important! The instructions for the operation for the Marco Polo Gi7S states that its installation can only be made if there is permission from representatives of gas supervision.

A variety of Ariston gas column, its design and power level are selected based on the planned operating conditions. All models are diverse and should be selected individually.

Features of operation

There are a number of provisions and rules, according to which the use of gas equipment is allowed. Consider the basic requirements for open columns:

  • You can not run the work in the absence of traction in the chimney or in the presence of reverse traction;
  • It is not allowed to include and carry out the ignition without studying the instruction manual;
  • For normal operation, natural ventilation is required (window, window);
  • It is forbidden to independently change the design of the equipment.

Columns with an open combustion chamber are most prone to risk of gas leakage. If you smell, then:

  • Cross the valve;
  • Open the windows and ventilate the room;
  • Do not incite the fire until the room is completely ventilated;
  • Contact the repair service.

Before starting the launch of the device, check the presence of traction in the chimney.

How to conduct a check correctly

There are two “folk” methods of verification:

  • Take a piece of paper and bring to the chimney or ventilation. If the sheet is addictive, then the mine is working properly. If it falls, then you need to clean the hole.
  • Light a match and bring it to the viewing window. The flame deviates to the side? Then you can run the column. If it burns evenly, check the chimney.

It also happens that everything is in order with the mine, but there is no traction. Perhaps the room is not ventilated, so there is no air supply for combustion.

How to enable the water heater

Before the inclusion of any equipment in the heat exchanger, there should be water. Therefore, you should first open the water valve.

  • Insert the power elements into the battery compartment;
  • In some cases, it is necessary to turn the toggle switch of power or temperature;
  • Open the gas valve;
  • Turn on the mixer in a hot position, which is why there will be an ignition.
  • Run the fuel supply;
  • Set the power and hold the piezoros button until the wick fire;
  • When the water is turned on, the burner lights up.

It is not difficult to start modern equipment. But what about the product?

Painting column of obsolete type

The device with manual ignition is considered obsolete. Structurally, constant burning of the wick and manual shutdown are provided. The ignition comes from a burning match, less often. using piezo.gover. These include: “Iskra KGI-56”, series L, GVA, HSV. They are equipped with a turn signal or a lever to regulate temperature.

The principle of work is the same as that of modern models. The difference is only in the features of the inclusion of heating. If you are starting for the first time, then you must know that:

There should be a constant air flow in the room with a column

This is important for maintaining flame combustion. Therefore, in the kitchen doors below there is a gap of 5 cm

If plastic windows are installed, the presence of a ventilation valve is required; It is necessary to regularly conduct a check for traction; Check the condition of the gas valve. Open it and anoint the compounds with a soap solution. If bubbles appear, then there is a leak.

It is more convenient to use long matches for ignition, which are well taken out to the litter.

Turn fuel and water valves. Now turn the left regulator to the left to the end. Hold the electromagnetic valve button if it is provided in the product. Continuing to burn on the button, make the fingernail rod with a match. Thereafter:

Start as with other types from gas and water supply. Transfer the pen on the panel to the first position. Press the valve trigger button and bring the match to the fabric. Hold the button for another 10 seconds. Just as in the first case, turn on the tap and quickly turn the regulator to the maximum mark. After ignition, you can start using.

You can turn off the technique by turning the lever until the wick is extinguishing. It is desirable to do this at night and before leaving home.

Use the water heater correctly for the long.term service of the device and your own safety. Once a year, carry out preventive examinations of the product, clean the details of the scale.

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Conclusions and useful videos

How to light a gas column correctly. a detailed video review in the next video:

Review of new products in the line of gas speakers of Ariston brand:

Ariston gas speakers are one of the most reliable water heating devices in the world. In addition, they are very easy to operate and economical in fuel consumption. It is enough to understand how the device is ignited to ensure comfortable and rapid heating of running water to personal needs.

Row the water with a column of Ariston brand and want to share secrets of the correct and safe operation of a gas water heater with other users? Or do you have questions that we have not touched as part of this material? Set them to our experts and other site visitors, leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев. the form for communication is located below.

Не зажигается газовая колонка. Одна из главных причин. Микровыключатель.

The equipment from the Italian manufacturer Ariston has long been recognized by consumers due to high.quality assembly of devices and their long.term operational period. It should also be noted the price availability of devices, which is ensured by their assembly in China. The productive gas column Ariston is developed according to a special technology, due to which it is fully adapted to conditions, in particular, work at a low level of water pressure, voltage changes in the network, etc.D.

Ariston gas speakers have compact dimensions, traditional style and simple design features. In the process of manufacturing units, European technology is used that ensures a high level of safety of devices. These qualities are manifested in full observance of operation rules recommended by the manufacturer.

All modifications presented on the official website are equipped with several security systems:

These elements provide the maximum level of safety for the use of Ariston gas columns in emergency situations in a centralized water supply, gas supply system.

From the Ariston plant, equipment is supplied with test settings of the main functions that are based on standard functioning modes. Therefore, before putting into operation, the gas column must be configured taking into account the recommendations specified in the operating instructions. This is necessary in order for the unit to function regularly provided that the gas pressure is not enough or water pressure surges.

Before starting, it is necessary to properly adjust the unit, only in this way it will be able to ensure uninterrupted supply of hot water.

Therefore, if there is uncertainty in your capabilities, it is better to contact a specialist from the service center.

Based on the statistics of user reviews, a list of minuses and advantages of Ariston gas columns has been formed. Of the advantages, the following should be distinguished:

  • water heaters can be adjusted depending on different operating conditions;
  • When working, the device does not issue loud noise, even during the ignition a characteristic sound is reproduced with minimal volume;
  • Quality assembly is ensured by the use of modern technologies, taking into account European standards;
  • All units have a classic attractive design that is in perfect harmony with any interior style;
  • Thanks to the copper heat exchanger, the device resource reaches 10-13 years.

Despite the rather great popularity of the company, the equipment of the Ariston brand has negative sides:

  • With a sharp decrease in water pressure, an emergency shutdown of the gas column occurs, which is considered a big minus for residents of multi.storey buildings;
  • With a breakdown of functioning nodes, it will be easier to purchase a new column than to buy spare parts at a high price, since the parts for devices of this company are very expensive;
  • Distrust causes the duration of the operational period of components, since equipment is collected in China.

In the process of choosing the most optimal option, one should be guided by personal preferences and criteria for technical characteristics, as well as take into account the budget for the acquisition. When buying budget versions up to 10,000, do not count on the durability of technology. The fact is that protective systems and individual security units are mounted in units from a higher price range.

Rating of the best models of Ariston gas states

There are several gas water heaters that have gained great popularity among consumers. From the entire lineup, users highlight the following devices.

Ariston Fast Evo

The version has a capacity of 19 and 24 kW. With this indicator, it produces 11-14 l/min. hot water. This model belongs to a series of automatic gas columns equipped with electric lighting and two batteries, in fact, from which the fullet receives voltage for the spark.

Ariston Fast Evo gas column is equipped with a flame modulation device. This element helps maintain the temperature regime of water at the output, even when the pressure changes in the tap system. The control panel has a temperature control that allows you to set the desired heating mode. The maximum temperature is 60 ° C.

In models with the prefix “C” there is a digital LCD screen, which displays all the necessary information about the selected program. But here it should be borne in mind that the temperature conditions displayed on the display determine the value of the established program, and not TO of the water produced.

Also, in the event of a non.commissioned or installation of the wrong mode, the corresponding error code will be displayed on the screen. Symbolism can be decrypted using instructions for operating.

If the column has stopped working, first make sure that all communications are connected correctly, the pressure in the system is enough (all this is indicated in the instructions). Often users invite masters, pay for expensive challenges, but there really is no problem. just open the instructions and carefully read it. But still malfunctions are found. We describe them and give methods of elimination.

Malfunctions and methods for their elimination

Any technique has the ability to break over time. Despite the high.quality assembly of Ariston gas columns, there is a possibility of several types of malfunctions. Errors of operation of equipment lead problems in the work of the entire column. Fortunately, some arising breakdowns and malfunctions is able to eliminate himself. With minor breakdowns, you do not need to rush to take the device to the service center. First you need to make sure that the communications of the water heating column are correctly connected, and there is enough pressure in the system.

If the device is still connected correctly, then the problem is hidden in the internal structure.

There are several types of technical breakdowns.

  • The device does not light up and does not light up. The reason for this may be the wear of the details, for example, the membrane. Or the servomotor refused to work. Also, important reasons for such a problem are the lack of water pressure and a low charge of electric lighting battery. To solve these problems, it is necessary to replace obsolete parts, then the gas column will begin to work stably again.
  • The device is not kindled. If the device does not work to light up, then the chimney of the burner is clogged. In this case, it is necessary to check the traction and clean the chimney. She will need specialized scale powders or ordinary table vinegar.
  • The device does not turn on. If you can’t turn on the burner if it goes out and goes out after a certain period of time, these symptoms indicate that a large amount of scale has accumulated in the device. After cleaning work, using special tools, the water heater will again start working regularly.
  • Technique does not warm water. The main reason for the malfunction lies in the problem with the radiator. Most likely it flows, so at the exit the owner does not receive hot water. A faulty membrane can also cause a problem. In both cases, it will be necessary to replace the details. However, the radiator is a rather expensive detail. Having discovered a leak, it can be sealed. This will require a soldering iron with a capacity of 0.1 kW.

The burner indicator is able to tell the owner about the occurrence of a breakdown:

  • The red bulb is constantly on. the problem is in batteries;
  • The bulb flashes and goes out. this indicates the need to replace a microswitch;
  • The light flashes and goes out. it is necessary to replace the temperature sensor;
  • Triple flashing. indicates an electrode for ignition and a flame control sensor;
  • Four flashes in a row. a malfunction in a gas valve;
  • Five flashes indicate overheating of technology and blocking the chimney.

Read more about how to use the Ariston gas column, you will learn from the next video.

How to set up a gas column flame

Another way to set up a gas column is the adjustment of the flame. On the housing of semiautomas and machine guns is a pen designed to adjust the gas. With it, the supply of blue fuel increases and decreases. The power of the device is directly related to this part.

As soon as the flame becomes larger, the gas consumption will be higher and the water will be better to heat up. Professionals advise changing gas transmission speed for correct tuning the burner. As soon as the combustion intensity is chosen, the handle of water pressure changes are used. In order to change the combustion temperature, it is worth changing the “winter-summer” mode.

Adjusting the gas column fabric will help reduce gas costs in semiautomatic devices. With the help of a bolt on a smell burner, a wick is configured. When conducting settings, you should be neat. If you greatly reduce the fiber of the gas column fiber, the device will stop working. With an excessive increase in flame, gas overspending will occur.

Subtleting Settings

These devices have only one gas column temperature controller. Thanks to it, the heating temperature and power are adjusted. The independent diagnostic system evaluates the operation of the nodes when including. If there are problems, the red light lights up and the device is blocking from the launch. Then it is necessary to configure water pressure.

  • Remove batteries from the compartment;
  • Turn off the microswitch;
  • Put an electricity source;
  • Turn on a hot tap and start a micro.transcript;
  • The pressure on the burner should be maximum;
  • After saving the settings, an orange lamp will turn on.

In other columns, the water temperature adjustment is due to the rotation of the tolerance and control the power of the water flow.

Important! It is forbidden to exceed the maximum temperature specified in the instructions when adjusting.

Alas, it is impossible to easily install settings according to the instructions. Each system has different values. If there are difficulties with your own hands, configure the temperature controller of the gas column of the gas column, it should turn to professionals.

How to set up water in a gas column

The function control function is far from in every boiler. If we talk about automatic water heaters, a change in the flow of water is performed by means of a rotary handle located on the front side of the casing. In semiautomatic devices, such a function is provided only in modern models.

Как правильно эксплуатировать газовый котел Ariston Основные функции газового котла

In old gas columns, to adjust the temperature of hot water, it was necessary to adjust the intensity of gas burning. The intensity of the duct changed through two bolts on the back of the water reducer, which could only be reached by dismantling the boiler housing.

Methods for regulating temperature in running gas water heaters by changing water speed:

    Mechanical control unit. there are two rotating pens on the housing. As a rule, the left is responsible for the gas supplied to the burner, the right for the speed of the water duct when opening the hydraulic tap. With the help of the latter, the heating temperature and the minimum threshold of the burner is set. The smaller the speed of the duct, the more the water heats up.

It is forbidden to adjust the temperature of the water in the gas column with cold water manufacturers. During the squeezing from the CHS crane, the normal operation of the boiler is violated, the conditions for excessive load on the heat exchanger are created (the rate of scale formation rises) and the water reducer is increased.

Rules for using a column in apartments

Each Ariston model has the operating manual. The instruction explains in detail the basic rules for using the device, safety standards and much more. If you adhere to all the recommendations of the manufacturer, then the service life of the unit will be longer, and the probability of malfunctions and hazardous situations less.

Recommendations of the manufacturer for operating

  • It is not allowed to place foreign objects on the surface of the device.
  • The cleaning and repair of the apparatus is allowed only when it is disconnected from all power sources (water supply, gas, electricity).
  • If extraneous smells are detected from gas equipment, it must be immediately disconnected from the mains.
  • In the case when the combustion controller has failed, the column is prohibited from turning on.

Only if all of the above rules are met, the use of Ariston gas equipment will be safe.

If the operation of the device is incorrect, and caring for it is not proper, this can lead to the most unpredictable consequences, including explosions, fires and fatal poisoning. Therefore, in order to avoid trouble as a result of improper maintenance, it is best to choose a gas company and conclude an agreement with it for that.

Safety regulations

The main safety regulations that every consumer should know who installed Ariston gas column in the apartment (house):

  • In case of smell of gas, you should immediately stop using gas devices and block the taps of all devices. After that, you must immediately call the emergency service.
  • It is not allowed to arbitrarily carry out gasification of apartments, as well as disconnecting old and connecting new gas devices.
  • It is forbidden to allow preschool children, as well as incompetent persons to use a column.
  • It is not allowed to use kitchen and other premises for sleeping and rest where gas equipment is installed.

In the gasified rooms, ventilation ducts should be constantly open, and when using gas devices, it is necessary to open the windows.

We examined more information on safety measures and the rules of operation of gas equipment in the next article.

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