How to shave the Philips One Blade trimmer

My review about the razor Philips Oneblade. Perfect for travel

My post is primarily addressed to travelers who, for one reason or another, save in luggage weight, and also love bristles on their face. Rather narrow niche, but I get into it myself, so I can’t help but write. For a long time I looked through various reviews of haircuts, as well as trimmers and razors, and finally came across OneBlade, which just began to sell in Russia.

First of all, I will explain what my request was. I prefer to walk with bristles and devote vegetation on my face for about 10 minutes a week this is already too much for me. Over, shaving smoothly likes me at all, as if I went out naked on the street 🙂 Not to mention the fact that this is a daily torment, and there would be my will, I would cancel the hair growth on my face. Thus, I chose for myself a version of a weekly bristle and a small beard “Espanyolka”. In addition to the convenience of this method and minimizing time for shaving, I also like how everything looks from the outside.

Here you can argue for a long time whether a man should shave or not, but in fact. This is a personal matter for everyone. Someone generally likes a long beard to let go. I liked the expression that says that you just need to find a woman who likes bearded. That’s all, the issue is resolved. Because usually it is women who begin to say that they (not) like a beard.

So, to keep a week’s unshavenness on my face, I used the Panasonic ER1420 haircut for the last year. By the way, a good car, I can safely recommend it (and almost the same model ER1410), as well as its cheaper younger sister ER-131, which I also had. Everything is fine, but her charging is very heavy, all together weighs 575 gr. For me, it still remained a mystery why Panasonic did this, some kind of stupidity. Plus, when I leave, it is not very good to take the car with me, it may be needed here. Therefore, I was looking for myself a light trimmer for travel for travel. And I found him.


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How often should the razor heads of the Philips razor be cleaned? Verified Philips recommends doing this every two months. Regular cleaning will extend the service life of the device.

How much the razor head is enough before it is replaced? Verified service life of a razor head is from 6 months to 2 years, depending on how often it is used. To achieve the optimal result, it is recommended to replace the razor head once a year.

Where can I find the model and / or serial number of my bird Philips? Verified model number can be found on the rear panel of the device. Sometimes the serial number is also located on the rear panel of the device, otherwise it can be found under a haircut machine or in a hair chamber.

In what direction should I shave? Verified in most cases is recommended to shave in the direction of hair growth. This reduces the risk of skin irritation and ingrown hair.

What is the difference between a razor vibrating and rotating heads? Verified Choice depends primarily on the personal needs and preferences of everyone, but in general it can be said that the blades of the vibrating head move faster, which means that the result is achieved faster. A razor with a rotating head is easier to get to some parts of the face.


Two people were selected for testing. One has soft bristles, the second is hard. The ONEBLADE task is to trim the beard, work with its contour, and then completely shave.

The purpose of the test: to understand how good a razor copes with such tasks, is it convenient to use it. The device is very inexpensive, its cost is 3 thousand. What results were obtained? After considering the test results, we find out what reviews about Philips One Blade leave customers.


For people who love to travel, or are on permanent business trips, the OneBlade QP6520 model is ideal.

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It has the ability to block during transportation, this will help to avoid random turned on the device.

To enable this function, you need to clamp the Start/Stop button for 3 seconds. When the lock is activated, the lock icon appears on the display and the countdown will begin. You can unlock in the same way, that is, holding the start button.

Philips Oneblade Pro Qp6530/15 reviews

Advantages: light, fast charging, charging indicator, lack of any unpleasant sensations during and after shaving, shakes the edging of a beard well.

Disadvantages: open blade without a grid. After shaving, you need to fit, a narrow blade increases shaving time. Trimmer for grass. There is, as a camping option, but my professional Oster 616, of course, will not replace it to care for a beard.

Comment: I bought to replace an old, battered Panasonic ES6003. Which is still sold and costs half as much as this unit. Is it better? Perhaps yes, but definitely not doubled.

Advantages: it shaves perfectly, holds charging for a long time.

Comment: I bought my husband as a gift, he is delighted.

Advantages: That’s it. This razor itself is continuous dignity. Quick shave without irritation.

Disadvantages: unless it goes with one blade, there is no stock. In general, they are not.

Comment: husband is delighted. Said that this is his best razor. And he had a lot of them. This is the best! The gift was a success!

Philips OneBlade Review. 6 Months Later

Advantages: cool device, it shaves perfectly, only carefully with a long. Better to try more first.

Pros: a good trimmer for grass, it shaves excellent minuses: after 1 shaving, the machine mounts broke. Forced to buy shift blades immediately, which are not cheap (weak fixes of the machine’s head. Immediately broke.

Advantages: Fast charging, shakes well and purely.

Advantages: shaves the area of ​​the mustache divinely hold a charge longer than Philips BG2028. For 1.5 months of non.Regular shaving all the divisions of the charge on the spot.

Disadvantages: uneven shaving

Comment: Boy Vova, 35 years old. No girl, so I bought it myself. The purpose of buying a beard and a mustache care, but then changed his mind and shaved everything. Until that time I used only machines with blades. The student was awesome with a neighbor in the hostel of a rotary razor suffering for 10 minutes (well, maybe 5-7).You really can’t cut a razor, but! I personally have, or because of hair growth, or why it doesn’t shave out clearly (it shaved there, not here). On a flat surface of the cheeks, the mustache area. Everything is fine, almost under 0 and from the first second time (although the manufacturer does not declare it for shaving for zero). But the area of ​​the neck and bend of the lower jaw is a real hemorrhage. It is necessary to spruce for a long time at different angles to cut off the overgrown “lawn”. As a result. Irritation. Brilled dry. I attach pictures before and after.In principle, grateful to her for shaving the mustache. With a razor, if they grew up, it was unpleasant, up to soreness, from the bottom up, which is from top to bottom. And this chick chick and everything is clean.As a trimmer managed to use only once. Again, the impressions are mixed. It seemed to me that the function is performed by 3 out of 5. It seems to be designed for straight hard hair growing in one direction. In general, a machine quickly and without irritation.

shave, philips, blade, trimmer

Disadvantages: Disgusting nozzle. Putting a length of 3.5 shaved almost 0! Without a nozzle giving the opportunity to shave under the desired length, no use from this product is not for me.Since the crest of the crest is flexible, the slightest pressing of a razor on the bristle when shaving brings the blade itself closer to the skin, which restores the installation of the length you put. I must note that due to the fact that the hair on the face in some places grow in different directions, and the face itself is a relief surface, sometimes you have to press a little more on a razor. Result. Due to the soft plastic plastic chosen by the manufacturer, you will shave unevenly (where you accidentally pressed the razor slightly stronger the length of the bristles will become shorter) and you will have to sprinkle everything under the minimum length.

Comment: my previous most cheap razor of the last generation ONEBLADE had more solid plastic on the nozzles (removable by 1, 3 and 5mm) and as a result of shaving I received exactly the length that I planned. The same model, although more beautiful, and buzzes more sincerely, but you will not be able to shave under the required length. The most offensive is that there are no alternatives to the native nozzle and it is impossible to return the device for this reason. I am very unhappy that such a trifle as a penny plastic on the nozzle has nullified the meaning of buying a device for this money.

shave, philips, blade, trimmer

Advantages: multifunctionality, charging

Comment: I bought this trimmer for grass as the first alternative to the usual mechanical machine and I can definitely say that it copes perfectly. You can also make a kantik (with the help of loved ones, of course, AHAH) and corner the beard, or shake it almost to zero (0.1 mm nozzle is minimal. In order not to cut. I have been using it for a long time, but charged only once. When buying, but the blades have never changed and even so far have thought to watch the frequency of the replacement, t.To. There is no hint that the blade has become dull

Advantages: design, high.Quality shaving “on dry” without irritation, even contours of the beard

Comment: in use a couple of months. Oneblade copes with the creation of clear contours and triumph. In the case, despite the fact that according to the instructions, the device is not intended for smooth shaving, it shaves quite decent and the second razor to remove excess hair on the body, is not required. No cuts, not irritations, as promised, since the blade does not fit close to the skin. The display has a LED battery indicator, very convenient. The battery is capacious, enough for a couple of weeks with daily use. I definitely recommend it.

Advantages: multifunctionality of irritation after shaving and humid shaving of hair in the kit

Disadvantages: does not work when charging the case

Comment: Great trimmer for grass!Suitable for use both as a razor, and as a trimmer for grass-component to a razor. A built.In trimmer on an electric razor gives a huge head start. Easily slides along dry and wet skin. Cuts all the hairs, even the thickest, the main thing is not to rush.I was very pleased with the hair nozzle. 12 adjustments and nozzle “does not play”, reliably holds the length.It is charged in about an hour, it does not work during charging (probably protection from the “fool”).The device itself is assembled very carefully and lies perfectly in the hand.The impressions of the apparatus are the most positive.

What it is?

Philips device looks quite simple. This is a handle in which all electronics (including the battery) and a universal cutting head are hidden, similar to those used in trimmers or haircuts for haircuts. But unlike them, there is a double.Sided cutting block, which gives certain advantages in styling.

It consists of two parts: plastic with rounded ends of the blades (so as not to cut) and metallic. One such head for calculating the manufacturer should be enough for several months (depending on the intensity of use), the new one will cost about 1000

The device itself is also inexpensive: the simplest version can be bought for 1600, a set with a hard cover will cost about 3000

Depending on the model, there are several different nozzles for ending the vegetation. In our version, these are three separate crests that provide a length of 1, 3 and 5 mm. If this is not enough, it is better to purchase a Pro model. There is only one nozzle, but adjustable (12 different length options).

The device is not afraid of water, they can work both “for dry” and with foam or gel. The cutting block can be riveted under the stream. Nothing bad will happen to it. One battery charge (it takes about 30 minutes.) enough for 8 hours of work.

Philips Oneblade 2530: Breem with a thin instinct

As in the case of a razor machine, you lead a head with one.Blade blades along the skin. However, unlike the “wet” razor, this electric brood is shortening without problems and long hairs. The trick is that the Oneblade blades are located along the long edges. Thanks to this, the razor cuts off the beard, as it were, “from the side” and therefore the hair can be almost any length.

Shaving results are decent, but not outstanding. For acceptable purity, you may have to spend the same place several times, especially in problem areas. The direction of hair growth is crucial, since one can only shave “against wool”. Skin irritation or clue for the hairs did not bother us.

You can press a razor very much, taking it deep into the skin without risk to harm yourself. In general, we were satisfied with the sensations from shaving Oneblade, especially with such an affordable cost of the device. Since the device is completely waterproof, you can shave with foam or under the shower.

How to Use OneBlade Face Body

Four nozzles: plastic tips change very quickly.

In use

For clean shaving is not suitable. This is a trimmer for grass, not an electric bell. Philips declares residual bristles about 0.1 mm. But he perfectly shaves the hair throughout the rest of the body. Arms/legs and torso, including t.N. “Bikini Zone”. Over, regardless of the length, density and stiffness of the hair. And at the same time-the complete absence of any irritation on the skin. Well, I highly recommend it! After the hospital, this is the main purpose of OneBlade, t.To. I don’t wear a beard or a mustache. That is, the situation is from a well.Known joke, but exactly the opposite:

The head has 1 degree of freedom. It’s enough. When beating, it helps a lot is not afraid of water. In the hospital I tried to shave and “on dry” and “on wet”. I did not feel much difference. But “on wet” does not fly so much into the surrounding space. And again. After shaving, you can wash under a stream of water (moor on the blades with your fingers, it seems like they do not recommend!). But after drying the purge of the air with a stream of mouth, no one has canceled, because it works. 😉 Shaves in two edges on which trimmer.Type knives with plastic protection are installed. Conveniently. Where it is difficult to crawl one side, you can often walk the other “mesh”. This is just a drawing on plastic. In the process of use, it is gradually erased. Wendor claims that this is not a bug, this is a feature. Like, and it is time. It’s time to change.;)

Reviews about ergonomics

How convenient it is to use the Philips Oneblade Qp2520-20 trimmer? Reviews about ergonomics are exclusively positive. According to the owners, the company managed to create the perfect form of the device. Thanks to this, it lies perfectly in the hand. Floating head repeating the contours of the face. Also a very good decision. You can shave as you like. The main thing. Against hair growth. The weight of the device also plays an important role. It is quite light. Shaving movements are not constrained. It feels like a regular razor machine in your hands. The “pro” version also has a rubberized inserts that help to grab the device more tenaciously. Also, these inserts prevent sliding with “wet” shaving. In general, with ergonomics, Styler is all right. The owners are satisfied. And this. The most important thing.

So, we examined the line of devices for caring for a beard and a mustache Philips Oneblade Pro. Reviews about Stayler leave an indefinite impression. On the one hand, the device perfectly copes with its task, has excellent ergonomics, looks stylish and beautiful. But, on the other hand, frankly no assembly, the ancient type of batteries, the absence of a charge indicator (in a normal version) is frankly. But there is one advantage that compensates for all these shortcomings. The price of a trimmer for grass. For that kind of money, all the above shortcomings are excusable. However, do not forget that, as in the case of conventional razor machines, interchangeable blades are inaccessible expensive. But this is a common situation in the modern world: manufacturers sell devices for nothing, recouping on consumables. Is it worth buying a trimmer for Philips Oneblade? Reviews of the owners on this subject are definitely: definitely worth.

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