How to shave your legs with an epilator without pain

Brey legs: Rules and errors

If you complete the laser hair removal course, this article is not for you. We are going to talk about how to shave our legs correctly. Yes, as statistics show, this topic is very relevant even in the 21st century.

What is RF face lifting?

Radio wave lifting is an effective hardware cosmetology procedure, during which the skin affects high.Frequency pulsed current, which warms up the deep layers of the epidermis. It is warming up that causes positive changes in the tissues and skin cells. The body perceives an increase in temperature as stress and includes a protective reaction. Warm radio waves stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. Under the influence of heat, the old collagen fibers gain lost elasticity and compressed. As a result, the density of the skin increases, the young skin frame forms, the amount and severity of wrinkles decreases.

In addition to a pronounced anti-aging effect, using RF lifting there is a correction of cellulite and local fat deposits. The device helps the destruction of adipose tissue, activates metabolic processes in cells, improves microcirculation, enhances cell nutrition and removes excess fluid from the body. Thanks to these properties, the volume of adipose tissue in the “second chin” and in the problematic zones of the body is reduced.

In its effect, the RF lifting is comparable to the surgical surgery for skinning, with that difference, then instead of a scalpel there is a radio frequency effect. The procedure does not cause any unpleasant sensations, you can only feel light warm. To achieve a noticeable effect, it is recommended to terminate RF lifting. The optimal amount. 20 sessions that are held for four weeks. After a full course of procedures, the anti.Aging effect increases, after which it is gradually neutralized. The course of procedures is recommended to repeat 2-3 times a year.

During RF-lifting, safe heating of tissues occurs (not higher than 45 degrees), which provides a delicate effect and only on problem areas. Also, during the procedure, you can adjust the depth of penetration of radio frequency heat waves and configure the device to individual skin needs. Overheating of the epidermis is completely excluded, so RF lifting is well tolerated even with a low side of sensitivity. The first changes are noticeable after the first procedure, and due to the lack of damage and rehabilitation period, the radio wave lifting can be carried out at any time of the year.

How to prepare the skin for the exposure of the epilator

For some, the epilator is a torture tool, for others. A useful gadget. This device pulls out the hairs with the root. And yes, it hurts, no matter what the beauties say in commercials there. The first experience of positive emotions will most likely not bring. But the skin will remain smooth for a long time.

Over time, with the regular use of the epilator, the hairs will become thinner and weak and will be much easier to remove with the root.

Preparing the skin for the hair removal procedure using the epilator looks like this.

Select the time when the length of the hairs is 5-6 mm. This is the optimal indicator for the home epilator.

Refrain from tanning for several days before hair removal. The effect of ultraviolet radiation is stress for the skin, and tanning is a form of inflammation, which makes the skin more sensitive.

The day before the procedure (by no means on the day of hair removal), use the scrub, paying special attention to areas of alleged hair removal.

After scrubbing, moisturize the skin well. Most importantly, do not use body oil or oil.Based cream. This will complicate the process of hair removal. Choose light textures (lotion, milk), which are quickly absorbed without leaving the film.

Immediately before hair removal, take a warm bath or at least a shower so that the skin will steam. This will facilitate the process.

Some epilators can be used directly in the water. But more often the skin is still wiped and moistened with light milk without oils in the composition. Shaving gel is not suitable: it will only complicate the capture of the hairs.

Carrying out the procedure

After the skin is carefully prepared and the machine is ready for work, you can proceed to excise hairs. How to epileize properly with an epilator? Removing vegetation in this way is as follows:

  • Lubricate the skin with a special shaving tool or sprinkle with talcum.
  • Turn on the machine and try it on a small area of ​​the skin.
  • Bring the head of the epilator to the leg at an angle of 90 degrees and slowly begin to remove vegetation against its growth (from the bottom up).
  • Thus treat the entire surface of the legs, slightly pulling the skin during the skin. This will help reduce pain.
  • At the end of the procedure, wash and dry your legs, then apply a moisturizing, soothing cream or lotion. The machine also needs to be cleaned with a special brush.

Backing the legs with an epilator takes about 1-1.5 hours. In the process of hair removal, all movements should be light, fast and jerky. At first, painful sensations will be pronounced, but after a few sessions they will significantly decrease.

Than shaving legs: the best options

There are many details that you need to know about shaving in order to conduct this procedure efficiently and safely, and the choice of the right tool. One of them. Most often, the legs are processed with a machine, it will quickly and painlessly remove even the thickest vegetation. A disposable razor can be used to work, which is enough for 2-3 applications. It is inexpensive, but does not provide the perfect quality of work. Disposable machines are not suitable for women with sensitive skin, as well as girls who have encountered the need to shave their legs for the first time.

A more correct option is a quality machine with interchangeable blades. He shaves cleanly and smoothly, does not provoke irritation and hairy growing. Good razors are expensive, but they serve for more than one year. To ensure the quality of shaving will help regular replacement of blades.There are special devices for women. They differ not only in a pleasant pink, lilac or mint green color, but also with functionality. The main qualities of effective and safe razor:

Another shaving option at home is the epalator. Many models have a special razor nozzle suitable for dry or humid processing. This quick and reliable device can work from a network or from batteries, it carefully processes complex areas, but can cause skin irritation.

What is laser hair removal

Laser hair removal. A method of hair removal due to the aiming destructive effect of light radiation on the hair follicle. Only one procedure occupies from 5 to 20 minutes can remove up to 25% of unwanted hairs. Effectively, is it not true?

“Among the main advantages of laser hair removal-hair removal forever after a course of 6-7 procedures (with severe hair growth, repeated procedures are required once every six months); relatively painlessness; lack of adverse reactions, provided that the specialist and good apparatus is highly qualified “.

What is the principle of action? A laser is a device emitting a concentrated beam of light with a high energy density. When removing hair, follicles become targets. The laser beam “focuses” on the pigment of the hair or microscopic capillaries that feed follicle. It acts at a given depth and does not damage neighboring fabrics. As a result, the follicles first heat up and then destroy.

Devices for laser hair removal differ in the type of lasers. Their main difference from each other is the length of the light wave. The larger it is, the deeper the penetration and higher effectiveness. Typically, cosmetology uses the following types of lasers.

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Removes only dark hair on fair skin, does not cope with light hairs.

shave, your, legs, epilator, pain

At one time, he replaced the ruby ​​laser in laser installations, which was used in cosmetology until the beginning of the 21st century. Unlike an older brother, the Alexander Laser generates light radiation with a wavelength of 725 nm versus 694 nm near Rubin. Gives the maximum result on light skin, without tanning, but does not remove blond hair. In addition, without the use of a cooling nozzle, the procedure is quite painful.

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Wave length-800-900 nm, which allows you to remove hair even on tanned skin. And although the diode laser cannot get rid of gray hair, it copes with light.

The wavelength is quite high. 1064 nm. Laser rays affect not only melanin, but also coagulate (seal) blood vessels. In other words, with the help of a neodymium laser, you can deprive the hair of the diet, which leads to the death of follicles. But it is worth noting that such lasers rarely use such lasers to hair. The main front of their work in clinics is to eliminate the vascular mesh on the face.

With the help of this technology, hair affects in two ways at once. Light and current. Laser beam heats the hair, and an electric pulse hits the hair follicle. In this case, the depth of exposure reaches 5-6 mm compared to 4 mm with ordinary laser hair removal.

Today, laser hair removal is considered one of the most effective methods of getting rid of excess hair.

There are several ways to make hair removal less painful

At the end of the foregoing, it can also be added that the more often you do hair removal using methods in which the hair is removed with the root (in particular, sugar and waxing), the simpler and more painless the following sessions will be held, t.To. The hairs become thinner, and the roots of the hair. Everything is weaker. In some cases, the hair can over time and completely stop growing. Read more in our material: how to finally stop hair growth with wax hair removal?

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What the soreness depends on what

Several basic factors affect the tolerance of the procedure. This is:

  • Individual characteristics of the body. They need to focus on first of all. Those who have a high pain threshold may not be afraid of even the most unpleasant procedures. Sensitive girls are better to give preference to softer, delicate methods of exposure;
  • Place of hairy removal. The most sensitive areas are armpits and a bikini zone. The process of removing hairs from the surface of the legs and hands passes more comfortable, so for these zones various methods of hair removal can be used;
  • Skill of a specialist performing the procedure. Trust the hair removal only to professionals! A qualified specialist acts confidently, but neatly, and knows how to minimize unpleasant sensations;
  • Proper preparation. Depending on the selected method, more or less complex preparation may be required. Follow all your doctor’s instructions to get the optimal result!
  • Anesthesia. The use of special creams and gels will help reduce discomfort during procedures to a minimum. We will consider the most common methods of pain relief below;
  • The method of epilation. This is one of the most important factors on which you should dwell in more detail.

Than to anesthetize the skin when epilator hair removal?

Use an epalator without pain, even adhering to all recommendations for its use, it is impossible. Some girls suffer pain, others prefer to resort to application anesthesia.

Acriol Pro. A local analgesic, which includes 2.5% long.Shaped and 2.5% lidocaine 7. Both anesthetics are amid, they are less likely to cause allergies than etheric (tetracaine, benzocaine, pr.). It is also proved that such a two.Component composition is better apart than one.Component based on lidocaine 26, 62, 80.

shave, your, legs, epilator, pain

Acriol about registration as a drug 1. The production of local anesthetic complies with the quality standards of GMP 2.

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  • Akrikhin successfully passed more than 30 international and Russian quality audits

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