How to spin the laundry in the LG washing machine

How long does the washing machine LG

The number of modes depends on the manufacturer and its equipment, but in general the modes of models of the company-manufacturer LG and others are similar:

Each washing machine has a “cotton” mode. It is designed for washing cotton items and bedding. Washing temperature 95 oC. The running time is about two hours, spinning the laundry at maximum speed.

The spin sign on all washing machines looks the same. Represents a twisted spiral, resembling a snail. The only difference may be the number of windings, but this is of no importance. The spin function in washing machines is separate, so that you can only spin the laundry.

  • First place the laundry in the drum according to its volume. Overloading, shortages are excluded.
  • Next, close the hatch door tightly.
  • The tumbler knob is active, the spin option.
  • Drown the button with the choice of speed mode, where you must set the anticipated number of spins.
  • Start the washing process.

To start using the washing machine, connect it to the mains. After this, we need to activate the Kandi machine control panel and turn the washing program selector knob to the side. Carry out the following steps according to the instructions.

How to Spin Only LG Washing Machine

  • Open the door of the washing machine and put the amount of laundry not exceeding the maximum drum load.
  • Make sure the machine is plugged in and press the power button.
  • Turn the program selector switch to the desired position by selecting a washing mode.

How the spin class affects energy consumption

These above-mentioned indicators are undoubtedly in the first positions when choosing a washing machine, but its other characteristics are not the last. When buying a dishwasher, it is best to ask the washer-dryer’s power consumption class when buying from a consultant in a store, or by checking the manual for each model.

Spin with water and wet laundry washing machine Lg

The energy class of the machine can have a large impact on the meter readings. The utility bills are quite large and you want to reduce them to a minimum if possible. But it is difficult to do if laundry is a daily task, especially for families with a small child or many people living in one apartment.

You can read the power label A for power consumption. This means that the washer consumes a small amount of electrical power. And even this indicator can change there is an addition to this class in the form of one or more

You can read the A indicator for power consumption. But are the power consumption of the CM and the spinning system interrelated? Yes, it does. The more effort the machine puts into accelerating the drum to the optimum value, the more electricity it consumes to do this. That’s why high turnovers lead to expenses on electricity bills.

In the opinion of experts on this kind of equipment, the most economical in power consumption are appliances of class B. It spins the laundry just fine, and wastes very little electricity to wash it. But if you don’t use the SM very often, say once a week, then you can choose a higher class.

The most energy-saving washing machines are those with class B.

Options, Rinse and Spin LG F14A8TDS5 Instructions for use

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the intensive rinse cycles, the last of which is performed in warm water (

The detergent- and defrosting appliance with a detergent flow rate of up to 40°C (82°F) dissolves and flushes out the residual detergent from the fabric fibers, thus creating a frictionless effect on the washing cycle.

spin, laundry, washing, machine

Use this option for the rinse and spin cycle.

This option can be used to

Use the Intensive option if your clothes are particularly dirty. Setting the program with the option Intensive washing is made in accordance with EN 60456 and IEC 60456.

One more rinse will be added to the main rinse cycle.

To the basic rinse cycle will be added

This option allows you to select two options at the same time: Normal (2 or 3 additional rinse cycles, in

Depending on the selected washing mode) and the No-Drain option, in which the machine will not drain after the last rinse.

This option gives a choice of two

extra rinse cycle) and options

No drain in which the machine will not drain after the last rinse.

no Rinse&Spin indicator illuminates.

If you only need to spin, select

How to do SPIN ONLY on LG Washing Machine ( Simple Trick ) !!!

this option.- Press the Power button.- Select the spin speed.- Press Start/Pause button.

У If the No spin mode is selected,

repeatedly until the number corresponding to the number of items loaded appears on the display.

Why does LG washing machine not spin and how to remove the malfunction?

The washing machine is the “helper” that saves the housewife and her time for washing things. Such household appliances are offered by many manufacturers, but the consumer is especially fond of devices brand LG: they are famous for durability. But all appliances break down or malfunction over time. A common malfunction is considered a “failure” of the machine to spin things. Let’s understand what to do in this case and how to fix such a problem.

Overview of errors

There are several typical mistakes that housewives make when using an automatic washing machine:

spin, laundry, washing, machine
  • The first error is the wrong mode. For example, in the program “wool”, “silk”, “hand wash”, “delicate wash”, spin mode is not provided by the program. As a result, we will take the wet laundry out of the drum. This can easily be eliminated by running the “spin” program after the end of the main wash program.
  • There is an excessive amount of dirty laundry in the drum of the washing machine. Drum overloading naturally occurs, so the washing machine does not spin the laundry. Correct this situation by removing the extra laundry from the drum. Divide the wet laundry into 2 piles. Squeeze them one after the other. If there is a wet down jacket in the drum, this means that it is too bulky for your washing machine, or it is not evenly distributed in the drum during spinning, it is bunched up in a pile. In this case, you will be helped by special devices for washing balls. Put them in with the down jacket when washing and run the program.

The next reason for not spinning can be a very small amount of laundry, which also leads to program malfunction, imbalance drum. Your washing machine freezes during the “spin” phase. To restore machine operation it is necessary to stop it, open the door, spread the laundry evenly in the drum.

There is a little trick! When washing laundry, small items, put several large items in the drum, e.g. jeans, sweater.

  • A clog in the drain is the reason why the washer-dryer is not emptying. It will also affect the spin quality. For undisturbed washing machine operation it is necessary from time to time to clean the essential units and assemblies such as filter, tank, drain tubes. The unit can be serviced either manually by yourself or by a service center. Cleaning can be done with chemicals. It is important that when putting things into the drum of the machine, you check the contents of your s. You need to take out of them small things such as coins, keys, and other objects, with which can clog the drain pipes of the machine. So how to eliminate the faults? What to do if LG washing machine stops spinning things? First of all you need to check carefully what mode you have chosen. The spin function is not provided in some programs, which is not a malfunction.

Control system malfunction

System malfunctions arise due to voltage fluctuations in the mains or due to wear and tear of the control panel components. Wires and contacts can oxidize or burn out, plastic parts can be destroyed, etc.д.

In some cases this problem can be solved by rebooting the system. In other cases it is necessary to carry out diagnostics with the help of special equipment. For this purpose it is better to call a master or address in the service center.

In the latest versions of LG programmed self-diagnostic function. To perform this procedure you need to download a special application to your smartphone. There is another option. to contact the service center in the telephone mode and follow the instructions of the operator to transmit information about the results of diagnosis.

spin, laundry, washing, machine

LG washing machines with steam function

Every housewife is concerned about how to do laundry of the highest quality, getting on the output absolutely clean laundry without stains, excessive smells and free from all kinds of allergens. Modern industry produces a great variety of detergents and other detergents, designed to make washing as effective as possible. However, not all of these tools are good for health, and this problem is particularly acute for people with a tendency to skin allergies to detergent. LG washing machines with True Steam function help to cope with the situation.

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