How to steam curtains with an iron on weight

Is it possible to iron curtains with a steam generator?

The most effective for smoothing different types of fabrics steam generator. With the help of this device, even the largest folds are easily deleted, regardless of the material of manufacture. Due to the fact that the steam is supplied under pressure, it better smoothes the dense curtains.

With the help of a steam jet released from the sole of the iron, the curtains are steamed. Especially pay attention to the places where creases or irregularities are found. The iron should be kept at a distance of 30-40 centimeters from fabric, not close.

Step-by-step instruction

Important! For lining, it is imperative to use white cotton fabric. Color materials can be polished under the influence of temperature.

  • The ironing temperature is selected strictly in accordance with the temperature regime specified for this type of fabric.
  • To iron sutures, use a lining of one or two layers of gauze. In the process of ironing seams and spacing sites, turn off the steam steam function. The steam with dense fabric may not damage, but delicate materials under the influence of the steam will go “waves”.

The sizes of modern ironing boards are not designed for overall and long things. So that the canvas does not fall on the floor in the process of ironing:

steam, curtains, iron, weight
  • Place the ironing board as close as possible to the window. Start the process from the upper part of the curtain, gradually lowering it down. Когда ткань начнёт касаться пола, повесьте штору на карниз – так вы сможете без проблем отгладить её нижнюю часть.
  • You can use any round item 1-1.5 meter height. Start ironing from the lower part of the curtain, gradually wrapping the ironed fabric on the stick. So the canvas will not remember and does not get dirty.

Common errors when ironing

In order to quickly and easily smooth the curtains with a steamer, an iron and, without removing the product from the cornice, it is recommended to choose the most suitable method.

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How to iron curtains from polyester: briefly about the qualities of fabric, is it worth it to iron with an iron

The ironing of curtains from polyester, perfectly complementing the interior of the material, should take place according to a certain algorithm. If you do not adhere to the described plan of action, you can ruin the fabric of the curtain.

Polyester curtains are practical and look attractive

steam, curtains, iron, weight

Polyester curtains are quite easy to care for, but there are two things that this artificial material does not like. A hot iron and hot water

To steam the curtains from polyester at home, perform the following actions:

  • Prepare an ironing board;
  • Turn on the iron in the outlet;
  • Choose the most delicate ironing mode (for a fabric such as polyester, you need to put a 140-degree temperature, no more), wait for it to sufficient heating;

Set an iron for “silk” or silk mode

Stag a curtain with a pattern from the wrong side

Additional Information! After washing, polyester curtains should be hung immediately on the cornice, if there are no folds on their surface: this material can dry quickly, without stitched.

Polyester quickly dries on its own, just hang the curtain on the cornice immediately after washing

Fabrics that do not need to be iron

You can avoid ironing curtains not in all cases. Some types of fabrics are not prone to self.Government, and require mandatory heat treatment. But many materials can do without smoothing, and at the same time look worthy.

Such materials include:

Correct washing allows you to avoid ironing. To avoid ironing curtains, you need to wash them only by hand.

The washing process should take place as follows:

How to get perfect pleats in your curtains!

  • Curtains are removed from the cornice.
  • Warm water is collected in the bath.
  • Bred in water a suitable washing tool.
  • The curtain is neatly lowered into the water.
  • If the fabric refers to the organza, silk or chiffon, then you need to wash the curtain right away. For other materials, a short, for a quarter of an hour is possible, soaking.
  • Emerate delicate fabrics without intense physical effects with stroking movements.
  • Rinse several times in clean water (cool or slightly warm).
  • The curtain is taken out of the bath without squeezing.
  • Hang a curtain in a free state. At the same time, the water tank is substituted.
  • Spread the fabric with the hands.
  • After the water is glass, the curtains are still covered with moist to a permanent place.

Care recommendations

Curtains, like any item, delay dust, particles of tobacco smoke, animal hair, flower pollen and other contaminants.

If cleanliness in the house is important to you, then the curtains are simply necessary to clean from time to time.

  • I ventilation of curtains. This recommendation is the simplest and most effective way to preserve the freshness of the curtains. Open the window wider, move the curtains and let it flutter in the wind for several hours. The smell of dust, which over time appears in curtains, will disappear. If you can carry out this procedure at least once every few weeks, your curtains will remain fresh and clean for a long time.
  • Cleaning curtains with a vacuum cleaner. Curtains can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Regular removal of dust is necessary so that its particles do not eat into the fibers of the fabric, because when the dust penetrates the structure of the fabric, it is not easy to remove it. You need to clean the curtains with a vacuum cleaner with a special soft brush, paying special attention to their inside, folds and fringe.
  • Ferry processing. In order to refresh your curtains, you can use the steam generator. But you should know that when steam cleaning, only dust from the surface of the curtains is removed. Also, it should not be subjected to steam processing of fabric from natural fibers and their mixtures.
  • From time to time, take care of the cornice: spray a cleaning agent with anti.History to the cornice bar itself and the upper part of the curtains. This will help prevent dust accumulation, and in addition, the curtains themselves will move easier. The cornice itself should be regularly cleaned with a detergent and soft brush. I will pay special attention to fix: rings and other small details are very “loved” to collect dust!
  • Do not dry the curtains under the sun’s rays. The direct effect of sunlight on the fabric can result in the acquisition of ugly yellowness and the loss of the main color.
  • When ordering curtains, immediately check with the seller or designer how to properly care for this type of fabric. Schooling when caring for curtains, affect you with a loss of shape, color, fabric burning and other problems that you are unlikely to need.

Observing these simple rules and recommendations, you will save your curtains in the original appearance. Treat your thing with love and it will last you a year!


Types of tulas that do not require ironing

There are several types of tulle, which does not require ironing at all, or requires very rarely. The tulle that does not need to be ironed after washing consists of:

steam, curtains, iron, weight

If the synthetic curtain does not crush when washing and not squeezed out, it dries perfectly on the cornice without visible folds

The cotton tulle straightens well under its own weight

It is better not to squeeze linen fabric. Such curtains after rinsing should be energetically shaken and carefully hang so that there are no folds

How to stroke tulle from a veil?

Ironing is permissible to a weight by weight or on a board with an iron, heated to a maximum of 110 degrees. The veil is stroked through a thin cotton fabric, without stretching (back-far) movements.

  • Previously, you should choose the mode of operation, the most suitable for the material
  • It is recommended to drive an iron in the vertical and horizontal direction so that the steam penetrates better into the fabric;
  • It is better to keep an iron at a certain distance from the material so as not to damage it;

How to smooth out the bathroom curtains?

To do this, just put the “silk” mode on the iron and stroke the curtains through the wet fabric, and they will again become perfectly smooth. Small pests such as mol, in curtains from polyester will not get along. As for washing. Not only the option “manually” is suitable, but also a washing machine.

An ideal way to smooth tissue from organza is to use a vertical steamer or steam generator. Hang the curtain on the cornice and go down from top to bottom with hot steam throughout the product.

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