How to stop the Haier washing machine ahead of time

Operating modes, clean linen, selection of washing time (washing button)

This model of the washing machine itself can calculate all the components of the washing program and stops its implementation at the right time, when the laundry becomes clean, in this case the total time of the washing program will be reduced.

This function is turned on automatically when using the launder of the washing.

Using the mode pure linen is impossible in the case:

When using the mode, fast washing

If the washing and water heating time is less than 20 minutes

In the case of manual change in the main washing time and

In the case of eliminating strong pollution and installation

Selection of washing time (washing button)

Using the H (washing) button, you can set the time of the main washing, each pressing the button takes the washing time for 5 minutes (when performing a program, fast washing for 2 minutes). With a long click of the button, the time will increase and when it reaches the required value, it is enough to open up the button. When choosing some washing programs, it is impossible to extend the washing time, for more information, please refer to the guide to the selection of washing programs.

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

Operating modes, selection of temperature regime, selection of the number of rinses (rinse button)

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

Using the I button, you can choose the necessary pace of water for washing. Click on the selection button of the timing, select the necessary water temperature, the value of the selected pace of therapist will appear on the main display.

Indications on the information display of the value of the pace.radioracy “” means that the program is selected without heating water.

Selecting the number of rinses (rinse button)

Using the J button, you can choose the amount of stripes, one press will change the amount by one time. The number of rinses can be chosen from the cycle from the Mac.Simal amount to the cancellation of the rinse.

Press and hold 2 seconds to unlock the door

Haier HW60-10636: Instruction

reliable and correct installation. operation and maintenance.

Keep this rod vegetable in good places to use in the future, which

the right and proper operation of.

When selling, transferring or leaving the device when moving de, we ask you to hand.

In the new Vlad Litsa. so that he gets acquainted with the device and those knock security.

Check the presence of accessories and brochures with this list:

The manufacturer reserves the right to introduce

changes to the design and completion of the product without

Basic Technical Har Acteris Tiki. 21

This is a SIME OL in the Office of Leah, accessories or mats Yerians about the meaning of t. what after

the end of the service of the service of Lia or its electronic to the OMPONALS must be

disposed of the tax on the household on the soil.

To prevent a possible nonsense effect on the surrounding mind or

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the data of the lias from other species of detachment and processing them.

Household uses should be associated with the magician azin, in which there was a plane from Delica, or to

local bodies in an affection for receiving information on the disposal of a given.

The commercial benefits of the ate should contact the supplier and check the terms of the acquisition

The Office of Lia. This product and the EG about electronic components should not be from Denyna from other pro.

The use of the device is allowed, on the rank of 8 Le T and older,

and persons with limited physical, sensory or mental.

my abilities, there will be experience and will be in full.time knowledge if they are in the case.

Xia under supervision or received instructions for without dangerous.

the call of the data on the device and is aware of the sweat.hazardous danger. Not

let me play de Tyam play with the device. Cleaning and technical about serving.

the device is not faster to be made without senior. Children

Haier Automatic Washing Machine Water draining problem how to fix. Repairing My hobby

up to three le t to the device can only be allowed under the trombs.

Kill that transport bolts are treated. √

As source, and nutrition of it is used from a delicious for an earth rose of TKU. √

Kill you that access to the fork of the power cord does not take the bottom. √

Disconnecting the shon p of power from the zeta, it for the fork. and not for the cord itself. √

Kill you that it is re.keeping whether to keep in a circuit an ANE for strength and 15 A. √

Avoiding the operation of the device on the device of heat sources and direct sunny rays to prevent. √

turn the wear of plastic and rein to the omomfines.

Kill you that the shine p is not clamped by the washing machine, avoid its damage. √

Kill you, in the reliability of the fittings and the time of the hoses, and the leaks in the cap. If √

The hoses are connected loosely or if there is a water wipes to block the water

and repeatedly on the ds of the hoses. Do not operate the car to those x pores until the hoses are dut

Do not catch to the car with wet legs or hands, do not operate the device if you are x

Do not use the grief of the Chee detergent or dry cleaning agents about. X

Do not use any fire-hazardous aerosa olsu carts. X

Not a leek and without getting up in the rog fork of the power of the power supply, if there are present in the room. X

Do not call for children or incapable people to play with the device or packaging ma. X

Not placing the device outside the room in a raw place or there, g

in yes, for example, under or near the sink. In the event of a car in the ability, give her a higher.

Do not place a washing machine on the carpet, as well as Lizko to the wall or pre.Drait Furniture ate. X

Fasten all lightning and fix the free threads to prevent confusion

clothing items. To finish small clothing items in a mesh bag or pillowcase.

Turn off the car after the completion of each washing program, and also turn it off from √

sockets for safety and saving electricity and close the crane. Wipe

Lower hatch for loading linen dry.

Kog and car do not use, hold the door of the hatch and a little ajar to prevent the TV. √

How to Solve Spinner Noises in Haier Washing Machine

In case of damage to the power cord, the replacement of the replacement must perform arbitrariness. √

vita of his service or other persons with the corresponding qualifications.

x Do not touch the lamp of the washing machine during washing, as it heats up hard.

X do not put on the device any objects or sources of heat or moisture.

The products are the products and the sprout of the rein or the spongy of the materials of the materials.

x Do not open the tray for detergents during washing.

x Do not open the hatch for loading linen with force. Luke’s door is equipped with selfless

The fur is anism and is open shortly after the end of the washing cycle.

Without opening the door of the washing machine if the level in the odes is above the hatch. X

Do not cover the washing machine with a plastic cover to prevent the formation of x

Do not exceed the quantities about the detergent indicated in the instructions for !

Eco-Ball is a special system that prevents a detergent of the product in the district. !

Select the temperature at the washing. Modern detergents and can. !

change at a temperature of the round below 60 ° C with the achievement of good things for a very contamination.

The scheme below may not be announced about the appearance of the type of acquisition in the ami washing

To prevent the car’s irresponsibility, remove from

Functions of the washing machine Haier HW60-BP12758 HW70-BP12758 HW70-BP12758 HW60-BP12758S HW70-BP12758S

Control Panel

Container for detergent/air conditioner for linen 2. Button postponed start 3. I-Time 4 button. Temperature button 5. Superior button 6. Rinse button 7. Pa 8 button. Start/pause button 9. BOTOM “VCL/Off” 10. Display

Operational functions of the washing machine HAier HW60-BP12758S HW70-BP12758S

No Function Explication
one Container for my.Funds/ air conditioning The container contains three departments: department: softener, airborneinery: for the detergent Department: not used recommendations for the type of detergents intended for the washing temperatures can be found in detergent instructions
2 2 Delayed start Use this launch button with a delay. Time of time can be increased by step by step by 30 minutes (from 0.5 to 24 hours). For example, display on the time display 6:30 means that the program will be completed after 6 hours and 30 minutes. Press the Start/Pause button to enable the time delay function.The delay time should be more than the program time, otherwise the washing machine will immediately launch the washing program.
3 I-Time By pressing the I-Time button, you can choose different washing time. Etifunction is not applicable to the programs of “” and “excitement”
four Temperature Use this button to change the washing temperature. If not a single meaning is non.consumed. Water will not heat up
5 Except speed Use this button to change the speed of push.up or abolition. If not a single meaning is lit up. The seas will not be carried out.Water temperature and squeezing speed can be manually configured. In the absence of special washing requirements, it is recommended to use the default settings
6 Rinsing Click this button so that the washing machine is the completion of the rinse. Click the button once to select the main rinse.This function is applicable for programs from the 2nd to the 14th.
7 Steam Click this button to select a steam supply function. When this function is the default temperature. The maximum test of the program, if you change the temperature, then the serial function will be disconnected. You can use this function with programs: cotton, mixed wash, underwear, synthetics, cotton 90, hypoallergenic. When choosing a pair of steam on the panel, an icon will light up. Turn on the function until the program launch.
eight “Start/pause” Press slightly on this button for turning on or suspended program. During the suspension of the program, the numbers on the display will. To cancel the program, first suspend the program, then go down the “VKL/OKL” button.
9 “On off” Click slightly on this button to turn on the car, the detachment will light up. To turn off the button for about 2 seconds. If the course of some time, none of the elements of the control panel will be involved, and not a single program will be turned on, the machine will turn off automatically.
ten LED display Here information is displayed about the rest of the time and messages of the cramps.After the launch of the washing program, the display displays the time left until the washing is completed. Since the pressure of water and temperatures can differ, the remaining time can be properly adjusted. Когда белье во время отжима не сбалансировано,время может быть автоматически продлено.
eleven Sound signal If necessary, you can turn off the sound signal, for this: 1. Turn on the car2. Choose the program “Exploring/drain” 3. At the same time, click the “i-Time” and “squeezer” buttons and coasting for 3 seconds.The inscription “Beep OFF” will appear on the display and the signal is booced. To turn on, do the same operation.

The modes of the HAIER HW60-BP12758S HW70-BP12758S washing machine

Department for air detection for liquid detergent

For detergent

Not used

No Program Pace. Max. Standard Type of fabric Standard Squeal of Pujimahw60-BP12758/ShW70-BP12758/S
one Cotton 90 ° C 30 ° C O / Cotton 1000 vol./min.
2 Cotton 90 ° C 30 ° C O / Cotton 1000 vol./min.
3 Mixed washing 60 ° C 30 ° C O / Cotton/synthetics 1000 vol./min.
four Synthetics 60 ° C 30 ° C O / Synthetics 1000 vol./min.
5 Underwear 60 ° C 40 ° C O / Underwear 1000 vol./min.
6 Cotton 90 ° C 90 ° C 90 ° C O / Cotton 1000 vol./min.
7 Hypoallergenic 90 ° C 60 ° C O / Cotton/synthetics 1000 vol./min.
eight Daily 60 ° C 30 ° C O / Cotton 1000 vol./min.
9 Sports 40 ° C 20 ° C O / Sportswear 800 vol./min.
ten Delicate 30 ° C 30 ° C O / Silk 600 vol./min.
eleven Duvet 40 ° C 40 ° C O / Cotton 800 vol./min.
12 Express 15 min. 40 ° C O / Cotton/synthetics 1000 vol./min.
13 Kids’ things 90 ° C 40 ° C O / Cotton/synthetics 1000 vol./min.
fourteen Wool 40 ° C O / Woolen fabric 800 vol./min.
fifteen 90 ° C 90 ° C / / 600 vol./min.
16 Exploring/drain / / / All types of fabrics 1000 vol./min.

“Cotton “. Standard program for energy classification.

Additional recommendations

Gulf of neighbors is one of the most common horror stories, hanging with a Damoclam sword with everyone who lives in apartment buildings above the second floor. If you stop the machine and open the hatch, the probability of an event increases to one. To avoid this, you need to:

  • Visually make sure that the water level in the drum is not much higher than the hatch threshold.
  • Never use tips of the type. unscrew the neck of the filter (under the hatch on the front panel) or pull the pipe from the pump. This is a definite catastrophe.

In all cars, the drain hose is suspended by a loop at a level just below the upper face. Because the principle of connecting vessels has not been canceled.

Put the end of the drain hose in a bucket or deep pelvis, remove the loop from the bracket and lower it to the floor. Water will flow out itself.

Typically, there are no more than 10 liters in the drum, so you just have 3-4 liters to lower the water level to the threshold of the hatch. After that, you can safely reboot the linen, extract objects.

Now you know whether it is possible to turn off the washing machine during washing and how to do it as safe as possible for it and others.

Methods of forced stopping washing

The problem with the opening of the loading hatch occurs mainly in automatic machines with front loading. In models with vertical loading, this problem is not so acute, especially if the “car parking system” is provided (when the drum stops up).

Before moving on to methods that allows you to stop the wash in the automatic machine, find out another point: is it possible to interrupt the program and forcibly unlock the hatch door? Of course, you can intervene in the process of work by mechanically and stop the washing, but it is not desirable.

Do not forget that any intervention in the process of washing a machine can lead to a malfunction in the operation of an electronic board or programmer.

If you just forgot to report some thing in the drum, it’s better not to risk and do not think about how to cancel the advanced program. Just be careful in the future.

Another thing is if there were extraneous objects in the drum along with dirty things. In this case, you need to act immediately.

To prevent such a situation, carefully check the s of things for foreign objects.

How to stop the work of equipment? And how to turn off the door lock? Read more about this.

Method one: use the “Start/Pause” button

If the device control panel has a double.purpose button. “Start/Pause” or “Start/Pause”, feel free to use it. To suspend the program, press the “pause” button and wait 1-2 minutes. After a couple of minutes, the hatch’s lock should characterivally click, notifying that the door is unlocked.

Manufacturers and experts do not recommend using the pause button often. Abuse, sooner or later, will lead to malfunctions in programs and will have to repair the equipment premature.

But the described method will only work if the cycle has just launched or the drum is partially filled with water (it does not reach the lower edge of the hatch). Otherwise, you will have to act a little different. About how to cancel the washing with water filled with water, we will tell you separately.

If the “pause” button is kept for a few seconds, then you will also be able to stop the launched washing cycle and open the door. But at the same time there will be a complete interruption of the program.

Method of second: turn off the automatic machine from the mains

The easiest way of all possible, but the most undesirable is the de.energization of technology. How to disable the device? Just pull out the cord from the outlet and wait for about 10 minutes. During this time, a full reset of the program will occur and access to the drum will resume.

The application of the method will be justified only if the washer “hung” and does not respond to control elements.

If after repeated startup the device still refuses to function, contact the specialist for help.

Когда внезапно прекращается подача электроэнергии, стиралка также приостанавливает работу. After the resumption of energy supply, the cycle will continue from the moment at which it was interrupted. Therefore, to open the hatch, you can resort to such a method. But it is better to do this only in emergency cases.

Some cars are devoid of memory. Therefore, after the resumption of work, the cycle may begin from the very beginning.

In many automatic machines, the lock of the drum filled with water will not be removed until you merge it. How to open a washing machine with water in a tank? This will be discussed further.

How to act if the drum is filled with water

Many washing rooms have a sensor of the residue of water in the drum. Until you provide water drainage, the hatch door will be blocked. There is nothing complicated in the procedure. Act according to the scheme below:

  • To stop the operation of the device on the control panel, click the “Turn off” button;
  • Activate the “drain” function. If it is absent, apply “squeezing”;
  • After draining the lock, the hatch will automatically remove.

In emergency cases, you will have to drain the water manually using the drain valve filter. It is placed on the front panel of the device, in its lower part. Follow the following recommendations:

  • Turn off the washer using the corresponding key on the control panel.
  • Pull out the outlet cord.
  • Take a small pelvis (preferably with low sides), put near the machine.
  • Open the filter folding door and begin to unscrew the valve slowly.
  • Wait for the moment when all the water is dragging into the container.
  • Now the hatch can be opened and pulled out.

After this method of unlocking, continuing the washing since stopping will not be possible. You need to start the cycle again.

Actions in case of problems

Not always after stopping the washing cycle, you can simply open the drum or re.start the program. You need to understand how to behave in case of problems.

How to open if after stopping the drum remained water

After an emergency stop or failure of the program in the drum, water often remains. For vertical loading machines, this is not a problem, t. to. you can just pull out the linen and squeeze it manually. But if the technique with horizontal loading, then after opening the hatch, the water will flow to the floor, so first you need to drain it.

If water remains in the drum, it needs to be drained.

There are 2 ways to do this:

  • Launch the program “Drain” or “Excess”. In this case, the machine itself will merge water. This will not work if the technique was hanging or there are some things that need to be taken out immediately inside the drum.
  • Drain the water manually. No more than 10 liters are typed in the drum. You only need to set a bucket or pelvis, carefully unscrew the slope hose and lower it into the container.

The door jammed

Sometimes, after stopping the technique, the hatch does not open. Do not immediately try to open the door by force. First wait 10-30 minutes-perhaps the lock will be removed on your own.

If you are sure that the hatch is jammed, then you can use several ways:

  • Some models of machines are equipped with a special emergency cable. Most often it is located on the lower panel, next to the filter. The cable is easy to see, t. to. It is made of bright yellow or orange plastic. You need to pull it for him to open the hatch.
  • If the lock on the door has a latch, then you can try to open the mechanism using an elastic cord. First you need to wrap the hatch with a cord in a circle, and then carefully pull it so that it presses on the latch. This method will not work if the lock is on the door of a different design or is it about a vertical loading machine.
  • With a thin spatula. The tool must be neatly introduced between the case and the door in the lock area, and then press on the latch. This method is considered dangerous, t. to. can lead to a breakdown of the mechanism.
  • Remove the top cover of the machine, unscrewing the bolts. After that, access to the lock will open. click on the latch and open the hatch.

Additional recommendations

You should not use the methods of emergency stopping the machine too often. If periodic disconnect the equipment from the power supply during the washing cycle, this will lead to failures in the program that cannot be eliminated independently.

If the household device often freezes and gives errors, then it is better to call the master, t. to. This indicates the presence of breakdowns.

Do not try to independently disassemble the washing machine, open the door by force, unscrew the spare parts. so you can break the device.

Repair of the Hayer washing machine with your own hands

Before you carry out independent repair, turn off the washer from the network. It is also necessary to drain the remaining water so that in the process of disassembly it does not fall into other details.

Loading door. According to the rules of operation, the door after loading linen must be tightly closed. Unacceptably clap a hatch, from this a latch breaks. If the lock does not close, washing does not begin, then:

  • Check the operability of the handle. Is the tongue okay. Over time, its fasteners are growing and fixation does not occur. In such cases, individual elements can be replaced by dismantling the handle.
stop, haier, washing, machine, ahead
  • Check the ub. For inspection and diagnostics, bend the sealing cuff, pry and remove the clamp. Unscrew the mounting screws and take out the lock. Damage and podgars are not visible on the surface? Then conduct diagnostics. details are described in the article “How to replace the Castle of the Washing Machine”.

Drain tract. After the next rinse, the car did not drain the water? First of all, turn off the technique from the network and remove the liquid as described above. To check the system for the blockage, you must get to the pump.

  • Tilt the case backward.
  • Remove the lower panel.
  • Loosen the cloth of the pipe, remove it from the place.
  • Remove garbage.
  • Check the pump impeller. Often its work is blocked by threads and hair that is wound around the axis.
  • Remove the hose from the place. Rinse it under the crane. Make sure there are no excesses and curtains of the hose.
  • Disassemble and clean the pump snail. In case of malfunction, make a replacement.

Carefully load things into the drum. Get small items from s because they fall into the drain and block the operation of the unit.

The fence system. When the water does not enter the tank at all, unscrew the intake valve to the full. Check the pressure in the crane. If it is weak, you will have to wait for the recovery of the feed. Also:

  • Make sure of the correct location of the fence hose. He should not be overheated, too much.
  • Disconnect it from the body.
  • Using pliers, take out a filter set.
  • Rinse under the tap. Rust ramps are perfectly removed in a solution of citric acid. Dear the mesh for half an hour in the solution.
  • Dismate the top cover. To do this, unscrew the mounting screws, move the lid back.
  • Weaken the clamps of his hoses and rinse them.
  • When changing the valve, make a replacement.
  • To do this, turn off the wiring chips, unscrew the bolt.

When buying a valve, choose only a similar part. She should approach your model smell.

A lot of water in the tank. A special tube leads from the press to Baku. She responds to pressure changes, sending the module a signal about the amount of fluid. There is a sensor under the top cover at the side wall.

Disconnect his phone, make sure that garbage did not clog into it. In the place of the tube, connect a short hose. Hang into it. Clicks are heard? So the device is working. In the opposite case, replacement is required, the press start is not subject to repair.

You can buy a new spare part in an online store or at another point of sales.

Heating element. Heating problems are accompanied by an unpleasant smell of shame from linen, poor removal of pollution. Make sure that washing passes in cold water as follows:

  • Launch a high.temperature cycle (60–90 degrees).
  • In half an hour, touch the hatch with your hand.
  • If the glass is cold, probably with heating a problem.

Ten washing is often suffering from scale. The layers of plaque violate the heat transfer of the element, so the water heats up for a long time, and the part burns out. Also, the quality of the voltage in the network affects the work of the part. When the contacts are broken down, the heater loses its connection with the control unit.

  • Dismate the panel behind which the heater is hidden. If you do not know the exact location, inspect the walls. Usually the part is hidden behind a larger lid.
  • Turn off the contacts of the element.
  • Twist the nut and sell the central bolt inside.
  • With an increase in scale, it will not be easy to get it. Therefore, pry the mount with a screwdriver.
  • Getting the heater, remove the plaque. Perhaps it has the cause of poor heating.
  • During breakdown, the heating is replaced.

There are other malfunctions in the washer “Hayer”. Repair will help independently

Automatic machines have sensitive electronics. If you want the equipment to serve longer, connect it through the voltage stabilizer. Follow the operating rules, then it will be possible to avoid many problems.

Washing guide guide

Before the laundry, check out some useful tips:

Sorting of linen.Sort the linen by the degree of pollution, by color, according to the type of fabric

clothing.Fasten the zippers so that they do not catch their clothes. New color clothing can melt, so the first several times it must be washed separately from another underwear. Drop the clothes inside out, this will reduce the risk, etc. P. Before washing, turn out your s and wash things with twisted s.

Washing recommendations on the product label.Check the washing recommendations indicated by symbols on the factory labels of products.

Go Greener with the Haier washer dryer

Color cotton.Color clothing made of cotton, on the factory label of which stands a laundry symbol of 60 ° C, the first time should be a rang at a temperature of 60 ° C in order to get rid of possible residues of a coloring substance. If this is not followed by this, then the risk that the product will melt increases.

Stages of washing

After installing the washing machine, it is recommended to first use the trial washing cycle with washing powder, but without linen, installing the cotton program.

Load load. Open the hatch door for loading be-hali, put things there. Close the door tightly.

Adding detergents. Open the hopper for my means and add the required amount of detergents and air conditioning to the corresponding departments, then gently close the bunker lid. For the pre.washing program, the detergent should be added to the department 1 and 3, for other programs, do not add the detergent to the department 3. Do not use too much air conditioner for linen, otherwise there may be spoilage of artificial fabrics.

Choosing a washing program. To obtain the maximum effect of washing, choose a program for washing based on the guide to choose laundry programs.

Temperature setting in manual mode. You can make the temperature settings even in pre-installed programs within the limits specified in the guidebook. If a

You do not need to use hot water, set the button to set the temperature to the position. If the required water temperature differs from the preinstalled, install it using the temperature setting button.

Choose a suitable washing program according to the guide to the selection of washing, installing the handle of the choice of washing programs to the appropriate position.

Launch of washing. Run the wash program you have chosen by pressing the start/pause button.

The end of washing. Когда время стирки подойдет к кон-цу, стиральная машина автоматически закончит работу. The inscription “End” will appear on the main display.

Possible problems

The plum hose is clamped, twisted. The end of the plum hose is above 100 cm from the base of the machine.Clogged filter of the drain pump.

How do I reset my Haier washing machine?

Strong vibration when performing washing programs.

Transport bolts are not removed.The washing machine is installed on an uneven surface. than 5 kg of linen are loaded into the car.

The washing process stops until the end of the last cycle.

Water problems and/or with an electric network. The washing machine displays a malfunction code on the main display.

The detergent used is designed for manual washing.Large dose of detergent.

Codes of faults

This washing machine can produce self.diagnosis in the process of performing programs, when a malfunction occurs in operation on the main display, a malfunction code is reflected:

Error when draining water, draining time exceeds 4 minutes.

Clean the filter of the drain pump, check if the drain hose is pushed.

Problems with a set of water, filling time exceeds 8 minutes.

Check the tap and water pressure. If the error is not eliminated, contact the service center.

Error in the program management system

Error in the program management system

The water in the washing machine exceeds the permissible level

Due to the uneven distribution of linen after the last rinse, washing machine

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