How to straighten hair fast with a blow dryer

Thoroughly comb your hair before straightening

Before you straighten your hair with the flat iron, you need to comb it thoroughly so that there are no knots and tangles. It is especially important for those who have curly curls.

Use a comb in tandem with the hair straightener: move it along the hairline with the comb and then use the straightener. Between heat treatments, comb through all strands and keep them taut during the treatment to straighten curls. The result will be more durable than straightening without a comb.

The comb should be clean, so prewash and degrease it. Failure to observe this rule could lead to crusts in the pile. At the place of the knot, the structure will be disturbed under the influence of the hot appliance.

If you want to quickly straighten your hair with a hair straightener, separate hair in thicker strands and set a high temperature setting. [rsya]

You can’t permanently straighten hair with a hair straightener, so alternate your straightening with other methods if necessary.

For example, use the product Got2b (mass-market) or smoothing cream TiGi (professional brand). it is a straightening spray for hair, which allows you to slightly smooth the hair without thermal effects.

Straightening steps

No matter how advanced a straightener is, hair will still have to deal with exposure to high temperatures. To minimise the damage caused by straightening our precious hair, it’s important to follow the recommendations for using the straightener and observe good safety practices.

Preparing for styling

Each style should necessarily begin with hair preparation. This is not only to provide protection from heat trauma, but also to keep the style longer. Before you start straightening your hair, it is necessary:

  • Shampoo and conditioner thoroughly. If you do not remove natural dirt and residuals of styling products from your head, there is a risk of sloppy, sticky strands and dirty iron plates instead of a beautiful hairstyle.
  • After washing the hair, use a balm or make a mask. This will help reduce the stress that straightening will put on your hair, making it easier to comb out and eliminating excessive frizz. The effect of styling will be better if you use special shampoos and conditioners to smooth the hair. Such products are able to remove slight waviness even before styling, soften the strands and facilitate further pulling. Particular care should be made with curly hair, as curly hair is often drier than straight hair and is more difficult to straighten or dry out.
  • Dry your hair. In most cases, the hair is styled on dry hair with a blow dryer.Unless your instructions say otherwise, be sure to let your hair dry before straightening it. It’s best to dry your hair naturally without exposing it to excessive heat, but if you’re pressed for time you can also use a hair dryer, gently smoothing and pulling the strands out with a round comb.
  • cream. This option is only suitable for thick and long hair. On thin hair, it can create an unkempt and messy effect;
  • Oil or a special emulsion. These products will strengthen hair and prolong the life of your style;
  • foam. It works for any hair except fine hair. The main thing is to choose a product with a high level of fixation and thermal protection;
  • mousse. This is a less dense lather. It can be used on any hair;
  • gel. It works well on stiff or normal hair. It’s important not to overdo the amount and remember that gels are not applied to the roots;
  • serum or spray. These are universal products, which are easy to apply and fix the style well.

Additional Accessories

In addition to the hair dryer and hair care products, you may also need accessories that will help you during the styling process. They are not mandatory, but they make the straightening process easier and more comfortable. Useful will be:

    brush comb. It is a round comb for styling hair with a hair dryer. To avoid electrifying hair, it is better to choose a comb with natural bristles. Using a brushing pad during the drying process makes it easier to use the iron afterwards. Pulling up a strand, gently pulling the hair from top to bottom. The air jet from the hair dryer should blow in the pulling direction;

Working with the iron

After all the preparations, you can begin to work with the flat iron. Before you start straightening, be sure to read the instruction manual for your appliance to learn about all the features of a particular model. To get the best results, proceed in stages:

  • Heat up the iron. If your hair is manageable and almost straight, a low temperature (about 120 ° C) will be enough. The curlier and thicker your hair, the higher the heat should be. However, it is not necessary to use the maximum temperature, so as not to damage the hair. Do not use heat above 200 ° C.
  • Divide the hair into two parts. the upper and the lower. If your hair is long and thick, you can increase the number of sections.
  • Pin the top half of the hair.

In my archives there is a funny group photo of the class. My classmates and I are about 12 to 13 years old. One day we were warned that a photographer was coming to school and, of course, the girls decided to take the matter seriously and prepare properly. On photo day, one of my classmates brought her mother’s hair iron to school. The beautiful half of the class almost entirely decided to use it. And used. Not having any idea how to use the iron, we just turned it on and ran the strands through the hot plates a few times. The result was beyond anything we imagined, with half of the class looking like Little Houseboy Tom Thumb in a group photo. Electrified and straw-like, over-dried hair was sticking out in all directions. It’s true, back then we thought it was “beauty and volume.”. The moral of this fable is simple: to get good results you need to know what to do, how to do it, and why to do it. And keep the iron away from children.

Hair care after styling

Straightened hair needs a little extra care. To make sure the style lasts as long as possible and looks good, remember:

  • Moisture is the worst enemy of styling. Once your hair gets wet, it gets its original look. Try to avoid exposure to humidity on styled hair, in the bathroom use a cap;
  • Conduct straightening no more than once every three days. Exposing your hair to too much heat will dry it out and make it brittle and lifeless;
  • While using a curling iron regularly, it’s important to remember to take care of your hair. Do moisturizing masks, massage the scalp to improve circulation, trim the ends to prevent sections;
  • If you notice your hair has become dull and broken, it is worth stopping the iron for a while and letting your hair recover.

How to get your hair straightened quickly with a blow dryer

Straight hair is an expression of elegance. A good haircut and hairstyle from your hairdresser assures their flawless look, but you can get a very similar effect at home too. just learn a few care and straightening tips and you can easily straighten your hair with a blow dryer in no time.

Beautiful straight hair is a dream for many people. It turns out that the problem of straightening is relevant to women and men.

Use the 5 easy steps to quickly enjoy the look of immaculately smooth straight hair. First we will look at the method of straightening hair as the most correct and recommended by beauticians and makeup artists, and then you will learn how to quickly straighten hair with a hair straightener, if you suddenly have such a need.

How to straighten hair with a hair dryer

A more gentle way to straighten hair is to use a hair dryer. You will need a hair dryer, a round comb, and heat protectant to straighten your hair.

Comb your hair prior to straightening it to detangle the curls. You can also lightly wet them for better results.

When hair is slightly wet, divide it into small strands and, starting from the roots, use a round brush to straighten the hair along its full length.

Direct hot air downward to keep hair from frizzing.

Can I straighten my hair when it’s wet?

Never straighten hair while it is wet or damp. The water particles left in the hair structure after the shower boil and tear the hair shaft when they come into contact with the heated appliance. This leads to split ends and a sad state of hair for a long time.

The direction of the movement:

  • To align even thick hair well, it is necessary to start from the nape of the neck. The top strands of hair are lifted with special clips (or mini-crabs), opening access to the lower strands;
  • Smoothing the hair by moving the plates from root to tip. If you want, you can step back a little from the root part so that the hair is not as damaged;
  • Smooth the strand with the flat iron in one firm move. No need to stay long in a certain area, pull very slowly or squeeze the plates too tightly. Repeatedly aligning the same strand is not desirable, as the hair is more damaged;
  • The root volume is preserved, if the movement is perpendicular to the head.
  • Do not forget about the purity of hair.

Before straightening, the hair is washed and the strands are treated with heat protection. A special product must be used, because the plates of the iron are heated to 200 degrees, the hair is exposed to heat, without protection their structure deteriorates even more. After washing the hair beforehand, the treatment can be done less often. The hair stays straight until the next wash after straightening.

  • Hair dry with a hair dryer or naturally, the strands must be dry.
  • Comb the hair, pre-distribute the strands.
  • The secret of success. the strand must be taken thin. The hair is well heated and better distributed on the plate. The procedure will take longer, but the quality result is guaranteed;
  • After straightening the lower layer, hair is pinned and the upper strands are straightened by partitioning them;
  • Do not apply any other products (sprays, mousse) to the strands of hair before straightening. Finish styling is fixed at the end of the procedure.

Rules for straightening curls

Knowing how to properly use a hair straightener, even girls with curly hair can dramatically change their hair on their own. If straight hair is naturally resistant to styling, curly hair needs a special approach. The flat iron works by thermally altering the hair’s hydrogen bond. These products decompose at high temperatures, producing perfectly straight hair.

  • Use special hair care products with a straightening effect when washing your hair. A mask, a non-washable balm will prolong the result;
  • For frizzy, unruly, stiff hair the temperature of smoothing should be higher. Some straighteners allow you to choose a range from 120 to 200 degrees. When hair is set to maximum temperature, it is enough to slowly curl the hair strand 1 time;
  • The resulting style is fixed with hairspray or a special serum that helps to keep hair in wet weather.

The main problem with straightening with a flat iron is that hair loses volume. It is especially noticeable on fine, not naturally thick hair. The inner hair strands can be left straightened without straightening to preserve volume. After washing, treat the hair at the root part of the hair with special products.

Is it harmful to straighten hair with a hair straightener??

Using a flat iron damages the hair structure more than any other tool. It is recommended to straighten hair only once or twice a week to avoid the need to cut the length. But it is possible to achieve a beautiful style and maintain health by following the rules:

  • Use a quality styler. It is better to forget about metal irons, replacing them with modern ones with ceramic or tourmaline coating;
  • Smoothing at the lowest temperature possible. Experimentally choose the temperature at which the straightened strands are obtained exactly on your type of hair;
  • Moisturizing balms, masks, use of oils. The care must be diversified, it is more effective to use professional products with a rich composition;
  • Choosing a quality heat protectant. Use it regularly, following the instructions, and apply it to the entire length of the hair.

In order not to harm the hair, straighten it only when dry

If in the past for professional styling had to go to the salon, but now with the availability of buying any equipment advantageous to buy a curling iron for home use. Knowing how to straighten hair with a hair straightener itself, you can save time and money. Even a professional, expensive device will quickly pay off, because every girl has a reason to arrange her hair beautifully. celebration, party, date. In addition to straightening, the iron also curls the hair, one device combines two functions at once.

Straightening hair without a flat iron, hair dryer or curling iron: it’s possible!

On vacation, a business trip or a guest there may be no hair dryer, no curling iron, no curling iron at hand, and you have already counted on the image with a smooth style? For these cases, there are several ways to straighten hair with improvised means.

Straighten your hair with curlers

Few people know that curlers can help not only in creating playful curls, but also in straightening hair! Here’s how to do it.

How to Blow-Dry Your Hair Straight (Step-by-Step)

  • Put a styling product of your choice on your hair after washing.
  • Twist hair into large curlers.
  • Allow hair to dry naturally.
  • Undo the curlers and work the strands through with a wide-toothed comb.

Straighten hair with a traditional comb

If you can’t find anything other than a wide-toothed comb at hand, use one to straighten hair! Here’s how to do it.

straighten, hair, fast, blow, dryer
  • After washing your hair, try to gently towel-dry it as much as possible.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb from roots to ends until hair is almost dry.
straighten, hair, fast, blow, dryer

The hormone testosterone is responsible for the growth of male hair: it makes it thicker and gets dirty faster. In women the hormone estrogen is in charge of hair. It is thanks to it women’s curls are softer and retain their freshness longer. Curly and wavy men’s hair is more difficult to straighten because of its high density. At the same time, too aggressive methods are not suitable for them. The lifespan of a man’s hair is shorter than a woman’s, so procedures involving increased stress can lead to increased hair loss.

By the way: to keep men’s hair fresher for longer after a home or salon straightening treatment, products and formulations (including keratin) are applied with a small margin away from the roots. Keeps hair looking fresher and fresher for longer.

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